[Sunday, June 30, 2002]

So . . . we *weren't* going to melt a heap of chocolate and pour it all over them so that we could watch them lick it all off each other? Drat. *somewhere else, Gojyo and Hakkai sweatdrop*

Anyway . . . I loved Murasaki's Hakkai-as-Socrates scenario! ^_^ (Gojyo as a courtesan! Heehee . . .)

Must collect all of these "lives" and stick them up somewhere, if it's okay with Mura and kit and Ange.

Even more . . .
- the Nazi scenario--which could clash with kit's WWII plot (There is actually a dj of the guys as Nazis--it even had Kanzeon and Chin Iisou in it . . . and it was Sanzo-uke as usual.)
- the pirates of the Mediterranean scenario where Gojyo kidnaps a scholar of obscure languages--guess who--to read an ancient treasure map. (Too much One Piece . . .) But there'd probably be more jolly-rogering than treasure hunting, I'll bet . . .
- the Opium War scenario--Gojyo was an European expat in Shanghai and Hakkai's a poor school teacher
- the 16th century Europe scenario where they were sailors on the Spanish Armada and their ship didn't make it past the coast of Scotland
- the Black Plague scenario
- the Arabian Nights scenario . . . Harem boys, anyone?
- they're travellers on the Silk Road circa 8th century BC and meet up with this priest guy who's going to India . . .

(Are Swedish meatballs supposed to be so salty? The Parmesan cheese from yesterday went down okay, but the smell . . .)

Farewell lunch today for my cousin who's going to work in China for two years for GE. Koi yoke, koi yoke and more koi yoke. For anyone who is not Hainanese, that's three kinds of chicken with chicken rice. The squid was slighty off. Fortunately, I don't eat squid. (Hakkai: Nor do you eat any other seafood other than fish, slighty-screw-loose-author-san.)

Bought a heap of CD-Rs for myself and M and Shu. (Because I am queen of the CD-RW-drive and economy packs of CD-Rs. And I have a 20% discount and frequent economy bookstores on weekends when everyone else is at the Mango sale.)

Was dead to the world between 4pm and 6.30pm. Then I got prodded awake for the World Cup and dinner. (In that order, yes.)

Brazil! Ronaldo! (That should make up for France 1998 . . .) A much better second half! Whoo-hoo!

Eline, damned mood swings again
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[Saturday, June 29, 2002]

Back at home at last . . . My aching back . . .

Working, working and working on Saturdays. Solvents of choice: methanol, chloroform and hexane. Bleh. Have been feeding my juniors to the mosquitoes in the past two days. (Poor things. But they volunteered for it . . .)

What a weekend . . . More like the psychotic Saiyuki fan weekend. Went out and met Ange and kit and probably scared a lot of people in the shopping district on Friday night. Yay! The xiao zha bos outside Pizza Hut taking about what's illegal and what's legal? That was us. The three xiao zha bos at Starbucks laughing their heads off? That was us again. And not just because Ange had a leaky frappe . . . Coffee is evil, you know? *runs from the mob of coffee-drinkers*

(That fanfic . . . It was "The Butterfly Lovers" by Nanjo Koji on ff.net. So sad . . . so angsty. *sighs* And they way they killed him reminded me of the blood eagle . . . which was this old practice where they tack you to a tree, split your rib cage open and haul your lungs out through the opening.)

(Ange, have you called the police yet? Seek justice!)

Today I met Ange and kit again, who introduced us to more fans--goodness, there were so many of us here? Then kit and I were at the Annex shopping for ear-cuffs . . . and we bought them too. (So if anyone saw two people with three ear cuffs on the left ear, yeah, that was us too.) Went to the special artists exhibit that Ange was volunteering at. *feels awed and inadequate* (Here I am, with all my motor functions intact and the use of all my limbs, and I still can't do half-way decent shit.)

Next on the agenda: Pondering the positioning of the ear-cuffs. The manga version or anime version? I had been referring to Ange's Hakkai lami card (anime version) on the bus when I put mine on and kit referred to the manga that she stashes in her office. Obsessiveness reached a new high as I sported the two-on-top-and-one-lower-down anime version while kit stuck with the more-evenly-spaced-out manga version.

Went all the way across the island to go to CC to see manga. kit got all of Fruits Basket except for the first volume--which we saw at Kino last night. (kit, you're the first person I know who carries around $64 in $1 coins . . .) Yuki in a dress! Kyou! (Neko-Kyou makes me go "Wai wai! Ka-wa-ii!")

Happy day! The August issue of Zero-Sum is out!

Ellie's watching Saiyuki! And she still hasn't got my spiked collar and Escaflowne back yet . . .

Have new dj! Two new Saiyuki ones and one gorgeous YuYu Hakusho one. KuramaXKarasu! And one story was by Kouga Yun--lucky!

Turkey vs Korea--3-2. Did not watch because I only got back during the second half. The parents did put money on it so they watched. Ellie said the Korean fans were the unsung heroes of the World Cup. Great sports--they raised the Turkish flag at full-time. Now they are really cool fans . . .

Ronaldinho'll be back to play for Brazil tomorrow! Yay!

New ideas for 888 incarnations of Gojyo and Hakkai:
- the proto-Hakkai and proto-Gojyo in prehistoric times scenario
- the Once-Upon-A-Time-In-China scenario
- the Sengoku Jedai scenario (I've been watching too much Mirage of Blaze and Inuyasha . . .)
- the French Revolution scenario
- end of the world scenario and the last-space-ship-plot

And now I will collapse from blood-loss . . .
Eline, who knows far too much about messy executions due to this rather odd hobby she had while she was a kid . . .
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[Thursday, June 27, 2002]

Watari? I love the guy, but he's a guy, and I don't flatten particularly well. Ne, you saw my labcoat--it's far from white right now. And if you knew how unmanageable this hair is . . . *yanks on hair with brush* Ow. It destroyed several hairbrushes already . . . And the big-ass clip that was holding it all up? It's broken at the hinges--and it's not even a week old. (Which was better than the first clip--that one didn't even last five minutes.)

We're going to feed the mice to the mosquitoes tomorrow . . . (A brief period of discomfort and that's it. Much like fanfic characters. Which was why I named them what I did.) As well as several of my friend's arms. I have been told not to bring lawyers in to volunteer for that sort of experiment. And not just because they aren't likely to be bitten . . .

Have new dj. ^_^ Heard from an ML that they are going to censor manga and comics more closely come July. Hope they would never open up my mail then. (kit--you have to defend me if I get arrested because of the large amount of yaoi doujinshi in my cupboard!)

Can't watch Inuyasha episode 73 for some reason--could be the codec again. Want Sesshoumaru-sama to be on screen more. That brief appearance a few episodes back just didn't cut it. (Except that Kagura was falling for Fluffy-sama--not that I blame her, poor thing.)

Got the Parapet updates done! I'm so happy . . . *flops over and dies*

Eline, going to pass out now
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[Wednesday, June 26, 2002]

kit: How could you do that to Gojyo? (Or were you trying to get Gojyo and Hakkai into a new and interesting position?) Re: Friday--I can make it. See Ange's blog.

Murasaki: Only one so far--episode 21 or 22, I think. I've got until episode 26 for PoT. But I guess that guy is going to come back when they play the regionals to supply a baddie for the show. (And of course, Sanzo is the biggest uke--anyone can top him. Kou is only uke to Nii and Douku! Sanzo is uke to Gojyo, Hakkai, Goku, Homura, the Homura-tachi, Nii, a lot of strangers, a lot of tentacles . . . and probably Gyokumen with a strap-on . . . Then again, Gyokumen with a strap-on could probably top most characters in the series . . . *has some bad mental imagery* Eh, no . . .)

Think that would be us in a couple of years? *shudder* (Wow, your former hair is notorious now . . .)

Overly-genki neighbour has dropped off butter rolls on my doorstep while I was out for the count this evening. (Yes, I was so wiped out, I slept through Brazil vs. Turkey.) Darn. Now I have to make nice and invite her to dinner on Thursday. *chews on a roll*

Eline, who wants her painkillers and sometimes doesn't really like being born in a culture where courtesy is a game of one-upmanship
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[Tuesday, June 25, 2002]

Y'know . . . for a person with an extremely tiny social circle, I always run into problems trying to arrange an outing . . . I'm tempted to let the both of you thrash it out because I'm extremely xui bian about such things . . .

Monday, 1st July--I'm going to see Bend It Like Beckham with the two Shus and maybe M if she's free. Ange, are you in?

Have gotten Shu hooked on Prince of Tennis. (Yes! I am good! Or maybe it should be: Yes! I am such a corruptive influence . . . I'm slowly but surely converting everyone around me to the Yaoi Side of the Force. Bwhahahahahah . . . Ahem. *end brief moment of megalomania*)

Mirage of Blaze episode 6 is out! I think I would probably go into spasms of joy when episode 7 finally gets here and Naoe finally moves in on Takaya/Kagetora . . . Bloody UST all over the place . . .

End of MoB episode 6:
Takaya/Kagetora: So you really *are* a priest.
Naoe/Tachibana: Like I said . . .
Takaya/Kagetora: What a bad priest . . .

The fact that Takaya is voiced by Seki Toshihiko makes me giggle . . .

Eline, evil little yaoi fangirl
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Tch--a good game, but a goal that ought not to have been conceeded. M was bitching about it because she has a bet going with her bf--she bet that Brazil would win and his bet is on Germany. So she'd definitely root for Brazil to win the next match (which they should, or else I won't see Ronaldinho again and he'll be deprived of a chance at the WC Final).

*imagines the many ways that Gojyo can cheer Hakkai up* *sighs*

Soooo, you consider shopping separate from work? (This Sunday--going to Kino to use up those coupons and running down to the Heeren to check if they have stock of those figurines.) Ne, we both have to get up and go to work on Saturday, no? So where then?

Shaman King? Kawaii . . . It's mainly Manta + Yoh, but I can see the Het Side of the Force at work there because I like Yoh + Anna (surprisingly enough). I prefer RenXYoh myself, and I can see the slashiness of Amidamaru and his friend from the past--that blacksmith guy who was his childhood friend.

PoT episodes 25-26: They squished two episodes together! Yay! Soooo slashy! The subtext and the way Tezuka keeps saying "Show me your tennis!" . . . reminds me a lot of Homura willing Goku to be stronger in the 2nd season of Saiyuki.

After that Tezuka vs Ryoma match:
Ryoma's dad: Did you go out on a date?
Ryoma: Sort of.

Ne, ne, and Tezuka took his glasses off! Woo-hoo!

Was watching One Piece this week and last week and in episode 30-something, Sanji (Hirata Hiroaki! I recognised his voice! *happy fangirl moment*) was lunching with Luffy and another character. Luffy D. Monkey and the other guy were quibbling over the meat buns . . . much like a certain saru and kappa . . .

Parapet updates not done. Am a lousy webkook.

Eline, in a slashy mood
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Because I haven't gone down to Action City to check on their stock yet. Trust me, if I had the both of them, I'd figure out ways to make their limited joints work . . . Heheh, why don't we take piccies of our guy-toys and stick them up somewhere? Murasak: Sanzo's wearing a robe--I think that hides a lot. (But from the piccy of that figurine, he's cocking his hips like a girl again . . .) When will they make a figure of him in that black top and those kinky arm-warmers?

Kit, tell Hakkai-pookie that since he's seme, he doesn't have to worry about having a bubble-butt and his trim little tushie is just *fine*. (One more point in favour of the Gojyo-is-Hakkai's-uke-theory.) Now there had to a reason why Gojyo used to wear such baggy pants . . . ^_^ And it's not the size that matters but what you do with it. Betcha Hakkai's package is like Hakkai, full of surprises and hidden capacities for . . . er, something. Before this thread gets anymore hentai, I'm signing off.

Eline, going back soon in 20 mins . . . M promised burgers and sausages tonight with the game!
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[Monday, June 24, 2002]

I wouldn't know . . . I don't have a stats counter.

Yeah--I noticed that . . . heheh. *thinks about where her Gojyo-toy is still the box* (He's not coming out until Hakkai gets here, then I can stand them on top of my computer.)

At Holland V, I guess. Bring the tape! (Working? From a similar experience, I wouldn't say you'd actually work very much . . . And you wouldn't be there really late unless there was a 5 or 6 o'clock class to watch.)

Eline, reviewing weird experimental results
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Saiyuki! On AXN! Want to see what the subbers do with it . . .
(Have the whole series with Chinese subs on VCD, the DVDs, all the current fansubs, the movie on DVD and the movie fansub and the OVA with Chinese subs on VCD. But I know I'd get at least one legal DVD just to see what the dubbing and subbing are like . . .)

Ano, I'm too tired to chuck fruit at you, but that search turns up my old blog, Murasaki's blog and the Saiyuki Keeper's list . . .

What to do when the toaster is on fire and you're eating dinner with two friends in the communal kitchen:
1) Ascertain the area that is currently ablaze
2) Ascertain the size of the fire.
3) Ascertain the source of the fire.
4) Turn the electricity off.
5) Pull the food out.
6) Use either the fire extinguisher or in this case, the combined lung power of three people, and blast cee-oh-two or carbon dioxide on the fire. (This depends on the size of the fire.)
7) Return to dinner as though absolutely nothing has happened and put the nicely done potato puffs on the table.
8) Warn friends never to pour water on a grease fire, especially when it's in an electrical appliance.

Eline, obsessed fangirl who has seen at least three toaster-fires while at the hostel--they were all in the same toaster though
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[Sunday, June 23, 2002]

Gaiden doujinshi is goooodddd . . . Wah, you're free now? Me not free . . . but free enough to blog a while. (Does anyone have a large quantity of 1.5 litre plastic bottles? I need raw materials for this wretched project . . .)

(I'll SMS her . . . Friday is good . . .)

Scans? I promised Echika that I wouldn't because the Japanese djka don't like it much, but select scans on a private basis can be done . . . very discreetly. I'd rather not put my dj through the scanner though--must get the digital camera from my sister next time I go home.

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Eh, not my book lah--I saw it on Ebay. Dunno if I wanna get it . . . *is tempted* If you want books with Sanzo sans pants, that's easy . . . I've got a bunch of yaoi doujinshi, as Ange knows very well. Even better, I got dj with Tenpou in *that* uniform and hair down to his ass . . . Of course we'd met up soon--Ange hasn't seen Zero-Sum for June and July yet.

Oi, woman, I didn't even get to watch the MTV Movie Awards. Ewan! In eyeliner! Aiiiii! JRM should wear eyeliner more . . .

A history lecturer from the U was commenting on nationalism and football on the radio today . . . Heheh. Basically, football pulls people together and it's political as anything, especially when it's about what-your-side-did-to-our-side-in-the-war-of-XXXX and vice-versa.

7 hours of sleep felt soooo gooooodddd . . .

Eline, still lab-bound
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Came back for dinner, then ran out again to the lab at 8.30pm.
Ack. I work harder in the holidays then I do in term-time.

Couldn't update the Parapet . . . Feel like a slacker. Only one more week of this to go . . .

Eh, we're not all JRM fans . . . Only M and I are JRM fans--Shu and Shu are football and tennis fans. But yay--a movie, a movie! At last! (Yes, I am dying to go somewhere . . .)

And even in official fanstuff, Sanzo does not seem to be wearing any pants . . .

Eline, zzzzzz (Oh cripes, I'm sleeping before midnight. Whatever next?)
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[Saturday, June 22, 2002]

Argh--my back hurts . . . I swear my biceps are getting a workout with all the lifting and carrying of the bloody tanks of solvent . . .

ff.net is not up, technically speaking. I hate being right, but I've been through too many of those in the HP-fic days. Can't blame them--they're working with computers and stuff like hardware (which can fail), software (which doesn't always do what the package says) and programming after all.

Must admit that Saiyuki fanfic brought me back to ff.net. Hope there will be more some day. have not written fic--because work is draining me of anything resembling creative thought.

New doujinshi: 4 books from this series, which was okay picture-wise, but plotwise could have been written using plot-inna-can. Another figure from Sanzo's past in the temple--and a youkai-infested bishounen ex-monk to boot--pops up one day when the guys come across an old temple. Cue GojyoXSanzo and tentaclesXSanzo. The crowning yaoi touch: Sanzo, undoubtedly uke and girly-looking, has to be saved by Gojyo. Cue more sex. There was some HakkaiXSanzo too . . . (I want a threesome--and not just the gangbangs in Benny's Sailor 4.)

Another dj, less yaoi and more WAFF-y. Love Love Ashiteru! 2 by circle the Dark Hare in the Sea. (Echika knows Kuroki Ken from that circle--and she met Bunny Urasawa in May!) It's the second part of the Newlyweds series and it's so kawaii I feel I'm going to OD on the cuteness. Only in Japanese doujinshi can you ever find AU storylines where Gojyo and Hakkai are married and Hakkai's angst (lite) stems mainly from his sister Kanan marrying the bishounen-version of Chin Iisou (and having a kid), leaving him all alone . . . (Yep, gotta love those Japanese AUs.) Fortunately Gojyo's there and their friends set them up together. Awwwww . . . And damn, but the bishie-version of Chin Iisou is *fine* . . .

Eline, lunching in the lab office
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Korea won!
Okay, it was on penalities, and they were super-lucky in this match, but they won! They were really psyched--and it's great that an Asian team is in the semi-finals now! That match was *better* than Brazil vs England--and a nail-biting finish too.
(Have run home for a break. Still working unpaid OT on Sunday. T_T)

Have received damn funny e-mails from people I don't know these few days . . . Hmmm . . .

ff.net is actually up on schedule. *shakes head* What's world coming to?

Said goodbye to Echika last night in case I don't see her on Sunday or Monday. She's moving to Taiwan! T_T One less shounen ai/BL fan in this country.

Eline, too wiped out to write more
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[Friday, June 21, 2002]

Ah, well, lost a bet. The score was 2-1, Brazil move on to the semi-finals.
Poor Ronaldinho--red-carded and no semi-final match. Besides being my favourite Brazilian player, the guy does wonders setting up a shot for the other two or three Rs.

It was very, very quiet outside during the match--it seemed like the world was just waking up when I went back to the lab afterwards.

Now back to work, must finish up, get back and cook dinner . . . May watch the Germany vs US match if I'm not totally wiped out . . . (It seems that my US e-pals have no idea that their team is in the quarter-finals . . .)

Tenpou . . . being military and sporting a ponytail . . . *thud*
Kenren, running in there like it was one of those war movies we seem to be getting a lot of and saving him. Awwww . . .
(Was having hentai yaoi fangirl thoughts . . . All that "office-cleaning" probably led to those rumours about them . . . seeing as Tenpou is likely to require Kenren's services for "office-cleaning" every week or so . . .)

Eline, still slogging on while entertaining herself with hentai yaoi fangirl thoughts (Best done alone so that no one can see you smiling at nothing in particular.)
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[Thursday, June 20, 2002]

Wow, ya'think? Productivity wouild definity plunge tomorrow. Shu's watching, of course. M and her bf would be watching to see who'd win the WC because they made a bet (Brazil or England)--and all their other 2 choices got eliminated because of the upsets this year. So would everyone who likes either Brazil or England. So would anyone with a bet going on the match. Such a case of the strongest spear and the strongest shield--mao dun--so we're gonna see which one breaks first.

Ah, tomorrow . .. no, later today . . . Brazil vs England--my favourite teams. WIll have to work butt off tomorrow morning and evening to make up for the two-hour slack-off. Have chips and juice ready.

Oh tell me about the draining properties of the U . . . I've been living here for more than a year already. (And yes, you are always referred to as "You know? That girl with the blue hair?" People are superficial and we go by face-recognition or, in your case, hair-recognition.) Naaaa, you still keep episodes 15 and 16 on your laptop, no?

sf--you just hang in there. Those pesky exams will be over in no-time.

To Singaporean bloggers: My friend Orca is looking for a female flatmate to share a flat. Anyone interested?

Eline, tired but optimistic
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[Wednesday, June 19, 2002]

Do I want to know your evil plan or do you need as few witnesses as possible? I'm sneaking out for a bit tomorrow to crash at one of my hostel's TV rooms where I will probably wind up sitting in a room full of testosterone-pumped guys unless the female fans colonise a room.

Snape as a vampire theory: Read several fics to that effect. Even Snape and Lupin slash where he feeds on Lupy and they get all horny and screw (my favourite kind of fic). If he was a half vampire, he'd be something of a dhampire . . .

Ne, ne . . . JKR's Snape has *no* mustache and goatee! Yes! Proof-positive that all those pics of Snape with a goatee and a mustache are merely hallucinations! I mean, greasy hair covering his face *and* a goatee? Urk, as if he wasn't disadvantaged enough in that looks department . . . But we love you anyway Sevvy! (Damn, JKR is a good artist too . . .)

Eline, waiting for Orca to show up
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Dribbled quite a bit over those Gaiden scans yesterday. (Dammit, Tenpou--you sexy bitch.) Jeanne's server seems to have slowed down quite a bit--probably because of the lot of us drooling fangirls.

Had Hons Class Field Trip Meeting today. There are about 63 people in the potential class. We're going to a marine research station in Thailand this year. Only problem is, the class is so big, the budget (for about 30 people) won't stretch and we have to fork out a rather large chunk for airfare and other stuff. T_T On the other hand, this makes life very simple for me as I can no longer afford to be a part of TKG and plod around trying to do manga. (Yes! Free at last!) Nor can I take up archery lessons, which means I have to find some cheaper sport. Which reminds me . . . I'm mentally conditioned for long hours of research, but not that physically fit. If I don't want to sound like a set of broken bellows while trekking, I got to start training up a bit.

Actually managed to meet Shu and Shu today for dinner. One back from Australia and one free to come out because there is no World Cup match today. The freedom of idleness . . .

Channel 5 is showing the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Happy, happy, joy, joy. I can run back to my hostel and watch Brazil vs. England in the TV room on Friday!

Ange--your blog was out of commission yesterday. And next Thursday is fine for Bend It Like Beckham--I can haul along some other friends (there is no match that day, so my friends are actually free). JRM! JRM! Bishounen-butt-boy! (Actually, the non-JRM parts of the show look interesting too.)

Eline--one dream: to wake up at 10am for once this "holiday"
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[Tuesday, June 18, 2002]

Spent most of Monday dazed. Was dead to the world from 6pm to 7.30pm. Then M called me out for prata at Fong Seng. Managed to watch the second-half of Brazil vs Belgium despite crappy reception of a M'sian channel via an antenna on the telly in the coffeeshop. Had less than four hours of sleep before getting back to work. Have inhaled in an unhealthy dose of methanol and chloroform. Brain and lungs may liquify soon.

*nods violently in agreement*

(So *that's* why Tenpou was in that uniform in this Gaiden doujinshi I got from circle Gitenshidou, except it was even earlier and his hair was longer than mine is now . . . Explains the price at any rate . . .)

*Argh* Why can't they publish the Gaiden for the sanity of us fangirls?

Saiyuki as F4? Don't make me go over there and smack you silly . . . Oh dear--all the boyband comparisons . . .

(England vs Brazil on Friday and I'm at work . . . Anyone has a functional VCR? Match schedule courtesy of Shu, who has those things on her wall. I'm the one who needs those charts so that I can schedule outing times around the important matches she has to watch . . .)

Eline--having that particular feeling that can only be described as "calling up your friends from work at 11am but they're still sleeping and can sleep for as long as they want to while you slog it out in the lab"
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[Sunday, June 16, 2002]

I sort of figured that out . . . but I didn't have reservation for July's issue of Zero-Sum--only from August onwards.

It is official: I have no life. It is Sunday and I am in the frickin' lab . . .

Lunch break. back to the grind. Had a doujinshi break. Back to the grind. Had a fic-writing break. Back to the grind. Heard from the beta-reader. Back to the grind. Blog-break now.

Current dj is another GojyoXSanzo fuckfest in a series of fuckfests--but it's got a plot in there somewhere. I gave up on reading the kanji and made up my own conversation: Gojyo falls off a cliff in a youkai attack (Argh--how could they do that to Gojyo?) and it's too severe for Hakkai to deal with.
Goku: We have to help him! Quick send him to some convenient town with a doctor in it!
Sanzo: Bakazaru--that idiot's just slowing us down.
Hakkai (undoubtedly loves Gojyo from afar but won't get between Gojyo and Sanzo): *slaps some sense into Sanzo* Sanzo, Gojyo could die! (invisible subtext: I can't believe Gojyo chose him over *me*! But Gojyo is dying and I can't save him, so I must be useless . . . I can't have the man I love becauseI have to suffer for all eternity for my sins . . . *angst-ridden flashback* Kanan!)
Sanzo: *has an attack of the hysterics because in this series he's more unhinged than a dozen broken doors, not to mention a huge uke-slut*
So they did get medical treatment for Gojyo and he lives!
Sanzo: Gojyo . . . I thought I would lose you! *already weeping uke-tears* It's all my fault and I'm a bitch most of the time . . . but I'm still *your* bitch.
Gojyo (who should not be doing that when he's injured and everything, but this is yaoi so anything goes): Come bask in the healing light of my cock. As this is doujinshi, it's a glowing cone of light all right . . .
*insert a lot of grunting and sound-effects here* (At least they're not saying "aishiteru" in the middle of it all like in the last book in the series. I like the melodrama, but it was too bloody funny when M did all the sound-effects while reading it aloud mockingly.)

Eline--warning: sulphuric acid fumes are not good for you, neither are acetone fumes or large amounts of dust.

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[Saturday, June 15, 2002]

Actually got to go home for a while and watched football (and get the ba zang of course).
For a team with 39% possession, England actually managed 3-0 against Denmark--they made it to the quarter-finals! (I should have placed a bet on it . . .)

kit--aiieee, cute . . . I need to find a Hakkai figure--Gojyo needs his other half . . .

Spring-cleaned the lab today--it's clean-and-claim time! As usual, the sheer amount of junk that needs to be cleared or cleaned was overwhelming, but I've seen worse (like the inside of the communal fridge for instance).
Still working even on Sunday. T_T

Eline--it's laundry-day

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[Friday, June 14, 2002]

Thanks lah--see if there's any good matches. Father's Day . . . they're going to a funeral and I'm still here in the hostel and the U, doing unpaid overtime. The only thing I got from my dad was paranoia, anal-retentive-ness and left-handedness--but grand-dad changed that last one pretty fast.

Yeah--they wouldn't let her wear that ring at work and it *looks* pretty chunky too.

PoT episode 24: I had the urge to whack Sakano with her own racket at the beginning. At the end, I wanted to whack Ryoma for having the conversational skills of an average tennis racket. That kid needs a life outside tennis and his dad (and Momoshiro) needs a hobby other than stalking Ryoma and his supposed "date".

End of PoT episode 24: Tezuka really is a weirdo--honestly, in school on a Sunday in his uniform? (Now episode 25 is shaping up to be really interesting . . .) And Tezuka's voice sounded really familiar . . . I was thinking either Zechs or Treize from GW. After squinting at the credits, I hopped over to Hidoshi Doi's page . . . bingo.
Okiayu Ryoutarou--K in Gravitation, Crawford in Weiss Kreuz, Shigure in Fruits Basket and Treize in Gundam Wing. To think about any of them in the same line as Tezuka boggles the mind. Or maybe not.

Discworld slash? Rincewind and Vetinari . . . Oh dear . . . And I just had french fries too . . .

Neighbour has given me baked goods that her FS&T friend had made. Which makes me marginally more well-disposed towards her because anyone who gives apple strudel is a friend. (Still too genki and fake-sounding though . . .)

Eline, well and truly boggled (and poking around at other Discworld and Good Omens slash when she should be breaking those damned roots with her bare hands)

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At least you get to watch the World Cup with your dad--I don't even get a phone call from mine unless it's about a letter from the people-who-own-my-soul and I don't have a telly where I am. But the computer's just fine. I'm on a One Piece marathon and grabbing the fansubs as quickly as I can. (I confess--I watched it because Hirata Hiroaki was in it . . . but the anime is kinda cute and any female lead that kicks a guy in the nuts in the first ten minutes of episode 1 is fine by me . . . PoT has very wet and soppy female characters. Dreads the next PoT episode as Ryouma goes on a "date". Where's Momo-chan-sempai when you need him?)

Back to the grind. Literally.

Finally sent Joy a thank-you note for the present--hope she comes back from Australia soon. Dammit, I want to go out and cheong . . .

Eline, really, really surprised that someone from the hpfandom still remembers her

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[Wednesday, June 12, 2002]

Raw materials have arrived. Now I have to process the lot of them. Manual labour here we go . . . Have mentally labelled the white mice in my lab Sanzo (the one that squeaks a lot when his tail is pulled), Goku (the bottomless pit), Gojyo (the one that nicks food from Goku) and Hakkai (the quiet one). Need to obsess over other things besides Saiyuki. *tries and fails*

Kim (on fansubs, fish and dj): A green beta? Named Hakkai?
PoT is very popular in Japan now by the number of dj circles listed . . . Oh yeah . . . I want FujiXTezuka dj too and bugger the height rule. (In that InuiXKaidoh dj, Fuji licked Kikumaru. Fuji, you are such a tease . . .)

Yes, Takaya is a silly boy for not wanting Naoe--whatever Naoe did to Takaya's lover in their past life notwithstanding and however screwed up their relationship is . . . Argh, have to wait for episode 7! (And Naoe moved in on Takaya again episode 11!)

Eline, lunching on leftovers again

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Have decided to get interested in "Loveless" as well. It's all the cat-people . . .
Kouga Yun likes cats--and her husband likes cats too . . .

Kouga Yun's official site, the official fansite and the site of her husband who is also published in Zero-Sum.

M is drooling over Ichitaka from "Hounds"--"why can't bishounens exist in real life?"

Because it's "Real Life" . . .

*stares at ads in Zero-Sum* The only time I'm ever interested in my hp's screensaver and other fiddly 'phone-related things is when there's Saiyuki and Executive Committee OVA and Ishida Akira voice messages--and I'm not likely to get it over here.

Got Mirage of Blaze episode 5--the plot is crawling around at snail's pace. If Naoe and Takaya weren't voiced by Hayami Sho and Seki Toshihiko (and Seki Tomokazu as Ranmaru), my interest would have waned by now. And the only yaoi is the opening credits and each time Naoe looks meaningfully at Takaya (very infrequently). The pics at the official site do not give me much hope either . . . unless it's meant to be UST and angst and more UST . . . Or, horror of horrors, they only animated the first few stories (like Yami no Matsuei) and the increased amount of UST is never shown. Bugger--have to be happy with Naoe giving Takaya his coat . . . (Yes, very shallow of me. It's all historical and everything, and here I am, clamouring for yaoi.) Eh, wait there is UST in episode 7 . . . Uh-oh, have to wait until episode 11 . . .

MoB opening credits: Takaya, Naoe, a dead giveaway to the nature of the series (or maybe it's a tease) and this sort of thing just warms the cockles of a yaoi fangirl's heart--and I don't mean the subtitles that the fansubbers included for an English theme song. ^_^

I fear I am losing friends to the insanity that is Meteor Garden. That's the Chinese, non-animated version of "Hana Yori Dango" with bishies that can't act, according to my friend.

Cassandra Claire's Secret Diaries--pervy LOTR humour, yay!

Eline, still listening to "Blow Winds"

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[Tuesday, June 11, 2002]

Echika came over for dinner today! Have PoT doujinshi now! Not to mention One Piece, Inuyasha and others in a compilation that includes a doujinshi circle directory. Ehehe . . . InuiXKaidoh . . .

J has moved out last Saturday. She's on holiday in Thailand now--lucky bugger. Now there's only two people on this floor.

On the less happy side of life, I have decided that my new floormate must die. Not only is she overly-genki, fake and grating, she has appropriated my frozen food because she mistook it for J's stuff. At least ask around, woman! Like J looks like the type to cook anything! And remind me to kill J if she ever comes back for telling her that she could have all her food.

And I'm rushing my work--stupid delivery people can't deliver stuff today . . . I have to delay my extraction process and pound the effing roots over the weekend. Bye bye, Sunday.

Bah. I want a lemon to read!

And I did not get sloshed last night. I wish I did though.

Eline, now lunchless for the week, effing pissed, stone-cold-sober

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[Monday, June 10, 2002]

Nani? When did we get that hi-tech?
I have a bunch of purely digital fansubs burned onto cd-rs. Playable on all good computers with Windows Media Player 7 and a Divx 4 or 5 codec. Cheapest form of entertainment around the U. ^_^

Bishie talk? Sounds fun . . .

Have SPA fansub of Saiyuki episode 32--the gag episode with the fake-Sanzo-ikkou again. *snickers*

Am waiting for M. That woman can take an hour to shower and get ready to go out . . .

Eline, happily shoving off all work-related stuff for the next day . . .

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Ne, in the leather piccy, Goku has handcuffs and a bunny toy swinging from his belt . . . Kawaii and sexy all at once, that pic.

kit--d'you want the fansubs of PoT? Only got the digisubs up to episode 23 so far.

Actually got Halcyon/Hell part 5 (yaoi version) done--and it's at the beta-reader's being beta-ed. The last week was so unproductive after I got hijacked by the fluffy bunnies . . .

M got into Honours too! We're going out to dinner to celebrate--and then maybe get sloshed later. Not *too* sloshed--I have to work tomorrow . . .

Speaking of work . . . my supervisor is breathing down my neck and the people I need to consult are not in--or not available. The lab is a mess and we have to spring clean on Saturday. And we're always short of glassware, pipettes and workspace. New UROPS students are coming in and suddenly I'm sempai? I don't wanna be sempai! Just because I've been in here the longest and there's no other postgrad except you-know-who (hate him, hate him--is never around when you need him and makes a mess of the fume cupboard I cleared up) . . . Prof.--why do you have to take in so many of them? T_T And my project! Argh! *vent* *vent* *vent*

Eline, currently undergoing the transformation into the PMS Avenger (Breathe in the garlic fumes--they're good for you . . .)

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[Sunday, June 09, 2002]

Yep, have to train up upper-body strength now . . .

WA . . . *dribbles*

Lunchtime . . . got to find some place that actually serves edible food . . .

Eline, mood-swinging like crazy

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Sooooo, we have to settle this in the most mature way possible . . . Wanna play "scissors paper rock" for it?

Oooo, Tenpou with bunnies . . .

Slept three hours this afternoon--how lousy of me . . .

Met kit today! (Lunch is on me next time!) And Serene who works at Kino--so that's about three crazy Saiyuki fans in the vicinity of the Japanese counter at Kino (LC). Obsessed and dangerous--do not approach unless you happen to have a May issue of Zero-Sum to spare. Reserved the Special Edition for ourselves and our friends.
(BTW, my family thinks your name-card damn liao bu qi . . . I *told* you they had this thing about lawyers . . .)

Snagged the last copy of Zero-Sum (July issue) off the shelf at Kino (OC)--now I can rest easy and not run like the insane fangirl I am to Kino every week because everything from August onwards is reserved . . . Aiyoh--depressing and angsty (and minimal conversation too--less Japanese to puzzle over). It's another non-fluffy "kill or be killed" and "those who kill must prepare to be killed" installment. So not-fluffy and the most dead serious and depressing one that I've seen so far. The fluffy one is the 3 Years Ago installment.

(On the more practical side, the price of the July issue is $3 more than the June issue. T_T Hope the August Issue comes fast so that I can still use the 20% discount . . .)

"Loveless" in Zero-Sum seems interesting . . . There's kawaii cat-people in it! And the main cat-boy character seems to have the same childhood background as Gojyo . . . Oh you poor thing . . .

Got Peril's Gate by Janny Wurts from Border's after lunch--after about a half years wait. And it's not even a nice, uncreased and clean copy--but I don't want to wait ten weeks for another one. Is trying to go slow because 690 pages of angst-ridden fantasy all at once is going to send me wallowing in the deep end--not to mention depleting an angsty-good read too quickly. Arithon is my choice for Angst-boy of the Year--if he was any more harried, haunted, cursed and everything, I'd kill him myself. But he can't die--poor baby.

My sister doesn't like my Saiyuki mp3s! T_T (Ano, Ellie, you've been d/ling Britney Spears stuff . . . Hello? It's all Dad's fault for bringing that first CD in, I tell you! I personally blame myself for your prior obsession with the Spice Girls, but I refuse to take responsibility for the BS. *shudders*)

Eline, about to go get money back from her BS-loving, tasteless, cranky, paikia sister

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[Saturday, June 08, 2002]

Hi! *waves* It's "Ame" by Haiuka on ff.net. Under the very short list of NC-17 Saiyuki fics. (ff.net . . . practices automatic censorship now by not displaying R or NC-17 stuff unless the reader personally selects it.) Yeah well, not everyone's watched the second season yet . . . The kink factor is mostly in the second season--heheh . . . But I'm for HomuraXSanzo all the way!

Didja say Cowboy-Gojyo? *silly grin* Ride 'em cowboy . . .

Ah, gotta love how much Sanzo-uke there is in the Japanese fandom . . . Have to agree with this (kinky piccy)--Sanzo basically looks ultra-hyper-super-fucking good as uke/in bondage/in pain/or dying of something fatal. Brings out my inner sadistic hentai yaoi fangirl, it does.

Eline, finally found someone else who watches PoT who isn't a guy at her U (yes, it is silly, but oddly watchable, cute and full of potential shounen ai--try talking about that to the guys around here *snorts*)

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Home again, home again . . . working Saturdays is oddly relaxing, nobody but me and the cockroaches, the mosquitoes and the mice around. (Guess what I named the white mice? There are four of them . . .)

Ellie finally finished her SRP camp, but she said she was a paikia through most of it, as were most of them, according to her--the kids these days . . . We had to lug the mini-fridge back after she used it for just one week to store her insulin--now we have to figure out where to put it at home.

Yah, the anime is good, even in the fansubs. (Oooh, kawaii fan-piccies there . . .) Pretty good animation, as compared to certain shows that could have been better *cough*Saiyuki*cough*. The first time I tried watching it, I got the Special and my friend and I were doing the bishounen-count as a gauge. Tezuka is probably labelled uke because he's one of those cold, inscrutable guys--like Sanzo and Aya. Fuji and Inui remind me of Hakkai sometimes. There are far too many cute guys in PoT and the girl they're setting up as Ryouma's love interest annoys me to no end. Bring on the shounen ai . . . (Ack, they're too young . . .)

Hakkai is seme. He'll let Gojyo play around at being seme, but he's seme. (Vol. 9--one look from Hakkai and Gojyo shuts up and sits. Yes--he's Hakkai's bitch!) But I think that they can be almost equal (amazingly enough) . . . I'm all for switching and the boys just having a good time. Kougaiji is uke because he's waaaayyy too nice--Nii/Kougaiji, poor Kou. (And I've only seen one doujinshi with Sanzo being seme to Gojyo, and that was because Sanzo had shot him. Bad priest!)

My sister has threatened me with serious GBH if I keep playing "Open Up Your Mind (Karaoke version)". I suppose she would have killed me if I had been playing the version with the singing in it. (It's weird listening to that sometimes . . . My cousin and one of my best friends were the seniors of those girls at school and they can sing heaps better.) Have downloaded more Saiyuki mp3s. I suppose I wouldn't like the songs so much if I had an inkling of what the heck they were singing about. Love "Blow Winds". I want to have Hirata Hiroaki's love-child.

Have managed to watch 70 minutes of football. Tuned out my dad, who proclaimed it a slaughter of innocents--which it was, but it wasn't like China wasn't putting in a lot of effort. Found out that my Mum has no idea about which part of the bottle-opener is for opening bottles when she pulled out the alco-pops to celebrate me getting another year at the grind. (Er, telling me that you bought the vodka-pops off Aunty Carol when her shop had to close down isn't *that* cheery news, Ma . . . The economy sucked last year and the rent anywhere is awful--a foregone conclusion, as my dad would have said.)

Oooo, Orca said the fansub of Saiyuki episode 32 is out! And I'm at home too. Bugger. VPN! Gotta get VPN!
(Fansubs are to be treasured, because of the number of times Sanzo calls Gojyo and Goku "asswipes".)

Eline, realises that she's become a boyband-fan about 8 years too late *goes to find the bottle of Bacardi*

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[Friday, June 07, 2002]

Prince of Tennis episode 23: Inoue-sempai's infamous veggie juice strikes again . . . Heh--it's pretty good in anime. (Wonder how it would be like to watch the tennis ball in the manga. Hmmm, it would probably not be as interesting . . .) Tezuka, Tezuka, why do you have to be such a frickin' enigma? We didn't even get to see you play properly.

And yeah, I have something less risque planned for Gojyo and Hakkai. *scribbles frantically* Why does inspiration always strike at inconvenient times? Like when I'm at work, for instance?

Actually, my blog layout ain't half bad compared to what I see in doujinshi. I could yak all day about doujinshi--illustrated porn for yaoi fangirls. There's this series by Tenkaichi Benny called "Sailor" (actually, I think it was "Pink Sailor Fuku and Machine Gun", because of Sanzo in the aforementioned fuku with the plastic machine gun on the cover of Book 1 . . . wouldn't mind getting that one, but it's hard to find) and it's pretty hentai. Asides from having the Saiyuki boys in drag, of course. (Nothing can quite beat Hakkai dressed as Chun-Li from Street Fighter in Sailor Book 4, unless you mean Sanzo standing right beside him dressed as another female character from a video game that I don't recognise.)

Asides from being the uke-slut in every possible pairing and getting gangbanged by the Saiyuki boys, the Homura-tachi and a large number of strangers, Sanzo is occasionally the suicidal (it's all those pics of him and his gun, I tell you) and self-destructive nutcase we see sometimes in the manga. At other times, he's just on drugs. Yeah, wonderful excuse that is . . . When Gojyo is screwing him silly and he's such a big slut about it, he's probably on some funny pills. When Gojyo has Sanzo locked up in a basement and is playing very kinky games with him, it's probably because Sanzo's on drugs and suffering from withdrawal.

I'm all for a nekkid, drug-free Sanzo. The piccy up there *points* was inspired by a fic on ff.net. HomuraXSanzo. D/s. Bondage. The works. Sanzo's a little bit OOC, but it's yaoi and I'm desperate for yaoi lemons.

Sanzo-sama--you'll always be the ultimate uke-slut to me. Just wait 'til I figure out how to draw some semi-accurate shibari . . .

Eline, hentai yaoi fangirl

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If I did that, my Blog will probably be unviewable by anyone under the age of 18 and I wouldn't be able to show it to my friends either. Not that I could show the current version to them anyhow, eheh . . .

I'm writing fluffy fic. I feel fluffy!

Ooo, more Prince of Tennis! Bless those dear souls who download fansubs off mIRC . . .

Eline (please note that the shortage of hormones and the recent turn of events have made those damned mood swings worse)

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[Thursday, June 06, 2002]

Bwhahahaha . . . Yeah, Sanzo-sama is *so* going to kill me several times over for that . . . Next time, I'll do a Hakkai and Gojyo layout. *eg*

Eh, check your saiyuki_yaoi mail . . . See ya on Sunday.

Have seen everything from Hakkai's ear-cuffs to Sanzo's fan on sale at Animate. Wants Hakuryuu plushy . . . *looks at price* *sweatdrops* Maybe I'll make a DIY Hakuryuu plushy . . .

Eline, feeling fluffy

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Have just read Joy's (Joy from saiyuki_yaoi and not Joy in Australia) translation of "Minekura Christmas Special 2001".

Will add my voice to the rest of the world begging Minekura-san not to write when she's drunk.

Then again, she sounds like she could have been a fanfic author doing crossovers on ff.net. ^_^ Kazuya Minekura is definitely in-touch with her inner-fangirl--no wonder we all read Saiyuki, WA, Bus Gamer, Stigma, Executive Committee and all other works we can get our hands on.

:: how jedi are you? ::

Eline, not a quiz whore like her other friends, but that one had Jedi in it

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I just checked my mail just now! The Dean's Office sent an e-mail yesterday--I'm eligible for Hons! *screams* Good thing I did the KS thing and signed up for my project yesterday . . .

(Aiyoh, the potential Honours class size is frickin' huge . . . Which means the Honours class size will beat all previous records. Most of my friends are in there . . .)

Eline, marginally happier than she was 5 minutes ago . . .


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If you think Haru is slashy, you've got to see Ayame and that speech he made in front of all the parents and teachers back when he was a student . . .

Need to hurry up and type despite being waylaid by too many rabid plot bunnies. The beta-readers need feeding and I'm writing four different fics at once. (I should stop speaking in fanfic, but a three year habit is hard to break. Eek, three years already . . .)

Still depressed over extremely average grades. (Working your ass off during term time on projects and everything sitll doesn't pay off.)

Argh. We said we'd get drunk off our asses if we got into Hons. And then we'd get drunk off our asses if we didn't, but that's called "drowning our sorrows".

Eline, a very sluggish little wretch today

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[Wednesday, June 05, 2002]

Look at this . . . (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.) Kinky . . . but I like. (Leave it to the Japanese to come up with stuff like that. And all the other stuff in all the other pages of Saiyuki goods.)

I want to go shopping!!!!! *Soon*.

But I still want Gojyo and Hakkai to screw. Fanfics . . . must write fanfics . . . Got at least five of them on the backburner. Angst, yes. Fluff, yes. Sanzo-torture, of course. Hehehe . . . *eg*

Good news--got a beta for my WK fic.

Eline, wants all of Yami no Matsuei

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Well yeah, that's the understatement of the week. Loads of Saiyuki fans are Singaporean. (Speak up, speak up wherever you are . . .)

I hate my results. It was the half-assed kind of result. Not good enough to celebrate. Not bad enough to cry over. Not definite enough to confirm my chances of a fourth year. Now I have to work harder for a Second Upper degree. *wails and glares at Saiyuki boys* It's all your fault! Having an obsession takes at least 0.5 points off your CAP! That's it . . . need lemon to read . . . *points at Gojyo and Hakkai* I want to see you two boinking like bunnies right now!

Eline, P.O. and venting

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[Tuesday, June 04, 2002]

Amazing what a Blog ring can do . . . Even more amazing how many Saiyuki and Saiyuki yaoi fans there are here. Kino finally got a clue and now brings in Zero-Sum for the magazine shelves. (Must be due to the number of crazy fangirls pestering them last month. Hooray for crazy fangirls . . .) It occured to me suddenly that I probably know most of the people who have made reservations for Zero-Sum . . . It's a small fandom after all . . .

New beta wants to read yaoi and non-yaoi version of H/H! Yay! Now if only i can stop worrying and start writing. (Actually, that's not an option because I'm at work and taking a break to do e-mail.)

Less than 5 hours to results. Gah . . . My future hangs in the balance. Oh fucking glorified paperchase . . .

Eline, past the freak-out stage.

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Working and clueless. Our design has flaws and my mentor is on holiday. Work sucks, especially when the research grant expires at the end of June.

M was over for dinner. And no, we did not just talk about Ewan McGregor's . . . ahem, attributes in The Pillow Book, lovely topic that it was. Today's gripe was about *that* time of the month again. (Put two girls together and sooner or later, they'll wind up talking about it.)

Have a new beta-reader--yay! Dunno what she'll make of my fics. One of them has become yaoi. Actually very, very yaoi in addition to being weird.

C actually called today offering me a choice of two places in two different teams. Don't know if he was BS-ing me--and I don't know if I have the dough to keep up with that position. Honestly, I've been with them for two years, been shunted between two teams and the only progress I've ever made is on my own. My current team disbanded because everyone was sick of the BS or was broke. (If I want to go to Japan for a holiday, the club fees can cover my airfare.) But I miss my friends and the BS-meetings we always have and the thousand and one revisions we always make to the manga we're drawing . . . None of them are yaoi fans though. The other team that I haven't been in looks good though--I could sponge off the others, who are much, much better artists than I could ever be. But the cash is a major deciding factor, as is time because I don't know what I'll be doing from July onwards until tomorrow. (Bugger.)

Kino used to only reserve two issues of Zero-Sum a month? What the eff?

The World Cup has nicked my friends. It's the buggering hols after our third year and I'm stuck here blogging. My fave pair of Shus are not available because Shu went to Australia and Shu's watching the World Cup. (Shu got cable just to watch the matches.) I used to like football, *way* back when I was 14. Enough to know what off-sides and red cards are. Still okay with it, but not crazy. WIll probably watch the final match (along with all the other footy fans in the world).

Note to self: Make Ellie get my leather collar back from the friend of hers who borrowed it, along with our copy of Escaflowne, whoever has that that this point.

Less than 18 hours to go before I get my results.
And there's no Saiyuki lemon to read!

Eline, freaking out

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[Monday, June 03, 2002]

Managed to get a fansub of Fruits Basket Episode 26 that works. Yes! At last! Kyou-angst! Akito is still a SOB, I don't care what Tohru thinks or how warped his backstory is . . . Argh--there's a second season?

(Am beginning to see shounen ai in Shaman King. Prince of Tennis is still a hoot to watch. Must get FujiXTezuka doujinshi one day.)

Surprise, surprise, we have a new neighbour. Rather genki . . . She's already asked me to volunteer my urine sample to do her UROPS on the effects of coffee and green tea on hydrogen peroxide production. How can I say no to a fellow Science student? (The new neighbour sure sleeps early. Unlike the rest of us here.)

Happy with June edition of Zero-Sum. (Gojyo looks like Pippi Longstocking with those pigtails. Kawaii . . .)

Have joined sgyaoi and a Wild Adapter ML in the past few days. That's about 30 yaoi or slash MLs on one Yahoo! id. Which further ensures the likelihood of reading at least one lemon a day.

(I actually updated the Parapet on May 31st! I'm so proud of myself! Not really . . . I have to make new website and keep updating. And that layout sketch for my next project to do . . . Halcyon title piccy.)

Current status of new websprog: 30% complete

Is looking for a beta-reader for ficcies.

T-minus 61 hours to results. *gulp*

Eline, cheerfully joining a Yaoi Log Ring

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Back to work today. Ellie stayed over last night because she had to got back to work this morning too. I couldn't get much sleep. It was the first time I slept at 2 am in almost a month. Also, there was the Korean-style table-BBQ for dinner--yesterday was Dad's birthday. We ate so much, we nearly popped. All that grease . . . ugh. (We were given butter to grease the BBQ-tray. *Butter*. I can feel the pimples popping up again.)

Mishelle came back yesterday--got my prezzie! I can buy doujinshi again!
(Must email Joy and thank her for her prezzie.)

Did the mad fangirl thing and got a reservation for Zero-Sum at Kinokuniya. Had to go to Liang Court for it--it was like Little Tokyo over there. I'll get the August issue somewhere at the end of July. As for July's issue, it's up to me to scour the shelves and keep my eyes peeled for it because the reservations were booked solid--how inflexible. (And how many Saiyuki fans are there in S'pore? Minus the Japanese fans who can actually read it?) I got it mainly for the Gaiden episodes--just can't wait for the angst-ridden (I don't doubt that it will be) ending to the Heavenly soap opera. *sigh* Managed to get June's issue--but there's no back-ordering May's issue. If I had known earlier, I would've gotten around to doing this earlier . . .

I have a backache . .. Almost as bad as the bloody cramps . . .

New Blog layout. Heh.


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