[Monday, February 25, 2002]

Sites are crawling along.
Finished one more Snape and Lupin fanfic-based pic for the Parapet.
Did two Saiyuki fanpics for two fanfics I liked. One of them was actually in colour--go me.
This week: Birds. Crows. Wing structure.

Must start term paper, do presentation prep, finish midi music exercise . . . argh.

Shed 2kg over the Lunar New Year due to excessive worrying over my Honours application. It's nice to know that deep down, I'm as neurotic as the next person.

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[Sunday, February 10, 2002]

New Year's Resolutions for the Year of the Horse:
Be less of a slack correspondent.
Be more productive.
Try to be more of a people person.
Whine less.
Master music theory in three short months.

Current projects:
Fanart for a lot of people's fanfics.
Original webcomic I want to do.
Fancomic I want to do.
Doujinshi I want to do.
Sesshoumaru costume for the September cosplay.
Non-transparent Kanzeon cossie for the December cosplay. (Or vice versa if the Sess-Don't call me Fluffy-sama costume takes too long.)

Trying to untangle myself from current stuff right now to study more. Need to get through this final semester in one piece . . .


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[Saturday, February 02, 2002]

Won't pretend to be an artist. Won't. Shan't.
I'm prostituting what little ability I have at scribbling. And it doesn't bother me too much.


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Started to use this blog as a sort of diary of record of the stuff I'm doing at the moment. (Can't call it art--it's too crappy for words . . .)

Doing Saiyuki fanart for fanfics--can't run away from my roots after so long . . .
I want to do this doujinshi based on a yaoi fanfic. I really, *really* want to do it. But I wonder if I really can make it . . . Argh. I just want to do at least *one* in this lifetime . . .
I got my first real commission today. (Aiiiiiiieeee!)
I have a lot of ideas, but so little time and so little skill . . .

Eline, under pressure

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