[Thursday, October 31, 2002]

It's Samhain night. Tomorrow is All Saints' Day and also my sister's birthday.

Hope you're feeling better now.

I read a strangely painful fanfic today (even though I said I wasn't going to do that sort of masochistic thing again) . . . but the only things that were painful were the spelling, grammar and plot (the lack thereof, I mean). I happen to *like* KanzeonXSanzo. The MS was nauseating, as usual. But I can see an interesting scenario . . . The mangaka's probable avatar (fufufufu) vs. the fanfic author's blatant avatar.

No contest. ^_^ Though the only way I'd ever get to see *that* sort of thing is if I wrote it myself . . . *looks at pile of unfinished fics* Not likely . . .

Chibi neko sex is starting to sound good . . . Damn, I need a good yaoi fic fix . . .

Plans for after November 15th (when my project is officially over):
- Sleep for at least 3 days
- Watch Saiyuki reruns on AXN--more subs to make fun of in Season 2 . . .
- Watch "Singing in the Rain"
- Continue slogging at the lab for the sake of certain results that I have to know (No real vacation since . . . December last year. Fuck, M was right--I am a masochist . . .)
- Actually read some books again instead of fanfic (I used to be able to read around 300 books annually. Once upon a time.)
- Get those fics finished

Fanfic characters: *collective snort* Yeah, right. You've finished only one multi-part fic for the first time in two years . . .

*waves keyboard at fanfic characters* Know that I can keep doing musical parodies indefinitely.

*fanfic characters cower*

Eline, currently listening to Culture Club and other 80's cheesy-pop
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[Wednesday, October 30, 2002]

It's really odd . . . How is it that I can bang out 1500 words for a fanfic in 2 hours, no sweat, and the same number of words for an intro to the damned thesis takes more than a month, heaps of research and no sleep . . .

You can blame Nadia for this . . . We Sleep With Everyone (Saiyuki Style)

It's really odd . . . how much crap comes out of me when I lack sleep.

*reads MLS* *shakes head*

It's really odd . . . how absolutely daft some people are . . .

It's really odd, something like that happening. But I'm not complaining. No, not I . . . ^_^

Back to the grind . . .
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[Monday, October 28, 2002]

"We Sleep With Everyone (Saiyuki style)"
Part Deux

Eline: *evil psychotic sleep-deprived grin*


Gyokumen: *purrs*
I--I screwed with everyone,
But I think you
Might have guessed that too.

Everyone: Spare us the details!

Litouten: *evil smirk*
I--I screwed everyone,
Just to further
My twisted schemes.

Everyone: *thinking the same thoughts about certain scenes from the Gaiden* Ewww . . . Squick!

Homura: *wearing that evil knowing smile that he always does when he's plotting something*
I--I screwed with everyone,
From most of my subordinates--

Everyone: *cuts in* Right down to Mary Sue . . .

Homura: Okay, so I had *one* momentary lapse of judgement with Linrei . . .
Everyone: Duh. We know she had other . . . things that made up for her lack of a tangible personality and you hadn't seen a girl before at that time, but *honestly* . . .

Dougan: *totally off-key*
I--I screwed up my life,
Just to be by my beloved Sanzo-sama's side.

Sanzo: Get a life. Better yet, get singing lessons.

Everyone: Let's all go backstage for the Sanzo-uke ride . . .

Sanzo: *glares at fanfic author*

*cut to the meeting of the Unofficial Sanzo Fanclub, where Homura is arm-wrestling Dougan for the right to be seme to Sanzo in the next fanfic while Goku, Psychotic-Goku-Without-A-Limiter, Nii and everyone else in the cast looks on* *it eventually degenerates into a mass bitch-slapping session*

Konzen: *to say that he was angry would be to say that Everest is an average-sized mountain*
I--I got screwed by everyone,
From my perverted bitch of an aunt/uncle/whatever--

Everyone: *chimes in* And we heard you were into monkeys too . . .

Konzen: That perverted bitch put you guys up to this, didn't she?

Eline: Atchoo!

Konzen: The *other* pervy bitch.

Kanzeon Bosatsu: Atchoo!

Konzen: Thank you.

Minor character #62: Hey--hey, did I sleep with you?

Kenren: *checks the notches on his bedpost* Hmmmm, I don't think so . . .

Konzen: But I don't want to sleep with Tentei too!

Homura: *polishes his Really Big Sword* One more reason to wage war on Heaven . . .

Tenpou and Psychotic-Goku-Without-A-Limiter: Hey I'd better screw around with you, to make sure I didn't miss you.

Everyone: *chorus* And we all sleep with everyone, from the Gaiden to every non-canon anime episode . . .

Tenpou: Now that would be *some* crossover . . .

Everyone: Because this series is actually about emotionally fucked-up bishounen with angst overload!

Kanzeon Bosatsu: But that's why you love it, right? *winks*
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[Sunday, October 27, 2002]

"We Sleep With Everyone (Saiyuki style)"
A.k.a. Eline entertains herself:

*spotlight on the whole cast of Saiyuki, most of whom appear pissed off, worried or homicidal*

Gojyo: Someone tell me why we're doing this?
Eline: *from backstage* Two words. Nicotine withdrawal.
Gojyo: *sweats* Gotcha.

Sung to the mangled tune of "Love Changes Everything" from "Aspects of Love" by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the spoofed lyrics from "Forbidden Broadway" by Gerard Alessandrini.

Kougaiji: *extremely flat voice* I--I sleep with everyone,
Sleep with Doku, sleep with Nii.
(Die, you lousy excuse for a fanfic author!)

Yaone: Say it isn't so!

Dokugakuji: *resigned*
I--I sleep with everyone
With my mother--

Gojyo: *joins in* And my aniki.

Dokugakuji: That's not funny, you bitch!

Gojyo: *smirks* I--I sleep with everyone, while I'm lusting after Hakkai . . .

Hakkai: *winks* Later, Gojyo . . .

Sanzo: *in a voice that is not as flat as it is in fact P.O.ed and sung through gritted teeth*
And I--I sleep with everyone,
With H--*chokes*--Homura,
And the entire Tenkai.
(The fanfic author will die. The fanfic author *must* die . . .)

Homura: *using that special emphasis he reserves for Sanzo* Konzen . . .

Goku: Hands off!

Everyone: Let's sneak behind the scenes for a quickie priest sandwich with rye!

*Someone pulls up the backdrop to reveal Gojyo, Zenon and Sanzo going at it like bunnies* *much bitch-slapping ensues*

Hakkai: *sadly* I--I sleep with everyone,
With Gojyo, and my sister too.

Gojyo: Say--say did I sleep with you?

Shien: Hmmm, I don't think so . . .

Gojyo: *grins* But I'm free next Tuesday, are you?

Hakkai: *steps on Gojyo's foot*

Homura and Nii: Hey, I'd better sleep with you, to make sure I didn't miss you.

Everyone: And we all sleep with everyone, one by one and two by two . . .

Kami-Sama: Why not a threesome while we're at it?

Sanzo: Fu--I mean over my dead body!

Kami-Sama: Necrophilia? Kinky . . .

Everyone: Everybody gets some, even Kanzeon Bosatsu!

Hakkai: Author-san, we think you need to stop listening to those musicals for a while . . .
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Average day went down the toilet when M told me this "Hostel applications for next semester ended Oct 2nd."

No e-mails, no announcements, no flyer stuck in the lift, no *anything*. I got to know about it from a friend 15 minutes ago. Not even my neighbours said a word.

What the fuck?

Trissshhhhaaaaaaaaa, were there *forms*?
I live practically opposite my cluster-leader!

And now I have to go down to the Office tomorrow.
I hate dealing with the people in charge of hostel management--they turn my stomach. Greedy, money-grabbing idiots . . . Communications around here are practically non-exisistent.

Eline--so offically out of the loop, she might as well be in outer space
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The PSI is rising. Air quality is getting low. Throat irritation and sinuses acting up. Can't see the sun, much less tell whether it's going to rain.
It's that time of the year again.
Slash-and-burn agriculture is a bad thing, boys and girls. Especially when the wind blows this way.

It rained today. Lots of rain. I hope it clears up some of the damn haze.

Actually went out with parents and my sister for lunch today once everyone managed to find space on their personal calendar for an outing. (Ellie's birthday is next week--can't make it back next Friday so we celebated in advance.) Her Brattiness was at another tertiary education briefing today. Calculated the cost of shipping Ellie overseas for tertiary education. The mind, it boggles . . . Especially when one converts GBP to S$. I'll be working (sort of) by this time next year, so we may be able to pool everything together if she applies early before the scholarship applications come up. (You know what your contribution is going to be, right? Yah, probably the airfare for the rest of us to go visit.)

kit, did you get a call around 5-plus today? I got one from Kino (LC). Could be Serene. It probably caught us both napping.

GetBackers is Wild Adapter with superpowers and bright colours. Midou (Ban-chan!) is the cool one and Ginji is the genki one. (Funny how so many protagonists are posers these days.) And the female characters have only irritated me just a little bit. (Mizuki Natsumi = Tohru from Fruits Basket.)

Witch Hunter Robin = La Femme Nikita gone paranormal.
Robin = Nikita
Amon = Michael *drool*
Michael = Birkoff
Zaizen = Operations

Eline, out of time and out of her mind
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[Wednesday, October 23, 2002]

Yeah, hair-rawk is addictive. But early Bon Jovi videos were bad. Very bad indeed.

I find this endlessly amusing. Then again, a lot of things are amusing to me while I'm drafting out the history, physiology and behaviour of mosquitoes. Easily amused, me . . .

Did bug photography yesterday and today due to my stubborn refusal to use pictures from the Internet. (No need to strike a pose--just use tape to get everything in place . . .) Then again bug photography is fascinating when you get them under the microscope and realise just how gross they look at close range.

Must stop turning green everytime Ange talks about Yaoi Con . . .

Must do more referencing . . . Ick.

Eline @ the lab (again)
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Hehehehe . . . I love 80's hair-rock. Saiyuki is so 80's to begin with . . . And once upon a time, Jon Bon Jovi had a hair-do that resembled a certain priest's blond mop.

Elektra--my compy--gave me a scare today when the HD refused to start up. It is extra scary when your thesis is on said compy. I actually dragged out my old laptop (Baby's on Fire). And I almost had to retype my stuff on my Pentium II Baby when Elektra got going again after a few tries. *Bad* Elektra . . .

Eline, wiped out
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[Tuesday, October 22, 2002]

Welcome back to you and you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGE! (Belated, kind of . . .) May naked bishounen bounce around in your thoughts and may one of them be straight . . . (Never mind that Ewan McGregor seemed to stop getting his kit off when finally we're of age of watch R(A) rated movies . . . And we own most of them with him in it already.)

Wheee . . . PoT 46! Wow, the fansubbers are *fast* . . . (I swear I never saw digital fansubs move this fast before.) Weekly PoT fix settled . . .

Bought my first cel. Ageha from Basara--shirtless Ageha. ^_^ (It's all M's bad influence I tell you . . .)

IPMOs to Japan are *slow*.

A package I sent using a certain postal sevice--that does not deserve its name--arrived in New York last week. And I sent it in June by insured airmail. kit, how? Normal airmail works fine but that-which-does-not-deserve-its-moniker seems to screw up most of the time. Or is it just our stuff?

More lemon-flavoured randomness . . .
Sanzo(GS)XShuichi(Gravi): Which is almost exactly the same as YukiXGoku. Shuichi, you know what comes of hanging around violent, ice-cold, chain-smoking blonds with past emotional trauma . . .
Muraki(YnM)XMuraki(YnM): *Eline's head goes pop*
Hakkai(GS)XMuraki(YnM): Oooh, Hakkai you evil seme bishie you . . . *sexy*sexy*sexy*
Shinji(Eva)XAnyone else: So damn unlikely because the boy's got no balls.

Eline, who should be getting down to writing that damn intro and lit review soon (like *now*)
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[Monday, October 21, 2002]

Heheheh . . .
Yes, this is a big waste of time . . . but it's great fun! (For yaoi fangirls and pairing sluts, that is.)
Wackiness . . .
Kakyou(X)XSanzo(GS): Sanzo, you know this means that you've got absolutely no hope of passing Seme School at this rate . . .
Kumagorou(Gravi)XHomura(GS): And the theory that Homura can only out-seme Sanzo gains a new and disturbing facet . . . (Do they have Nii in this generator too? It'd make a lot of sense that way . . .)
Yuki(Gravi)XGoku(GS): Goku, you know what comes of hanging around violent, ice-cold, chain-smoking blonds with past emotional trauma . . .
Sanzo(GS)XWatari(YnM): And the seiyuu joke goes into double time . . .

And you know you're a big yaoi fangirl if you know most of the series and characters used in the generator . . .

M showed me this today, which proves that yes, there were a few cels used for sequences in Saiyuki (in which they just moved the camera around) and Sanzo was, in fact, wearing pants in episode 2. Extremely ugly pants. I think the guy only had nice pants in episode 6 . . .

You mean my parents are so dead sober, I have problems telling them a joke. They have no sense of humour whatsoever--my sister can confirm it too. (Btw, static duster works fine. Now I owe your mother money as well. Or does she collect pieces of other people's souls like you do?)

The yaoi vibes have started in Naruto episode 3. The anime producers probably wised up to the huge market of yaoi and shounen ai fans and potential fans who would take one two-second incident and build a fandom around it. kit was shocked at PoT 45 . . . which wasn't as intense as the Tezuka vs. Ryouma "practice sessions" in episode 20-something in terms of slashiness. PoT is an exercise in subtext reading, much like Saiyuki. Which was not nearly the same as Naruto and Sasuke having that little accident in episode 3--that was a blatant signal for the yaoi fans to go "kyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" and read into subtext even deeper. (Yay, I'm a valid demographic!)

Eline, xian . . .
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[Friday, October 18, 2002]

*Eline is currently having a bad throat, the cramps and sheer unadulterated envy that Ange is in San Francisco and going to Yaoi Con while she gets to run 5 experiments simultaneously, hawk off her dj to pay for webhosting and whine a lot*

One of the mice passed away on Wednesday--the stress and old age got to it. *sniff* I think it was either the Sanzo-mouse or Goku-mouse. Hakkai-mouse and Gojyo-mouse are still joined at the hip while the Sanzo-or-Goku-mouse looks a bit lost at the moment . . .

JH's last SMS: LotR: The Two Towers trailer is on tonight.

Eh, got no TV in my box and NUScast reception is bad . . .

Ange's volunteering at Yaoi Con! *envy*envy*envy* While I'm at it, I might as well be envious of Joy as well. *envy*envy*envy*

goldfish: Got WK Gluhen episode 2. No Ken or Yohji yet. Plot is still about as plausible as the florist-by-day-assassin-by-night schtick. I believe that someone slipped Aya a large dose of Perkium in his food. (I don't know if I can stand to see Yotan like that . . .)

But dahling, I'd never get the chance to suck face with Brian Slade . . .

Eline, who is going to have video-night in her box
Gojyo: *holds up Mezzo Forte and Trigun*
Hakkai: *has the re-released Lawrence of Arabia*
Eline: Yeah, well, it's my PC and we don't have a DVD player, so I'm watching Ai no Kusabi . . .
Gojyo and Hakkai: Again?!?!? Crap . . .
Eline: It's that or some CLAMP series.
Gojyo: Er, pass . . .
Hakkai: It's that time of the month again and she's watching Ai no Kusabi again . . .
Gojyo: Run for the hills!
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[Tuesday, October 15, 2002]

Argh, finished my Materials and Methods, submitted it for editing and got it back a few hours later. Intro, lit review and data-crunching to go . . .

Weird search engine referral: "cat yaoi"

That's a new one. (Better than all the "shotacon" referrals at any rate.) That's also something I never thought of . . . Unless anyone out there reads Joan D. Vinge's Cat series? Angst up the wazoo and oh-so-good--better than Janny Wurts. (*looks at book collection* Hmmm, I did read a lot of martyr-driven fiction back when I had time to read . . . Cat, Arithon, Miles . . . so beautiful when they suffer.)

Nope, no "Naruto yaoi fanfics" here. Yes, I love "+HakkaixGojyo"--85! "bad fanfics anime"--some people love them, some hate them and some write them on purpose. Glad to see that there are other people are interested "robin amon manga witch"--but I have not seen the manga. (Amon has either masochistic or uke tendencies.) And "sanzo gojyo lemon fanfic" is written by other authors.

Eline, who doesn't like haze, the weather and all the mosquito bites on her arms and hands

Trisha sent me this just now . . . To Singaporeans readers: "Call Red Cross at 62200183: they are looking for O- & A+ blood urgently due to Bali bomb. Pls spread the msg to others who can help."
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[Monday, October 14, 2002]

It is a sad, sad world we live in.

Eline, blah
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[Wednesday, October 09, 2002]

I have got my claws on Nov. ZS--thanks to kit--yes, yes, what a nice issue . . .
- Youkai in leather pants looks like the youkai version of Sanzo now that I think about it. Maybe even challenging Sanzo in the 56 cm waist department.
- Tenpou . . . why do you have a statue of Colonel Sanders in your office?
- Konzen smiling is scary. (And Goku has this "Who are you and what have you done with Konzen?" look on his face.)
- Homura (actually Homura's back) and Konzen on the same page, if not the same time frame while Konzen is musing about itan beings, makes me break out in fangirly squeals.

Got the Executive Commmittee OVA and watched it at kit's place--the highlight of which was the Wild Adapter clip. Exchange of body fluids--yay!

My personal space was violated yesterday by PRC Ah Lian wannabes. Who bumped me right against the window while horsing around and one of them was leaning against my ribcage for the next 15 minutes of the ride back to PGP while yammering non-stop to her friend (who was partially responsibly for all the shove-shove that had me pressed against the window). "Who-the-fuck-are-you-and-why-are-you-using-me-as-a-human-cushion?" Only family and-close friends can use me as a pillow--help, help, I'm squashed up between a window and two sad specimens of the human race and it's getting hard to breathe . . . Should really have said, "Ex-skew-uuse me, the seats are large enough for both of us to sit comfortably and you're being very rude, you know that?" or thwapped her with my load of materials and two drums of CD-Rs--only they're too good to be used as blunt objects on twits like that. I may have stupid-twerp cooties now . . .

The October 12th deadline for ff.net's NC-17 ban looms up ahead. And I can't bring myself to care . . . (Will be in KL--watching Cats. Oh happy day.) No one's going to protect us from bad fanfic, bad music, bad TV shows and people singing along badly to their crappy music which is turned on way too loud at 1am in the morning. Because everything is subjective and I'm just waiting for them to shut down the R fics and start banning yaoi as well.

PoT 43! Darn, may have to wait until I get back from Malaysia . . .

Social blogging:
I hope your ankle is recovering (all that red tape to get some simple transport aid sounds horrific) and I hope your legs and assorted limbs are okay.

goldfish: I got Weiss Gluhen episode 1--thanks to the absolutely wonderful people on the local intranet.

Eline, "the 'e's are silent"
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[Tuesday, October 08, 2002]

Same here. I forgot most of my stats already. And does anyone remember how to do a one-way or two-way ANOVA?

Am in the process of doing the anal-retentive Materials and Methods part because we've finally settled on a method. Right down to the food we feed them and the filter paper we use (Whatman No. 1 filter paper).

*showers sf with mint Kit-Kat* Spiffy layout--definitely more optimistic now.

*lends SA a lot of HnG and Inuyasha* Am now anime pimp of my floor. Now Newg and Tranzeii, they're anime pimps for the whole network here . . . Salute! To ComScience students who never let the admin get them down no matter how many times they shut down SqueakyBlue, no matter how many sweeps they do of the network, no matter how many times they firewall every portal for d/ling stuff . . . Y'all not very appreciated, but those parasite-guys are bastards and most of us poor student types are grateful.

Witch Hunter Robin looks like Hellsing--very gothic. And no one can really fault Robin for looking longingly at Amon in the opening credits--he's bishie in a dark way. Naruto looks very cute . . .

Yo, kit--we need a dvd player to watch the EC OVA . . . Don't have one here . . .

Eline, wishing for rain

Wednesday morning edit:
I just noticed that they're using Gojyo's shaku-jou chain for a clothesline. ^_^ Eeeee, Gaiden!
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[Monday, October 07, 2002]

8pm, at the bus stop for the shuttle that goes back to PGP--met a prof.I vaguely know because he's in charge of student housing and is the resident expert on fungi.

"Evening, Prof."

*nods* "A bit late, isn't it?"


"That's still rather late for a lab."

"Doing my Honours lab project, prof."

"Ah, it's rather early for Honours students." *followed up by a ramble on how Honours students had it in his day (usually worse than the kids today)*

For anyone intending on pursuing an active social life, do not attempt research that requires long hours in the lab. Stayed back, ate dinner at the canteen today--I didn't have to cook for myself for once! Submitted some reprint request forms to the library and hung around the Med Library enjoying the air-conditioning and comfy chairs. Then bumped into Esther, my SRP-roommate back in '97. Now she's a 4th year med student attached to KKH. She was trying to be all optimistic about the downsizing of the DBS when I told her that my lab wasn't getting any funding for research. According to her, there is a DF/DHF epidemic in the east at the moment. O_o So my research is relevant. Er, yay me. Back to lab to resume counting . . . not that I'm trying to prove that I'm doing the hardest work or anything . . . (The guys in my lab are all wussies! Allyl disulphide smells bad? Hn. They're not the ones doing stinky, fermented infusions of whatnot that smells like rotted garbage. Or spend their afternoons in drains.)

Latest bit of hilarity from Bad Fanfics Online: The term for the day is "filtrate". It is what Eline does in the lab sometimes. Eline is very sure that Gojyo has never "filtrated" anyone or anything other than coffee grounds. Eline would be laughing her ass off right now if it wasn't so sad. (Very, very sad--Eline has nothing against MSs most of the time. Except when MSs are useless frills that set the Women's Lib back another century or so. Which is a lot of the time.) Eline expects the Japanese would feel the same if the Japanese ever tried reading English fanfics with Japanese-fangirlese thrown in.

PoT 42! Kikumaru and Oshii should just go get married already . . .

Eline--thesis-writing is very blah

Snippet from upcoming stupid-fic "Go West":
"Aren't you a little too plain to be an original character?"

Several replies came to mind that that point in time, ranging from "Marry me, fertilise my eggs!" to "Screw this--d'you want to be rescued or not?" because Mari Su still had enough backbone left to overcome her raging hormones. And because she didn't have a death wish, she opted for spluttering and glaring.

"Hey, I wasn't the one we found playing hide-the-sausage with the enemy!"

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[Saturday, October 05, 2002]

The neighbouring lab has this sign on the door now: "A/P S. et al's Ivory Tower" because their Prof. has a dry sense of humour. We're just "Pest Management".

Referencing is a) boring, b) but necessary and c) about as stimulating as watching someone clip their toenails. Ravenous for fic now.

Today, I have read WK fic in Latin. The mind, it boggles.

*finishes all the HnG fic on ff.net* Hmm . . . how old are they anyway? (The authors, not the characters.) And is it just me or is the manga and the anime about a lot of young boys and old men? *squick*

That's why I like Saiyuki . . . it's safer to fantasise and read yaoi dj about. Though I don't mind most yaoi fanfics. If there were any to read. In English. (Or Chinese--which is hard to find. Any one seen Saiyuki fic in Latin?) Reasonable grammar. Non-MS or whoever it is that is not-a-self-insert-according-to-the-author (sure, I believe you). Without prose not so much purple as it is violet (specifically the shade of a certain character's eyes). Itty-bitty morsal of plot and character development--of the main characters. Spiced with a little action (horizontal or otherwise). That doesn't cause my teeth to hurt--not that I can feel anything much in my lower jaw anyway--from the OOC-ness and the names that are never done correctly.

Then this voice at the back of my head says, "Fat chance. Go to Gundam Wing Addiction or something. And isn't it a pity that the Boys in Chains archives hasn't been updated in a long time?"

Must decrease total number of Yahoo!Groups. Have no time for them all.

Have got it down to 35. Which is still too much.

Eline, still having shota thoughts about the overly cute and far too young cast of Hikaru no Go
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Was the Med Library in the evening after closing up the lab. Lost another nearly full photocopy stored value card. I never lose nearly empty ones--just the ones that are almost new. T_T That's about a dozen cards lost to date. *mutters to self*

Writing literature review and background on thesis is basically rewriting what other people did and why they did it. This is why GP is so important for tertiary eduction--one must be able to say something in a totally different way and BSing one's way through to a coherent paragraph. Add in-text citation and one will have the textual line between citing and actual plagarism.

Have not done anything to hair. Is chicken. And stingy because I know where to get a bottle of dye and an $8 haircut and it definitely isn't at Toni & Guy's Hairdressing Academy, student-hairdresser rate or not.

Weather continues to be very, very warm with no sign of rain in sight. *considers yelling "I just washed my car!" or "I just did the laundry!" at the sky*

Happy thoughts: Going to KL (11-13th Oct) and seeing CATS for the third time!

Eline, feeling very gormless and thick at the moment while running 5 experiments all at once
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[Thursday, October 03, 2002]

Have not been BSing on the blog because I need all my BS skills to write this confounded thesis. *is thinking of taking it out on her hair like Trisha does* Hmm, Reddish? Brownish? Red brown? (I realised that I have never done anything torturous to my hair as of yet . . .)

Wai . . . pretty blog layouts--cool new bloggy, hot shirtless blog #1, hot shirtless blog #2 and I simply adore that layout. (Even disloyal Hakkai + Gojyo 'shippers have to come home to this eventually . . . *hearts*)

kit, thanks a lot! Probably see you this weekend then.

Oh why is Hikaru no Go is slashy? It's even more slashy than PoT! *Eline's mind gleefully substitutes the term "rival" with "potential boyfriend" in all episodes--especially episode 45*

In a mood for Gaiden, Gaiden, Gaiden . . . My favourite pic from a gag dj by circle Aigandoubutsu--it's bath time in Heaven! Kawaii . . .

And because goldfish wanted to see them, my four lab mice. (They're all female and about a year old.) Aren't they cute when they're asleep? See, if they were all male, they probably wouldn't get along so well . . . In fact, they'd probably act like their Saiyuki namesakes.

Eline, graduating from rambling to faffing around while writing the literature review she ought to have done last month
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