[Wednesday, January 29, 2003]

Wolf's Rain 4!

I bask in the slashiness of it all!
Spoilers I have to rant about:

Tsumi has a Sanzo-complex, Tsumi has a Sanzo-complex . . . It lasted about four episodes. ^^

Deep down inside, Tsumi really, really cares. And so does Kiba but they're all copping a macho-cool-guy-"it's-nothing-just-basic-instinct"-thingy attitude.

Toboe licked Tsumi's leg! Argh! *dies of the slashiness*

Wait, that was just more "basic instinct"--if's a platonic gesture in wolf-language! Tsume was hurt so Toboe was doing what wolves do!

Yeah, but d'you think the yaoi fangirls *care* when they showed that with Tsume and Toboe in human form first? Toboe licked Tsume's leather-clad leg! *thud*

And the ending . . . Awwwwwwwwwww . . .

Nooooo . . . Repeat to self: Toboe is too young . . . Toboe is too young . . .

Eline--happy even with a sore throat and projects looming up over her head . . .
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Wet day. Bad throat and my once-a-semester-cold. Bah.

Wolf's Rain 4! Yay!

Eline--sleepy now . . .
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[Tuesday, January 28, 2003]

More project meetings . . . (Hmmm, I was at S2 level 3 from 8.30am to 12noon . . . must have missed you guys when you went up to the admin.)

Gaiden . . . Oh tempting, so tempting . . .

See you on Friday then . . . can collect my Feb ZS (almost 2 weeks late) and the Loveless Special Ed and maybe even Salty Dog 2 . . .

I have a free day tom--today actually . . . To do research for wretched projects . . .

The thing about doing work in groups is . . . argh, try coordinating the timetables of 6 or 7 people with different classes and you'll know why . . . And there's all this small-scale politicking when it comes to forming groups because there are undesirables in the class that no one wants on their team. It's unfair, of course, but some people have had bad experiences about what it's like to be in groups with certain persons who appear determined to win the world record for not-showing-up.

So someone always has to be kicked off the island--I mean left out of the groups--to ensure equal distribution of work and no residual bad feelings afterwards . . . And we feel scummy for it because we know certain persons are out there sending out e-mails asking to be included.

Eline--feeling scummy
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[Monday, January 27, 2003]

Urgh. So many projects and presentations due after CNY. I was at a meeting from 8.30am to 12 noon today. Another two project meetings tomorrow (technically today) at 8am and 9am respectively. And I haven't decided on a title for the term paper from another module . . .

Have been backing-up my PC files today and shoving recent docs online in a fit of paranoia. PC is still not online and functional. Has problems with installing MSOffice, of all things . . .

And my laptop is falling apart! The casing has cracked from the hinges and I can see the cables . . . O_O Bad timing, very, very bad timing . . .

Am actually thinking of updating fansites. I must be either suicidal or delusional . . .

*readies the tissue box for the next Gaiden installment*

Eline--noooooooo . . .
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[Sunday, January 26, 2003]

Did a tonne of baking yesterday. Blister on thumb. Back hurts . . .

Have asked for help from RLSS slash-listers. Anyone who can spare some time to sort and scout fics for the Parapet are welcome because I don't want to overburden my one and only volunteer . . .

Temporary layout of the boys from Wolf's Rain. (They're not dogs--woof, woof . . . :P) And I think my comments system has gone offline . . .

Episode 3 of Wolf's Rain: Another four bishies on a roadtrip to god-knows-where . . . (The old Boy Band formula strikes again--take a minimum of three bishies and place them in an anime situation . . . ) I'm 99% sure the backstory is very nice and dystopic and everything, but the guys had to be cute to sustain viewer interest until they get to the real plot (that's what Tsume's rear and Kiba's face are for). Already, I anticipate the inevitable doujinshi that would spring forth in a few months' time . . . It's a terrible temptation for fangirls, it is--four guys, wandering around in a (possible post-nuclear) wilderness with no baggage besides the usual emotional ones and only their true wolfy instincts to survive. *getting interesting images here* (Bad Eline--very, very bad . . . )

Eline--"Assignments and projects and term papers, oh shit . . ."
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[Friday, January 24, 2003]

Another insane night out at Sembawang Canal with the BIG gang (I was horrendously late T_T I spent one hour getting from my hostel to the Canal--had the worse possible luck with the buses today) . . . and they sabo--I mean they elected me president. I'm overqualified, having spent much of my time in drains, physical or metaphorical . . . The more fangirls, the scarier it gets. Terror and mayhem trail in our wake . . . The revival of the 888 list is in progress . . . yay! (kit, sent you the email with the details and my friend's addy is on it too--just scroll down . . .)

Yes, a whole day worth of lectures and a seminar on actin-activation proteins in E. coli ended wonderfully. Alcohol tolerance has increased.

I'm like the Avon lady, only my sample case has other things a fangirl wants . . . "This is your local dj pimp calling . . ."

*digs around her site* For Alex, some captures from the Mirage of Blaze opening . . . Takaya (Seki Toshihiko!), Naoe (Hayami Sho!), yum, ditto (the subs are the opening theme in English, really) and nyyyyyaaaaaaaaa--who cares if the anime is boring in the first few episodes . . .

Eline--all fangirl-ed out for the day *flops over*
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[Thursday, January 23, 2003]

Oh not-very-frabjous day . . .

I still hate 8am lectures. Had lunch with sf and friend--forgot how long the queues at the canteens were at lunchtime . . .

Well, my PC is here . . . sans modem driver and MS Office applications. In other words, it's still not my PC, Elektra, yet. It's been reformatted and doesn't even have MSWord on it due to my Dad forgetting to bring along the discs and the right modem drivers . . . T_T I got yelled at because my printer doesn't have the right guides in the feedtray according to my dad and a plastic bag I was using to hold envelopes for mailing dj in was too flimsy in my mum's opinion. "Don't blame me! I didn't design the machine! Or the bag!"

My laptop is the only thing keeping me sane now . . .

Yay, Sembawang Canal! (Ah, the amount of time I spend crawling around in drains . . .) I feel the need to get very, very plastered before staggering home and baking pineapple tarts over the weekend.

goldfish, not all my dj are as pretty and . . . clean as those I showed you guys ^^;; . . . kit and Ange can tell you that . . . Will try to find some cleaner ones so that I do not wind up in hot soup with your parents . . .

Part the second of Go West is up . . . Extra, unedited footage can be found on my site.

Joy, your package arrived yesterday. Thank you so much!

And I have more truly excretable Saiyuki doujinshi . . . No live fish involved this time, but still . . . A speculum?
(Edit: Hmm, I am actually more scared of the fact that I can actually identify that sort of thing in a dj than anything else . . .)

Eline--missing her PC
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[Wednesday, January 22, 2003]

There was sunlight today--but lazy old me didn't want to go out. Spring-cleaned instead. Moved a metric tonne of dust around and there's still the rest of the things to clear up or put away. The debris of two years accumulated here, in a space no larger than the average toilet . . . Am I glad I'm not a mad manga collector--just a mad dj collector. Need a new box to contain everything spilling out of my cupboard . . . And I have to sell some of it off too . . . *starts dividing dj into piles*

Elektra's coming back tomorrow! Oh frabjous day!

Eline--awaiting reunion with compy . . .
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[Monday, January 20, 2003]

Actually shopped for New Year's clothing yesterday. Though it was more like shop for clothes, avoid shops with crowds, duck into bookstore, buy some foot-soak for sore feet, change shopping centres, shop, buy nice new jeans, duck into another bookstore to get away from crowds, shop, window-shop, duck into another bookstore to place orders, shop, buy cheese bread, buy pen refills for my sister, go home on aching feet and try again on Wednesday to buy a top. Feet felt like mincemeat with blisters in those damn sandals that were always no good for the rigours of shopping in the city but my mother insisted that I wear them instead of borrowing my sister's sports sandals like I should have. The health of one's feet are not as important as the condition of one's sandals where I come from . . .

I love small, well-stocked bookstores. Especially the ones that can tell you, without referring to a computer or the record books, just how much stock they have left or on order, when the books were reprinted, how two of the ones I was looking for just walked out of the shop not 15 minutes before I came along with my list and which ones I can pre-order, all in under 5 minutes.

No news of Elecktra--because it's still at home--I miss my PC . . .

Getting into the swing of things in the new semester at last. My neighbours still make me mad everytime I look at the kitchen after the weekend. It's really disgusting sometimes . . .

Maybe I should not throw stones (figuratively speaking) at my neighbour for watching F4 because I was watching Weiss in concert circa 1998. I didn't understand a word, but I was laughing at their expressions and all the OTT fanservice . . . (Weiss and Saiyuki are all boybands--but I like them two-dimensional or else I don't think I can stomach it . . .)

PoT 58: The slashiness continues in Doubles 1 . . . kyyyaaa . . . Inui/Kaidoh . . .

Eline--must type up damn lecture notes . . .

As I said to someone today re: a certain site:
I'm afraid that if I go there again, I'll start reviewing like this "That's the part of the body commonly known as the pelvis. Come on, you can do it--repeat after me, pel-vis, va-gii-nah, cli-tor-ris, maa-ri-soo-no-baa-kaa . . ."
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[Saturday, January 18, 2003]

Friend who went to Comiket's package arrived earlier this week! Gitenshidou PoT dj! *bounce bounce* (I love being a fangirl in the right fandom at the right time.) Pretty (they have become pretty good over time) . . . even though they draw everyone with pretty girly hands and manicured nails. FujiXTezuka . . . Tezuka is *so* cute when he blushes.

FujiTez plot bunny is struggling to emerge from the primordial soup of fanfic material. *beats bunny over the head with a frying pan to slow down evolution*

Getting better at helping my sis do her sugaring after the third round. It can't be helped that she inherited most the body hair genes and her choir's uniform-gown is short-sleeved, but I wouldn't recommend the smearing of sugary goop on her skin by someone who has never done that kind of thing before (i.e. me, the older sister) and getting someone suitably heartless (i.e. still me) to yank the cotton strips plus the payload of follicles off . . . It looks and sounds *painful*.
"Now you know what it means to suffer for beauty," I said unsympathetically and a bit snidely because I landed up with the shorter body hair genes and I am not in a choir due to the lack of singing-ability genes (*very* rare in the family).

And Ange loaned me QAF! QAF! Kyyyaaaaa . . .

Very hard to watch QAF here--had to wait until the wee hours of the morning . . . 6am to be exact. Definitely not a show to watch in front of parents, grandmother, aunt and younger sister (who knows a little about my hobbies and just thinks I'm weird). "*What* did he say? What does that mean? They're all *what*?" "You know, I was a lot more corrupted at your age than you are now. Stay that way, ok? In five years time, you'll still be less evil-minded than I am and happier for it."

Eline--happy evil FujiTez fangirl
What non-newbie fanwriters really want to write in the notes before or after a fic:
"We're not newbie authors--we've been writing fic since (insert year here). We don't really care about what you think about our fics because we certain weren't writing them for you and we probably won't change anything for you. E-mail/flame if you want, but don't expect us to pay much attention. Grammar and spelling corrections are welcome. Unintelligent and irrelevant plot suggestions will be welcomed with directions detailing how to roll them up, where to stuff them and how hard. Flames will be passed around on the MLs we're on and if you're unlucky, it'll be posted on our sites with grammar corrections and comments on style. Just kidding--they'll just be ignored because we've got better things to do, like write more fic."

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[Friday, January 17, 2003]

Welcome back, kit!

Old Pentium II laptop is still a solid piece of work even though I can never get any parts replaced if something goes wonky because the company tanked. After almost three and a half years, I still use it and it still works. *hugs Baby while Elektra is at the shop*

Good fanfic is one that will blow me away totally in a few short lines. Failing that, an AU fanfic that can hold my attention after 70 chapters (without any keyboard-melting yaoi yet!) can also be consider a good thing.

Had to read very evil fanfic to wash taste of nasty ff.net fics away. Badly-written yaoi is worse than badly-written MS.

So it's back to basics--the first Saiyuki fanfic I actually saw (back when I was mooching around the GW fandom) was "Little Red Riding Ho" by Reishin. I didn't realise that there was a sequel at Reishin's site. Yay! The travesty continues!

Must rave over how good Tsume looks in leather pants. Yes, Kiba is gorgeous and probably the Main Protagonist Around Which Everything Will Revolve, but Tsume is hot and I wanna have his puppies. Yep, I sound like never-heard-of-Women's-Lib-before-Mary-Sue already . . . Bad influence of fics--gah!

Eline--dribbling over Tsume's leather pants
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Boot up, Elektra! You can do it! We just defragged last week! Boot up! Argh! Safe Mode! We can do it in Safe Mode! (Safe Mode is for Jedi scum!)

My computer is officially on the fritz. I doubt it's because of lack of space, which is my dad's answer for everything that goes wrong with my computer. 11 to 12 gigs free space does not compute into "lack of space". When the CPU is finally delivered to the shop like I know it will be, they'll probably find out that it's due to corruption of the C drive, the motherboard gone all wonky or something's wrong with the graphics card. No burnt wires this time, so it's not the cooling system again . . .

Is usually ignored on the subject of extremely familiar old compy, much like everything else.

I'm one of those horrible people who actually like saying "I told you so". Because I did and was never believed. Not even now. Very tired of trying to prove self to people who wouldn't listen or acknowledge it.

I am anticipating my dad deleting all the stuff in my hard drives before discovering that it was really C drive corruption so I'll have to watch him tinker with my computer all weekend.

I need to know more computing and computer-engineering people--possibly less pain involved if I got a diagnosis from them.

Fanfic peeve: OCs/very obvious MSs disguised as cats and cute animals in fanfics--ick. Unforgiveable! Is nothing sacred anymore?

In other news, Wolf's Rain is my new obsession. Bishies are angsty and kawaii too, in the right form. They've already sorted themselves out into Alpha and Beta males in episode 2. Though Tooboe could be well be Omega while Tsume and Kiba fight it out for position Alpha if they ever met up again.

Eline--woof woof
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[Monday, January 13, 2003]

Modules registered and done with. A complete FFG form at last. Last day to file for graduation is this Wednesday. Argh. Last semester is here. It feels rather weird . . .

Set up an account at AdultFanfiction.Net--smut of the R and NC-17 variety only. I like them already.

Puttered about the old fandoms and realised that Mary Sue counts as a fandom by itself after popping out the old MS sites lists. Bad Fanfic, No Biscuit is how to do objective reviews without flaming anyone by correcting deliberately badfic written expressly for the purpose. (A bit roundabout, but it doesn't involve fanfics of unwitting fan-authors taken from unwitting fansites.) The "Interview with Mary Sue" in the Lessons segment has my favourite "omelette metaphor for Mary Sues".

Went font shoping online. Am a font freak in the worse way. See font. Font pretty. Download! Only it's much worse now because I've expanded into different language fonts . . .

Eline--thinking about how nice the desktop looks while reading the Tenpou + Kenren scene from "Gaiden (with-a-difference)"
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[Sunday, January 12, 2003]

Kyyyaaaaaa . . .


I booted the slutty monk off my desktop the minute I saw this. Ah well, must clear up desktop now to properly appreciate it . . .

Eline--very easily swayed by calendars with kitties and puppies on them and pictures of Gojyo and Hakkai at the moment (trust me, it will pass in a few days)
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[Saturday, January 11, 2003]

Spent most of today sleeping. Very unproductive.

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[Friday, January 10, 2003]

Sleeping at 2am (with neighbour watching Meteor Garden no more than 2 metres and one thin wall away to the right) and waking up at 4.30am because of a combination of gastric and the cramps makes Eline very crabby even after trying to sleep again at 5.30am.

Have received call from the Library. Item still not found. (Whenever the damn self-return system does not beep after slotting the item in, you need to go to the front desk and tell them about it *immediately*, boys and girls. Otherwise, they'll phone you a few weeks later and tell you that you owe more then six dollars in fines even after you've submitted an inquiry form a few weeks back.) Have lost faith in the Library system. Therefore I have nothing more to lose faith in. ("I used to believe in it since I was four years old, dammit!")

How many letters of clarification/appeal do I have to write this weekend? Would it be cheaper to pay the fines now or until they bulldoze over my appeal and I find myself owing several thousand dollars worth of library fines when I'm 40? Is there any justice in this system? Can I sue them for incompetence?

Eline--who knows that the answers to the last two are probably "no" and "no"
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I want my painkillers . . . but they're at home . . .

Ange, you may be interested to know that someone was searching for "F4 slash fanfics". The rest of the world will be horrified to know that the Asian verison of N'Sync has entered the realm of fanfiction. I keep wondering if my neighbour the boy-band fan knows about such things.

The local anime/manga club booth here was staffed entirely by girls when I dropped by to order manga. Probably Year One or Year Twos. ("That's not my phone number, dear. I'm rather old you see . . . Matric numbers in my time didn't have a letter in front of them."). Could it be that there are legions of anime fangirls here that I wasn't aware of? Or the more likely scenario that it's the girls who actually do all the work around here? And how many of them are into yaoi? Do they even know of its existence? And dare I hope that whatever they plan to screen this semester won't be anything in the vein of "Love Hina"? (Not that they have much choice beyond Odex's catalogue of subbed anime . . . The pain of being a legit club with legit dealings . . .)

Elektra is undergoing defragging so I am typing all my stuff on Baby, which is kind of slow and can't run two applications at once if the mp3 player is in use. Have not thought up names for compies at home. But I think my sister and my dad don't care either way what their computers are called, just as long as they work.

Eline--who will crawl under her rock and die now
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[Thursday, January 09, 2003]

Poster presentation done. Project and thesis is officially over! Yay! Got grilled like xiao by both my examiners, but it's over . . . *twitch* *twitch*

April 29th. April 29th . . . The last exam I'd have to do in this place . . .

Unless I do my MSc. Which is subject to review because I'm not like the people who got the okay from the U and the go-ahead from future-employer-who-owns-our-puny-little-souls already because they're *guaranteed* First Class Hons students . . . My Hons grading isn't confirmed yet. And these people are talking about their MSc already. *worry* *worry* Assuming all goes well, paycheck . . .or study some more? Paycheck . . . study some more?

Eline--who can get on with the rest of academia now . . .

*spit-polishes fanfics some more*
"Eww, quit it! Stop spitting on us! It's disgusting!"

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[Wednesday, January 08, 2003]

Today--no, yesterday--was my free day. Collected my poster. Poster is actually very good quality even though it is plain. Better laminating job than the ones done in the department. Is reasonably happy. Research fund can cover the sixteen extra dollars for printing at MedCom.

Met Ange--Oreos and djs, yay! PoT is best appreciated in the company of other yaoi fangirls. Eiji and Oishi were so cute in episode 56 . . .

Off to dinner. Everyone was on time! A record! A miracle!

After hearing the news from the horse's mouth, it's really no wonder kit was practically skipping . . . Congrats, kit! It must've been infectious, because we went and sat on some playground swings after diner and watched kit try her first cigar. Now have a cigar--must be saved for cosplay. Swings very fun . . . nostalgia . . .

ff.net is down. Therefore, the quality of online fanfic in the world was improved by 50% or more.

Sleep now . . . poster presentation tomorrow--today--it's the last leg of the project. I'm going to be quizzed standing up by the profs . . . argh. I just know they're going to ask me about the statistics and why I used Wilcoxon's Test . . . And my printer is out and I can't print out my results for reference and I'll have to do it at 8am tomorrow before the presentation . . . And the lab will be cold, must bring jacket and dress slightly less informally . . .

Eline--wheeee, swings . . .
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[Monday, January 06, 2003]

Silly me forgot that this was the second semester of the year. No orientation, so no Week 0.

Argh. Waking up at 6.30am, before the crack of dawn, at the temperature of less than 24 degrees and with hay fever really makes me miss the last semester. What a difference an hour of sleep makes . . .

Lectures starting at 8am are populated by the Walking Dead. Had another lecture at 4pm and I had to rush my poster to my supervisor for a check-through in between. I'm not going to make the print-shop deadline . . . They're swamped and it takes 2 hours for the machine to crank out one poster. Have to go to another print-shop on campus and hope for the best. Last resort: hardboard backing and a stick of glue. All lectures are in the same room this semester, which saves walking time. But it's the one with the thermostat that doesn't work and we're stuck with a temperature of 17 degrees for rest of the year (people *have* complained, but nothing's being done about it). Need a thicker jacket. And sneakers, not sandals.

Fic survey I nicked from Pin who nicked it off someone else . . .

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

Less. A lot less. Even counting unpublished stuff that would never see the light of day.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2002?

Weiss Kreuz. Yes, really. I mean *Weiss Kreuz*? What was I thinking? And it was my first yaoi lemon too . . .

What's your favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest.

Halcyon/Hell. I love that fic best of all--it is one fucked-up AU that I've already written the ending for. The middle part, being more fucked-up than the rest of it, is going to take a while.

Did you take any writing risks this year? (See above for unexpected pairings, etc.) What did you learn from them?

Yeah. Doing Halcyon/Hell and splitting it halfway after coming up with two conflicting ideas that I couldn't decide between. I've done multiple-ending fics before, but not on this kind of scale. On one hand, it could screw up and look stupid. On the other hand, it could be something I could actually be proud of (if I ever finish it).

And writing my first lemon. Most readers have indicated that it was a good first try . . .

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

Yeah, clear all the fic bunnies. Though this may be impossible . . .

Eline--still on the damn poster presentation
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[Sunday, January 05, 2003]

Rushed back here because there are lectures at 8am tomorrow morning. Argh, I thought it was Week 0 which means no lectures, but apparently this changes in the fourth year . . . And there's more hassle involved as we have to keep our proejct module registered (because it is still being marked) but we cannot take more than a certain number of MCs (because of the rigidity of the registration system). So it's up to us students to get a white form this time around, fill it up and send it to the DO requesting to include our project module in and wait for a reply. Thus generating 50-odd more pieces of paper to process. The wonders of autonomy. And they know who all the 4th year students and what our projects are too. Why can't something this tedious and obviously logicless be avoided? Shove autonomy and give me common sense any day.

*boots new fic online* Another exercise in bad parody.

Ange, are you back yet? Misery loves company . . .

Eline--slicing and dicing her project down to poster size
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[Saturday, January 04, 2003]

Good!Eline: Hah, I won.
Bad!Eline: Bleh. Goody-two-shoes . . .
Neutral!Eline: I'm trying to work here . . .
Good!Eline: Do the rest of DttL and get it over with.
Bad!Eline: Do the mpreg fic!
Good!Eline: Some people have no taste . . .
Neutral!Eline: You'd think that we'd all have the same inclinations, but noooo . . .
Bad!Eline: What? She listens to Simon and Garfunkel! Her taste is practically fossilised!
Neutral!Eline: Oi, can I get going with this presentation not? Clock is ticking . . .
Bad!Eline: I got no doujinshi . . . No inspiration.
Good!Eline: That's a lie and you know it . . .
Neutral!Eline: So I'll revise and repost Halcyon/Hell while you guys quibble . . .
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Bad!Eline: Want doujinshi!
Good!Eline: No dj for the moment!
Bad!Eline: *whines* Need doujinshi!
Good!Eline: Last semester starts on Monday!
Bad!Eline: *whines*
Good!Eline: No.
Bad!Eline: Yes.
Good!Eline: No!
Bad!Eline: Yes!
Good!Eline: Argh!
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[Thursday, January 02, 2003]

Slept in. Must cherish what I've got before the semester starts next week. T_T

Managed to get up another part for DttL. (Dislike that title more and more every day . . .)

Must work on poster presentation and brush up on stats because they're bound to ask questions about it . . .
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Ah . . . Got my registration done, I have my filing for graduation form, I missed lunch but had the equivalent of tea, dinner and supper with a gang of Saiyuki-and-some-other-series fangirls at Holland V, so very full now . . . but had a long refreshing walk back to my hostel to work it all off . . .

Going through "Salty Dog 1" with some strawberry margaritas in hand is much more amusing than doing it sober . . . And the alcohol probably had something to do with the attempt at a crossover RR . . . Will not mention lemon flavoured drinks here . . .

Eline--needs sleep . . .
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[Wednesday, January 01, 2003]

So . . .

If there is a System, then it should have a Structure.

The Structure of my Faculty goes something like this:

Professors/Lecturers <--> Admin --> Programmers --> the Registration System <-- Students like Eline

Occasionally, there is miscommunication. Like Professors/Lecturers <-/-> Admin. Or misinterpretation. Like Admin -/-> Programmers.
Or just plain old inefficiency. Like Programmers -/-> the Registration System. Which results in: the Registration System <-/- Students like Eline.

One of those disputed modules didn't even have *any* pre-requisites. I should know, because I went up to the Prof. in charge of the module and asked point-blank to be allowed to do his module. And also to get his signature so that my supervisor--in charge of the entire levels' modules but knows not of the pre-requisites--can sign for it so that I can finally get registered. Hence smoothing the way for students after me who need certain signatures because my supervisor won't need to direct students to the other Prof.

My supervisor should know the pre-requisites for the module she is conducting. Somehow it doesn't match up with what information the System has on that particular module. A lot of information seemed to have been omitted or misinterpreted for a lot of modules.

So the solution goes like this . . . Students like Eline --> Professors/Lecturers. Students like Eline plus a properly filled out and signed yellow form --> Registration system. Students like Eline are directed to a special queue where helpful CBLC members will check her form and then pass her on to a comrade who will watch Eline do her registration until she bumps into the same problem again. Then the helpful CBLC person will fill in the 3 disputed module slots with "dummy modules" before using his Super Special Magical Password to edit the choices so that the module list turns out as Eline had originally intended it to be. Save, confirm and print.

Simple, no?

Eline--who is planning to save herself a great deal of headache and heartache by typing up a list of module conversions and all those special programme exceptions to staple to her Filing For Graduation form . . . Just in case the DO gets another case of Brainlessly-Dumping-Data-Into-The-Never-Updated-System-And-Telling-Eline-That-She-Doesn't-Have-Enough-Of-This-And-That-To-Graduate-When-She-Has-Already-Fulfiled-All-The-Necessary-Requirements. Because Eline doesn't want* to revisit all that had happened when the DO had a case of Brainlessly-Dumping-Data-Into-The-Never-Updated-System-And-Telling-Eline-That-She-Doesn't-Have-Enough-Of-This-And-That-To-Do-Honours-When-She-Has-Already-Fulfiled-All-The-Necessary-Requirements again.
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Cleaned up room floor and the ceiling fan today. Hammering away at fics and benighted poster presentation. (Very tired of looking at rotten old thesis by now.) DttL going to be 2 more parts. New fics possible. Let there be lots of 85 and 58 fics . . .

Current cover of ZS: Gojyo . . . *dribbles* I hope that pic is in "Salty Dog 2" . . . (And who is that horned fella on Minekura's New Year greeting?)

My supervisor had better be in tomorrow . . . Argh. I have until 5pm 3rd Jan to get registration done.

Eline--trying to be productive here . . .
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