[Saturday, November 30, 2002]

I heard that there be snakes and groping hands in the next installment of Saiyuki Reload . . . Fufufufu . . .

My hp is in the shop, getting repaired. Only they said there was nothing wrong with it and did I check my battery yet? And they charge a $25 consultation fee . . . I used to have less problems before I had a hp.

West Across Gitenshidou PoT dj! Their Fuji is like their Tenpou--#1 Seme of the Series. Got a FujiXTezuka one set during their second year, I think . . . It's one of those School Trips to Places of Historical Interest. And for some reason, they did the touristy thing by going to a costume shop and getting cossies. (Fuji in a Shinsengumi costume! Fuji as Okita Souji and Tezuka as Tange Sazen! Waaaaaaaiiiiii!) Anyhoo, when they're get changing out of their cossies, the UST mounts up and Tezuka snogs him. So Fuji has to clarify a few things . . .

Fuji: (1) Do you consent to do the H now? (2) Or do you unreasonably refuse to do the H?
(Hey, Tezuka initiated that kiss first after all . . .)

Tezuka chose (1), of course. And then they did the H. In the Tange Sazen and Okita Souji cossies. ^_^ Dammit, it's so pretty . . .

Eline--a bit high on PoT dj numminess
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[Friday, November 29, 2002]

Just got back from watching "The Returner" with kit. When a Japanese film goes sci-fi, with English and Chinese dialogue thrown in, it definitely begins to resemble a live-action version of anime. "Phone home, ET!" "We've got to help ET get home!" "You're our last hope." "You've got to help me! We've got to save the world in 2 days!" Always beware of little old ladies with Internet connections who smoke cigars. Duck bullets in a tribute to "The Matrix" and wear black trenchcoats while engaging in hand-to-hand combat in homage to John Woo. And the villain is 80% gay, to quote kit. (I can speculate on *why* though . . .)

When all is said and done, Takashi Kaneshiro is very cute and movie was great fun. ^_^ The NC-16 rating was there for all the bodies going splat. Just like in an anime. (No nekkid bishies. Darn it!)

A.L.: Hihi, sf's friend . . . Yes, HnG is very slashy. Bad enough that the manga is slashy, but the anime is far worse. (Just look at Sai for instance . . .)

Ogata: *to his girlfriend after a supposedly relaxing weekend--very, very deadpan* I'm only interested in Go.

Ogata: *chasing after a scared-and-rightfully-so Shindou* You know Sai? *grabs Shindou by the collar* Let me play him too!

Sai: *talking about Go like he was in rapture--or something* You responded to me exceedingly well. Each of your brilliant moves . . . made my body shiver in excitement more than ever before. And I feel proud . . . that I could respond to you beyond the best of my abilities.

And there's still that coy tug-of-war game that Akira and Shindou have played for over two years, Waya/Isumi, Kaga/Tsutsui, Ochii the stalker boy . . . without getting to those scenarios with the senior citizen age Go pros that no one really wants to think about.

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[Thursday, November 28, 2002]

Sent my sister off at the airport yesterday--Prague via Helsinki. Absolute chaos at the airport. Unsurprising due to everyone wanting to get away from here ASAP and the AJC, VJC and RI choirs all going off to Prague for the singing competition. Being sister to a choir secretary means one gets press-ganged into helping with the mass check-in while Ellie does attendence-taking. And mum was chasing after her with her carry-on luggage.

We're all fretting, of course. 'Cause my sis has this habit of losing things without even going overseas. Thank goodness they take precautionary measures with the passports. Now all we have to worry about is Ellie misplacing her wallet, the digital cam, her blood-testing kit and her insulin kit . . .

Eline--who has been to the library (yay!) and has Lois McMaster Bujold's "Diplomatic Immunity" and Alan Dean Foster's "Journeys of the Catechist Book 3: A Triumph of Souls" to keep her company
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[Tuesday, November 26, 2002]

Semester's end--everybody's moved out. There's only four of us left on this floor and it's quiet. Very quiet. No neighbours with their sound systems at the window, yay!

Currently marvelling at the slashiness that is Hikaru no Go. These boys like their Go like sex and their sex like Go, apparently . . .

Managed to get a pair of Kazuya Minekura's original Saiyuki doujinshi (circa 1995). Had to sell off my left kidney and do product testing for mosquito repellent to get them.

Well, the latter part is true . . .

It used to be Saiyuki Gaiden volume 1 and 2--where the proto-plot of Saiyuki was well underway. And everyone had cute anime eyes, Sanzo still looked kind of girly and there were suggestive backcovers. There was even the proto-Gaiden guys. All I can say is "Thank goodness Minekura got rid of that braid . . . And got them into black leather instead."

Eline--in splendid isolation
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[Sunday, November 24, 2002]

Swam a lot. Baked a pie. Was a good weekend overall. Ange's package came! YAY! Pink "Ultra lemony Yaoi" t-shirt! (Only way you'll ever get me to wear pink . . .)

I now have a habit of taking the shirts people send me and wearing them almost immediately--even if they are pink. So I wore my pink shirt out to dinner with the girls from my floor yesterday. Makes for an interesting pre-dinner conversation topic. Not to mention the photo-opportunies. We passed that great big wall-to-wall-and-the-floor-too HPatCoS ad at the underpass at Suntec . . . now something of a tourist exhibit. Everyone else wanted to take pictures at the walls with Harry, Ron, Hermione and the staff. Guess who was the only one who wanted a picture at the wall with Snape? (Right at the bottom of the "down" escalator too--had to wait for an opening in the crowd before we could snap one . . .)

Me in the pink "Ultra lemony Yaoi" shirt next to the ten-foot-high threesome of Lucius, Draco and Snape. Can you say "Wheeee!"? And everyone was wondering why I was grinning away like that . . .

Guess who said she liked Alan Rickman at dinner? No Snape fangirls where I live, I'm afraid . . .

Actually explored more the Esplanade last night. Watched live street performances too. Fun--especially the pair of cute Canadian acrobats. ("D'you think I could ask if I could put the money down his tights?" "Are you serious?" "No . . ." *crosses fingers*)

Eline--sleepy now
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[Wednesday, November 20, 2002]

Went to Singin' in the Rain on Tuesday at the much-vaunted metallic durian! Now that's *entertainment*. Have to admit that the singing, danging and the overall show was much better than Cats in KL, even though the rain effects were kind of fake . . . Good thing they recycled the water. (Now New Water has also debuted on stage, at the Esplanade, no less.) The front row and the orchestra pit got all that New Water in the face--so by the second act, they got out their umbrellas to screen out the New Water that wouldn't get recycled. ^_^; And I'm seeing slash between Cosmo Brown and Don Lockwood--oh dear . . .

Read on someone's blog recently about the lack of build-up for all that Goku+Sanzo and Hakkai+Gojyo--to some fans, it's just a matter of Minekura-said-so and not much else. So what was the point of the Gaiden then? Or volumes 5 and 6? (Yeah, we're the-yaoi-is-rather-obvious-in-Saiyuki types. Once at that point, one goes into the pairing debates because even that sort of thing is pretty ambiguous sometimes. It should be Minekura-is-fucking-with-yaoi-fangirls'-minds-and-damn-she-is-good-at-it.) Plenty of build-up there. If only we all weren't so busy looking for our own preferred pairings . . .

Managed to go from high to sober in 30 mins on one marguerita last night. Poor university students do not have much practice at getting plastered regularly. Managed to spark off more bad fic ideas again with kit--only it was about Hellsing this time. (It's not my fault that people get funny ideas around me . . . Really, it's not . . .) Got your mail--e-mail you later about the fic . . .

Eline, back at the lab again, which is rather sad . . .
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[Sunday, November 17, 2002]

Only one functional Internet-linked comp in my home at the moment . . .

Technology . . . don't you just love the way it makes life more complicated than it's supposed to be?

Family visit to the maternal side. Dad is still learning to play golf. Sister is preparing for her trip to Prague. *is jealous*

Got my sea-mail copy of ZS . . . knowing full well that there wasn't any Reload or Gaiden in it. *sniff*
The note about Kazuya Minekura's ill health is under the Gojyo sketch--love the ponytail. *imagines Hakkai playing with Gojyo's hair* *happy grin* The four guys--which was really a big ad for Reload re-issued. And Sanzo, who looks like he got dropped into the Wild Adapter universe and is understandably paranoid (aka "Fun With Photoshop Filters" or "Fun With Green Copic Markers"). Hmm, reminds me of my pokey little hostel room. Only my room doesn't radiate the grungy noirish atmosphere that a one room flat with Genjo Sanzo and his phallic symbol--I mean his gun--in it.

Whereas in Loveless, there is S&M and Soubi's capacity for pain . . .

Eline, happily reading fluffy space opera (Lois McMaster Bujold's "A Civil Campaign" again)
After a while, I realised that rationalising why I became a yaoi fangirl totally defeated point of the tag "yaoi fangirl". Which wasn't even necessary to begin with. ~The Zen of Yaoi
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[Saturday, November 16, 2002]

Happy Birthday, Joy!

Happy Birthday in Advance kit! (Going to Kino tomorrow. Have you got your 20% coupons yet?)

To sf and goldfish: Gambatte kudasai! The 'A' Levels would be over before you even know it. And if I said anything about nostalgia you'd probably beat me over the head with a TYS . . .

Slept a lot. Went back home. Found out that Dad has attended a golf clinic. Sister has started to shave. We now have a blinding purple duvet that's reversible--but the reverse side is blinding neon pink so that's no help. My gran's joints and brittle bones are giving her pain and my mum says she probably hasn't come to terms with aging. (Yeah well, who would?) Another week in the life of . . .

Catching up on mail. Impossible to catch up on everything.

Hmmm. I remember when fandom used to be fun and I used to go down to the computer terminals at the SPS room (an elitist privilege I abused with glee) and check mail during lunch. Wasn't even a yaoi fangirl. Yet.

Online life was fairly kind to me. I originally came from a very small fanfic ML from a really obscure fandom. We spent most of our time chasing each other with frying pans and sticks and writing either silly fic or angst fic (with Mary Sue too) than analysing stuff. That's why big MLs (read: over 30 people) make me uncomfortable. Over-analysis takes the fun out of fandom. If I had anything to say, I'd write a fic about it. Draw a pic about it. Make people laugh.

Need laughs here . . .

Eline, going off to help Dad with his Word Documents again
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[Thursday, November 14, 2002]

Printer: *orange light blinking*

"Uh-oh . . ."

Printer: *orange light that signals ink shortage in one of the cartridges blinking*

"Shit, I just refilled the colour cartridge yesterday!"

Printer: *blinkity blinkity blink*

"Refills aren't good enough for you, is it?""

Printer: *blink blink*

"Arghhhhhhhhhh . . ."

Had a slight disagreement with my printer yesterday night and wound up feeling more than just a little blue. I was trying to print out the examiner's copy of my thesis. I even got the refill kits. That don't really work so well--and now my hands are stained with cyan.

It clashes with most shades of nail polish that I have . . .

Met ShuW today and she looked even more stressed out than I did. Poor thing. The world of accounting is taking its toil on her.

HPatCoS: Alan Rickman had about 5 minutes of screentime overall. T_T And the special effects department deserve most of the praise.

Eline, finished with her &$^% thesis (At last. After six months. Bleh.)
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[Wednesday, November 13, 2002]

It's going to be over soon. My project is going to be over soon . . . I just keep telling myself that and it's actually coming true . . .

The stats were a pain.
ANOVA, t-tests, ANOVA, paired-samples t-test . . . Wilcoxin Signed Ranks Test?

And last night was another Night-of-No-Sleep as I finished up everything right up to the pagination and the table of contents.

. . .

Very dazed now. Funny how all the best ideas come in the 11th hour . . .

So I said to M this afternoon, "I look like shit, right?" and the standard response was "No, you look the same as always." Yeah, my eyebags are permanent. I have the cramps. My eyes are about to fall out of my head. And after 2 cups of instant coffee in less than 24 hours, I'm wired and a wee bit jittery. If I smoked, I'd be going through several packets by now. Due to the lack of physiologically detrimental vices, I'll just have to settle for mentally detrimental vices as I proofread the current bane of existence one more time.

Tomorrow, tomorrow . . . After everything is settled tomorrow, I get to go to lunch with my supervisor. HPatCoS at 6.50pm with ShuW. And maybe I might get six hours of sleep!

Eline, who wants more PoT
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[Wednesday, November 06, 2002]

Still on that Saiyuki and HP Xover kick . . . but trotting off at a different tangent altogether . . .
For the yaoi/slash side . . . Gojyo is most likely to be analogous to Sirius Black. Hakkai fits the Remus Lupin analog very well.
And as Gojyo + Hakkai is the it's-almost-canon-and-definitely-fanon pairing of Saiyuki, as is Sirius + Remus. Oddly enough, I can take the Twue Wuv sappiness of 85/58 but not SiriusRemus . . . I'm a RemusSnape fan. Which is most likely analogous to HakkaiXSanzo, which I can see quite easily. SnapeRemus is analogous to 38 (which I don't particularly like because Hakkai is the evil seme). But that can be explained away by the concept of not fighting or giving in to those weaker than you are. Hooray for the fascinating dynamics of yaoi/slash pairings . . .

Is it my imagination, or do I see people from my very first fandom in the Saiyuki fandom now? Hmm, is there a certain factor in fans of a fandom that predetermines future fandoms? Is Eline hypothesising too much these days? Yes, but on different topics . . . like what do stinky socks, cheese and rotting leaves have in common in relation to attracting mosquitoes? Would toe cheese make ideal bait? (This is what serious researchers all over the place are doing now . . . It's about novel methods these days.)

sf, it's not the 18th of November . . .
I haven't stopped writing (unfortunately). I write other non-fandom stuff sometimes (even more unfortunately).

Ancient Booer

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

I wanted to get Inigo Montoya . . .
"My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Eline, rambling
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[Tuesday, November 05, 2002]

Discussion with my supervisor and co-supervisor is over . . . *big sigh of relief* Now that they're out for lunch and I'm alone in the lab for tuna sandwiches and a can of tea, I can blog. And my results, discussion and referencing to do. Got Kenken and WLeong to walk me through the ANOVA and t-tests software, so today was actually *productive*. And it's not even 2pm yet . . .


More late nights. But I have M's collection of Sex and the City to watch while I type . . .

Masochistic me has volunteered to do more field testing for them . . . Masochistic me should just beat self over the head repeatedly when overcome by the urge to continue being a lab rat . . . Then again masochistic self would just degenerate into apathetic self if left to my own devices. Not to mention the fact that it makes my supervisor happy and she's the one in charge of the Honours thesis module . . .

Recent HnG fanfic trend . . .
Hikaru no Bingo
Hikaru no DDR
Hikaru no Monopoly

Hikaru no Strip-Poker

Someday, I will wake up and find titles like Hikaru no Uno and Hikaru no Wakeboarding and it will not be surprising at all . . .

Incandescens and I have been throwing around Harry Potter Xover w/ Saiyuki ideas. Not very seriously. And our brains recently blew up due to very disturbing imagery . . .

Welcome back!

Eline, who is rediscovering how using 20 out of 24 hours in a day for work can really take it out of you fast
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[Friday, November 01, 2002]

O-daijini . . .

sf, you okay?

Heard that Kino has 20% vouchers for the holiday season--newpaper, 8-Days, I Zhou Kan . . . And Kazuya Minekura's next artbook is coming out in December.

Coincidentally, it was also Charles' birthday today (the first in 12 years that wasn't in the middle of the exam period) and we had a small party in the lab. Never been to a guy's b-day party before--most of them around here don't celebrate it . . . As I was saying to Justin, it's an age thing. Women are age-conscious, guys aren't.

Saiyuki dj! (Seller was so nice--she gave me omake! Yay!)

Heheheheeee . . . Love the dress . . .

Finally got a bunch of HomuraXKonzen dj. And some from a circle that does KenrenXHomura and ZenonXHomura dj . . . which sometimes involves LitoutenXHomura . . .

Squick! *throws Homura into Sanzo's lap and proceeds to kick Litouten into a slimy pulp* Ewww! Perverted bastard! (Argh! He did screw everyone! Or was really convenient as a villain when anyone needed some angst and trauma in their dj . . .)

Doc: Yeah, *that* one. Even though I know nuts about FF7 . . . No Playstation or computer games . . .

Eline, 13 days to the deadline *sweats*
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