[Friday, August 30, 2002]

Joy: Well, that was kind of expected . . . But at least the paper quality was good . . .

incandescens: Oooh, yes, I read your HomuraXSanzo fic! And a yummy one too . . . but but but it wasn't as lemony as "Chains" . . . (And Mura is so right--they look *hot* together.)

That and the lemony AU GojyoXSanzo fic almost made up for the MS fics on ff.net. Almost. (I bet Hakkai can sew better than a Mary Sue . . . They're setting the whole Women's Revolution back another 20 years. Apparently, most MSs' just want to become mother-hen to the group and faithful lover/wife to some character after displaying how good they are at kicking butt and saving the day. Yes, it is still so hard to get out of the box after so long. But I say why try to get out of the box when you can run in circles inside it with yaoi and all the gender-stereotypes that are a lot closer to the Het Side of the Force than we'd like to admit? Maybe we won't see the box anymore while we're still dizzy from running circles . . .)

Mura: Get the kitty! Then post pictures of kitty (Fuuma/Farfarello/Genji or whatever) so that I can go green with envy because I can't have a kitty when my dad hates them and my aunt screams at the sight of one.

They cancelled our group trip to the fish port--TA had family matters to take care of. Oh well, should I be happy or sad that I don't have to be up and about at 4am on Saturday morning to go off to look at dead fish?

Tioman field trip: All paid up and indemnity forms submitted. (The boys have to inform MINDEF of their absence from the country in case they get called up for Reservist training exercises--poor things.) We got our timetables. Field work for four days and then we all get to go to the Marine Park on the fifth day--which would've been a little more exciting if I haven't been there twice already and would have spent the earlier four days out in the ocean getting baked to a crisp.
Have been advised to bring "Money for beer, snacks, souvenirs etc. " But I don't even *like* beer . . . maybe we could get something at the duty-free shop . . . Vodka-lemon!

Fact: Some people can be 4th Year students doing Honours and still have no clue as to how to email the Field Trip Leader directly instead of sending their personal particulars, their problems, their late payment notices, etc out to the whole ML . . . 'Tis sad. *nods* And irritating as hell when it comes to cleaning out the mailbox. (On the other hand, I found out that someone from my lab can't swim and his e-mail handle is "Sir Loin of Beef" . . .)

Re-doing field tests on campus. *crosses fingers*

Eline, in a weird mood and wants a kitty
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[Wednesday, August 28, 2002]

*re-checks the "next issue" section of Issaisha* So at least we have something to look forwards to in the November issue of Zero-Sum them . .

Dee looked at my blog and was shocked by the naked guy up there. Yeah, need a change, but it's not like it was the most shocking blog I saw to date. And a part of me perversely likes shocking people . . .

Eline, managed 6 and a half hours of sleep even though bloody new neighbour's stereo was on too bloody loud
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Even more addenums:
Zero-Sum: No Gaiden. Bah. But it's got two installments of Loveless!

And the enetation's server is busy . . .

Eline, going to try for a realistic 6 hours of sleep
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- alarm clock
- sports sandals (which should be on my feet most of the time because I don't want to bring sneakers along)

It's a small world: While rhapsodising about the joys of Italian seasoning in the kitchen, found out that Joanna's friend Len is in North Carolina. Len as in Ange's friend Len. We're so envious of you, lucky SEP people!

Saiyuki yaoi is very good if well-written, mind you . . . and if they complain about the lack of HakkaiXSanzo . . . Well, there are 1 HakkaiXSanzo, 2 SanzoXHakkai, 5 GojyoXSanzo, 3 SanzoXGojyo, 1 HomuraXGoku, 4 SanzoXGoku, 1 I-didn't-even-know-it-was-Saiyuki, 2 not-a-lemon (one of them an MS too), 1 Gojyo/Goku, 3 OtherXSanzo and a grand total of 2 GojyoXHakkai lemons out of 25 NC-17 Saiyuki fics on ff.net. So technically speaking, for anyone who doesn't read Japanese, there is actually a shortage of Saiyuki yaoi of any pairing. (Ignore me, I'm just pining for a HakkaiXGojyo lemon. And there's no Gaiden lemon unless I run to mjj's site, which also has a HakkaiXGojyo lemon that I read *constantly*.)

Sure signs that a fandom is going grow even larger: the appearance of poetry and people questioning the whole Kanan/Kana thing. (Use your ears, people--commercialised subs are not what they seem.)

Eline, who wants Paranoiascape by Gracefl Worms, dammit, but not at over $41

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Managed to get contact lens in at last! Yay! Note to self that it works in the morning more often than in the evening.

Things to pack:
- passport
- enough shorts and t-shirts for 4 days
- enough underthings
- swim gear and snorkelling gear
- goggles (just in case)
- insect repellent
- sunblock (taken care of because we're going to get Safe Seas for all of us--sunblock and jellyfish-repellent all in one)
- contact lens related stuff
- at least a litre of bottled water and a spare bottle
- carbohydrates in snack-bar form
- small snacks
- markers and such for presentaitons
- logbook to jot down nonsense to blog about later
- maybe a torch

Got a new neighbour. New neighbour plays mainstream dance-pop very loudly . . .

Trying enetations again . . .

*looks at eBay* Y'know, the money in the PayPal account becomes much less when taken out . . . wretched exchange rates they have . . .

Eline, contemplating eBay again
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[Tuesday, August 27, 2002]

Gear-packing for field trip. Snorkellers got their fins, mask and J-tube while the divers got their gauges and BCs tested.

Failed at getting contact lens on. Again. (I know 99% of the world has no problem with the wretched things . . .) Must try again tomorrow or else will never be used to them by next, next Saturday.

Movie with kit--this is a record. Two movies in two months.

Guns and Talks: Imagine Kazuya Minekura writing Weiss Kreuz as a Korean action comedy--with nothing about cats or flowers in it at all, thank goodness. Only it's much better because you get to laugh a lot at some points while in Weiss Kreuz, you just get to laugh at the whole florists-by-day-assassins-by-night-shtick.

kit wants that poster. Not a bad poster--because the 4 assassin guys are cute. At least two of them are 3-D eye-candy, one is not too bad and the last one would probably look good if he shaved off the scruffy beard and mustache.

Have hatched evil scheme with kit. Again.

netcomments seems to have died. enetations claims to be ready in aweek or so. I don't know what to believe anymore. YACCS is apparently the best, but for those of us who missed the earlier boat, they're not taking any more members at the moment.

Blah. Cannot blab on endlessly about crap anymore. Tired.

Eline, trying to attain 8 hours of blessed sleep for once instead of the usual 4 or 5
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[Monday, August 26, 2002]

Actually got to sleep at 4am today because I was up fixing the printer and helping M print up transparencies for a presentation. ("Right . . . so *when* exactly did you remember you had an 8am presentation on Monday?") Still woke up at 7.30am and puttered off to lab like a good lab-rat. Found out that Ken is co-opting all our research funds for the cell culture part of his experiment. (Die, Ken! Why doesn't my research ever require special medium and cell lines costing hundreds of dollars and communications with Russian scientists named "Dimitri"!?!?) Still had to clean out the functional fume cabinet because we're moving soon! Large, bulky pieces of equipment first . . .

And a run back home because I can't wash the bedsheets here in the hostel due to the lack of washing lines and the stupid rule about not hanging stuff out the window or any of the railings. My gran's eye looks *much* better now.

Dj: Het dj with GonouXKanan . . . No, I am not a pod person--it's just one of Gitenshidou's rare het pairings. Which is a case in point that mostly yaoi fans can be also into het. (As most of us know, Kanan is Gonou's sister. Or lover, if you want to follow the anime--which is all in colour so that we can see how alike Kanan and Gonou's eyes are. Not his fiancee, which is so prevalent on ff.net these days. Who thought up that idea? AXN? Does everything become so sanitised when it comes onscreen here?) Interestingly enough in the dj, Gonou does ask Kanan to marry him and even got material for the wedding dress (it is scary, but Gonou/Hakkai is probably a better seamstress and looks waaaay prettier than his sister). But it all ends in blood and angst as we all know. And now Hakkai can move on . . . to Gojyo for preference.

One Piece dj--happy happy amounts of ZoroXSanji! (There are still just so many scenarios to get two guys into the sack . . .) But I actually like SanjiXZoro more . . . Seller was nice enough to enquire if I liked One Piece yaoi and ZoroXSanji in particular because she wrote that she was in a One Piece dj circle specialising in it . . . ZoroXSanji to SanjiXZoro ga dai suki desu! ^_^

(Some of those Japanese sellers are so kawaii . . . This one seller had pink and white Card Captor Sakura tape to seal up envelopes . . .)

Eh . . . *pokes comments thingy* It's not working?

Eline, wiped out (and it is obvious that this a blog for random ramblings)
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[Sunday, August 25, 2002]

Another B-day here on our floor. SL's 21st. Cake in the kitchen again. Smell of popiah hasn't gone away yet . . .

Hmmm . . . yes, if only guys like that existed in #3D . . . Can't promise fic so soon . . . much less good fic . . .

Speaking of obsessions, M and I had another cel-drooling session today. Or rather, she drooled, I just made the appropriate comment now and then.
M: That Vampire Hunter D cel is soooo cho!

Me: Yes dear, and which organ do you want to sell off to get it?

M: But it's Meier Link!

And filled in the blanks when it's an anime she doesn't watch . . .

M: That Ai no Kusabi cel is kinda ex . . . even if it is Rikki.

Me: But you know what scene that cel's from?

M: No, what?

Me: Well, at that point in the show, I think Iason has his cock up Rikki's ass . . . *drools slightly*

Currently d/l PoT 34 from Ange and chatting. (Did I ever mention that you're a lifesaver? Especially for me in my currently firewalled state . . .)

Me *to M on icq*: Hmmm, that Shuuchi cel is way too ex for an OVA cel. Wouldn't even pay that much for Sesshoumaru-sama.

Yay! PoT!

Me *to Ange on icq*: Saiyuki merchandise? If I find some, I send it to you? And don't forget that store, and that store and that other store in the US . . .

Eh, what happened to the connection? Ange? Ah, connection restored . . . Now where were we?

Right, my sink is still clogged . . . and Kino has more calendars for 2003 . . . Pita-ten? Probably saw it around the network last semester back before we all got firewalled . . .

Eline, up at 1.30am and still going to have to wake up at 7.30am tomorrow . . .
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Just for the record: Saiyuki Size 9 is the funniest thing I've seen all week. *snicker* *snicker* *hysterical laughter* (I think Hakkai would approve of Gojyo in that wedding dress . . . Must dig out that wedding dress pic from that dj I missed out on . . . Gosh, Hakkai always looks good in drag, doesn't he? And if anyone was made for dressing in drag, it's probably Sanzo.)

Oh. My. They acutally made those too?

And Ange, I see you have delurked on the saiyukiyaoi ML! (Yes, yes, I have seen your hostel pics . . . still nicer than the hostel rooms back here . . .) PoT!
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[Saturday, August 24, 2002]

The sink looks disgusting--I cannot look at popiah filling anymore. I'm living off sandwiches today. Lab, lab, lab . . . Hope there isn't anymore painting on a Sunday. Turpentine fumes from next door were awful because they were renovating yesterday. I think this morning's headache was mainly due to the fumes. Damn, I need all the functional braincells I have left.

And my poor mice! I went to check on them today . . .
"Wake up! Are you still alive? Whew . . . still okay. Well then, experiments can continue as per normal . . ."

If I were to take that quiz, I'd probably wind up as Kougaiji. Still like the "Who'd Sleep With You?" quiz best . . . more variety.

Or there is always the identify-a-fish quiz that our group is having at the moment on e-mail . . . (A wrasse? No, a damselfish!)

I think I managed to screw up the HTML on the comment-thingy . . .

Daily masochistic trip down to ff.net to find yaoi or anything vaguely readable: Now if only I was a Gojyo-uke fan . . . I *am* a fan of Gojyo-uke, but only with Hakkai-as-seme, not Sanzo-mostly-likely to-be-uke-of-the-series-as-seme.

(Yaoi fans are picky about what they read too. ^_^ The fact that something is yaoi doesn't mean I have to like it. Being a slash/yaoi-fan merely means that one's fandom and reading options increase--unless one is anti-het, which is sort of extreme . . .)

Someone has note that reads "no hentai or yaoi in this fic". Eh, I'll pass today--in a very slashy mood. *goes to the Weiss Kreuz section instead where the readability of a fic can be derived easily from a litmus test consisting of two points--1) is it a Mary Sue? and 2) can they spell "assassins" correctly?* (To sf: Well yes, writing more Saiyuki fic would help, but I have lab and a field trip to go for. And I want Homura/Sanzo . . . while Sanzo wants to kill everyone in "Crossings"--two or three more parts to go because it is a rather short fic . . . er, relatively speaking. incandescens, would you ever consider posting your ficcies on ff.net? Just think of all the other poor readers out there who are looking for some yaoi or lemon . . .)

Will get around to writing later . . . maybe . . . erm.

Eline, who has to run downstairs to take the mice out again
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I don't starve easily--it's just low haemoglobin levels. (And I will never trust Speedpost again.)

Was at home on Friday to see my gran for a while--she had an op to correct an ingrown eyelash. Looking at the results, I'd be more afraid of secondary infection from the incision under the eye . . .

While I was there, Dad actually started talking about the SDU. -_-;

Methinks they see their hopes of ever having grandchildren fading away day by day. Not to worry . . . my sis has got guys chasing her already. I'll just wait for some humorous guy who like Monty Python and reads Philip K. Dick and Anthony Burgess.

dj: Very early Gitenshidou dj--compilation of their first two books. Everyone looks so . . . 80's--more 80's than usual, I mean. It's the hair--*big* hair! (And Sanzo is a big ho . . .)

Unusually large amount of popiah in the kitchen this morning and afternoon. The USC were making them for the fair . . . There was one? Oh, right, it's August now . . . *looks at clogged sink* Someone had better clear that up soon . . . but seeing as everyone would be at the D&D tonight and not back until tomorrow at the very least . . . I'm doing my dishes elsewhere.

Need a change of scene. Even the field trip sounds very good right now. Project in the lab is a drag and is dragging me down.

Likes Loveless a lot--all the cute cat-ears and tails! But it's kind of shota-con . . . Every time I look at it, I feel like yelling at Soubi to quit molesting Ritsuka whenever they meet even though they've got "meant-to-be" stamped all over their skinny frames . . .
(And I really want the kid to keep the ears and tail . . .)

Someone gimme some lemony fanfic . . . (sf is going to be having her Prelims soon! Argh! What are we gonna do in the meantime?) And while a SanzoXGoku lemon is extremely welcome due to the severe lack of lemonade, a part of me argues that in such a situation, when Sanzo is the one who is sick and they're conveniently stuck in the woods, wouldn't it be a GokuXSanzo? Angsty KenrenXTenpou is the best one so far, only it's hard to see anyone topping Tenpou unless it's against his will--poor Ten-chan. (I get struck by visions of that scenario proposed by Erjika and that dj suggested by kit--"I'm not the wife, dammit!")

Oi, you caught him yet?

Homura-bunny: *shakes head*

Not for the lack of trying, I know . . .

Homura-bunny: *nods*

How to write a lemony and socially-unredeeming Homura/Sanzo fic at this rate?

Homura-bunny: *shrugs* *hops off to prey on easier-to-catch Konzen-bunnies*

*looks at blog* Ah, what the heck, time for a new layout . . .

Eline, drained
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goldfish recommended me netcomments.co.uk . . .
Now still trying to remember which HTML thingy got omitted this time . . .
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[Friday, August 23, 2002]

Damned HTML . . .
enetations sure didn't last long . . . not to mention that it was making the page hard to d/l . . .
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[Thursday, August 22, 2002]

Had dinner with kit last night and ooh-and-ahhed over her pics from Prague and France. I now know what Gackt sounds like. Have piccies of last Saturday's little run around town with the Gojyo and Hakkai figures . . .
Got around to scanning those piccies before I sleep . . . Need sleep.
(kit, if I seemed a bit stoned last night, believe me that's normal for this time of the month.
So, how goes the mail enquiry?)

CCP now presents Hostelite Tales:
Last Monday night on my floor, Melissa brought back a cake for Tricia's B-day. So a bunch of us were in the kitchen to the do the honours--lighting the candles and getting plates in preparation because chocolate cake is nothing to be scoffed at and no one's too old for a birthday cake. (Actually, this is a good thing--see, we're a friendly cluster after all!) Before the actual event, Tricia bent over the cake and suddenly there was smoke and the smell of singed hair. Uh-oh . . . Much squealing and moaning over singed ends for five minutes before we got on to singing Happy Birthday and taking pictures of Tricia holding the burnt bits--not that she's likely to ever forget *that* birthday.
A cautionary tale for all of us with relatively long hair . . .

And just today:
SL was sharing out a cake her friend had baked for her and HY comes in screaming about some wasp in her room and that SA does't dare come out.
Well, it wasn't a wasp exactly . . .
Eh, why is SA hiding under the covers?
Okay, just so that the screaming would stop, I stomped it.

Tricia: She's stepping on it! And you can hear the bones cracking!

Inner biology student rears up: It's an invertebrate--it doesn't have any bones!

SA seems to think that I am brave now. Have now established self as the one who will do all the squishing of poor insects on this floor. *sigh*

-_-; Erm, when did crushing a poor defenseless bug several hundred times smaller than me constitute bravery?

Yeah, well, my cluster has perfectly nice girls . . . only they tend to fuss over things like lizards, bugs and anything that flies in through the window.

*looks at fics*

*Sanzo-plot-bunny glares*

Hmm . . . *backtracks a bit and picks up a chair* Okay, we can do this the easy way or the--

*finds self holding the splintered remains of chair* *looks down at where one rabid plot-bunny is firmly attached to ankle*

Ow. And there is the hard way . . .

*pulls out the Homura-plot-bunny* *Sanzo-plot-bunny legs it* *Homura-plot-bunny hops happily after it*

Eline, murderer of poor defenseless creatures and tormentor of poor defenseless fanfic characters
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[Tuesday, August 20, 2002]

7.00am: Alarm rings. *yawn* *turns on hp*
7.30am: *Ange's mum calls*
7.35am: Hi, Auntie. *hands over Ange's Saiyuki Reload* Bye, Auntie.
8.00am: *goes back to sleep* Zzzzzz . . . (And Ange, you're lucky, you know that?)

M would be proud of me--I made it to 10.30am today. (Does it count if I got up at 7am? No? Darn . . .)

Still not that much sleep. Fish-identification crash course today. Along with "how to lay a tape along a transect" with a pretend coral reef. Definitely one of the more fun classes this term. (Wait, I don't have any classes at all . . . just hours and hours of self-imposed lab. M says I must be a masochist to haul myself out of bed at 7.30am every day. So if I am a masochist and a sadist at the same time, what does that make me?)

sf: Get well soon. Good luck for the Prelims and the University applications too. I only had two choices way back when, so it is good to have other options. And if you can go overseas, all the more you should go. (This place I'm in sucks. More accurately, the admin sucks. The curriculum changes every few years and they leave it up to the students to find out about every little change on their own because we're supposed to be adults now. The registration process sucks the most--take a number and wait for a week. The curriculum in my department is terrible for the freshies and the juniors right now--a choice of four out of five modules for Level 2000, only that there are three compulsory ones, so that's a choice of one out of two. My junior complained--three other people joined his petition. Apparently, the rest of the student body basically buckles down and takes whatever is shoved at them. -_-)

This brings me back--way back to the time when we were supposed to get our application forms in the mail. Only my thick envelope of forms had been sitting on top of the row of mailboxes at a block of flats in a totally different neighbourhood for three days. How did I know that? Well, this middle-aged lady drove up to my house one day and asked if I was so-and-so because there's this envelope sitting on top of the mailboxes at her block addressed to me. I said yes and she drove me there to get it and drove me back again.

I think about that every time the idiocity of the world at large gets to me. "There is good in this world . . . There are nice, kind people in this world . . . Miracles *can* happen . . ." (The postal system still sucks.)

Eline, not a loyal student
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[Sunday, August 18, 2002]

Well, Murphy's Law has always been a constant in my life . . .
Let c be the number of fuck-ups that can happen in one day. Let y be the approximate hours of sleep that can be obtained.
Let the amount of work to be done remain as a constant m. Let x equal the number of hours left to 8am on Monday morning, set as a negative value because time always counts down and not up.
So we have the equation: y = - mx + c

At 4am in the morning, it is safe to say that y = 0 as c always winds up more or equal to mx.

In other words, the damned printer conked out on Saturday and I had to run around getting my stuff printed today while at the lab counting pupae and picking out about 1000 or so of the little buggers. Still up now and cutting and pasting. Whoever thought up of poster presentations should die a messy death.

In other earth-shattering news:

I was icqed by someone who is currently in North Carolina around midnight . . .

Ange: yaoicon!!! i can go for yaoicon!!!!

Me: Fuck

T_T and more T_T . . . Yaoicon! Bring me a souvenir! Or two. Or three. Preferably dj of the yaoi variety . . .

But then Ange sent me PoT 31 and I was happy for about 20 minutes.

Akazawa to Mizuki: Let me entertain you with my backstroke later.

^_^ Oh yeah, you go, Captain Akazawa!

*trolls for fics to keep self awake*

The fics on ff.net still mada mada dane. And in the latest offerings, Sanzo has a new Mary Sue hormonal teenage fangirl admirer dogging his heels. (Eh, so what else is new?)

But you know any xiao zhabo prospective girlfriend must get through the line-up of prospective semes . . .

Rikudou: Sanzo--your soul is mine!

Dougan: I'm President of Sanzo-sama's Fanclub, First Chapter!

Homura: I got dibs on him from 500 years ago!

Tenpou: I doubt you were the first to get there. *evil but smug smile*

Great Sage Equal To Heaven Son Goku: Grrrrr . . . *translation: Mine!*

Good luck Mary Sue I mean whoever-it-is-out-of-the-countless-fangirls . . .

Hmmm, Sanzo-sama sure is popular these days . . . Must torment him more in ficcies . . .

Eline, sleepless in Singapore with 4 hours left to go before she has to be at the venue with her kam chai looking posters
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[Saturday, August 17, 2002]

Eline did an idiotic thing today when she attempted to wear contacts again because she'd need to get used to them again for the snorkelling during the field trip.

Forgot why I gave up on contacts in the first place. The reminder was painful. I had to stop at the nearest Watson's to get a lens case and lubricating fluid before running to the loo to get the damned things out.

Lessons learned: Contact lens, like a great deal of yaoi and slash, require a lot of lubrication, a certain amount of stretching and steady hands.

Now in the marginally more fun news: kit and I have taken Hakkai and Gojyo around town and made a spectacle of ourselves in front of tourists, locals and the odd cat or two. Expect pictures soon.

(Cat had a Sanzo-ish temperament--it scratched me. T_T)

Quickie dinner and Kinokuniya (LC) next! Staggered out with a load of Saiyuki Reload, Loveless and Zero-Sum.

The Reload Special Edition comes with that little extra booklet containing a long interview with Kazuya Minekura. (Found the part about Sanzo's waist measurements . . . 56 cm all right . . . Just after that bit about how many youkai Sanzo has killed and something about whether or not our homicidal priest will go youkai . . .) *eyes hurt* *the page format doesn't make things easier either*

For the rest of us who cannot squint well at the moment, there's always the eye-candy on the pages themselves--Goku, Hakkai, Gojyo-who-is-too-sexy-for-his-shirt and Sanzo-who-is-too-sexy-for-his-Prozac.

Loveless is so kawaii . . . And so slashy. ^_^ But Ritsuka is definitely too young and cute to lose his ears and tail yet. The extra booklet comes with Kazuya Minekura's Loveless art. Eh . . . Is it my imagination or does it look like Sanzo and Goku doing Soubi and Ritsuka?

You're online again! Sounds like you're busy but having fun. Will hand your copy of Reload to your sis hopefully soon . . .

sf updated her ficcy . . . Yay!

Eline, peering blearily at her Reload with one functional eye
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[Friday, August 16, 2002]

*waddles in* Group cooking is definitely one of the upsides of hostel living. SA had loads of chicken from the BBQ yesterday, so it was chicken stew and fried chicken wings tonight. With coconut-milk rice. And I fried up some more veggies and a cheese omelette. Dumped the rest of my rum stash in the punch too. ^_^ JM made white fungus soup for dessert even, but I'd probably pass because I'm very full and slightly buzzed. Poor M is out in the library doing research--saved her a portion for later. Now JM is calling her guy friends over to mop up the rest so that nothing is wasted.

Post AGM meeting day--nothing much for the Internal Auditor to do yet. (It was Mark's doing . . . *mutters about Sabo-King seniors*) Is old. Feels old in the midst of a bunch of juniors and freshies. Has been called "mum" by SA and JM already. T_T

It's that time of the year again . . . Many bazaars around and a truckload of free iced milo at each one. ^_^ (There's a free Nescafe dispenser somewhere . . . probably at the bazaar at the forum.) It makes the student body marginally less dehydrated and supplies a sugar boost.

Could not liberate any Barbies. Too bad.
Eh? Why am I Nii? (Then again Nii is better than "mum" anyday . . . JM has this impression that I'm the extremely guai type. Still cannot shake off the goody-goody stereotype. Then again, if I showed everyone this blog . . .) Unless you mean the hentai sort of person who wouldn't mind poking at defenseless animals for the sake of science or torturing fanfic characters . . . *looks at the Sanzo-plot-bunny* *Sanzo-plot-bunny gives an evil glare that plainly says "pet me and die"*

Eline, trying to stay awake to get her Pre-Poster Presentation done
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[Thursday, August 15, 2002]

Take care of your health . . . You JC-students these days seem to be ODing on stress or something . . . My sister went down with the flu and fever and was out of commission for two days . . .

(sf, found the beer article--18/06/2002. And I'm hardly an expert on beer . . . I don't even have a degree in beer-quaffing . . . But I have a beginners' cert for things involving vodka or rum with various mixers.)

A Saiyuki fanfic archive . . . Eh, how to put this . . .I'm the archivist of the Parapet--currently burnt-out (which is the state where I cannot update for a month and realise suddenly "shit, burn-out"). Have been archiving stuff in other fandoms since 1999 and before I found out how paid webhosting makes life a lot easier. If I do a Saiyuki site, it's going to be my baby. All my shit on one site, beholden to no one and all that stuff about living for yourself that a certain blond priest likes to spout. There will be no more large-scale fan archives for this webkook . . . I have my hands full with my current one.

For one thing, I don't need to crawl on my hands and knees to beg myself to donate fics or fanart. Nor do I have any obligation to update on a weekly basis. Nor do I have to say nice things to people who send fics I cannot stand looking at for several minutes at a time. Not to mention the fics written by people (or mentally 10-year people) with no basic concept of punctuation, spelling, grammar or the cow-sense to read the instructions on the submissions page. (That refers to my very first page, which was in an obscure fandom that largely resembles the Saiyuki fandom at this point--a few good writers, a lot of kiddies and a lot of MS. The HP Slash fandom is wonderful--they believe in beta-readers and most of them are above 18.) The upside of begging people is that you get to pick the majority of your fics. The downside is, it's hard on the knees and your eyes go blurry after an hour of scanning five MLs for fics. And I double as a beta-reader too . . .

I am the three-in-one--fic writer, archivist and beta-reader all rolled up in one package. Just add hot water. Sometimes, when I get into the artistic mood, I am the four-in-one--fanfic writer, fan artist, archivist and beta-reader all in the deluxe package (no guarantees on the quality of the art). My four-in-one days are over. I only have one pair of hands and I'm getting old.

(And that is why automated archives like ff.net are both the best and the worst gift to fanfiction.)

Then again, it has been nice, running those old sites. I never got flamed by anyone or got into any flame wars. And I get two e-mails every year from people saying how nice the site is and keep up the good work.

Since the average webklook is usually unappreciated (look at the staff of ff.net--I feel for them) and generally ignored in favour of the content of the site, it is best to go with your site and stick your own stuff on it. Which I plan to do. Soon. When I have the time.

That was my "webkook rant" for the day.

Have been elected as Internal Auditor for my club at the AGM--which I did not attend and did not know about until yesterday. ("All right, which one of you wise guys sabo-ed me?") Are elections by proxy allowed? Good thing I'm fond of that club . . .

kit, 4 or 5pm on Saturday sounds good. (Well, I'm an impatient fangirl . . .)

Saiyuki episodes 15 and 16 are on today--which I cannot miss. The inner yaoi fangirl must be satisfied with lots of shirtless-Gojyo with Hakkai in the same room.

Eline, who must start spouting scientific language soon for the Pre-poster . . .
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[Tuesday, August 13, 2002]

*pokes kit* Saturday? Erm, evening, can? Will be in the lab for the rest of the day. Then we can go to the Starbucks outside LC Kino and scandalise more people again by talking loudly. *evil grin* Oh, and I must cut down on the SMSing . . . hp bill looks awful. Must get off this plan as soon as it expires too . . .

Ange, hope you blog soon so that we know that you have established an Internet connection over in North Carolina.

Mura-chan--hope you get your new blog up soon!

To Joy and sf: Good luck for your tests/exams!

Let's just say I am in awe of Sanzo's waist . . . Sanzo-sama--how do you do it? Apparently a beer-only-diet with a lot of nicotine and countless brushes with death can give you a waist that most girls would kill for. Which reminds me of that piece sf once wrote about how Sanzo can survive on beer alone . . . Eh, maybe I should dig it back up and post it somewhere for posterity? With sf's permission?

Point of interest: Today is the 7th day of the 7th month on the Lunar calendar. Also known as Lovers' Day (which has much to do with the stars, forbidden love between a mortal and a celestial, bridges of magpies and so on). Need waffy Gojyo+Hakkai fics. Trying to write one, but it won't ever be done on time.

Field tests are turning up nothing. Bah.

Pre-poster presentation is next Monday. Argh. Have to make flow-charts.

Have found one very long white hair--the longest white hair in 7 years. *screams*

Eline, who had coffee *twice* this week already T_T
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[Monday, August 12, 2002]

Sanzo's waist measurement is *what*? 56cm? 56cm!?! (About 22.5 inches.) *long pause* So, who else was admiring his hip-to-waist-ratio so nicely showcased in volume 9?

Well, the dj circles knew about the no-underwear thingy already . . .

Monkeys, chimps and related primates can use their feet--it's a well-known fact. (To do *what*, I'd like to know . . .)

Hakkai . . . probably has all sorts of interesting hobbies that we don't know about.

(*is not that surprised by the Fake!SanzoXSanzo--if anyone can do it, it'll would be the Japanese fans*--hey, even with Fake!Sanzo, he's still the uke! So it's true . . . Nobody out-ukes Sanzo--accept only the real thing, er--uke . . . So the only way to tell them apart is to chuck them in the same room and throw in spiked beer. Whoever ends up seme is a fake. Damn, but that Sanzo vs. Sanzo pic at koji's blog was hot.)

Well, it would definitely have to be done behind Hakkai's back while he was busy. Can you imagine Hakkai on the warpath? Gojyo and Sanzo had better watch out then . . . (Of course Sanzo is M . . .)

Eh, maybe 5 days or so to Saiyuki Reload Special Edition . . . Okie Ange, which calendar do you want? Bon voyage! Enjoy your SEP!

CATS will be in KL in September! I want to go! But is it worth it to take the (yucky) train all the way there?

And a kind of random quiz that only us mad musical fans would take . . .

You're Combeferre!
A fount of compassion and common sense, you're Enjolras' right-hand man and occasional conscience. You may or may not wear glasses.

Which Barricade Boy Are You?

Eline, once a musical fan, always a musical fan
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Was good today. Posted more of "Crossings". Cleared out 20 stinking cultures of nothing but rot and slime. Very bleuugghh . . .

Attended reef survey methodology class. We're the group that doesn't mind spending the whole day on a boat or in the water--currently named "Bubble Vision" (you'd think that a bunch of us could think up of a better name--mind you, I voted for "Moby Dick"). Actually "Dolphin-Safe Tuna" would have been a good name, but someone proposed it a little too late.

Must get off lazy ass and do new layout. (Well, that depends if the piccy comes out well first . . .)

Have to address that interesting question posed by sf the other day in reference to the reason for Sanzo's boots . . .
"What on earth was Gojyo stepping on *Sanzo* for?"
Hmmm . . . I wonder why are they standing that close to begin with? (Especially for a guy with a blade that he swings around on a long chain . . .) And why didn't Sanzo shoot Gojyo after the third time he stepped on his foot? New boots won't stop Gojyo from stepping on Sanzo's feet anyhow--unless they are very tough. Hmmm . . .

Yep, heard from Serene that posters will be out soon. Calendar orders can be done at LC Kino.

And yes, I agree that the new-water issue is our issue and not for other people to make silly comments on. Have they never heard of the Water Cycle for goodness sake? Every drop of water on this planet has been recycled countless times over anyway--just through different sets of kidneys. And remember that when there are fish and frogs and other life in reservoirs of nice clean water, they don't get out to go to the loo either.

Eline, one hell of a lot more defensive when it comes to other people making cracks at her country (hey, we live here, so we have a right to)
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[Sunday, August 11, 2002]

*looks at fanfics on ff.net* *cries*

There was this one fic in which Kanan was revived. And Gojyo was made into a woman. In the same fic. *beats head on the wall* *swearing in Hainanese is heard* And they didn't even have the decency to make Hakkai feel slightly confused about it all! (Oh wait, there's a handsome bloke interested in Gojyo . . . Eh . . . not Hakkai or any of the male characters in Saiyuki. *snore*)

*cries buckets* And what if they really are Singaporean? *cringe* AXN has to pay for all those cruddy subs! (And when I'm a teacher, nobody's going to hand in stuff with grammatically incorrect or incomplete sentences. Ever. *shudder*)

Yes, well, I can understand that, sf. I can't see any yaoi in Escaflowne no matter how slashy a character like Dilandau is. (Yeah, I *do* have some het pairings I am fond of.) But Saiyuki never fell into the ambiguous category for me. ^_^

Yes, yes, laugh at the Science student. We don't throw tomatoes. We have large vats of chemicals and stinking cultures. Speaking of which . . . I had to go back and count those cultures today. Bleuurrrgghh. (Need to go back home and dig out those old Barbies . . .)

*evil grin* There's nothing wrong with laughing too loudly at a fast-food joint. And kit's impression of HZL had us going like hyenas. Not that I, sole non-watcher-of-Meteor-Garden, could get the rest of the stuff about MG . . .

Happy Birthday Mum! You'd never read this--I *hope* you don't--but you're the best! (As long as you don't know a thing about the yaoi fangirl part of me, that is . . .I have to protect my own mother from the likes of me.)

kit was right . . . getting bored of the background of this blog . . . but after reading some stuff at ff.net, I feel *much* more inclined towards stuff that shouts "hentai-yaoi-fangirl". So in planning for the next layout, the list of possible choices:
- Hakkai and Gojyo in a lot of leather
- More Sanzo-torture pics
- Hakkai, Gojyo and Sanzo in a lot of leather
- All four Saiyuki boys in bed
- That one with Gojyo licking Hakkai's ice-cream cone (Had trouble with Hakai's arms in the draft . . .)
- Hakkai and Gojyo in pink bunny suits (It's not Easter, I know . . .)
- *something* Hakkai and Gojyo (preferably something that screams "85")
- anything with bondage in it

Oooh, almost forgot to add . . . ATTENTION! KINOKUNIYA COUPONS IN THE SUNDAY PLUS TODAY! Yay! 20% off Saiyuki Reload . . . Posters too . . . hehe . . .

Eline, dying of the shortage of good (preferably yaoi, but not MS, please) Saiyuki fics
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[Saturday, August 10, 2002]

Glad you liked the present. Do take care of the boys should you bring them with you to North Carolina and if they get into any compromising positions, do send us a picture! And if you're Hakkai's teddy bear, then you'd be Gojyo. ^_~ It is scary how the younger sibs are asking us what S&M is . . .

*falls off chair laughing* *nudges kit and Ange* So Hakkai *is* the most evil and perverted of them all . . . Gojyo asked the most important question--"It's scary, how he changed us into these new clothes without our noticing." O_o (Hakkai, you hentai! O_^ Or Minekura is probably teasing the yaoi-fans again . . .)
And my theory is that Sanzo's sick of losing his slippers all the time. So he invested in some sturdy boots because going through all that snow in slippers is just asking for a bad case of frostbite.

*looks on enviously* PoT!

DJ sale on September 8th--Comic Jam 3 (yaoi and non-yaoi anime stuff). *screams like Obi-Wan on Perkium* Noooooooooo--I'll be on Tioman for my field trip! Oi, any Singaporeans free on 8th September and at least 18 years of age? Help me buy dj, can?

Mum's birthday tomorrow--dinner today a this posh-looking place at Carlton Hotel. Mum got the voucher and promotion from Diner's International. Yes, yes, I'm the eldest--I know what to do . . . Yep, foot the bill. But the staff were trying to clear the plates every two minutes . . . and it puts me off. Justification of the 10% Service Charge is all very well . . . but that was too much. You can hardly eat with three different people coming in every minute to pick up the course dishes, fill up the tea and ask if we still needed the plates.

And Carrefour on a Saturday night is a *very* scary place. I had several trolleys and baskets rammed into my knees already . . .

To sf, should she ever read this (good luck studying for all those tests): You will be glad to know that the number of Saiyuki fanfics on ff.net is increasing. You will not be glad to know that the MS fics are increasing . . . (I'm sad that the yaoi fics *aren't* increasing!)

Personal Rant:
I think . . . for the love of all things with cheese on them, can anyone read Saiyuki (the manga) and still say (honestly and truthfully after volume 6), "Yep, they're 100% straight?" Or Season Two of the anime . . . Just *look* at the opening--it's much more yaoi than Weiss Kreuz--

Hakkai: But very-weird-author-san, you forget that most people haven't read the manga yet . . .

Oh, right . . . Hey, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be working on that fic! Get back to what you and Gojyo were doing!

Hakkai: Hai, hai, pervy-author-san--but we're out of lube again . . .

Improvise? (And that's shamelessly-hentai-yaoi-fangirl-fanfic-writer to you . . .)

And I believe that Gojyo and Hakkai are about 80% straight--but that's got nothing with Gojyo+Hakkai, HakkaiXGojyo and GojyoXHakkai. Because, to paraphrase this yaoi-support group I saw once, preference has nothing to do with love. *insert huge shoujo bubbles and fluffy pink-tinged backgrounds* And destiny. *insert dramatic soundtrack here* And karmatic jokes played by Kanzeon Bosatsu. *insert pervy laughter here* And fanfic authors who are convinced that Gojyo and Hakkai should be screwing like minks. *insert the mad typing of said fanfic authors who watch episodes 15 and 16 of Saiyuki over and over again because they know that Hakkai was having less than pure thoughts when Gojyo was shirtless*

If I had a sarcasm font, I'd use it for everything.

Eline, wants the communal dining experience back, dammit
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[Thursday, August 08, 2002]

Have been on a fic-writing kick. (Okay, so that new fic had been started somewhere in March and is in fact, 80% finished--I'm just slow.) It's one of my major wastes of time, according to my parents, right up there with the doodling and manga-drawing. Good thing they have no idea about the yaoi fics . . .

Watched "Here is Greenwood" last night. Mum has been harping on about anime obsession again. Now I know I'm not even a quarter-way into anime-otaku-dom compared to other people I know or see on the Internet--but she doesn't know that. And I have very few obsessions that keep me off the streets and at home. (Though I think she may be happier if I was obsessed with 3-D men instead of 2-D men . . . One obsession at a time, I say . . .)

Although watching anime at home has a few down-sides and weird moments . . . Especially when parents and younger sister are around.

Subtitles on screen: Ah! It's Shinobu's sister! That S&M dominatrix!

Ellie (16 going on 17 and completely clueless): What's S&M?

Me: Er . . . *looks sideways at parents sitting on the other side of the couch* *sweatdrop*

Ellie: Well you've got to tell me later, okay?

Fortunately, she has forgotten all about it. *relieved sigh* It's not the first time someone asked me that . . . but that was my sister, dammit!

Parents are beginning to worry about my dj habit. Not about the habit itself (because if they knew, they'd have kittens) but the number of packages coming to the door.

Incidentally, that's my money--the salary I slogged out my entire holiday in the lab to earn. I never asked them for more than the monthly pittance--though if I didn't ask, they would happily forget about it the way they normally forget about my allowance for most of my life. I cook, I clean, I do the laundry, I didn't get myself knocked up, I haven't got into bad company (though that's entirely subjective from their point of view), I bonded myself to the government to ensure that I would have a secure job teaching Secondary School brats in a year's time and I've got As and Bs for all my subjects except that one stupid D.

Now seriously, what do they want from me?

Damn, this was not supposed to be a rant . . . It's just very hard when they disapprove of everything you do, everything you're interested in, and friends too when you're 22 and feeling 42. Now kit, they'd approve of you because you're a lawyer and so therefore you've obviously made it somewhere, not because of anything else. Ange, they know nuts about you besides the fact that you are PSC-bonded. ShuW--good family and an accounting job in the Big Four. ShuX--Econs Hons. Joy, they do not approve of so much because she didn't do Hons . . .

Will not even go into what they think about my Internet friends . . .

I was about to comment on this quiz and how interesting it is that even if you select "male" in the gender of the quiz-taker option, you'd still get get a list of ten guys . . . Eheheh. (I suspect the majority would get Hakkai--but if you want *normal*, that would be Gojyo. Now I got Chin Ii Sou and Nii for second and third choice, which is definitely . . . more interesting.)

Eline, so tired of being a good girl for all 22 years of her life (and wants to move out permanently, not just to a hostel)
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kit: Thanks lah, but we'd like to have as few innocent parties involved as possible.

Well, it's holiday tomorrow! Got to catch up with my mail. If Dee is reading this, very sorry! I'll around to replying to your mail and fic!
If any of the people who visit the Parapet are reading this--ack! It'd be a lot easier if people could send me submissions and I didn't have to hunt ff.net and the MLs for them . . . Only one person here with one pair of hands and this kitty is not above yelling for help.

Happy National Day in advance! May you loosen up and grow from strength to strength even though you're turning out a generation of cyber-whiners like us.

Managed to watch Saiyuki episode 11 (Yay . . .)
"Qing Yi Se"

Eh, definitely a Chinese translator . . .

"You let me stand behind you so easily!"

It's called "trust", Gojyo . . . Love the Hakkai + Gojyo bonding . . .

Hakkai and Gojyo's little lovers' spat.

Aww . . . Well that explains the Hakkai/Sanzo in episode 12 . . . (And Hakkai should not wear baggy yellow shirts.)

"Try me."

Er, everyone already has?

Got "Here is Greenwood" from the library and watched the first two parts even though the tape and the VCR were not cooperating with each other and everything is in black and white . . . Hmmm . . . Oi, this is considered mind-fucking the yaoi-fans, ne? I mean . . . Shinobu (Seki Toshihiko--doing his calm, evil-minded but subtle bishie voice) and Mitsuru are so obviously a couple . . .

Now book quizzes, I dig . . .

The fifth book written, you're the third book chronologically and take place during The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. You tell the story of the humans Shasta and Aravis and the talking horses Bree and Hwin, all trying to escape from unhappy lives in Calormen to go to Narnia.

Find out which Chronicles of Narnia book you are.

Now there had to be a reason why that was my favourite book in the series . . .

And Saiyuki ones . . . I don't know why I got this. *is confused* I wanted to be Gojyo's teddy bear! (But if you were Gojyo's teddy bear, you'd be *Hakkai*! Oh, yeah, right . . .)

I'm Sanzo's teddy bear!

Who's teddy bear are YOU? Take the quiz and find out!

Eline, "I like it different--rum with Pepsi"
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[Wednesday, August 07, 2002]

More people bitching about stolen food. Sorelle and I are hatching up a plan . . .

Got new Saiyuki anime douga/sketches today . . . All thanks to M!
A lovely set of Hakkai (complete with aerial leap and ki blast) . . . I think it was episode 18--have to check. Gojyo in episode 13--one of my favourite episodes because it shows just what a sweetie he is (yes, Hakkai is such a lucky guy). In the quicksand trap and the scorpion demon from episode 20.
A pair of bakas--forgot which episode, but it comes with Annoyed!Sanzo . . . as usual. Sanzo in episode 17 . . .
Personal favourite: Large sketch of Sanzo being strangled in episode 7 . . . or what I like to call Rikudo/Shuuei-works-out-those-repressed-shotacon-urges-many-years-later.

It's a hard choice, should I ever need to auction any of them off to pay for my trip to Japan . . . T_T

Pre-poster presentation is next next Monday. Argh.

Here is the result of your Weirdness Purity Test.
You answered "yes" to 43 of 116 questions, making you 62.9% weirdness pure (37.1% weirdness corrupt).
According to the scoring guide, your weirdness experience level is:
Other Worldly - Welcome to Earth!

Nothing new there.

Eline, who counted past 1000 larvae in one afternoon just to get everything done in time
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[Tuesday, August 06, 2002]

Well yes, the chocolates were safe. Otherwise, that episode would have been "death by chocolate" where a certain lawyer would be hauled up for poisoning colleagues, friends, counter staff at Kino and random yaoi fangirls.

Didn't notice the angmoh very much last night--and didn't know that guy was looking at me as I was facing the wrong way. Weird. And I was in nerdy student mode and carting around rolls of material *this* long. (Just think of how bad it would have been if Ange had been there . . . And the absolute mayhem if other local fangirls had been there. Possible arrest for disturbing the peace and for conducting illegal gatherings if international fangirls had been present.)

Yes, we are plotting something wacky. Good exercise for the Gojyo and Hakkai figurines . . .

Thanks for the PoT manga! Now I want the PoT anime! Want PoT and all the slashy tennis goodness! (Yes, this sounds very wrong, but it amuses me . . .) Mizuki's shirt at one point was a sweet rose-print thing that was all wrong for evil little bishounen (voiced by Ishida Akira in the anime for extra soft-voiced bishie evilness) plotters. Fuji is not above psychological warfare either . . . eheheh--evil, soft-voiced, eternally-smiling bishounen numminess. Tezuka's got a chip on his shoulder too . . . and makes every scene slashy by just standing there.

Hai . . . Will bring Hakkai on Friday along with a few other things . . . (Should I feel bad for missing NDP for the third year running? Actually, I don't feel guilty anymore . . . I loved the ND songs when I was a kid and still do. Likewise, my country may be up-tight and could loosen up a bit, but it's still home and I probably love it a lot more than I let on.)

Mary Sue fics on ff.net: Are inevitably followed by the MS rants left by people who have too much time and take MS too seriously. I find it very funny. And no one can escape from MS--it's in everyone. Which is why it's all the more detestable--we're subconsciously denying the inner MS.

If I wasn't amusing myself, I'd be thinking about the fucker to nicked my chocolate milk, cereal, frozen foods and yogurt from the communal fridge. I'm an easy-going person most of the time, but that was the last straw. No one fucks with my dairy products!

Yes, that is not good . . . Must think happy yaoi fangirl thoughts . . .

Was relatively good--did the laundry last night, went to lab this morning and even found a comp to update fic on ff.net. Must go back later to lab . . .

Eline, who knows MSG is bad but instant noodles are so convenient . . .
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Tuesdays are field trip days. Which means the cemetery in the morning. Borrowed Ken and Justin for a while for required "manpower". Apparently, they were bored enough to volunteer. I wish I could be bored.

Went to Bras Basah in the afternoon with M for materials shopping and because she needed a new folder. Weather was *hot* and all the travelling is getting to me.

Evening--met kit at Kinokuniya (LC). Visited three Kino branches today, believe it or not. Made very sure that no, they do not carry Ranma anymore (M is still a Ranma fan after so long). Saiyuki Reload is coming next week! Zero-Sum (September) is in at Kino Orchard, but we're all on the pre-orders list, so that comes later and $3 less . . .

BS and more BS:
Terms applied to me that I'm sure apply to the evil twin of me that is running around:
- motherly (gah)
- hardworking (no, definitely not)

I can go with "neurotic" and "paranoid" . . .

Most frequently asked question: "Are you local?"
(More Katong than Katong Miss Oh, dearie . . . My first coherent conversation was probably in Hainanese for goodness sake . . .)

Eh, what time is good on Friday? kit? Ange? Er, I'm free the whole day lah . . . (Well, it *is* a public holiday . . . And my social calendar is never full. I'm going to be sitting on my ass at home watching "Here is Greenwood" anyway . . .)

Oh dear. In Mandarin too . . .

Eline, "Must . . . summon . . . the will . . . to do . . . laundry . . ."
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[Monday, August 05, 2002]

I was very good on Sunday. Lab work and lab clean-up before going back to clean my fan and my room floor. Very tired but pleased with self. Even watched a little anime before going to sleep. Anime choices in the past few weeks: Rayearth (diabetic-coma-inducing Gundam for girls--oh dear, the chibis are coming after me) and Cowboy Bebop (The funniest thing is . . . Faye Valentine is Singaporean . . . Oro . . .)

Not so good on Monday.

Actually drank coffee today, breaking what could have been a happy, coffee-free 6 month stretch . . . Why? Because I was blur like sotong . . . Thought that I had survey methodology lessons today instead of next Monday . . . Argh.

Hakkai figures arrived in the mail! Can play with Hakkai and Gojyo dolls now! *evil grin*

Headache on the bus home . . . dinner . . . eww, feel like throwing up . . . No more coffee on Mondays . . . And no more pizza with fish on it.

Field tests tomorrow and not-enough manpower. Literally. As in, oops, need a token guy along for safety reasons. *sigh*

Hope your gran is okay. That's just plain shitty--a hospital should at least know which patients are diabetic and how to treat them properly. (My sis is diabetic and it's worrying that the wrong medication or treatment can be given to people at a supposedly safe hospital.)

Eline, blah
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[Saturday, August 03, 2002]

I was going to do this someday--ignores all the derisive mental voices--and lux asked for it . . . Halcyon/Hell, the Parapet Edition (because I have firewall problems with ff.net and all e-mail attachment upload pages). Part 5, unbeta-read. *is embarrassed*
-_-; At least it's not the kind of fic with multiple-choice endings . . . which I have done before.

Social blogging . . .
Joy, hope your exams went well.
kit, this is belated, but you sound swamped. Got anytime this week or next Saturday/Sunday/Monday?

Lab today. Until I got dizzy from the solvent fumes, that is. Have to clean up the last experiment before they start shifting the lab to the renovated premises, probably starting with the functional fume cupboard. (I've said it once and I'll say it again--we *needed* a renovation. About five years ago.)

After Joy told me a little something about text novels in a certain dj, I had to attempt to read it during lunch. *Eline squints at the kanji and deduces that yes, there is a GojyoXSanzo lemon because Gojyo's tongue is much in evidence and Sanzo wouldn't yell his name so many times for nothing* *And then Shuuei's corpse shows up and snatches Sanzo* *And he wakes up to find Koumyou Sanzo's corpse talking to him and--*

*Big* squick. None of the fanfics I read ever went *there* before. Ookkaayy . . . fanfics are still darker and much worse than dj in manga form.

News, news, news . . .
Somewhere in the past week was Nurses' Day . . . I can safely say that all my experiences with hospital nurses were good (but then again, I don't remember the time when I was 3 and they had to sling me into an ice bath during a nasty high fever). The last time was the wisdom tooth op--of which I have four, no, three and two half souvenirs because my mum asked them for my teeth. (But my mum keeps everything including the dried-up remains of my umbilical cord . . . Wonder what the nurses thought of *that*.)

Slight fuss over Channel U's "Snap"--the most disgusting show on air at the moment. Funny thing was, the people writing in to forums to complain were guys . . .

They don't blog, but Happy Birthday to Joy and ShuX anyway! It's been 16 years and a lot of water under the bridge . . . And we're getting old and wrinkly while having to go out to work soon. (Well, Joy and ShuW are about to join the marketing execs community and the world of accounting . . . ShuX and I are doing our 4th Year. I'm still going to be the last one out in the workforce. -_-;)

Eline, "An extra pair of hands to type and do lab work would be nice!"
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[Friday, August 02, 2002]

*looks down at comments field* Well darn, I'm not that much of a yaoi fangirl when it comes to Kougaiji . . . Only to AnybodyXSanzo. (I *can't* see KougaijiXSanzo. They'd both bite their tongues out first. And they're both uke anyway . . . Eh, Sanzo's still leading the uke-poll at Mura's blog.)

Saiyuki episode 6 and 7 (Shotacon Alert!)

Rikudo: ON!

Yeah man, on! Whatever it was that you were planning to do . . . (Sorry--local slang . . .)

Shuuei: *going all lyrical over how Kouryuu looks in the moonlight*

Yeah, we know Kouryuu was jailbait, but he can't help it--he was just drawn that way.

Sanzo (to himself): I have my hands full taking care of myself.

*clenching teeth in vain* I'm not going to say it, I'm not going to say it . . . (Sanzo-sama, have you ever heard of cold showers? Now is not the time for that sort of thing!)

Hakkai (to Gojyo): I'll do something with Sanzo. You go to Goku!

HA-KKAAAI! Not now! (Y'know, the subtitler's use of "with" instead of "about" in just about everything is an open invitation for the evil-minded to exploit . . .) And what about Gojyo? He's looking cheesed off . . .

Kouryuu (in a flashback to Shuuei): So what do I look like?

You don't want to know . . . (Like jailbait. Honestly, if that robe was any shorter . . .)

Shuuei (to Kouryuu in a continuation of the above flashback): I won't tell you.

Because if he did, the anime wouldn't be suitable for kids anymore . . .

Rikudo: Die and be mine (in spirit, or something like that)!

Ooooh, RikudoXSanzo moment for the fans. Those two episodes were amongst the slashest in the series . . . largely due to the shotacon hints all over the place.

Dj: A lot Gitenshidou dj. Nice covers. My favouite is the one with Homura + Tenpou and Tenpou + Konzen--Tenpou dies with Homura as the executioner and Konzen pops up suddenly for another one of those death-scene thingies. (I'm grateful for any dj with Homura in it that isn't a gag dj . . .) One Piece dj! ZorroXSanji! (Which is weird because Sanji seems to be uke a lot, but is voiced in the anime by Hirata Hiroaki, who is Gojyo's seiyuu . . . Eh, it's a fan-thing . . .)

Buffet at Suntec today--Joy and ShuX's b-day lunch. Still stuffed. More window shopping. (Argh--twice in one week is more than enough, dears . . .) Real shopping later on because I lack videotape, facial wash, tissue paper and an odd shade of nail polish because M has claimed all my weird colours. And that's at bargain centres, not shopping malls.

Have to go back later--can pass M Escaflowne and get those scans finished . . .

Eline, weekending it at the lab again
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