[Monday, September 30, 2002]

I finally figured out why I drag myself from west to east to meet up with my friends--dust-stained jeans and backache not withstanding. Yeah, we're all busy and everything, but I've known some of them since I was 6 years old--a fact that still amazes me--and that I won't see them for quite some time. Until November probably. (And I'm a big sap.) And it's okay if the topic of conversation turns to handphones, shopping and what X said to Y (snore) because eventually it'd come to the Social Stigmata of Being Single (that I don't get because my social circles aren't large enough), job-finding woes and exchanging various "Oh dear, you look drained" comments. They're turning into matched sets of chopsticks--I swear we were all plumper in JC sans the stress of work and Hons year.

ShuX complained about the backstabbing and politics of Economics Hons students, something that we Science students, locked up in our Ivory Towers, know nuts about. (We get along quite well actually--because we wouldn't be particularly interested in someone else's project in some other field to begin with.) The only things I combat are the November 15th deadline for the thesis and backaches. And the damned mosquitoes that Justin and Ken accidentally let loose the other day . . .

(Argh. Speaking of which, I have started thesis-writing. It is a pain because of the citations . . . )

And we're all bummed because we're *supposed* to be young and it's just weird that we'd never get to enjoy our youth and relative good health at the present . . . It's all for the big retirement plan in some large house on some ranch in Australia etc, etc.

Want my November issue of Zero-Sum . . . *that particular muscle under one eye twitches* Gaiden . . . lots of Gaiden . . . *twitch* Reload and double installments of Loveless. *twitch twitch*

Eline, who has seen her sister's Neopet and is convinced that that kind of game isn't just for kids anymore . . .
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[Sunday, September 29, 2002]

Was in lab again today. *sigh* HP is now fixed, but after communicating for a bit, my friends can't seem to decide on a time and place for meeting up. Yes, some of them are working and are busy, but it's not like I have so much time either. And I don't see why we have to go to Tampines when it's everyone else who has a problem with the day and cancel on me all the time--I'm entirely flexible about that, seeing as I have no other social appointments. What's wrong going down to with the city anyway? It's still going be me who has a hard time getting back here late at night from either place. Or bunk at home and get up early the next morning to take the train back west. And the thing is, I usually give in to my friends. *deep sigh* And I just did. (Even though I'd dearly like to say "*So what* if you end classes early and go home? Is taking the damn train down to the city later too much to ask? And you'd be late *anyway* wherever it is we're meeting!")

Still watching bits of anime series I'm following. Shaman King is still funny! But Lyserg gets on my nerves . . . even though there is one-sided yaoi from Ryu. (That's kind of scary, actually . . . But I've been doubting Ryu's sexuality since all that BIlly stuff anyway.) They are mind-fucking the yaoi fans again and as incandescens has pointed out, we're suckers for it. ^_^

Have read gooooood Saiyuki fics. Not on ff.net, naturally.

Field Trip Log
=start transcript=
Day 4 (12/09/2002): "Renggis Redux"

One more dive before taking a "leisure" dive at Renggis. It comes a surprise that P. Renggis has that much coral cover and marine life--it being practically in front of Berjaya Resort, the main jetty and all that. But the fish probably get very well fed from the daily tours of tourists snorkelling around.

Got back early and being the KS people we are, we got started on presentations. Josh already had the templates for the presentation all done and was doing the last of the pie charts. Every team should have their own gung-ho third-year. If I wasn't presenting the final presentation the next day with Josh, I'd feel damn useless. Technically, speaking we were just sitting there, snacking while throwing up our two cents while we went thorugh everything on some plastic sheets tacked on the walls with my oversized Chartpaks. (Fresh hot French fries are gooood. As are fresh fish keropok and goreng pisang.) And we got everything done on time, barring som info we were hoping to find at the Marine Park Centre the next day.

Have heard news that we're all getting an upgrade because there's not enough space for a bunch of incoming guests. Yay!
=end transcript=

Eline, universal doormat--step on me please
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[Thursday, September 26, 2002]

Yesterday was possibly one of the most unproductive days of my life. Inspiration - 0%. Work done - none. Will power - 0%. It was scary. But things are picking up . . .

Ange--guess what?!?!?! My friend found Tranzeii's ftp site! And Newgevoli's too! Fast and direct anime d/l at last! (They can't keep the intranet sharers down! They can cut off the heads but the roots still survive! Now I'm getting silly . . .) But I got PoT 29 at last! And Saiyuki 35 . . .

I have not touched any possibly stomach-churning fics on ff.net and found that it helps. A lot.

My hp died and wouldn't get up again, but I'm not particularily disturbed. kit, if you've sent any messages, I can't receive them at the moment.

Helped my lab tech to crap out some stuff to fill in her work performance review. I am so good at BSing . . . And a former job as a file clerk doing data entry for a stat board helps too.

Have resolved stupid DNS problem with Rheow.net. Now to renovate site . . .

Eline, who sometimes wishes that her damn project didn't involve very bad smells most of the time
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[Tuesday, September 24, 2002]

Spent the morning incapacitated because of what should have been a perfectly normal kind of process for most other people. I hate that. (How to explain to future employers that you're not functional at certain times because you can't move?) And I have to go to the clinic to see that doctor if I want anything for suppressing gastric juices before taking acidic painkillers that may cause stomach ulcers in the long run. Unfair! *whine* *whine* *whine*

And now, Mizuki and That Shirt, which is no doubt part of an evil plan to blind his opponents during matches. Or make them forfeit matches because they'd be rolling on the ground, laughing their asses off. Or maybe he's just got really bad dress sense.

Last weirdest thing I read in a fandom: Did we readers noticed that the doppelgangers in Saiyuki Reload were wearing their old clothes? Wow--how could we have missed that? Gee, now that you mentioned it . . . I think it was the author's way of saying out with the old and in with the new. (Not just because she split from her old publisher and had a personal point to make by having the guys kill off their old incarnations . . .)

Field Trip Log
=start transcript=
Day 3 (11/09/2002): "Call me Ishmael."

We are *really* good at packing up and loading the boat now. So much so that everything goes as well-oiled as a consensual lemon when we get off to an early start for our next destination--Pulau Lapas, another isolated islet to the north-west of P. Tioman. Most of the islands are actually rocky outcroppings that happen to have vegetation on them. The vegetation is the wonderful result of nature--i.e. hundreds and thousands of birds crapping on on the rocks for a few centuries. Volia--nitrogen-rich substrate! We got to see the process of nature at P. Lapas, aren't we lucky?

There was this jellyfish in the water, just next to our boat. Biiigggg jellyfish. Really, really, really big jellyfish. The jellyfish was so big, you could wear it as an avant garde kind of hat to go to Ascot if you fancied a colour scheme in white and orangey-brown.

The Safe Seas got passed around quite a bit that day. Oddly enough, no one saw that jellyfish again until everyone was out of the water and we were about to leave. And that jellyfish surfaced *again*.

Our group went for a beer with our Prof. though some of us preferred to save it until it was all over. Much excitement over latest scandal and teasing over the last controversial remark. (Hmmm, the people around me make gay jokes and yaoi-type references on the current sleeping arrangments and go "whoa, whoa, not going there" when I blog about even worse things online.)
=end transcript=

Eline, who will not scream about how her thesis is going nowhere fast
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[Monday, September 23, 2002]

September 21st was Zhong Qiu Jie and I didn't eat any mooncake for some reason . . . Eh, it was also Hakkai's birthday and I had a sketch for this Hakkai + Gojyo pic planned out . . . expect to see it, very belatedly . . . *does some mental calculations inclusive of the procrastination factor* . . . about two months later.

Hiho, hiho--it's back to work we go . . . Argh, should not take so many painkillers at this point in time--they'll give me stomach ulcers. Project still sucks because my cultures are not co-operating and I'd rather not talk about it.

I need a good laugh, but the fics on ff.net are short on humour these days. (As in when you label a fic as "humour", the reader expects to laugh or be vaguely amused, however briefly. Hmmm . . . *looks at humour fics on ff.net* Maybe my definition of "humour" isn't the same as everyone else's . . .)

So I watched PoT episode 40, courtesy of Ange, and Scryed episode 19. (Hey, kit, remember that shirt Mizuki was wearing the manga? The one with the pattern of screentone roses? Well, it's even worse in colour . . .)

*after Yuuta's disapproving evil-seme-bishie of a big brother Fuji hangs up on him* (Disapproving of all the Mizuki + Yuuta implications, no doubt.)
Mizuki: Don't worry. I'll keep you company all night.
Yuuta: Hey wait, Mizuki-san . . .
Mizuki: *evil chuckling*
(Did I mention that this takes place in a boys' hostel for Yuuta's school?)

Of course, this little scene was made a lot less wholesome and innocent by Mizuki's seiyuu--one Ishida Akira, veteran of more yaoi and BL drama CDs than you can shake some phallic symbol at and even a couple of rather suggestive animes. They're obviously mind-fucking the yaoi fans . . . *imagines Japanese-fangirl-reactions after that episode* *imagines the doujinshi produced* *drools* Damn the PoT anime production unit for tempting us so!

And now--gag dj of the day. I found this little gag in Sailor 5 by SuperBaby and Tenkachi Benny's . . . the rest of the dj isn't even half as innocent. Will either inspire a few cheap laughs or nosebleeds. (Knowledge of the interview with Kazuya Minekura from the Jaming booklet that came with Saiyuki Reload 1 is not that necessary for a giggle or two, but it helps.) Pages 1, 2 and 3.

Eline, who wants to do a Homura/Sanzo fic to the BGM of Skunk Anasie's "Weak", "Brazen" and "Hedonism"
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[Friday, September 20, 2002]

New layout. See, kit, I said I'd do it and I did it . . .

More moving of lab equipment before dinner with kit. Which was okay except that the mooncake took forever to get to us so we left without dessert. (We figured that the Jade Rabbit had probably a) pounded it into a pulp, b) ate it or c) it was still on the way and the staff had to call NASA. Seriously, how hard is it to take one ice-cream mooncake out of the fridge, place it on a plate and serve it?)

See, we had to get to Comix Connection before it closed. All in all, there's not much for me in a shop full of manga . . . I tend to be focused on one series at a time. And I'm broke. I had my quarterly Comic Day on Tuesday. Due to time constraints, I only visit Nick's shop 4 times a year now, safe in the knowledge that he would reserve my monthly Books of Magic/Hunter, Strangers in Paradise tradepaperbacks and so on for me. (Even after being a faithful customer for 7 years, no outstanding credit ever and loaning him my taped episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I still don't get a discount?)

Later on, we surmised that all our weird problems came from the trauma/non-trauma experienced as fetuses. For instance, I was born by appointment. As in the doctor set a date, my mum went to the hospital one day before and then they induced the birth on the second day just like that. And so that's probably why most of my life was dead boring. kit's the direct opposite, btw . . .

Eline, card-carrying member of Procrastinators Anonymous
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[Wednesday, September 18, 2002]

A few hours of staring at my sister's SRP paper and I still know nuts about ectoenzymes . . . And it's been two years since my Biochem Lab course, so I've have to revise transformation of vectors again. *feels stupid* (But I do know how to format reports! ANd that's definitely the wrong way to do citations . . .)

Was reading Firefly's trans of the interview in that Jaming booklet. Kazuya Minekura . . . is *definitely* in touch with her inner fangirl. (Hmmm, I knew Sanzo'd take the longest to draw--it's all that hair. And being able to use chopsticks with his toes is probably a very handy skill to have in case Goku ever broke both his arms . . .)

Have poked around Tong Li's website to check if they're still doing the Chinese translations for Saiyuki Reload. Though it stands to reason that since Tong Li's contract was with Enix and not the manga artist, Saiyuki Reload may not even have a Chinese translation in the works yet . . . T_T

Maybe I'll get read a book. A *real* book for once. Haven't even finished my last Janny Wurts' novel yet--what is the world coming to?

Eline, craving Pokka carrot/orange/apple juice--damn hot weather . . .
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Favourite quote of the day, courtesy of incandescens: "Of course Homura and Sanzou belong together! Even if Sanzou has to be chained up because he fails to recognise it . . . (Okay, so half the cast belong together and need to be chained up because they fail to realise it, but they look so good in chains, and Minnekura is in touch with her inner fangirl and draws them that way. Sigh.)"

*veg* That cheered me up lots. Not to mention this dj with Sanzo as a geisha . . . *has a giggling fit* Playing a shamisen . . . *falls over from laughing too much* But it's got Gojyo and Homura as customers in a love triangle, so I'm a happy fangirl . . .

Most of today was spent cleaning the fridges in the lab today while the guys ran up and down hauling stuff into the new lab. I think there must be some kind of macho subtext in all that heavy lifting. Project got shoved to later--and so I had to run up and down until 6.30pm to get today's work done by *today*. Had to miss club-organised-talk. (Give me a break . . . I'm a rather old senior who is getting even older with each passing day spent on this project and my back feels like its about to give up anytime now.)

Ange set me the latest PoT and Boku no Sexual Harassment! Wai wai--stereotypical yaoi! With kinky sex too . . . And PoT had Fuji getting all evil! "Because I like seeing other people suffer more." *evil seme vibes*

Excuse me, must edit my sister's SRP report . . . field trip log postponed.

Eline, doing her sisterly duty
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[Tuesday, September 17, 2002]

MS-spotting on ff.net: *target spotted* *target observed* *resists the temptation to read the target* No, must not . . . must not read it . . . Urgh. That was *bad* and more than enough MS for one day, thank you.

One indulgent moment of outraged HomuraXSanzo 'shipper fangirly-ness: Sanzo and Homura belong with each other! Not fighting over some obvious Mary Sue anyone can spot from 100 miles away! *throws a hissy-fit*

Back to regular business . . .

Field Trip Log
=start transcript=
Day Two (10/09/2002): "Of Jellyfish and Hairless Beach Apes"
We're getting good at all the packing up, but that won't help unless the boatman gets up on time and we could leave at 0900 instead of 1030.

Prof. C came along with us today for the trip and went down with the divers. Karenne and Eugene were also there with the underwater camera and video cam to get interesting footage. So there were a lot of hairless beach apes in the water . . .

We thought up a new method for fish-counting--someone does the counting and timing and the other two can keep a look-out and wave jellyfish away. There are a lot of them. *A lot*. It's the season for them and we swim through loads of tiny but harmless jellyfish spawn. The pink blobs are okay--it's the purple ones with the tentacles that sting! (And the fun part is that the sting is still active when it's detached from the jellyfish . . . The bottle of Safe Sea is already running low.)

Back at home base, the boozing has already started for some of the guys. Sandra and I are thinking of buying some of those sarong-like wrap-skirt thingies one of these days.
=end transcript=

Eline, at home to dig out her lab log book
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[Monday, September 16, 2002]

We got a new lab! Whhheeeeeeeee! It's much closer to the insectary and it's spanking new! (And I'm only going to be there until November . . . *sigh*)

But we have to pack and move. Today was mostly moving the heavier equipment down and cataloguing chemicals. We live dangerously--sorting chemical bottles without latex gloves.

Which all wouldn't be so bad except that I came back after the field trip to find that my formerly-thought-to-be-invalid cultures suddenly had results! I have valid field test results! Yay! Which is more work for me while we move the lab . . . now that I'm supposedly all fired up and ready to go again with a valid testing site and everything. I have until 15th November. I want to start screaming again even though it's a vast improvement over no results at all.

Field Trip Log
=start transcript=
Day One (09/09/2002): "Kai Shi"
In which we got outfitted for the first trip. Much toiling to get 14 tanks of air, four plastic crates of dive gear and our own selves to the dock. We get one of those wooden fishing boats rigged with a platform at the stern for divers to launch off.

It is also the toilet. Out in the middle of the ocean, on a rocky boat . . . all you have to do is to get out on the platform, go down the ladder, hang on to the ladder (unzip wetsuit if one is a diver) and stand there for a while before getting back up again. If it's good enough for the fish to use the ocean as the public lavatory in front of other fish, then it's good enough for us too.

First site off Pulau Tulai is all choppy again and we snorkellers couldn't see a thing because it was too deep and the shore was too far away. But the current was so strong, we took a good 45 minutes finning it back to the boat. AndrewG ran into trouble and had to be towed back. And I got my first jellyfish sting. It was one of them small, purple jellyfish with the tentacles . . .

We went to Kadur Bay--nice and sheltered--for lunch and decided to dive there instead. Now that was a gorgeous reef. Not 100% coral cover, but pretty good considering that it's a starting point for beginner divers who may have stomped on them.

Internal radio is playing the oldies' channel: "Weeeeee aaallll live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine . . ."

*scrapes dried salt out of ears*

=end transcript=

Eline, going to concuss in front of her comp soon except it's too warm around here
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[Sunday, September 15, 2002]

Since bitching about MS fics is getting old and ff.net is being pressured to take the moral high ground that no one agrees with, I'm going to swing my feet aimlessly and type my trip log . . .

=start transcript=
Day Zero (08/09/2002): Getting There
In which one has to haul oneself out of bed at 6, rush breakfast, shower and last minute 'Net stuff before getting driven to TMFT by my mum. Mum takes a wrong turn and we go to the airport instead, but we're not late. (See, when the ferry leaves at 0900, you have to be there at 0730, check in at 0800 and board at 0830.) Boring journey--apparently, a waterspout followed us in the middle of it and delayed us a bit, but I had gone down to the cabin to play Bridge with my Bridge khakis and missed it all. (They showed the same inane Jim Carrey movie that they put on when I went to Tioman last year . . . MIndless stuff to take one's mind of seasickness. They brought pills for it this time, but the only thing that is likely to make anyone sick is the unhealthy air in the cabins.)

From the ferry pick-up/drop-off point at Berjaya Resort, we transfered to Paya by boat (because there are no roads connecting villages around the island). "Selamat Datang Ke Kampong Paya (Pulau Tioman)" ("Welcome To Paya Village (Tioman Island)") and we get lunch before checking in around 1500. Sandra, Kat and I were supposed to share a room, but Kat's mates were next door and she decided to join them, leaving Sandra and I to split a gloomy room that could take four people. The door and windows don't fit properly and there's construction work going on outside, but it's got a beach-front view and it is a Standard room (read: economy) after all.

On the diving/snorkelling group: LL (our Teaching Assistant), WJ (leader), Kat, WL (me), Kev, AndrewG, AndrewT, Jeremy, Joshua (the only Third Year fast track member amongst us oldies and our logistics guy) and Prof. C (our supervisor).

1630: LL's taking us snorkelling for a crash course in fish identification in the field. Or the ocean. The water is very choppy even in the cove at the north end of Kampong Paya. AndrewG runs into trouble with his mask and we spot jellyfish. Urgh. Unfruitful snorkelling outing. We trudge back for dinner and AndrewT isn't eating because he had food poisoning the day before from some hawker centre back at home. (This trip isn't exactly something one can take an MC on because there's nothing in the module besides the six-day field trip . . . )

Wiped out at 2300--which is a record because us undergrads usually don't knock off until at least 0200 the next morning . . .
=end transcript=

Eline, back in her mess of a hostel room
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[Friday, September 13, 2002]

I'm back.

*falls over at the thought of going to the lab again tomorrow*

Eline, two shades browner, one biology field course module complete, one Honours thesis left to do *screams while flat on the floor*
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[Friday, September 06, 2002]

Finished "Crossings". *throws confetti* That's the first fic in two years I managed to finish . . . I'm . . . I'm so bad at finishing up fics! T_T

Last minute random yaoi:
Love that pic on Berry Very . . . (Cold shower--need cold shower . . . Wai wai!)
And the made-up conversation below the pic goes something like:
"You're noses hairs are getting long." (Or something close to that . . .)
". . . . . ."


Coupled with what Jeanne posted on the ML: "What they really want to say to each other"
Gojou (to Hakkai)- '*Ask* me before you throw things in the garbage.'
Hakkai (to Gojou)- 'Isn't it a sign of old age, reading the newspaper on the john?'(small smile)

Unlikely as it seems, Hakkai and Gojyo look like the couple most likely to grow old together. They are mind-bogglingly domestic around each other already.

Argh, have to run now . . . Will be offline until 13/09/2002.

(I'll try to have fun, but it's module work lah--not a vacation!)

Eline, probably going to go twitchy after three days without the Internet
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I managed to get my contact lens in all in one go today! Yay me! I finally got used to them!

*looks in resignation at ff.net* Y'know . . . I thought that the quality of a fic counted for something and not whether it is yaoi or not . . . I mean, to read a not-focused-on-main-canon-characters MS-fic because one refuses to read anything labelled yaoi . . . Guess we can't account for taste. And having token yaoi in a fic doesn't make a fic any less of an MS--just makes a crummy job of trying to cover it up. But y'know the blatant MS isn't half as tricky as the subconscious yaoi MS. If I pulled that zipper down Gojyo's neck in Halcyon/Hell, I'd probably find the MS in there somewhere wearing Gojyo's boots. We are the MS--prepare to be assimilated. Bwahahaha . . .

That's great news! All the Gaiden that wasn't published in the tank! Woo! That Zero-Sum subscription looks a lot more worth it now!

Hmmm . . . storytime . . .
"Why one should not take the bus to Mersing and the ferry from there to Tioman" (aka "Murphy's Law in Action" and "The Trip From Hell")

Two years ago, I went for a similar field trip . . . It was a big group like now and they were scraping the barrel for budget. So we had to take the bus across the Causeway to Mersing. There were two bus--this is important--and I was on what we will call Bus A. The other bus, Bus B, reached Mersing an hour later than Bus A because the driver had decided to stop for fried mee. The upshot of this was: due to the whole "field trip" thing that bound us all together, everyone in Bus A had to wait for Bus B. And we missed the 12pm ferry. Next ferry was due at 6pm. Cue hours of boredom in which we found the nearest KFC and loaded up on greasy chicken before waiitng aorund some more. Tried the Internet cafe at the ferry terminus and it was so slow, they gave us our money back. -_-; Bummed around some more. Got out paper and started sketching. Elisha was bored enough to sit for facial studies. Did scenery in black ink. Wound up with this around 6pm. (Added buildings later on and it became Azkaban . . . Note the detail on the sea--I only do crap like that when I'm bored out of my skull.)

And we were on the way to the ferry in a small boat because at 6pm, it was low tide and the large ferry was anchored way out *there*. Boat got stuck several times on the sandbar before we finally made it onto the ferry. Ferry was loaded and I was on the top level with people I knew relatively well considering my limited social circle. Managed to get moving by 7.30pm. We had a 4 hour trip to Tioman so we all sat there, bumming . . . *the noise of people being violently seasick waft up from the lower cabin from time to time* Around 9pm, the ferry stutters to a stop. Engine failure or fuel shortage, I'm not sure . . .

9.30pm and we were drifting out in the middle of the ocean within sight of Tioman, waiting for more little bum-boats to rescue us. The people around me did Titanic impressions. *sounds of more people being ill over the side* I didn't want to move anywhere. Not even downstairs to the loo because I was afraid of what I'd find inside. At 10pm I was going crazy and needed to pee. The boats came and we got unloaded damn fast. And so we got ferried over to the place we were staying at, chop-chop.

At one point on the ride, I was thinking "I need to go to the loo . . . I really need to pee. Gosh, the stars out here are nice and bright over the ocean . . . Where's the nearest loo?"

Made it to Paya Beach at 11pm, about 9 hours behind schedule.

And *that* is why we always take the 4-hour catamaran from TM Ferry Terminal straight to Tioman now, extra cost be hanged.

Eline, packing agian
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[Thursday, September 05, 2002]

Ehehehe . . . that fic just keeps getting better and better . . .

(sf, you've inspired the author of the fic just after yours to write ! ^_^ Which fic she was inspired by, I have no idea . . . And Gojyo's not straight! Not where Hakkai is concerned at any rate . . . *glares at MS and MS-authors* And Hakkai can't hold anyone anymore, get that through to your thick heads! But he can fuck around with Gojyo, ne?)

Speaking of fucking around . . . Scryed is very (I mean *very*) slashy towards the end.

(Scryed: Anime and manga series--from the anime, I gathered that it's the future and there are a new species of human known as "Alters", the result of some weird phenomenon that created an island seperated from mainland Japan known as the "Lost Ground". Groups of Alters called "HOLY" and "HOLD" police the "Native Alters" but are ultimately controlled by the mainland authorities. The "Inners" are the people who live outside the main city on the Lost Ground--i.e. second-class citizens. Kazuma is a slacker Inner as well as an Alter who does jobs for money with his "agent" Kimishira to support Kanami. Has an Angst-Ridden Past (TM), but to reveal any of it would be a spoiler. Ryuhou is the son of an influential family who works for HOLY with his Alter abilities because of his deep-seated conviction that Alters should not be allowed to run amok and this is all due to his Angst-Ridden Past (TM). When the two of them meet for the first time, it is hate at first sight. Things go kablooy, evil encroaches, weirdo characters pop up, betrayal happens, turnabouts occur, action sequences get long and protracted, friend die, angst happens, yadda yadda . . . For Ego, Honour, Doing The Right Thing and Protecting Those You Love . . . they team up in the end to fight Ultimate Baddie--because deep down inside, they're really alike.)

"Why is that? Why do they have to fight?" (Mimori about Kazuma and Ryuhou's ultra sado-masochistic testosterone-laden fight in Episode 26.)

Because they're denying their true feelings. Because all they really want to do is get all hot and sweaty with each other after beating the crap of that last army. Because Alter sex is probably *very* intense. Because Kazuma's tail and Ryuhou's pointy things make each other horny. Because both their . . . er, *convictions* are very firm. Very, very firm indeed. *nods*

And because Kanami is too young and more like a little sister than a lover to Kazuma. And because Ryuhou has zero chemistry with Mimori, not to mention the Dead Potential Girlfriend Syndrome and Angst-Ridden Past (TM).

Eline, who thinks that Ryuhou and Kazuma should quit fighting and get horizontal like they really want to
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[Wednesday, September 04, 2002]

Thank you, sf! That was a lovely parody of all the MS rubbish on ff.net. *is having a good time acting like a crazy fan with no taste, no grasp of spelling, grammar or punctuation skills to speak of* (Yeah, go read it. I'm the nutter who blatantly signs reviews as "Kanzeon".) I don't care if it's taken the wrong way or people think we're being mean . . . they don't *have* to read it and like it. We definitely regretted reading all those MS fics out of sheer morbid curiousity, right? This is better than flames anyday . . .

Argh, got to get off line now. Getting late . . .

Eline, who is--by general definition and self-admission--a bitch
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[Tuesday, September 03, 2002]

Went swimming, attended a project meeting, got presentation done and got Crossings" part 3b posted today. Packing more stuff at home now. Got more stuff to clear at the lab tomorrow . . . not to mention a talk on Alpha Lipoic Acid that I'm attending with my sis because a friend of mine has just become a salesman for that company and had recommended it to us as a health supplement. Diabetes runs in my family, which is reason enough to look for some extra help for sister's condition and preventative measures for the rest of us.

Hope your gran gets better. From what you told me, she sounds like a tough old bird.

Addenums to the "Packing" list:
- Chocolate Yan Yan
- Fisherman's Friend
- Disposable waterproof camera
- Goggles, just in case
- No sneakers so no one can make us go hiking on the fifth day when everyone else goes snorkelling at the marine park because our group has voted to stay put and work on our tans and general bumming for a day

Have been accused of being obsessed with childish things like manga--especially the packages of "Japanese comics" that come in the mail. (The parents have not quite grapsed that just because something is in a comic or cartoon form, it is not necessarily Disney-clean and meant for kids. For which I am glad.)

Anyway, there's not time to buy "Japanese comics" right now, no matter how obsessed I am with it. PoT "Japanese comics" will have to come later.

Most recent "Japanese comics": Some of BENNY'S and Super Baby's latest efforts like Sailor 4.5 and What's the Fuck!. Which makes me go *blinkblinkblink* "What the fuck?" as that circle's stuff usually does. It gives this ecchi fangirl pause as she suddenly realises (once again) that in terms of general ecchiness, she can't ever beat Japanese fangirls. And there's nothing she can say about it beyond that bit about Sanzo with the bunny ears . . . *blinkblinkblink* (But Gojyo in a sailor fuku is fine by me!)

*squeezes in some time to type more fic*

Eline, ecchi--but not *that* ecchi
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[Sunday, September 01, 2002]

Argh--a lot of things to settle before I got offline on Saturday . . . Experiments and logistics would have to be recalculated or stalled . . . Stuff to be cleaned up . . .

Social blogging:
Hi Satsuki! *waves at Mura's kitten*

Have joined the ukeSanzo ML even when I promised myself I'd stop--now maintaining steady at 38 MLs. (But it's ukeSanzo! One of the few things I actually believe wholeheartedly in . . . and yet will not take seriously because if I did that, it wouldn't be fun anymore.)

Dj: Some dj from circle Ren'ai Kyou Jidai--nice covers and rather hentai in a lot stories. And one with Hakkai and Gojyo doing Sanzo, so I'm a very happy yaoi fangirl. (As usual, it is Hakkai's brilliant little idea. Isn't he just so wonderfully evil?)

Managed to get part three of "Crossings" up over the weekend--fic that was supposed to be three parts mutated into fic with five parts. Read updated fanfics by P. L. Nunn and sf and is happy even though it is not yaoi. Have read a very funny humour fic that wasn't actually funny to me except for one point--it has Konzen as a demanding seme who comes on to even Kenren. *giggles madly at the very thought*

Anime watched last week:
X: Ooo, pretty. Oooh, feathers pretty! Now where's the Prozac?
Scryed: Yay--fun but angsty! And Ryuhou needs to be slashed with someone--he's too much of an Aya-type-personality not to be, not to mention cute in a black tanktop. If only Kimishira + Kazuma didn't figure so blatantly . . .

Addenums to the "Packing" list:
- Handiplast
- cards to play Bridge if anyone is bored enough

Eline, who doesn't play Placebo's "Slackerbitch" at full volume in the morning even though the temptation is there and can't understand *why* certain people have to play some awful cheenah music meant for Chinese New Year at full blast with the door open just so that they can hear it from the kitchen down the corridor where they eating
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Was at home for a while before coming back to the lab. (Actually managed to have breakfast and lunch out with my parents and my sister--so I should watch out for a blue moon tonight.)

Got told off for those packages of dj and got quizzed about that last Amazon.com DVD purchase . . .

*watch as Eline tries to explain the presence of one "Gohatto" DVD to her mother* (Yes, it might say all sorts of stuff about "homosexual lust" on the cover and all that, but there's nothing particularly R-rated about it besides the mention of "men who lean that way" and all those horny old men lusting after Kano--Matsuda Ryuhei, a boy who is so pretty that I can definitely believe all those old samurai getting all hot under the collar about him.)

See, the sole joy of Amazon.com is that the censorship authorities don't check the DVDs that come through. Now the only set of DVDs that had been hijacked and checked by the Censorship Board was . . . my Saiyuki Season 1 and 2 DVDs. *proudly displays the official Censorship Authority of Singapore sticker that proclaims that Saiyuki is rated PG and the DHL delivery bag that had been cut open and taped up again by the wonderful Censorship Authorities* (It was damn odd, getting one calendar, a load of styrofoam chips and no DVDs.)

I had to pay for extra DHL shipping, mind you. *quietly blows a rasberry at the Censorship Board* And my "Velvet Goldmine" and "Gohatto" DVDs all got through under Amazon.com's nice little cardboard box packaging. (And "Dogma", which I did not order but got sent by mistake in place of "The Governess", got through as well under Blackstar.com's nice cardboard box packaging.) And not to mention all my dj . . .

List of stuff Eline has to find the time to sneak down at 1am at home to watch:
- The Broadway Bares Charity Show tape that Dee sent
- "Serpent's Kiss"
- "The Pillow Book" (which I have had for a year and still haven't got around to watching yet--very sad)

Addenum to the "Packing" list:
- charcoal tablets in case of food-poisoning
- Eno salts for indigestion
- Panadol for headaches
- supply of sour-lemon for the people who get seasick on small boats
- small bags for the people who get seasick easily because the resulting mess is not to be thought of

(My neighbour does not have to play her CDs *that* loudly at this time in the evening . . .)

Eline, anal-retentive lab-rat
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