[Thursday, May 30, 2002]

Am feeling weak as a kitten. Want chocolate. Cramps are just bearable. Very sleepy after lunch.

Much talk in the news and everywhere else about those slimming pills that caused liver failure due to adulteration of the drug formulation. I have no doubt there will be even more fuss about the issue of self-image and how-women-see-themselves in relation to the price they pay to look good, etc, etc. Expect stats on just how many women here take slimming pills instead of eating sensibly, exercising or just being happy with what they are. Will probably be extremely depressed after seeing the stats.

Hopefully, this incident would decrease the number of women hoping to get thin on a pill. (Yeah, right.)

Eline (Panadol Menstrual is a girl's best friend. When she doesn't have medically prescribed painkillers, that is.)


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Finally watched the Gravitation OVA! (After almost four months trying to find part two of the fansub . . . we wound up with the Chinese subbed VCDs. Thank you Ange's friend, whoever you are.)

The Gravitation OVA had something close to *yaoi* for it. But it's Gravitation, so it's not all that it seems. *sigh* The art in the TV series was better. At least Ryuchii was there . . .

I'm working on updates! I am! *typing away*

Have drawn kinky piccy. Trying out colouring by markers and by compy. Expect it to take forever.

Results come out in less than a week!
Note: running around screaming will not help, but it will alleviate stress.

Fic Status: No parts of any fics ready yet.

Eline, cramping up

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[Wednesday, May 29, 2002]

At home now. Got another Bunny Urasawa doujinshi in the mail. Another cute Mr. and Mrs. Son Goku one . . . It was the one I once saw going for a really steep price elsewhere--happy to get it because it was impossible to get elsewhere.

Finished watching Serial Experiments Lain during dinner. They did some of that reality vs. virtual stuff before The Matrix had us questioning the reality of existence. We should have done Lain for cyberarts class.

Went shopping earlier today. No, materials-shopping--a legit cause to take half a day off. Got pipe-cleaner wire! And aluminium netting all at one shop. Hope I can claim it back from the lab if it's suitable for the project . . .

No updates for the Parapet! I'm useless! But I can still write fic . . . Yaoi fic. *is in evil yaoi fan mode*

Eline, really, really at odds with herself

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[Monday, May 27, 2002]

Watched Fruits Basket until Episode 25. (Ayame--gotta love him, he's not just a shameless flaming queer but a tastefully dressed shameless flaming queer. Yay! Akito is a SOB. If he didn't provide any yaoi potential, he would probably be killed by the Kyou-fans--like me.) Then Episode 26 has no picture. Just sound. Why does it always happen to meeeee???? Want Fruits Basket!

Shaman King is still going strong after a new fan-sub group took over. Not very good quality (not as good as the previous subs), but poor students can't be pickers. Subbing of Mirage of Blaze does not seem to be getting anywhere. Picked up a recap of episodes 1 to 4 by Ishin-Digital today.

(Met Ange yesterday after sending Ellie to her hostel. Gravitation OVA part 2! Yes! Yes! Yes!)

Did layout for a new piccy last night. Kinky . . . May be a little bit small, but I've got to break in the new Copics. Even bought the booster kit (the frighteningly long screw-on needles) to go with the refills yesterday. Pocket has a hole burned in it. Computer colouring would be cheaper, but I get arm cramps from handling the mouse too much.

Must finish the Snape piccy today. And update the Parapet. And write a proposal for my hypothetical Hons project. And write fanfic.

(Got Wild Adapter and Bus Gamer last Friday. Piccies are nice . . . Though the WA characters look like the Saiyuki boys. Kubota is like Hakkai crossed with Sanzo and there's at least two Gojyo-clones so far, which makes me one happy woman. WA is pretty dark . . . *looks at WA characters and the WA characters in Executive Committee* Eh, it's sort of surreal when one character in Executive Committee is a prostitute in WA . . .)

Eline, suddenly in the mood to do more work

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[Sunday, May 26, 2002]

Watched Saiyuki with Ellie. Heheh . . . new convert. Now if only it was so easy to get yaoi converts . . .

Ellie's moving into her hostel for the SRP. Nostalgia--that was me five years ago. Only I'm also around in the department and we can go have lunch if she remembers her one and only elder sister once in a while.

AOTC t-short fits snugly--am wearing it out to shop. Need alcohol markers. With brush tip. Dunno if Copic's range can do the trick--they are rather large and cumbersome for me (because I suck at doing colour and I'm nervous as anything when attempting it). Doublers are good, but they're water-based and not very blendable. But I've got a good colour for skin-tone . . .

I have a Gojyo figure! And boy is his shaku jou long . . . (They were all out of the others. Damn.)

Eline, idly writing yaoi . . .

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[Saturday, May 25, 2002]

Went to see Ellie's performance last night. Dragged Dad along--it's his first time seeing Ellie performing with her choir in five years. Five years--hn, he managed to skip out of it for five years. And he said it was actually good (probably because they were singing some Cole Porter and Nat King Cole stuff). Wish we had gone earlier and got second tier seats instead of third tier. The musical was rather amusing--"Horrortorrio" or something.

(Wore the top Joy sent from Australia as a prezzie. *is touched* Granted, it's the most revealing thing I ever wore out in public . . . One-shouldered-toga-top. Pink. Shimmery pink. Only for old friends would I put up with pink . . . Sometimes, I hate my bust-size--I felt like I was overflowing from my bra and the top.)

Want yaoi. Must have yaoi ficcies in the morning. *resigns self to reading Weiss Kreuz*

Hey, there's a nice one . . . Schwartz-centric too! I'm saved!

Eline, lemon-dependent before breakfast (will go down to get brekky soon)
*bounces around to "Sleepless Beauty" from the Gravitation ST*
(Must go shopping later. Need comics and anime stuff . . . and I wanna watch Fame one day . . . Have to haul out the muscial watching friends . . .)

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[Friday, May 24, 2002]

Mucked out the cultures. Fed the cultures. At the lab now. Going home to day--yay!

Have done the layout and primary colouring for a piccy for Becca's fic last night in the midst of doing the laundry. May actually turn out okay this time around.

Finished part 4 of Halcyon/Hell. Hmmm, the next bit will be tricky . . .

Still have not updated the Parapet. *sobs* I'm stuck in a rut! I'll have to get it done soon, or else it'll wind up rotting like my past sites . . .

Eline, who needs a kick in the right direction about now

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M didn't make it back, so dinner alone again. Have loads of free time. But need to do laundry later and update website. WP (she who likes HakkaiXGoku, HomuraXGoku) came over to get her dj and read the rest that I got. (Rather like those manga shops where you can read books there . . .)

WP told me that she showed a pic of Homura to the hairdresser when she went to get her hair done. It didn't work out that well . . .

Oooh, more Shaman King subs . . .

Eline, watching Fruits Basket--am appreciating how yaoi Ayame, Shigure and Hatori are and how bloody kawaii Yuki and Momiji are when they're a mouse and a rabbit. (Akito is just evil. Which makes him very yaoi indeed. *shiver*)

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End of the day. End of the week. Almost.

I work Saturdays. *sigh* Cultures need taking care of. But there's a long weekend ahead because of Vesak Day.

Will get Saiyuki action figures by this weekend.

Went to Kino--Wild Adapter and Bus Gamer!

Signed five years of my life away today. With the Oath and everything. I should be happy to be employed. I should be happy to be employed . . .

Parapet updates, yes, definitely . . . Provided M and WP don't take up so much time tonight . . . Argh--to compromise between social life and online life . . .

Eline, serious about it this time

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[Thursday, May 23, 2002]

Change of plans: went to see the play Ange's producing. It's actually pretty good, considering . . .

Got back to hostel exhausted. Parapet updates must wait. Bath. Sleep . . .

(Saiyuki episode 31 is out in fansubs!)

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[Wednesday, May 22, 2002]

Lunch time. Packed a box--microwaves are so convenient.

Finally replied to Dee--after 11 days. Geeze, I'm slack. But there's not much to say . . . except that I'm extremely envious of that woman because she went to London to watch the last show of Cats.

Has thoughts of impending doom about tomorrow's briefing and registration. It's so . .. damn "final*. I still think I sold myself a little too cheap. I should've gone for Student Exchange. Everyone else did . . . My cousin's doing work experience in Shanghai with GE--not a bad deal. If I do Honours, it's another year in here before training begins. And I'd still be broke.

Argh. No regrets. Not supposed to regret anything now.

Checked phone--got a few B-day voice messages and SMSs.
Kino called--my books are here. (Good timing . . .)

Must update the Parapet today. I must.

Back to the grind . . .

Eline, feeling rather full and lethargic after lunch (if this wasn't the place it was, I would've suggested siestas. A half hour nap in the afternoon can be beneficial.)

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It's my birthday and I'll work if I want to. Which I do, because a job's a job and I'm becoming a workaholic like my mother. Shite.

Anyhow, if I don't work, no more $$$ for doujinshi, webspace and domain names, books, manga, comic books . . . Eh, clothes are entirely secondary. M doesn't understand how I can not-go-shopping for clothes and shoes. The friends who have known me longer know better.

Got new dj in the mail yesterday too. Yay! Finally got Bunny Urasawa's "Snow White" and another of her "Mr. and Mrs. Son Goku" djs. Horribly endearing--I think I'm addicted.

Am slowly going through the stuff Echika loaned me. Echika knows Kuroki Ken--she said she got introduced to Bunny Urasawa when she went back to Japan! But no new books out until August, which is too bad.

B-day run-down:
Very early this month: Ange gave me shitajiki as a really early b-day prezzie after we went Saiyuki product shopping--Saiyuki, Wild Adapter and Executive Committee . . . Very nice surprise!
Still rather early this month: Orca gave me the Executive Committee tanks (Chinese trans)--not surprised, still very happy!
Monday: Went to see Star Wars Episode II with my favourite pair of Shus--got an AOTC t-shirt and a Kino voucher!
Today: Probably will meet WP later when she comes to collect her dj.
Coming Friday: Going to see Ange's USP production. (Must find time to get her a prezzie before she goes for student exchange.)

Happy, happy, happy . . .

* * * * *

Dragged a heavy grinder back to the lab yesterday with PM. Effing thing produces so much dust when grinding, I had to wear a filter mask. *cough cough wheeze*

Back to the grind. Which is so damn literal, it's not funny any more. Must think happy thoughts!

Eline, feeling old

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[Tuesday, May 21, 2002]

Echika came back! She's so nice . .. she got me doujinshi and BL manga from Japan!

Slack correspondence--should reply to Carrie and Delilah soon.
The Parapet is still not updated. I should go scrouge myself with a wet shoelace. After work.

Watching Fruits Basket. Got past episode 10. Realised why Serene said it was yaoi. Hatori and Akito are *so* yaoi. But aside from his dewy-eyed good looks, I can't get any yaoi vibes from Yuki unless Haru is around. Kyou! Neko-Kyou! (Cute, cute, cute . . .)

Eline, card-carrying member of Procrastinators Anonymous

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Work. Work. Work.
Every mid-year holiday, you can find me in the same place. At the lab. Working on icky pests most people avoid.
Granted, it's for my own good, but I'd rather be on holiday. Somewhere else. Not here. But when you're strapped for cash . . . *sigh* Time and money never got my way. When I have time, I've got no money.When I have money, I've got no time.

I finally realised what I want to see . . .
Saiyuki yaoi, heavy on the lemon.
Doujinshi is good. Doujinshi is wonderful. Only in doujinshi can you have all-Sanzo-uke books and Tenpou/Hakkai as seme. I just want it in fanfic form as well. All the bondage and weird pairings and Sanzo-uke all the way. Weiss Kreuz smut is an acceptable substitute . . . for now.

Argh--have to update the Parapet soon . . .

Eline, slacker webkook

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