[Wednesday, July 31, 2002]

Have managed to watch (and tape) Saiyuki 4 and 5 while running out to buy prezzies in between. Thank goodness for ShuW, who drives. Shopping for friends . . . for me is the kind of experience much like shopping for myself. Rare and on a budget. Much comparing of G2000, Mango or Metro vouchers for Joy's present because she needs clothes for interviews soon. For ShuX, who is on a tennis kick at the moment, sporty shirt and tennis balls. Note that ShuW does most of the shopping as she's the sporty-tennis-ex-school-player and I don't know Nike socks from Reebok socks.

Listened for a good while to ShuW about her clingy ex-boyfriend while bumming at home (because she didn't want to go back to the lingering aroma of paint fumes in her house). I usually get to hear all about it after it's over, but I'm a very good listener. It's weird how guys these days act like girls when girls dump them . . .

Finally got my Isograph 0.1 mm nib (because my old ones were wrecked last week). Isographs are getting very expensive and rare . . . T_T

Scans--hai, as soon as I get my turn at the digital cam . . . Must also snap a shot of this kawaii Saiyuki Elementary School dj I got--Hakkai the elementary school teacher vs. Gojyo's mother when sensei comes along to ask why little Gojyo's hand was injured. (Y'know, that sort of thing really isn't funny at all, but that panel was.) And the Kinzan (Kinzen?) family with Konzen, Sanzo and Kouryuu as brothers--Sanzo three times over. (They manged to survive that long without killing each other? And Sanzo as an elementary school teacher? *sweatdrop*)

Saiyuki Episode 5 highlights:
- Kougaiji--you charismastic youkai bishie, you . . .
- That part where Gojyo passes out and Hakkai is there to catch him ^_^ *happy yaoi fan girl squeals*
- Kougaiji and Yaone--the only het pairing in Saiyuki that isn't dead or squicky/weird

Eline, who has to avoid Soap Opera Hell because Zhen Qing is addictive as anything (and there's over 1000 episodes of it--at least Grandma won't be bored for a very long time . . .)
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[Tuesday, July 30, 2002]

One of these days, these field tests are going to be the death of me . . . I staggered back to the hostel last night with more materials--even though they were the wrong ones and we had to make do. I had 3 hours of sleep, and then I headed for the lab in the morning with newly-made equipment and 68 wooden stakes (each 1m long), which made me more well-armed than Buffy the Vampire Slayer on a bad day. Thank goodness for KF, my sole remaining volunteer, and PM and the lab tech. Without them, I would be one really sad 4th year student trying to get field tests done alone without transportation or help in equipment construction and the lugging-around-of-heavy-equipment-areas. I can only buy bubble tea or lunch as thanks and words are really not enough to convey how I would be completely stumped without them.

Dj: 85! 85! I have 85 dj by circle Nero (of drooly 85 webpage berri very)! Why does Gojyo get chucked off a cliff? Poor thing . . . I've seen that happen before . . . Oh, so that Hakkai can nurse him back to health again. Circle Gitenshidou and more TenpouXKonzen . . . oooh, pretty coloured dj and Kanzeon Bosatsu in her full, er, transparent-shirted glory . . . Hmmm . . . *looks at the pixelated zones in certain scenes that don't really hide much* Now that is one of Gitenshidou's most risqué djs . . .

Argh. Frickin' backache again.

Must shop for Joy and ShuX's prezzies tomorrow with ShuW. Not only do Joy and ShuX share the same birthday, but I've known them since I was 6 years old. (Yep, I am a *very* clingy friend. The fact that ShuW was my best friend in JC and gets along with Joy and ShuX better than I ever did now doesn't really irk me much because I know just how much we've changed over the years and that my isolation up in this Ivory Tower was largely self-imposed. They don't blog or have fixations on anime bishounen. And they wouldn't know what to make of Sanzo up there either . . . My best friends don't know what a big yaoi fan I am because there are just some things that you can't share with everyone.) It's the first time in 3 years that all four of us will be in the same country in the month of August, so we're going out to celebrate just a little more stylishly this year.

Eline, about to collapse now (still wants yaoi and wonders why certain fanfics are up on FF.net in the Saiyuki section)
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[Sunday, July 28, 2002]

*is pissed*

*is very pissed*

Someone's been nicking my food again. Quote and unquote what just said to a friend on ICQ: "I'm gonna run whoever it is out of the hostel with a frozen sausage rammed up his/her ass."

But this picture made everything suck a lot less . . . Thank you KQ . . .

Eline, *is incoherent with rage* *has the cramps* *is pissed* *needs to kill someone* *still has field tests to prep for* *wants some plotless yaoi, dammit* *will settle for Sanzo-abuse too*
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[Saturday, July 27, 2002]

August Zero-Sum: No Gaiden. Bah.

September Zero-sum: *squints at cover* No Gaiden . . . Bah. Nice cover though.

Because I'm having the cramps and need something stupid to take my mind of it . . . Saiyuki on AXN again--
- Negative Wave Motion has run through this world . . . (sf, you're the physics student--what is Negative Wave Motion and what happens when NWM runs through anything?)
- Hakuryuu: "Kyu!" = "Oops!" (I don't think that's the right translation of "kyu" . . . who's the one in charge of translating Dragon over there?)
- There's going to be a trouble . . . (Eh, some quality control please . . . some of the kids watching this may become fanfic authors in the future. *pause* Nooooooooooo . . . Not more grammatically suspect prose!)
- Not really a nit-pick . . . "Changan" and "Goddess of Mercy"--I suspect they have either been reading Jenner's translation of Xi You Ji or the translator is Chinese. Or they're targetting the Chinese anime-watching audience.

And now, the yaoi-fangirl MST of Saiyuki on cable subs . . .

Random monk (to Sanzo): Master Sanzo, please do something with your companion.

What, right now in front of everybody?

Sanzo (talking to himself) Why did I pick him up?

Because he was there and you were there and you're easy . . .

Gojyo (when fighting that youkai--Soushi--outside the bar): I won't be so easy this time.

But Gojyo, you're *always* easy! And Hakkai looks rather pissed at the moment . . .

The Three Aspects to Sanzo: Take Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai with whom you shared your past with--

Amongst many *other* things, ahem, to be your semes to sate the demands of mad yaoi fans, for better or for worst, through angst, bad fanfics and multiple gunshot wounds, to have and to be had in return . . .

Goku to Sanzo: What do you want to make clear to Gojyo and Hakkai?

Is it that whole rant about not wanting to be uke anymore? Ne, you're probably wasting your breath. You're stuck as the universal uke of the series, so you're basically screwed.

Random youkai (referring to the yummy human morsel that is Sanzo): Eat him!

Help yourself, but you probably won't be the first . . .

Random youkai: Look at those piercings and headband!

We had no idea Hakkai had piercings . . . Does Gojyo know?

One of the Three Aspects (addressing Sanzo in a flashback in reference to Hakkai, Gojyo and Goku): You should see them again and make it clear--

That once a night is quite enough and that you're only human . . .

Or one more time a little further down the line:
One of the Three Aspects (addressing Sanzo in a flashback in reference to Hakkai, Gojyo and Goku): You should see them again and make it clear what you need now--

--Is a good hard *censored* and a really *censored* *censored*.

(The subs are so easy for evil-minded yaoi fans to twist around . . .)

On a completely random note . . . Some fans on the Yami no Matsuei ML are thinking of writing NiiXWatari.

Ange, don't kill me--but I kind of liked Sheares Hall's float a lot . . . (And I'm even less biased than you are . . .)

Have to run down to Art Friend before the back-to-school sale ends. My technical pen nibs are all wrecked! (Last week was really not my week . . .) And my sister wants the chibi Sanzo shitajiki for her friend's b-day present so I have to run down to Kare again. (I'm not dressing up as Usopp again . . .)

Eline, *is downloading "Mirage of Blaze"* *is so desperate for episode 7 that she'd take the raw avi file without subs* (Because Naoe finally moves in on Takaya, dammit!)
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Mood swings. Irritable as hell. Argh. Cramps.

Barely had enough time to rush home after lab to grab bandanna, earrings, slingshot and a spare plastic katana (just in case) before running down to Kare as Usopp. Having two katana means I'm one short for Zorro and I've got too much hair for Nami . . . so there's Usopp as I actually *like* cowardly wannabe-pirates.

Have now got the chibi Sanzo-ikkou shitajiki set and a Hakkai and Gojyo notebook--plus a Gojyo AP card as a free gift for cosplaying as a pirate! (I don't know why there's never any Gojyo keychains or handphone danglies . . .)

kit had to go back to work--too bad. *Finally* went down to Liang Court Kino to get my Zero-Sum. More musing on Zero-Sum (or rather, Saiyuki Reload) later . . .

Pets: My junior's pet rabbit died and she wanted to scan a picture of it yesterday. Poor thing--she was quite upset about it. Then when I got home today, my mum told me that the neighbour's cat got into an accident while crossing the road this morning (yes, Ange, Mura and kit, that was pretty weird). Poor kitty! They buried it in front of their house. There was also a pet fair at Liang Court today--dogs, rabbits and hamsters, but no kitties. I would go into the Eline-wants-a-cat rant now, but Eline is dead-tired.

Dj: Bunch of Sanzo-uke dj. Homura/Sanzo, Kanzeon/Sanzo--yay! (Well, it would have been Homura/Konzen too, but Homura got elbowed aside by Tenpou . . .) And after all that talk about getting Sanzo's Sutra, the Homura-tachi abduct a shirtless-Sanzo instead. (Homura, you have got to *concentrate* on the task at hand . . .)
Sanzo (or Konzen) is pretty easy considering his prickly nature.

NUS Rag and Flag: Saw the floats down at the track--what a lot of student labour. And I should know because I did Dept. float in JC before--we covered a whole frickin' dragon with a thousand-odd homemade foil-covered, hand-cut cardboard scales, not counting backdrop on the float-base itself. (Ange, was your group the one with the large purple octopus?)

Eline, mood-swinging like crazy and going to watch my taped Saiyuki on AXN again to note the subs . . .
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[Friday, July 26, 2002]

I was back at home today to do a bit of mail intercepting and watched Saiyuki while I was at it. Grocery shopping, materials hunting, etc, etc in the area.

And I got the third degree from my mother over the phone just now for coming back in the middle of the day.

As it turned out, my mother was worried that I was missing lessons. Of course, as I told her, I had no lessons. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not for the whole week. Not for the rest of the year while I do my Hons project. Not that I ever missed a single lecture or tutorial for the past 18 years spent in the wretched education system, so what the fuck was she worried about? She's damned lucky I tell her where I go whenever I'm out with friends.

Get. Off. My. Back.

A junior was up just now to borrow my CDs with all the Saiyuki mp3s on it. And now another junior is coming up to borrow my scanner. Sometimes, I want to tell them to fuck off and leave me the hell alone, but I'm the nice person who is going to be elected bloody cluster leader whether I like it or not by next week if I'm any judge of how the wind is blowing around here . . .
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Mail intercepted. Also have a bunch of 58 dj. What is it with Hakkai and aprons, I wonder? (Asides from making him the "girl" in the relationship, everyone and especially Gojyo's surrogate mother, or giving Gojyo something to tie him up with . . .)

Saiyuki on AXN episode 1:
- "Darn you!" (And a hearty "dang" and "poot" to censorship too . . .)
- "Almighty Staff!" (Oh yeah, sure, that's what all guys say . . . *snigger*)
- Lovely stuff like "They are the only demons in . . . etc etc . . . who are taking Negative Wave Motion". (Eh? Mada mada dane . . .)
- Koumyou Sanzo-sama, I didn't know you were "indispensible". What a wonderful way with words these translators have . . .
- Decent, though stiff as *censored* *censored* translations that sound darned awkward.
- The Three Aspects sounded as though they had invited Sanzo over for casual afternoon tea at one point.
- And they didn't translate that bit with the youkai wanting to attack Hakkai first because he was the weak-looking one. Much dramatic irony was lost.
- At least it wasn't "Gyumao Bull Satan" like on the AXN website . . .

I miss the fansubs with all the endearing terms like "dumbass monkey" and "shut up, asswipes!" . . .

Eline, *snigger*
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[Thursday, July 25, 2002]

Have been fined $200 for file-sharing violations as it is my "first offense". Bleh. Paid up quickly so that they don't cut off my account next Monday. (Although I wouldn't be surprised if my account was offline next Monday due to "admin mix-ups". My faith in in the system is non-existent.) Must run home and intercept mail tomorrow--especially *that* letter. I dread the reaction to the really, really large boxes of Saiyuki action figures. And doujinshi. Bai bai hard-earned savings . . .

Met Ange and kit for dinner. (Ange, good luck for the float and everything.) Ange was so kind as to loan me Zero-Sum for August. Backcover is very nice.

I think I figured out something about "Loveless" . . . In August issue, when they were having this sort of duel in a field . . . and Ritsuka and the girl on the opposite side suddenly start sporting the latest from a bondage catelogue . . . (well, Kouga Yun used to do doujinshi--go figure) and I think it's like linking up to the people who are using the Force or something or other . . . So there's this bonding (har har) between this magic/Force-using party and a secondary "source"-like party . . . and I swear this kind of plot has been used before countless times over . . . But it's so yaoi! Oh I wish this would be translated into Chinese when it comes out in tank!

Have been to kit's place after dinner. Gawd, that's a lot of manga . . . Have PoT manga to read now. ^_^

In case kit forgets her Hellsing dj ideas:
1) Integra gets drunk one night and hauls Alucard off in to the bushes. Chibi Alucard sulking in basement in the morning.
2) Walter knitting and watching "The Naked Chef" before going out in the evening as a very suave "Shinigami".
3) Integra gets drunk again and I don't know what happens in kit's warped imagination . . .

"Almighty Stick"? "Almighty Stick"? *keels over* Must see that for myself . . . Everytime Goku pulls out his Nyoibou . . . "Almighty Stick!"

Must get to writing the 888 list . . . A tale of two nekos, coming right up . . .

Eline, back-aching but still giggling at "Almighty Stick!"
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[Wednesday, July 24, 2002]

*pokes kit and Ange* Er, hello? Anyone there? This is rather worrying . . . (unless you guys aren't awake yet at 1pm in the afternoon, which is common for many of my friends). Or is my hp malfunctioning?
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[Tuesday, July 23, 2002]

Would anyone tape Saiyuki on AXN for me? *huge imploring eyes* No one in my family is inclined to . . . And no one in my family would know how to work the VCR without really explicit instructions and labelling anyway. (Not many of them are even home at 6.30pm . . .) I'd even supply the tape.

Eline, desperate and cable-less in NUS
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Watched "Minority Report" today with friends--which meant that I dragged myself across from NUS to Tampines in the evening after two Honours briefings and one welcome tea (we were all there for the free food). And we're not the Honours Class anymore, just Science Year Four. Bloody restructuring is confusing us. (I feel very sorry for the people who got a CAP of 3.79--that's really the kind of thing makes one go "ARGH" and look for a handy object to vent one's spleen on.) Must clear up something with the Dean's Office about my HRM requirements in case it jumps up and bites me in the ass next Semester.

"Minority Report" was *good*--well worth the $6.50. Philip K. Dick has still got it--but Hollywood still needs a happy ending . . .

Note to self: Tell juniors who are going overseas to read the rules and regs regarding their student visas of respective countries. My recently-returned-from-overseas friend got notified by the Australian immigration authorities that she could be banned from Australia if she could not justify working part-time without applying for a work permit while studying there on a student visa. Eep.

Have joined the diving and coral reef field group for the coming field trip, so there's much prep, logistics and planning to do.

- Lab work from Wednesday to Saturday
- Wednesday--get started on updates for the Parapet
- Dinner on Thursday with kit and Ange (Get someone to tape Saiyuki on AXN.)
- Next week--shop for Joy and ShuX's birthday present with ShuW
- Next week--get my mother's birthday present
- Next week--restart botched field tests

Must drag self back across the island to NUS again tomorrow morning.

Incident that me go "ARGH!" mentally: When revving up the comp for the first Hons briefings in the lecture theatre, the projector projects the entire computer desktop on the screen. Jay Chou mp3s are sitting on the desktop in plan view. On an official lecture theatre computer. ARGH! Fuckin' hypocrisy . . .

Eline, bleh
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[Friday, July 19, 2002]

Fic-art for one of my ficcies . . .

*yawn* Work to do tomorrow--today. Bah.

Eline, thoroughly knackered

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[Thursday, July 18, 2002]

Yah, I know I'm super-suay this week . . . My luck was in the negative zone for most of it and I will not say that jinxed line.

On the brighter side of life, my junior got me a new mini-cutting board while she was out shopping for a larger one. She's the nice, genki but not annoying types.

Went home for a while yesterday and I got Delilah's package! My belated birthday prezzie! ^_^ And it's a whooper . . . She got me autographed programmes from CATS (London)--John Partridge, Jacob Brent, wahoo! Love the T-shirt and the CATS fridge-magnets! And a fan video of the last performance at Covent Gardens . . . (Looking forward to that! When I have the time and access to a VCR, that is . . .) Eh, where's that other video tape . . .

Hakkai: "Broadway Bares"?

Goyjo: Oooh, naughty stripshows . . .

For charity, you hentai . . . And both male and female Broadway performers . . . heheheh . . .

Dj: "Opium" by Bunny Urasawa--Gojyo, you hentai little kappa you . . . (Almost feel sorry for Sanzo. *Almost*.) "Rakuen no Kizu" (if ever stuck for a title for your Saiyuki dj, putting "rakuen" somewhere in it will do--and that is why I laugh whenever I see that "Paradise Raiders" title in threads about the official videos)--the KenTen one where it's mostly KenTen all the way. Several times. ^_^

Have sampled "Gatekeepers" and "Eden's Bowy" from AXN while at home. Apparently, the standard subbing on that channel goes like this:
yaro: rascal
kisama: darn
k'so: darn

Eh, I expect Saiyuki will have a lot of "darns" in it. Darn.

Eline, who has seen the "Born To Be Wild" ads for Saiyuki on AXN and giggles each time
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[Wednesday, July 17, 2002]

Well, it is official that I am in deep poodoo at the moment. Eyebrow-deep in it at the moment.
File-sharing violates the copyright laws. And they're going to take disciplinary action. So if I'm not online next week, it'a probably because they're cutting my account off until I pay the fines. Which I don't know the exact amount yet, but they said it could be anything from a few hundred to a thousand. (Yes, that is going hurt a lot. None of us would be d/l or sharing files if we were rich bastards.) They did make us sign a confession about it and I'm wondering about the number of people they managed to pick up on their scans of the network shared folders and the handful that they are acting against . . . (The question of what they would have done if I hadn't "pleaded guilty" is another debatable matter.) If they were to try that during Semester time, the numbers would skyrocket. (Hands up, everyone who's got mp3 files on their computer? And so everyone who d/ls or shares files is thereby guilty. That's about everyone who lives in the hostels and everyone who brings a laptop to the campus, yes?)

Moral of the story:
Big Brother *is* watching you and shit happens.

Eline, feeling slightly victimised here
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Can see Freshmen everywhere these days. All the ickle Freshies . . . Nostalgia. I remember when I was a confused and naive Freshie. Give them a year and they'll be half way to the jaded and hardened seniors we all turn into in the end.

Speaking of the Matric Fair . . . as a relic of my club, they didn't call on me for the fair. And I read on their last circular about the July fieldtrip to Sungai Buloh. Walking? On the *boardwalk*? In my day, we didn't even go into the parts of the park reserved for visitors (tourists) . . . We trekked through the knee-deep-mud and got into very close contact with nature. Which was usually followed by the annual race across the riverbed at low-tide. Through the acidic mangrove-mud, cutting our knees on dead barnacles and sometimes clambering over the opposition (like what Abbey did once to Jeffery) to get ahead. And the mud-fight afterwards. We looked like some lost tribe of mud men and we'd go to an inlet to wash the mud off. It's practically *tradition*.

Getting soft, these Freshies are . . . They even stopped public ragging. Admittedly, ragging, when taken too far, is a Bad Thing. But three years ago, when I was at orientation camp, the ragging wasn't too bad. Sure, we gargled out the refrain to "You Sexy Thing" outside a shopping complex, performed on the street outside Planet Hollywood and the guys had to apply lipstick once . . . but no one was psychologically scarred for life. A bit of public embarrassment is good for growing some thick skin.

Speaking of the younger generation . . . My junior from the lab moved into the hostel today. (She's still bitching about the lift-access system right now.) Same block, just one floor down and two doors away from M. In the course of discussion (M included), my junior said that she didn't know I was into stuff like yaoi. The phrase she used was "holier-than-thou". Eh?

Gojyo: Holier-than-thou? Her?

Snape: Her?

Whole chorus of mental voices: Her?

*much cackling ensues*

Yes, exactly, only without the derisive laughter . . . Ne, apparently I'm uptight in RL?

RL and ML . . . which also brings me to the fact that we started talking on the jp again. My first 'Net fanfic clique and the craziest bunch of kittens I ever had the pleasure to meet . . . We're still nuts. Only we all seem to be doing slash or yaoi these days. *evil grin*

Must get up early to go to the Com Centre. I have been called up and I suspect it's about file sharing on the LAN . . . Methinks I'm in a spot of bantha poodoo . . . Well, if I'm guilty, then so is everyone else online on the LAN.

Eline, 948 pupae down
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[Tuesday, July 16, 2002]

Adventures in Hostel Cooking: Ice-Egg Omelette
- So you're all haggard from another day at the lab, dying for a nap and more than just a little pissed at the mishap that happened to your field apparatus, but you've got dinner to settle and a senior coming over to loan your books.
- Said senior turns up and sits up in the kitchen, making notes. Puttering around doing the dishes and gathering ingredients is allowed.
- Wait until senior leaves before getting out the eggs. As M is not coming up for dinner, you can dispense with the three course chai peng complete with rice and soup and everything and settle for a sandwich or two.
- Gaze in bewilderment when you discover that all your eggs have cracks in their shells and are frozen solid.
- After pondering over how fucked up the communal fridge settings are, peel off the shells from three frozen eggs.
- Now you have 3 egg-shaped lumps of frozen egg. Place in a cup and mash them up.
- Naturally, you will need help. Place the cup in a pan of water over the stove and set it to the highest temperature.
- The waterbath will prevent eggs from cooking too fast. Add milk, pepper and Italian seasoning to taste at this stage, stirring the melting eggs as you go.
- Have the frying pan dry and ready before taking the melted and beaten eggs out from the waterbath.
- Set stove to medium heat and mash luncheon meat in pan. No oil is needed when you have a good Tefluon-coated frying pan. No salt is needed as luncheon meat is one of the most unhealthy processed food substances known to man.
- Pour beaten eggs over mashed luncheon meat so that the mixture covers the base of the pan. Add slightly frozen mushrooms from the fridge if desired. Leave omelette to cook.
- In the meantime, make yourself a beverage, refill the ice-trays, fill up the air-pot and all other miscellaneous little things that your neighbours never bother to do.
- Check on omelette. Turn it over if it is well done enough on one side to withstand being turned.
- If omelette breaks in the process, do not worry, it always does that. Turn over pieces of omelette as well as you can.
- Cook to satisfaction before sandwiching omelette between slices of bread.
- Eat in front of the computer with your cup of beverage while reading fanfics.
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[Monday, July 15, 2002]



Ren wu shi bai. Chong xin kai shi.
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*deep breath* I simply remember my favourite things, and then I don't feeeel, sooo baaaddd . . .

Which involves:
Going online and reading the next part of "Love Bites" by Tilly and hazelnut: One of my favourite in-progress Snape and Lupin fics. They are so fucked-up in that fic . . . Nothing sexy about the sex, nothing romantic about whatever version of love they cling on to. Two grubby little monsters playing in the dirt and getting dirtier. Perfect.

Going to Aestheticism and reading Jeanne's trans of the newest installment of Rika the Breeder: Ah, now that is really warped yaoi . . . *goes to find the ISBN number to try to order it from Kino*

Going to ff.net and reading the updated fics: Ooo, Sanzo-torture fics . . . (Or more specifically, one of them happens to be the one responsible for the pic on my blog . . .) Yes, I'm one sick fuck when it comes to easily abused fictional characters . . .

New dj: a lot of kawaii 58. 58 always seems to be remarkably . . . domestic. Complete with Goku as the kid and the family pet--a white ferret with red eyes. (Hakuryuu, you're an albino ferret . . . *and in my mind, Hakuryuu and Draco Malfoy clash with interesitng results*) Personally, I prefer HomeraXSanzo with a lot of chains involved . . .

Eline, Week -1 of the new Semester and fed up already
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[Sunday, July 14, 2002]

And when I got back to my hostel, I found that someone had put a small plastic chopping board inside the toaster. And turned the toaster on. And right now the toaster is unuseable. As is my little chopping board, which is currently slag on the toaster grill. Excuse me while I lose all faith in the human race again. And I will write an extremely polite note and stick it on the fridge so that the FUCKING RETARD (no, I'm being mean and unfair to retarded people--it is us university level students who should be ashamed) who did it will know how he or she has caused the loss of the communal toaster. Which the admin will no doubt replace at combined expense of the whole cluster. My chopping board is of little account, but I'd just like to know which person was stupid enough to put a plastic board in an oven-style toaster when the actual oven pan is sitting out in plain sight . . . (The fact that the oven pan is completely rusted over and looks like a relic of WWII is a slight migitating factor. Or not.) Shit happens.

Eline, angry but coping with it
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Have quit the whole manga-team thing today. Not exactly, because pulling away fully is like trying to unstick gum from your shoe. Freelance at least. (C is currently expanding out and doing manga-drawing classes on a national level. The fact that Sora and the other teams are currently doing recon and admin work at the moment in addition to their current projects was warning enough that I had made a right decision.) Kev from Kaze said I looked like I use more sleep and I probably do, but I doubt I lost weight. (Yes, Kevin and the people in Kaze are perfectly nice, talented people and I would have loved to join them but shit happens and it's my Hons year and I need money for my overseas field trip.)

Got Wild Adapter 2 at Kino after returning library books. Ah, the UST . . . Not really--they look too domestic already.

Joy's going for her wisdom tooth extraction op on Tuesday and I told my mum on the way to the hostel. J had been asking me about the pain involved because I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out earlier this year. And then the topic swung over slightly to doing the op under GA or LA. Yes, it is a good thing to do it under GA, especially with impacted wisdom teeth. My mum kept mine and I saw them . . . one of them (the impacted one) had been sawn in half during the extraction process and I was always glad that I wasn't conscious when they were doing that . . . And then this little conversation popped up:

Me: Why do you keep all of our teeth?
Mum: For sentimental reasons . . .
Me: Weird . . . But you didn't keep dad's appendix after his op when he had appendicitis . . .
Mum: Hmm, forgot to ask them about it . . .
Me: But where would you have kept it? In a jar of alcohol?

(Yes, my mother has all of my sister's and my own milk teeth stored somewhere along with the others that got taken out for various reasons.)
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[Saturday, July 13, 2002]

Lab work and the collection of 22 plastic jars for experiments . . .

Went out for dinner with Joy, Shu and Shu. Have not seen Joy in ages, but she's finished her studies in Australia. (Her bf was there for a while and the first thing the guy says to me is "Why are you so tall?" Eh? "Because I am?" It's not like I haven't met him before . . . And he's a guy our age. There's a thing or two to be said about older men . . .) Job prospects . . . Joy's looking for work and Shu is going to start at KPMG in August. It's scary sometimes when you realise that you're going to be an independent income-earner with CPF and everything . . . The two Shus are being slowly converted to Prince of Tennis. Not shounen ai though . . . They're not that liberal a bunch yet. And 5 years ago, I used to be one of them.

Kim: Of course Hakkai was naughty . . . but look at where Gojyo's foot is situated in that pic . . .

Eline, still dazed
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[Friday, July 12, 2002]

Ran down to Clementi today and ordered 22 1 litre plastic cookie jars. This experiment's materials list is going to look damn odd . . .

Have found this today on AXN's site. Gotta love those generalisations . . . *anticipates weird subs*

Have found a comments system, kit! enetation . . . and it seems to work . . . I think.

Eline, nnnggghhh *yawn*
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[Thursday, July 11, 2002]

At the lab for most of today. Extremely crowded with Charles, Justin, Ken and three other test-subjects crammed in the insectary. Endlessly counting pupae does not make Eline a happy little lab rat. Wanna go shopping. Should try to go shopping for clothes some day. Really. Clothes. Not books and markers. Not materials for experiments. Clothes shopping, dammit. Which I haven't done for . . . for . . . er, forgot how long ago that was.

See, the joy of working in a lab is that no one gives a damn about what they wear. My juniors go around in shorts and bermudas and I actually feel overdressed in *jeans*. Sloppy jeans. With the holes burned in by acid/melted by alkali and fluon on the hem that would never come off (there's many a reason to wear a pair of sturdy jeans). All my jeans are lab-jeans. Not to mention the shirts with the bleach stains from that group project in the bio-med side during my first year--bleach kills off all the E. coli after we were done with them.

Heheh. Am hopless at that sort of stuff. And I know I'd just wind up at the library and Kinokuniya anyway.

More people have moved in. But only temporarily because of some muck-up in the admin--their actual rooms are still occupied. Theory that the admin can't find their own asses with both hands remains unshaken. Especially when I got news that us Year 4s haven't been promoted to "Year 4" status in the database, hence we cannot register for our modules yet. And registration starts *today*. If it's going to be anything like last semester's fiasco, I'm going to throw myself off the roof of the admin building. (Highly-strung? Me? Whatever gave anyone that idea?)

Things to do tomorrow: Pay hostel fees. Check out and check in procedures. Complain about food-theft and help my neighbour complain about shoe-theft. (Yep, we're getting just a *little* bit annoyed about that sort of thing . . .)

And it's raining right now. Great weather for experiments, brooding and fanfic-writing.

Eline, only happy when it rains
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[Wednesday, July 10, 2002]

Went out material shopping in Bugis today after stopping at the lab this morning. Art Friend has a sale on! Copic markers at 20% off! Home again for lunch. Learned that my sis got 1540 out of 1600 for her SAT and topped her level. *is extremely proud of the brat but would never say so in public* One more dj--must learn to read the complicated Japanese and not just the "Aishiteru!" in the middle of the happy-happy-boink-boink . . .

Well, all I can say is that I'm not a SB/RL 'shipper. *points at website* The first Snape and Lupin 'shipper site . . . Not so much undying love as several tonnes of angst, torture, BDSM and blood-letting to cement a not-so-sweet kind of obsession. ^_^ Each to our own . . . But these days, Snape/Black is quite popular . . . Eh, I don't mind all three doing a menage . . .

kit came to visit and managed to avoid seeing most of the GojyoXSanzo boinkfests in my dj collection--which is pretty amazing actually. 888-list stuff . . . And no, I don't think Gojyo and Hakkai would ever end up in my hostel, much less in the project room with limited ventilation when fumigation's taking place. I don't have that kind of luck. (Me? Cynical? Hahah . . .)

Weather remains hot. (It did rain this morning, but it only lasted through breakast and my bath. Wanted to sleep through that, but I woke up at 7.30am as usual, because unfortunately for me, my internal clock is extremely well-trained.) And humid. Which was why I actually got a drink from the canteen when kit and I were there. Strawberry ice--artificially flavoured ice in twee shade of Hello Kitty pink, with a Hello Kitty seal cover and matching pink straw. (kit was right--should have rammed the straw through the little Hello Kitty picture . . . At least it was ice . . .) Hmmm . . . So when you have a $2.50 cup of ice, you're entitled to matching straws?

Eline, wiped out
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[Tuesday, July 09, 2002]

Well, the thing is . . . I'm not in there on weekends until Sunday night. Next week, can? (Your comment's field wasn't working . . .) Dinner?

Eline, bitching about the heat because it's cooler in the corridor than in one of these rooms . . .
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Field tests this morning. Very hot. Weather is very hot. Treated my one volunteer and the lab tech to bubble tea--they got bitten during the time out in the field and I didn't (it's probably my generally low haemoglobin levels). And because it was very hot. Good weather for experiments though.

Wanted to sleep instead of swim this after noon. Lazy, lazy, lazy . . . M persuaded me to get exercise and so I did go swimming because I know I have limited time for swimming every month. Swimming feels good. (Because the weather is blardy hot!) Exercise is good. Yes, must exercise more to train up for rigours of field trip . . .

No, you are *not*. If you are, then what does that make me? Extremely stocky? Not-that-pleasingly-plump?

That's from Harry Potter slash. And I read a lot of it every day . . . Are you on the SB_RL ML, Mura-chan?

Eline, relatively cheerful today and may actually get some things done, or else schedule a bout of anal-retentiveness and make plastic covers for all the manga and dj that don't have covers (Pass me my mood organ!)
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[Monday, July 08, 2002]

Nnnhhh . . . Field tests tomorrow and I'm still not done with the prep. I should ask for help, but it's one of those things that I can't trust my volunteers to do. *yawn*

Was actually quite a sad picture of frustration this morning--yesterday morning, I mean. I was ready to cry after I went back to the hostel admin for the third time. Thank goodness for my mum, who managed to get me the right counter number . . . But I was still confused enough to put my today's entry with yesterdays.

Have dropped hp twice in the past 18 hours. And it's only Monday going on Tuesday.

*pat pat*
Eline, still up and out of staples
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Well, after going back and forth between the hostel management and the allocation admin four times this morning, I finally got my old room back after I pulled on my connections from the programme I was in. An instant 180 degree turn in the office and they checked up the room vacancies and issued me a new check-in letter for my current room within 5 minutes. Oh wow. It was that easy? Nice letter not needed? (Oh wow, I love elitism. *grins evily at admin people*) And that just shows how moronic they were to have moved me out into another block in the first place. And the hostel admin are the ones who can't find their own asses with both hands for not issuing any letter informing me of check-out times or my vacation-stay bill. I had to go to them and ask them for the bill today, of all things. (And it also proves that they are so full of bull when they said that there were no vacancies. I'll bet that my floor remains half empty by the end of July . . . And the blinds in the communal kitchen will remain unfixed for the rest of the year. And remain as they have been lying on the floor for the past year or so after two prior complaints have failed to yield any results.)

And *that* was a load off my back. I can eat lunch without fear of gastric pains. And I'm marginally less stressed out now. (I can tell when I'm stressed out--when I start to bleed when I'm not due for another three weeks, that's a sure sign of stress.)

Eline, tired, but vindicated and not the least bit sorry that she got her way in the end
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[Sunday, July 07, 2002]

Oh dear . . . Did Weiss Kreuz just start looking appealing again? No, not really, it's just Aya. (Guess owning the WK idea means you get to be head bishounen on the block . . .) Usually, WK for me is about as interesting as watching paint peel off a wall--unless it's yaoi fanfics. Hmmm, wasn't the new animation stalled by copyright issues or something? And so they had to change the character design? Granted, the first animation had sucky animation and took itself way too seriously . . . But these new guys are . . . er, well . . . (And what the hell did they do to Yohji?)

I'm not very sure about that . . . From what I gather, the copyright issues prevent MK from publishing a new volume of the Gaiden.

Yep, that is a load of crap, but you know how it is around here . . . And that is also why it is so damn hard to be a yaoi fan here . . .

Must type up a nice, formal letter to admin people despite the fact that I think they can't find their own asses with both hands and have given me and a lot of other people grey hairs this year.

Eline, tired kitty
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[Saturday, July 06, 2002]

Had to go to the lab as backup-support today as it is the lab-tech's day off and there were cultures to tend to. (Yep no days off for undergrads or Hons students . . . for one thing, we're not married with kids. But we're still people!) Cleared over 500 pupae today and found that the lock on the inner culture room door doesn't work very well. Lab is very old. Renovations could not have come at a better time.

Must see about hostel room arrangements on Monday. *sigh* And Tuesday is the big start of field tests. Must hurry up . . .

Went to watch Fame as Ange had a spare ticket. Have wound up as a non-dancer in company of dancers instead. As I know nuts about dance, I'll shut up now. The music and songs were good. And most of the dancers I have probably seen in Asian tours of other musicals . . . (Not that we get many musicals around here. Once a year at best. Want to live in London or New York. Will stop talking about obsession with watching people in tights bounce around singing on stage now.)

New dj: 53, 83, Gaiden with long-haired Tenpou slicing his hair off to present-day length in a very nice way . . . And one of the 83s was Hakkai and Sanzo in something that looks like an AU Wild Adapter the way the yaoi fangirls would have wanted it. (53 djs are always GojyoXSanzo fuckfests--except for the djs by that circle that does 53-angst and no 53-boinkity-boink-boink at all . . . Personal 53 favourite: the one with sadistic-seme!Gojyo and drugged-out-of-his-mind-uke!Sanzo playing with . . . toys.)

Eline, who knows that having a pet cat would probably clear off the dj habit pretty fast
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[Friday, July 05, 2002]


I always knew Kazuya Minekura was female--and anyone who isn't sure can just look at Tenpou in the bath and tell me if that wasn't a visual tease planned and executed by a woman. (The only way it could be more perfect was if Kenren was in the tub with him. The fact that the rest of the page was Kenren except the box with Tenpou in the tub is--to me at least--a really big tease.) It's going to be torture waiting for the next volume of the Gaiden . . . 3 years . . . T_T

They offered me a new room in another block. But I don't want to move out of my old block! Being in one room for almost a year sort of makes you take up root in it. And I'd have to move *everything*. My PC. My files. My dj collection. All the posters on the wall that happen to be held up by velcro tape--I hope the paint doesn't flake when I take them off. (Though I have this feeling that they would probably leave marks . . .) Will look silly wheeling everything including my trolley-shelf down and into a new block . . .

And I must return to my old routine before apathy sets in. Apathy. Yep, I was apathetic yesterday. Wanted to sleep all day long.

Went swimming today. Like a lukewarm bath for most part, but exercise feels *good* . . . Very, very good . . . Almost good enough to forget that payday is the 18th and a long way away . . . *wallet is crying*

Going to watch "Fame" tomorrow! (Am going to be the lone Science student in a bunch of Arts students again . . .) Ange . . . *looks extra pathetic* can I have a look your sister's Zero-Sum tomorrow?

Eline, going to feed the cat down at the bus stop now
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[Wednesday, July 03, 2002]

B-b-bath t-tub . . . T-tenpou . . . Bath-tub . . . *tongue goes into knots* R-rubber duh-ducky . . . ? *faints*

(Oh my sainted aunties! He's taking a bath!)
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Ange, which issue did your sis get? August? Is it August? *quits ranting like a fangirl*
And look at what I found. I don't think there's any English subs on it though . . .

Was in the lab in the morning (to feed one more junior and a yearmate to the mosquitoes). Was at home at 2.30pm. Was in Suntec at 3pm. Was back in the lab at 5pm. Back in the hostel at 5.15pm. Had dinner ready by 6.30pm. I think travelled the width of the island and a bit more today . . .

PoT 27: One episode before the prefectoral tournament. It's probably the second season because they changed the opening and ending. And it was mainly about Ryoma's cat. *big grin* (Well, a day in the life of Seigaku's tennis regulars as seen through a cat's eyes perhaps. And Kaidoh's scary-ass-bastard reputation is now beyond redemption because he acts exactly the same way I do when confronted by a cat--namely losing all sense and behaving like a 6-year old.)
KAWAII! Karupin! (No wonder in the manga popularity polls, Karupin was 7th on the list, ahead of Inui, Oishi and Ryoma's dad.)
Who needs a cuties when you can have a cat?

Gojyo: So we've been thrown over for a cat? Maybe if we're really quiet, she'll forget we ever existed . . .

Hakkai: Ano . . .

Oh no you don't . . . We need to finish up the 888 list! But then again, yeah--I'd throw either one of you over for Hakuryuu anyday too . . .

And there's this cat at the bus stop . . . Was male once, before the sterilisation (they cut off 1cm of the left ear tip after they've been sterilised). It didn't look too good last month, but I think people have been feeding it sandwiches and it may actually survive. Will go feed it the tuna from the tuna snacks that I don't eat later . . .

Eline, a sucker for anything feline
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[Tuesday, July 02, 2002]

Officially, my work is over. But my Hons. project is on and this holiday has not felt like one at all. Holidays never did involve scouting out cemeteries for potential field test sites or getting bitten by loads of mosquitoes the last time I checked. Today, it was pretty relaxed--except for the person who nicked my food from the communal fridge. As if they couldn't have *asked* or something . . . Then again, it is not wise to piss-off biology students . . .

Is reading fantasy. Mercedes Lackey's Fire Rose is romance dressed up as fantasy. Easy reading, but I'd rather read about Vanyel bitching about having root rot. Janny Wurt's Peril's Gate is a truckload of angst ready to hit anyone between the eyes. Unfortunately, the book is so thick and large that I'd rather not tote it around with me. Hence the light-weight Mercedes Lackey paperbacks. (And because I've already read the HP series 5 times over and the Saiyuki series several times over. Which still does not break the record of Gone With The Wind--about 7 times.)

Dunno which email addy is working right now, so I forwarded the 888 list to the Hotmail one.
Here's that link from that page. 'Cos you don't turn on ICQ when you're at home.

Things to do this week:
- clean up room
- clean up lab
- buy materials
- update site(s)
- do the laundry on Friday
- read all the mail from 40-over MLs (and yeah, I'm kind of lurking on my own lists)
- try to write fics

Eline, who is going to do like M said--bum around and watch anime (More Inuyasha--but I want more Fluffy-sama!)
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[Monday, July 01, 2002]

Oh yeah--love that site . . . That honey pic . . . Tenpou is so not-the-wife . . . And yeah, Jeanne's Departures is another Gaiden treat. T_T They offed themselves! T_T But in "The Butterfly Lovers", they got offed so that us mushy fangirls can wail "ta men xi de hao chan!" (loosely translated: "that was a terrible way for them to die") and draw all sorts of parallels with old classic.

Yeah, Yaone needs a break from the shy and nice girl image. Slit their throats? Oh dear . . . Maybe she boinks them to death? They're too pretty to kill off so soon . . . a girl might at least consider when looking at them over a second time, especially at Hakkai (Gojyo: Oi!). And Gojyo and Hakkai as women . . . *remembers dj with Hakkai as a woman and brain shuts down temporarily* Er, Arabian Nights was kind of slashy to begin with and there were plenty of pretty harem boys . . . (Oh man . . . I have seen Sanzo with a pair of boobs, but Gojyo . . . Nooooo. Nooooo. Nooooo. Ange has already pointed out how he looks like he has boobs when he wears a certain kind of tank top or singlet . . . Nooooo . . . )

Bend It Like Beckham . . . Heheh--was a feel-good kind of show. Girlpower with Spice Girls' songs in the background, goals done to opera, Indian dance and a bucket of sap. And JRM. M and Ange went for JRM. Those girls could really play footie! JRM--bless his cute mug. Well, no one could get all the Irish and the Brit jokes much . . .and there was an OD of the gay and lesbian jokes. JRM, may-his-cheeks-never fill-out-and-hide-his-gorgeous-cheekbones, was a normal Irish guy. A normal guy. Fancy that, Ange . . . Not a bisexual rocker, not an evil mastermind, not an ex-poodle called Rudolph . . .

And Keira Knightly's abs. Want abs like that. Not likely to have them though.

JRM in a cricket vest. Playing cricket. All right, now I have seen it all.

I finally caved and watched Meteor Garden. Well, Ange and M were right--F4 are gorgeous, but they can't act to save their lives. Huanze Lei (Hanazawa Rui) was just as stoned as he was in the anime! Or is that just the bad acting on Zhai Zhai's part?

And then I find myself wanting to tune in for the next episode.
Oh that show is evil. *Evil*, I tell you.

Kinky, that idea . . . Saiyuki goes Shakespeare . . .
(You're really *writing*? Well fuck me sideways and call me a duck . . .)

Eline, going to recce a cemetery in another 8 hours time
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