[Tuesday, December 31, 2002]

Will leave registration to Thursday when there are actually people around to sign the right forms. It's the latecomers' queue for me . . . Thesis is not over yet until the poster presentation gets done on the 9th. Trying not to aggrievate the indigestion that's been plaguing me for days.

Met M for the first time since she came back from comm service in Vietnam where they built the foundations for a school. Yay for the kids, juniors and volunteers in the name of goodwill. M passed me my long overdue douga--too tired to check them properly.

Neighbours are moving back in. Why does it have to be the not-so-friendly ones who blast F4 on their stereo who come back first? Bye bye, peace and quiet . . .

The funniest thing I read recently was this line in a fic about Hakkai being the sanest one of the four guys. *collapses laughing* (It's amazing what you can get away with if you act normal and smile enough. Murder, apparently . . .) Irony was too much.

Happy New Year . . . I guess.

Eline--fice to write, poster presentation to do . . .
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[Monday, December 30, 2002]

Registration is still the fiasco I thought I would be but didn't want it to be. What won't I give for just one semester free of crap like this? Sure, I know who my level's academic advisor is. Sure, she's my project supervisor too, by happy coincidence. And hey, she's out of the country. The same way she's been out of the country four times this month.

I have a yellow form all filled up and ready to go but no one to sign it for me.

You have to pity the CBLC volunteers, actually being on campus today to run the registration queues. The system is apparently running perfectly because there isn't much of a queue this time around. (Well, *I* wouldn't know, seeing that I can't even get past the module selection page due to not having the pre-programmed pre-requisites.)

Which is why I'm not going back home today. My family's idea of support is to send emails asking "Have you registered for your modules yet?" on the 28th without bothering to look at the online registration schedule I sent that states my registration dates as 31st Dec 2002 -1st Jan 2003. With my printer down, I actually miss those letters that the DO usually sends. You could just pass the letter around and they can read the schedule in black and white instead of making an effort to look at an online schedule and the pdf format letter with the links I supplied. (Yes, I'm *sure* that clicking on a link on an email is a very hard thing to do while one is already online checking mail. I'm *sure* that you have much better things to do with your time while you're at home on your one-and-a-half-month-holiday-break, Dad. And we have cable at home too.)

Today, the first thing they will ask is this : Have you registered for you modules yet? (Because I finally straightened them out on my registration dates.) Followed by Why haven't you settled your module registration yet?

Which is why I'm not going home today. Or tomorrow. I have a medium-sized ration of rum in my hostel room and a box of Godiva chocolates that my sister brought back for me from Helsinki. I'm too tired to argue with anyone and too tired to explain to them for the hundredth time that I'm getting it fixed and there's nothing they can do to make it better and that they're making me feel a thousand times worse.

It all boils down to the fact that we have different definitions of "support".
My definition of support is don't nag, fix my printer and give me chocolate while I fix this mess like I usually do *every* semester without your help.

I hate the hold my parents have on me. They can make me cry without them even being present, because I can anticipate the fights before they happen now. We all have abrasive personalities that clash on a weekly basis but they can break me with a word.
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*logs in and tries to register for modules*

*Message: You have not fulfilled the requirements for modules X, Y and Z*

*muscle under the left eye starts to twitch*

Who the fuck scheduled this registration for 31st December anyway? And what kind of registration period is 31st Dec 2002 to 1st Jan 2003 anyway?

This means the yellow forms. I hate the yellow forms. Name me one student who actually *qualified* fully for all the modules he or she selected for this semester and I'll eat my boots. Everyone goes by the yellow form because the registration system is as inflexible as the stick that has been stuck up the admin's ass for who knows how long.

And I don't know if my supervisor (aka the one who signs the yellow form for students of my year) is back from overseas yet. And which lecturer of any of these disputed modules is actually *in* the office on 31st December and 1st January?

Thank you, utterly fucked-up registration system, for the shitty end to an otherwise fine day and the increased amount of stomach acids and bile produced at the beginning of every single semester.
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[Sunday, December 29, 2002]

Saw my niece for the first time when we went to my cousin's place for the first month celebration . . . and Amber's just got her head shaved and a little bit of the milk rash. Maternal instincts actually reared up around the pass-the-baby-around part. (She didn't like being carried by my sister but she was all quiet with me . . .) Must quash the voice that keeps insisting that the little pink hairband around the baby's head is the cutest thing next to a basket of kittens. And I realised that, wow, that's the first of the next generation right there . . .

After meeting up with some friends for a chat today, I realised a few things . . . 1) Most people would think you're weird if you say anything about Aragorn/Legolas or Sam/Frodo in the movie, 2) people around here still think it's weird for someone to have Snape heading the favourite HP characters' list ("But he's so greasy and unpleasant!") and 3) I totally forgot that I was a part of a mostly Internet-based subculture. And it's weird . . . my female friends have the exact same grasp of the concept of "seme" and "uke" as most slash or yaoi fans do. Only they think it applies to real life. Now I get why slash or yaoi is a mostly female fandom . . .

Have succumbed to desperation and went fic-fishing on the Japanese webrings--like the Sanzo-uke and the HS&HK rings--which is sad because one does not know Japanese and plays guessing games with kanji. (And due to the fact that one cannot appreciate the prose, it's not very interesting to dwell on the plots. Homura sounds like a love-sick cow--no matter how many times he says "Konzen" in his mind, nothing's going to *happen*, is it? And one has realised that most fanfiction writers of any language/nationality/age write almost the same kind of fic as the other average fanfiction writer next door. But not everyone can have doujinshi published.)

Ah, ZS summary . . . Thanks sf!

Eline--who still thinks those pink mittens are cute . . .
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[Friday, December 27, 2002]

Was on the way home when I got a call from Kino--so a slight detour into the city and I picked up two copies of "Salty Dog" for Ange and myself. (Title still connotes many things in my mind . . . most of them suggestive, some of them nasty, none of them innocent.)

Saiyuki fans will probably be buzzed--"Salty Dog 1" is 100% Saiyuki with Gaiden thrown in. (Saiyuki Reload and other Minekura works will be in Volume 2, if I'm reading the mangaka's end note properly . . .) And worth the money too if one is into Minekura's original art because it covers her art from the 2002 calendar (bunnies and handcuffs ^^), "Visual Complete", novels and both movies. The technical: mangaka has been doing more CG work as well as CG-touching up of hand-coloured pieces. (Which are *much* better than the anime-style CG art produced by anonymous persons to stick on shitajiki and miscellaneous goods . . .)

And there's actually two Homura pics--up one from "Backgammon 3". One of which has superb composition and background--from the short G-Fantasy Homura story--and it's temping me to make it into a desktop . . . That or the one with the Sanzo-ikkou-minus-Goku in greasy-mechanic-overalls--only manga biseinen can make greasy, baggy overalls look hot.

kit: I'm not sure if I'm free tomorrow to watch the movie. It's my niece's 1st month celebration so the afternoon is out . . .

Eline--who is sure that there's a clever ploy behind the placement of the Gojyo and Hakkai picture on pages 10 and 11 as well as 48 and 49 . . . because they look like they're making eye contact from across the page . . . *beats inner yaoi fangirl over the head with a spanner and drags her away*

Edit: Homura's holding his sword in a suggestive position.

Homura: Well it does get rather heavy after a while . . .

Okay, whatever you say, Mister-I've-Got-A-Really-Big-Sword . . .

Homura: It has a *name*, you know . . .

Oh TMI . . .

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[Thursday, December 26, 2002]

Saw TTT last night with ShuW (finally had time because she was clearing leave at the end of the year). Ooo, pretty. Someone wrap up the Oscar and give it to the FX and make-up people . . . Oooo, Sir Ian, you look great in white on a white horse . . . (There's nothing I'd consider a spoiler here, considering that people who read the books already know the basic plot and everyone else would have gone and seen the movie--twice or more times--already.)

Good thing theatre was dark and everyone was awed by the FX. Was sniggering like crazy over the Sam/Gollum/Frodo triangle.

Sam: Mr. Frodo's mine!
Gollum/Smeagol: Mine!
Frodo: *walking on, clueless*
*Frodo actually seems to be leaning towards Gollum at one point*
Sam: *big brave heroic speech*
Frodo: Oh Sam, you're right . . .
Sam: Yeah--and I'll always be there for you because I'm *your* Sam.
*you could hear the sound of Gollum's black little heart breaking after that scene*
Gollum/Smeagol: If I can't have him, then no one will!

And my favourite pairing--Gimli and Legolas--was all over the place. All that one-upmanship was a foil for the real bet-- which was "Whoever kills more orcs gets to be on top tonight. Assuming we survive this . . ."

Should I be disturbed that the only cast members I like happen to be 1) out-of-the-closet, 2) quite possibly the oldest person on the set and 3) computer-generated?

Ange--did the necessary this morning. Check your mail.

Found out that the registration for modules of students in my cohort start on 31st December--*again*. For the second time running.

*gashes teeth while some part of the mental processes shrivels up and dies, gibbering in fear*

Regstration does not clash with the time-of-the-month this time around, so I probably will not fall over and have a fit on the floor of the Computer Centre after 5 days of queuing up and being told at the end of the line that I had to get one more signature like I did two semesters ago.

Eline--who is paranoid about anything to do with the registration system and all the associated pain that comes with it
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[Tuesday, December 24, 2002]

I was very, very bad . . . I actually wrote a third part to "Dear Santa".

But I was trying to be good by finishing up "Drawn to the Light" too.

And then my parents are cutting me off from the Internet because they say I spend too much time in front of the computer without realising that I need the machine (sometimes without the Internet) to type, to print, for mail, for the news headlines, to register for my modules and to make my due-in-January poster presentation. Well, they're not as dependent on the Internet for their daily information and news, so it's not really their fault for thinking that I'm obsessed and not actually *living* a life here. And I exercise more than either one of them and do not play a kind of game that require acres of usable land to be shaped into non-productive and fertiliser-ridden hillocks to hit little white balls around on.

Eline--probably Internet-less until tomorrow
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[Monday, December 23, 2002]

There's nothing like reading some good fic in the morning with breakfast . . .

sf: Why yes, I would think so. You can't really tell that RL-Eline and and Online-Eline were the same person without a pink yaoi fangirl t-shirt. It's the same for most people--Internet-persona and RL-persona are sometimes *entirely* different. If Online-Eline was to go around in place of RL-Eline, there would be much trouble indeed . . .

Met Serene at Kino yesterday while picking up ZS. Heard from her that there were apparently a group of Sanzo-fangirls at the cosplay last Saturday and while Melissa was checking her hp, they ran up to her, then started kow-towing and chanting "Sanzo-houshi-sama". I would have liked to see that . . .

And now the latest product of having time to type on a computer with Internet access . . .
Dear Santa: A travesty in two parts.
(I haven't even had any "X'mas cheer" yet . . .)

The thing about buying presents for your best but perfectly normal friends is: even after so many years, you still have no idea about they really want. For one thing, they don't have a favourite manga series or doujinshi pairings. And they don't like F4 or anyone of those boybands with a burning passion either, so one is sometimes stymied when trying to find something related to Winter Sonata that is suitably practical, nice and not a paid-vacation to that ski resort where it was filmed. And then one just gives up and gives Body Shop products because only friends would give things that you would never buy yourself just this once a year as a small token at parties/meetings and not because we were into X'mas or anything. The clothing shop gift vouchers are reserved for birthdays of friends who are working.

Eline--off to wrap presents
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[Sunday, December 22, 2002]

Winter Solstice . . . time for some family-getting-together-ness and tang yuan, which my mum and I made last night to be cooked this morning. (Another little mother-daughter-bonding thing . . . that she says she hopes will be passed down to the next generation. She's talking about hypothetical grandchildren already, help . . .)

Went to Wati's wedding. (Also known as Our Big Belated Class of '96 Reunion and Our First Classmate's Wedding Out of A Great Many Probable Future Weddings to Come. Less painful than I thought it would be. The boys are all in the U and most of the girls have graduated.) Us girls piled into the bedroom and watched the bride get into another gown (second suit of that that day). Realised how heavy the skirt and baju were. And the make-up and elaborate accessories take an awful long time. Managed to squeeze in some photo-taking and hp-number swapping before lunching with classmates and watching the groom's procession come in. Met some of the more familiar Student Council members there too . . . Amazing how things change and don't change after all this time.

Nostalgia. Time blurs things, but sometimes, things never change.

Must go distribute digital photos of today now . . .

Eline--still staring at that Gaiden pic of Konzen in the cheongsam . . .
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[Saturday, December 21, 2002]

Oi kit, don't work too hard yo?

Went out today for the Miyuki cosplay--or rather, to ogle at the cosplay and spend the rest of the time yakking with fangirls. Nice meeting you and your friends today! And pimping my cleaner djs to the young and impressionable--well, not so impressionable . . . yeah, if I find any more dj by that circle, I'll call you guys . . .

Cosplay at Suntec is always held at the same place. Right next to the bridal exhibit that was there last year too. I'd have thought they'd want to move their exhibit away from a place where weirdos with wings and huge weapons were parading around like loons. (Last year, a lot of cosplayers looked like they were wearing variations on the theme of wedding gowns too.) Less wings and phallic symbols this year--though there's always the Angel Sanctury people to make up for any lack in white feathers. CCS, Kenshin-gumi, Inuyasha-tachi and the HP-cosplayers were out in force. Met my old manga team back there exhibiting their stuff and Kevin from Kaze, who still remembers that he owes me books when I forgot clean about it--isn't he sweet?

The guy-who-always-comes-dressed-as-a-Gundam was Epyon this year.
kit, there was an Alucard there . . .
The only Saiyuki characters there were Homura, Gaiden-Goku and Melissa-as-Sanzo. (And if you count goldfish, it's a complete set--but no photo op with Melissa whipping the fan out on Goku--either one of them. ^^;;) Like a bad yaoi fanfic, only they never interacted beyond the time I got Homura and Sanzo together for a picture. *weg* *weg* *double weg*.

(goldfish, it's only a matter of time before you turn to the Yaoi side of the Force . . .)

My phone is fixed! And the first new message was from Kino--my ZS finally got here.

Read Robin Hobb's "Fool's Errand" (angst and slashiness, yay!) and currently on Terry Pratchett's "Nightwatch".

Eline--who spent the last few days shopping, walking around looking for presents and getting a backache
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[Wednesday, December 18, 2002]

Ange just told me that she's watched TTT and enjoyed it muchly (very, very muchly--very, very, slash-onna-stick muchly) . . . and from the stats on imdb.com, at least another 1600 people have too--more than enough to get it into the top 250 within 24 hours of its release.

As one slash fangirl to another fangirl, I was shamed that I didn't catch on 100% when she said "Legolas . . . Gimli . . . wheeeeee". I was sleepy at that time . . .

Moaned about the lack of Snape in HPatCoS with Delilah. Enthused over female!Snape written by Misty-chicka . . .

Enjoy New York!

sf: "The Story of the Stone" is a Tang Dynasty mystery, the second of three stories where Master Li and his apprentice/disciple Number Ten Ox go from Peking to Ch'ang'an to the Ten Levels of Hell and back, facing down jiang shi, Neo-Confucians and suspicious mushrooms to investigate a series of murders. And much intersection with Chinese mythology. This summary doesn't do the book any credit, btw. The story has *wonderful* characters--I love Moon Boy, horny as anything bishounen yaoi-standard-bearer.

Hi Sei! Looking forward to meeting you . . . (Will just check my mail and everyone's blogs while I search for a working hp to shove my SIM card in . . .)

Eline--one more product test down . . .
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[Tuesday, December 17, 2002]

It's rare that a good book keeps me up until 5am. I was stuck on "The Story of the Stone" by Barry Hughart until the last page. It's probably going to sound pretentious if I said that the mix of the familiar cultural/mythological references and a murder mystery was refreshing. Just happy to spot cultural references that I know. ^_^ And the plot is amusing as anything.

Have done much reading of non-Saiyuki fanfic and of non-fanfic stuff.

And then I got nostalgic all of a sudden and ran back to ff.net to check out an old friend's fics. She's still writing and I'm e-mailing her . . . (We've got this thing for Snape in a kilt.)

Eline--slacker correspondent
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[Monday, December 16, 2002]

My hp died again. I think I subconsciously dislike it and vice versa. Drat the inconvenience . . . Why won't they turn on the icq at home? Valid means of communication under the circumstances . . .

Was defeated by the lack of another key today. ("It's only 4pm--the botany garden should be open at this time!")

Tis the season for dj anthologies, it seems. Found a HomuraXKonzen anthology at last (coming out in winter 2002)--Zainin-tachi no Rakuen. (Okay, so the title in English sounds much better . . . That thing with "rakuen" in the title again . . .) From the contributors list, most of it is likely to be in novels (argh) and only a handful of dj manga--which means that there'll only be Saori Fukutoku and Mizuhara Takaya to look at . . . (Yeah, so the TenpouXKonzen anthology will always look better . . .)

Eline--seeking solace in books again
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[Sunday, December 15, 2002]

Went down to the lab today to get stuff done. But could not get stuff done due of the absence of a key to a certain place where stuff has to be done. Staring at an empty hook also gets you nowhere. It's probably life's ironic way of saying "get stuff done on working days" and "why the heck do you go in there on Sundays anyway?"

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[Friday, December 13, 2002]

Bad fanfiction continued.
(And we do mean *extremely* bad.)
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Ange--you'll be back just in time for start of the new Semester then. Yes, we can start crying later . . .

There will most probably be online registration even for 4th Years. Unfortunately, I will always remember what happened when registration opened on December 31st last year and I will beat my own head in with a hammer if that-which-happened-back-then happens again.

Amazingly enough, I actually have a social life this holiday season. Lab X'mas party on the 20th, MiyukiCon on the 21st (kit--spectators are welcome, is it?), wedding reception on the 22nd, possibly family X'mas get-together on the 23rd or 24th . . .

And for every good fanfic I read, there are 200 others I'd pass on.

I read somewhere that reviewers in the Saiyuki fandom are critical of MSs. Eh, if that's the case, then why are there so many of them? (Recently, I heard that they procreate and reproduce too. Much like bacteria. Or cockroaches. Mind you, cockroaches aren't half that boring.)

It probably has something to do with people not really comprehending what an MS is, much less an obvious MS-in-denial-which-is-not-just-a-river-in-Egypt-where-one-wants-to-chuck-the-annoying-MS-into-headfirst-to-swim-with-the-crocs-or-gators.

And ff.net does not see fit to protect the rest of us from non-fanfic nonsense and other corrupting influences. Much irony here.

Eline--considering going down and snagging some unhealthy BBQ food from Ellie's class cook-out

Currently listening to: "Wind", Naruto ED theme and "Shell", Witch Hunter Robin OP theme
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[Thursday, December 12, 2002]

Happy Birthday goldfish--couldn't make it yesterday but I hope you had a good time!

Bogged down with a touch of indigestion, but there was 85 fanfic on ff.net today, so one is happy. ^^

kit, beta-ing your fic now--is it the continuation to that fic I first beta-ed? (No title leh . . .) Okay, see ya next week . . .

Ange--I never got to see your kitten before it had to go . . . T_T
BTW, when are you coming back?

I'm Dream!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

I don't have a raven . . .

Eline--who is being chased offline by her sister (I'm easily bullied)
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[Tuesday, December 10, 2002]

Yep, that's entirely possible. When it gets down to the cussing, they'd have to do it in Hokkien, not Chinese. And I think they *do* look like a gang of bengs from time to time--only prettier than anything we'd ever see here.

I'd like to dare someone to do Saiyuki in Singlish, complete with swearing in Hokkien, Hakkai being sarcastic in Cantonese and Goku ordering food locally. Sanzo and Gojyo are already halfway to beng-hood already.

Every time I think I've read bad fanfic, I have this friend who comes up with truly horrific fic ideas to beat all of them hollow. And I just sit there, mesmerised as she goes on about fic ideas involving the Amazons from Ranma, Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho and others falling for Goku from Saiyuki in an AU of epic proportions with the females all properly updated to the current feminist standards. Or that one with very odd love polygons with Goku, Hakkai and crossover anime females too numerous to remember. And even after a whole year, I'm trying very hard to forget her take on what happened 500 years ago involving Gyukumen and Seiten Taisei Son Goku--I think I'm succeeding because I can't remember where the time warp and the Gundam Wing pilots fitted in anymore. (One day, I will need to check the water in this place for the drugs formerly used in the Ohtori Academy.) The only thing that preserves my sanity is the fact that she is unlikely to write them. She also thinks that Hakkai looks good as an evil sh*ta-con h3ntai who's into BDSM and Goku the perfect uke, so what can I do except smile and nod along?

With enough persuasion, any pairing could look good, really. ^_____^;;;

One of my favourite dj is Paranoiascape by Gracefl Worms because it has Gojyo + Sanzo as a pair of gun-happy nihilistic misfits in the modern world. LIke WA, only more warped with Gojyo hammering a guy into a pulp for hitting on Sanzo and they eliminate all witnesses in the bar afterwards. And they go home to a noirish little flat with bloodstains on the stairs from the time when some guy came around for revenge and Sanzo blew his brains out to save Gojyo. There wasn't even any sex in it--just weird conversations in the bathroom. (Sexy and sexual without even showing anything--that was how good GW had got at that point in their dj career.) Their idea of fun is to go to the amusement park with machine guns and then walk off hand in hand together. It was one of the sweetest things I ever saw in comic form.

Eline, listening to Malice Mizer--which resembles a psychadelic sort of music box . . . the kind of little painted pierrots inside
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[Monday, December 09, 2002]

After very looking hard at the mice, I think there's only Hakkai and Gojyo left . . . (Note that observing their behavior in relation each other is not an accurate method for identifying individuals.)

Just tested negative for DHF, so it's off to do product testing tomorrow . . .

PoT 54:
Tezuka: *after Fuji all but announces his intention to defeat the guy who beat his little brother at tennis--we know he'd trash anyone/thing threatening Yuuta* You think about your brother a lot don't you?

Tezuka gets jealous sometimes too . . .

And Inui just proposed to Kaidoh . . . that they play doubles together.

Zhen Qing ends its first season today. What will my grandmother watch in the meantime?

(Mum-the-results-won't-be-out-until-next-year-so-give-it-a-bloody-rest-won't-you? I-tend-to-get-tired-of-repeating-myself-for-the-nth-time-so-leave-me-alone-because-you-don't-really-give-a-shit-about-my-academia-other-than-the-end-results . . . Which-is-almost-as-bad-as-Dad-or-my-aunt-asking-why-I-didn't-go-into-a-supposedly-more-superior-field-like-microbiology-or-genetics. That-coming-from-people-who-know-nothing-about-the-subject-makes-my-stomach-hurt-even-though-they're-my-parents.)

Eline, who has certain reasons to watch anime and read sci-fi all the time--they're sitting at home right now watching A*mei concerts on VCD.

Current music: "Stronger" by Britney Spears. (It's a whole new experience when one is watching it as a part of a Tsuzuki-centric anime music video based with pretty good lip-synch.)
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[Sunday, December 08, 2002]

Got an official invitation to Wati's wedding . . . It's going to be a class reunion at this rate--and we'd probably be betting on just who'd next. Fact is, quite a lot of people get married early these days despite what the statistics say. I know several friends, still in the U, who got hitched and another one who was 8 months pregnant somewhere back in Year 3 . . . Although the shock of one of us getting married this early takes a bit of adjustment . . . (A cousin of mine got married at 21. At 22, she was divorced. Which also makes one rather wary of this haste to get hitched.)

Yes, kit, probably an angpow . . . or qingpao in this case . . . Wati's Malay and it's an afternoon reception.

goldfish, very sorry--my lab mice won't live long enough for adoption . . . T_T Not with the tests being carried out at the lab right now. 2 out of 4 down already.

Trying to finish watching One Piece even with everyone complaining. ("How can you stand watching cartoons for the whole afternoon?" It's not 'cartoons' . . . ) Hirata Hiroaki! It doesn't help that he sounds exactly like Gojyo does . . . Or that Sanji is a Fundamentally Nice Guy like Gojyo . . .

Eline--still got that last poster presentation to tackle . . .
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[Saturday, December 07, 2002]

My sis is back from Prague--her JC's choir won a prestigious award (don't ask me which one) and so they're all happy. Prague was great for her except for the drizzle, pickpockets and perverts.

It was sometime around dinner and I got a call from an old Secondary School classmate of mine. Turns out she's getting married in two weeks time.

. . .

After digesting this and spewing out my congratulations and astonishment in triplicate to make up for 5 years of non-contact, as well as swallow a mouthful of bile after finding out that her fiance (who we all have never met before) had been at the last class gathering that occurred last week (without my knowledge, as it has always been for the last 5 years--not that I minded), I got invited for the wedding.

Fact is, Wati was one of my better friends in the Hell that was My Secondary School Days (that I've been running away from as fast as my legs can carry me). We were also in the Students' Council--the thankless, backbreaking ECA that it was. (A cruddy B3 for my ECA record--did they suppose it was *easy* doing friggin' Council grunt work as well as being captain of the school swim team, House swim captain, House cheerleader, joining all those damn quizzes, and scoring first place in the Prelims at the same time? It influenced my decision to be less of a joiner with time until the current me--absolutely nothing, no obligations except those that I still choose with increasing stupidity and enforce with my own dogged idiocy.)

Eline (aged 15 and organising Teachers' Day with her similarly aged committee and treasurer-cum-vice-idiot who-all-got-arrowed-for-this-job-by-the-Ex-Co-because-this-is-the-first-time-the-Council-has-to-organise-it-so-don't-fuck-up): Okay, we'll consider your act for the concert--next please! No, you can't play that on stage on Teachers' Day . . . You want *how* many rehearsals for this concert again, sir? The money? Did you collect all the money from the students yet? Who was supposed to order the souvenir gifts again? The buffet lunch has got to be halal . . . What? You're all going on OBS? Half my comm's on OBS? The treasurer's gone on OBS too? What the hell?

And in the popularity contest that was the next Ex-co election, guess who never got a position? Yeah, if only ECA points didn't count, and if ECA points didn't depend on your damned ranking back then, I wouldn't have given a fuck. Wati was one of my best friends in the Council . . .

Eline, who has to figure out what to get for a wedding gift now . . .
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[Friday, December 06, 2002]

Ah, now when I talk about getting long in the tooth, it's also about getting back at midnight and hitting the sack without even turning on my computer.

Much like last night. After a most fangirly time with sf, goldfish, Alex, kit, Serene and Melissa. Hope no one was too bored or traumatised. ^^;; Thanx so much for the candy and the loan of comix and One Piece, goldfish--don't starve yourself because of us. Thanx for letting me borrow the Malice Mizer CD, Alex--I'll be sure to listen to it . . . one I get past staring at their make-up.

Supposedly a holiday weekend, but I promised my lab's technician that I'd go down to the lab to maintain the cultures and feed the mice today and tomorrow. (This is very sad, goldfish . . . In the past week, another mouse died of work-related stress.)

Wait, there's actually readable AU Saiyuki fic on ff.net (unlikely premise, to be sure, but it's AU--hooray for AU) . . . just watch it with the grammar and the missing words here and there, ma'am . . . Desperation--where to draw the line for reasonably good fic?

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, happy Chanukah, season's greetings, winter solstice, happy holidays (for those who got them, lucky people) this month of December.

I will not be angry at my neighbour in the hostel for making a total mess of the kitchen (again). I will not be angry at my neighbour for making a mess in the microwave (for the third time this week). I will not be angry at my neighbour for not having any social manners/graces or the politeness to clean up after herself (even after half a year of this shit). Because she was daft enough to do it on the eve of Hari Raya (and a weekend) and there won't be any cleaners at all coming in for the next three days. And I will not be around to wring my hands and clean it up when I can't take the sight of the mess any more. Pigs can live in their own filth.

Eline--off to pick up her sister from the airport (she's been in Prague for the past ten days--and I've been having vacation envy)
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[Wednesday, December 04, 2002]

Weather is odd, but it is falling into a routine. Sunny in the morning and early afternoon and cloudy afterwards with no actual rain. Must take advantage of the sunshine and go for a swim.

Ange: 22 feeling 42--as usual. Why do you ask?

In the HnG yaoi fandom, everything's gone J-rock. Which warms the cockles of my non-existent yaoi fangirl heart when it comes down to leather corsets and such. (Am I the only one in the anime fangirl universe who hasn't heard anything by Malice Mizer yet?)

PoT 53:
Oishi: Eiji!
Eiji: *at the same time* Oishi!

Oi, quit being so bloody cute lah, you're giving me the fuzzy-wuzzies!

Joy: Full RENT lyrics can be found here. Pity the theatre didn't have good sound--RENT's got a lot of wordy songs, not too mention all the pop culture references.

Eline--actually writing fic *gasp*
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[Tuesday, December 03, 2002]

There used to be a time when doing 30 laps in 45 minutes was nothing. But that was back when I was 15 . . .

There used to be a time when dashing off a few fanfics and dabbling up a few crap fanart pieces in three days was easy. But that was back when I was 19 . . .

There used to be a time when I could run three websites and juggle studies and work. That was when I was 21.

I hate to think what I'd be saying when I hit 30.

Eline--getting old

Mark, Angel, Mimi:
Bisexuals, trisexuals, homo sapiens,
Carcinogens, hallucinogens, men, Pee Wee Herman
German wine, turpentine, Gertrude Stein
Antonioni, Bertolucci, Kurosawa
Carmina Burana!

To apathy, to entropy, to empathy, ecstasy
Vaclav Havel - The Sex Pistols, 8BC,
To no shame - never playing the Fame Game!

To marijuana!

To sodomy,
It's between God and me
To S & M!

"La Boheme" from RENT and the sequence that probably had a little to do with it being rated 'R' when it was performed here. Overrated . . .
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[Monday, December 02, 2002]

I'm officially an aunt now! My eldest cousin on my mother's side gave birth to a baby girl last night! Looks like Amber's going to be my *only* niece for quite some time to come . . . Not enough older cousins on either side of the family.

*compy screen goes blank* *pokes at compy* *compy makes distressed beeping noises*
*pokes at e-mail* *e-mail refuses to open*

Hmm, someone's poking me to update the Parapet . . .

Which Royo Painting Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Oh hey, there are even quizzes for Luis Royo's paintings now . . . It's not my favourite Royo painting though . . .

Eline--at least all's well in RL
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