[Thursday, February 27, 2003]

Study Break # 625:
I just joined Wolf's Rain Slash and Wolf's Rain Yaoi Mailing Lists. I'm doomed. Doomed, I tell you . . .

But I did leave a lot of groups . . . some HP ones (too much mail) and all the Gormenghast ones because there's not much going on, really . . . (No one ever made a blockbuster movie out of Gormenghast . . .)
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[Wednesday, February 26, 2003]

Study Break # 529:

You are Hakkai and Gojyo!
What shounen-ai 'ship' from Gensomaden Saiyuki season one are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

No surprises there. (But when I saw all the possible results, I wonder why I didn't wind up with EveryoneXSanzo . . .)

An amazing little bit of serendipity . . . One of the dj sellers I get along swell with, let's call her A-san, happened to have the manga I was asking her about and she's also this other seller I was asking about certain B-Boy's volumes (only under a different name because of a little upset with Y! concerning the auction of certain types of books). That means I can have Rika the Breeder, the Be-Boys Anthology I was eyeing and Saiyuki (and PoT) dj all at once without having to deal with someone new. Golly.
And so A-san and I carry out perfectly normal e-mail exchanges involving the sale of manga I can't get here and doujinshi that I'll never get here. (Oh we read the same kind of stuff . . . like BENNY'S dj, Rika the Breeder, Be-Boys Anthology #29 . . . We never make a big deal about our taste in bishieXbishie.) Fangirls of a feather . . . or should that be BL fans who like leather get along well with each other?
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Study Break # 483:
Wolf's Rain 6 and PoT 64 in the same day. Joy.

Wolf's Rain Episode 6: "It's all about "I save your butt and you save my butt . . . and incidentally, I've got an awfully good view of your butt . . ."

Eline, back to the grind ("Fact: if the developers had their way, this place would have had 30 golf courses in total. They bulldozed a 70 ha bird sanctuary to make way for 6000 flats. And one 18-hole golf course occupies 60 - 320 ha. Kids, now you know why you'll be paying for that flat until the end of your days . . .")
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[Tuesday, February 25, 2003]

Trying very hard to update The Parapet with what I've got (2 fics--but it's something). Adobe Photoshop takes up an unholy amount of RAM on this CPU . . .

Wolf's Rain episode 6 aired in Japan less than 24 hours ago. And episode 7 is on the way on the 3rd or 4th March. (Trailer showed plot movement. No bishie movement though . . .)

Homura Sue? Well, of course . . . Explains why some of us like him so much and some villainise him to death on ff.net. ^__^ Homura was probably speaking to my inner MS.

3 tests next week. And two by the same lecturer who knows that some of us take both of his modules. *mutters about sadistic lecturers* And there's term papers and reports due after this week. Some term break. (What do they expect us to do in *one* week?)

Eline--one more study-break . . . *listening to the Fudomine singles (sounds a little like mid-80's rock)* *has decided that she likes Tachibana of Fudomine because he bleeds charisma--even his character song does*
Whaddya know . . . I did managed to update the Parapet. Go me.

Study-break again!
Some thoroughly undignified Homura-and-his-Konzen-fetish moments, done in gif, courtesy of this site (more proof that Saiyuki fans have a tendency to be PoT, HnG and Inuyasha fans):

Interactive videos were never meant to be like this . . . (What the fuck is a Seahomu? And Hakkai's public service message . . .)

Homura's Dream (Poor Zenon. Well, he shouldn't have woken Homura up in the first place . . .)

Homura's got a little proposal for Sanzo . . . (And it turned down-right indecent around the end . . .)

Lesson 123: Don't let Kami-sama near your dolls. (Also has an old-as-the-hills-Gundam-W-joke . . .)

(P.S.: Did I mention that that site has galleries with TeniPuri cheesecake? And cute stuff like the Hyotei sleepover . . .)
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[Friday, February 21, 2003]

Recovering my webpage files.

All I can say is: thank the gods of the internet for FTP. And I don't regret investing in paid webspace--it serves as a handy dump for files when I'm in a hurry or then there's no cd-burner available.

Hikaru no Go 64: Chibi Sai is kawaaaiiiiiiiiiiii!

Watched Ange's dance performance. Liked the kinky dance by that other group with the leashes best. Your group's number was great too--but you know how I like the disturbing ones with bondage themes better . . .

More pretty pictures . . . (Mostly dj circles . . .)
Gitenshidou--great Saiyuki dj and art *and* great PoT dj and art. And they do some lovely Fuji/Tezuka dj . . . So happy that one of my favourite circles supports my favourite pairing in another fandom altogether . . .

Gojyo and Hakkai and blue paint . . . I'm always and eternally a big Berry Very fan.

Future Syndicate--they who do HomuraXSanzo in the black uniforms of some Fascist regime.
Revenge--I just go there to read the generic HomuraXSanzo stuff--which has a nice cover gallery even though Sanzo looks like a girl . . .
Largo--them of the very H GojyoXSanzo dj . . .
Aqua--pretty GojyoXSanzo and others . . . (Got to love people who do blood-covered!Hakkai and irate-chibi!Sanzo . . .)
Benny's--they who scare the shit out of Eline sometimes--do a nice CG Sanzo (and his new boots). (Umm, don't go to the rest of the site, okay?)

(Had other links, but some sites have closed down . . . T_T)

Eline--wants the Fuji/Tezuka dj, yes she does . . .
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[Thursday, February 20, 2003]

Sure sign of old age: *reaches hostel* *falls into bed at 12.15am* Zzzzz . . .

I'm not half as genki as kit is. I was never half as genki as kit is even when I was 13.

sf: Angel Night's site--pretty Sanzo CG pics!

Have written sasoi-uke!FujiXTezuka PoT lemon. *stares at lemon* *lemon stares back* Now what?

Term papers coming up. Yikes.

Joy: Yes, computers are a bitch. This CPU is actually newer than my old one, but it hangs more often. (I think Dad's installed too many crashguard programmes and the like. While watching over the system, they take up RAM too . . . Must do some more cleaning out.) My old compy used to hang and all the programmes stopped except for RealPlayer, so I wound up staring at my wallpaper while the mp3s played on. Meh. May be able to do updates for the Parapet soon--yay. Eh . . . I saw something on Kagenami Q's site about Sanzo and a karaoke machine in a drama track--know anything about it? ^^

Eline--hugging her doujinshi (Got my first Tezuka/Fuji dj--where Fuji blushes and Tezuka's face remains the same even during the racy bits. Yeah right. Though I still maintain that Fuji was being a sasoi uke because Tezuka was way too stoic to bring up that small, little matter of wanting to screw each other's brains out. But the art was pretty . . .)

More fangirly dribbling: I also find it rather sweet that Fuji keeps a copy of The Little Prince in his bag (According to the PoT 10.5 fanbook that kit showed us). Ah, the unknown depths of Fuji . . . like in PoT 63. (The talent scouts should have been drooling over *both* Fuji and Tezuka.)
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[Tuesday, February 18, 2003]

See, it wasn't the first lemon that was hard to write (fact was, it was easy--and it was very bad indeed) . . . it was the second, the third and the fourth that were hard. And then there were the not so lemony limes. Which were even harder because I have a very limited imagination for metaphors. (I can imagine the angst that writing Wolf's Rain yaoi would bring. "Clothes? What clothes?")

Sweet Decay. Smut alert. Oy.

Edit (10.45am): PoT 63! Fuji! Aiiieeeeeeeee . . . *d/ling*
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[Monday, February 17, 2003]

After much tussling with wires, connectors and all the male and female sockets and plugs, we have installed the not-new-CPU-borrowed off Dad. Yay! Can multi-task! If only the glitches didn't crop up every time I've got four windows open. And the comp hung about ten times yesterday . . . ("What is wrong with you? Damn limited RAM . . .")

At least I've got my scanner and printer functioning before all my term papers are due . . .

Hi Leigh! *waves* Like your Gitenshidou layout! (Double Impact is, of course, my favourite dj for the usual reasons.)

Alex: Hope your interview went well. Fic! *glomps* (And there was one reasonable PoT fic on ff.net at last . . . I think my standards have fallen somewhat. Have resorted to Japanese PoT sites . . .)

kit should be back today . . .

Eline--killing time before another project presentation . . .
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[Friday, February 14, 2003]

Spending an hour crouched on the stairs in an overcrowded lecture theatre being bored stiff by a special seminar is doing no favours for my back.

I have to gripe. All the special seminars (that are compulsory for us 4th Years) in the very special reserved slot on Fridays are always about micro-bio or molecular-bio stuff. And the biodiversity talks and so on are always on other days, in the LS lab, sometimes clashing with the lecture modules that us "macro-bio" people have to take. The world is not just a bunch of genes and molecules, dammit. Macro-bio (i.e. animal behavior, marine and terrestrial ecology, conservation, AH&D, InsectTox and botany) always gets sidelined, marginalised and generally ignored. Did I mention that we also get the short end of the stick where grants are concerned if we're not dealing with zebrafish or horseshoe crabs? If they haven't noticed, we live in biodiversity central and they want to go into genomics, pharmaceuticals and proteomics.

*cuts off rant* *grinds teeth*

Moving along . . .

BIG: Glad Melissa and Serene could come. Short meeting. But we still managed to traumatise the wait-persons at yet another eatery. And nothing is sacred. Not even inanimate objects.

"Can I have a no. 69 please?"
*ensuing snickers causes waitress much puzzlement*
"Um, we're out of lemon sobert."
*whispers* "Maybe Gojyo and Hakkai had been here . . ."
*even more sniggering*

(Hey, I really wanted that lemon sobert . . . it just so happened that they numbered the menu for people who can't say the names right . . .)

*glomps 'fish* Yaoi posters! Oh I can see myself putting these up the day I decide that I need my parents to know about my hobbies . . . I so need to move out . . . *glomps Ange* Fake! Eheheh--at least I can watch it privately . . . *glomps Alex* Fuji as a sasoi uke is still okay! More than okay!

Specially for 'fish, Homura in that uniform from Future Syndicate's Requiem et Reminiscence. (Incidentally, Hakkai is also in that picture.) Must appreciate Homura--even his back. And while we're at it, Gojyo and Hakkai as a bunch of European-style aristos look great too.

I gripe about it every other week, so it won't hurt to say that there isn't enough of this pairing.

Eline--angry marginalised macro-bio student
*bustles off to quiz her sister on her date*

Edit: Yes, Ange, they look amazing, but it's not a HakkaiXGojyo di. Though we can always dream . . .
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[Wednesday, February 12, 2003]

Writing plausible smut is hard.

Oh well . . .

*deposits fic*

Sweet Decay. One more exercise in wishful thinking . . .
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PoT 62 (Damn, but the turnover rate for this week is beyond good. *salutes Anime-Otakus* Or maybe it was just Fuji being so cool they had to sub it fast . . .): Fuji vs Jirou. Fuji is so cool, he makes me squeal like a fangirl. Kakkoi! Fuji-sama kakkoi! And that's the most "fangirl" you can ever get out of me until the end of Saiyuki Gaiden. (Fuji . . . the only reason why you stick around playing under-16s tennis is just so that you can be seme over all the pretty boys, right? And make sure your younger brother doesn't go astray with that team manager from St. Rudolph's, of course.) Fuji's so cool, he makes a fangirl forget just how many recycled sequences episode 62 has.

He's so cool, I won't even rant about how much I hate Sakuno-who-ranks-lower-than-Fuji's-hairbrush-in-importance-to-the-plot and her once per episode "Ryouma-kun" *squeak**gasp*. (How much does her seiyuu get paid for *that*?) Oops, I just did.

Another quiz from blogs of friends . . .
Fire advise goggle
You think you're deep, tortured and misunderstood.
You're not, you're just incoherent and a bit
silly. Now you know.

What Lord of the Rings engrish subtitle are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Mostly accurate. ^_^

Eline--Fuji-sama kakkoi!


Why I hate the PoT fanfics at ff.net . . .

Fuji wa naku uke denai!

Reason #183 Why Fuji Is So Cool:
Fuji's name means "peerless".
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[Tuesday, February 11, 2003]

Potluck lunch today at the lab. My supervisor brought yu sheng. I cooked beef shitake this morning to bring along. It's fun when everyone contributes. As usual, there was quite a bit of surplus--should have asked sf, Alex and 'fish along . . .

Have eaten more raw fish in the past two weeks than I have in my entire life.

Quiz I got off goldfish's blog just for the heck of it (even though the answer is kind of obvious):

You're a SCARY yaoi fangirl.

Are you a yaoi fangirl?
brought to you by Quizilla

All right, who was surprised? Be honest now . . .

Yes, kit, you will have Hellsing doujinshi . . . if you stay away from them nasty cigars . . .

I am so happy that you have started on Wolf's Rain . . . *does the happy Wolf's Rain dance* Soon, you will join the Yaoi Side of the Force, young 'fish . . . (It's not that we're evil yaoi fangirls or anything . . . we just like a few other people around us to share in the madness.)

Oooh, Seki! Thanks Joy!

BIG: Canal? Gutter? Drainpipe? Small cistern? Sink-drain in the bathroom? I finish at 6pm on Thursdays so I'll have to run . . .

Eline--dizzy . . .

Vocab quiz (got the link from Incandescens' lj): 161/200. Owch. And my last GP class was way back in JC . . . Still have no idea about "telamones" and "atlantes" though--I was guessing no. 174 . . .

Edit again: The main page of Berry Very has a V-Day layout that makes me giggle like the fluffy-kind of schoolgirl I never was. (Yes, Hakkai, you do look good in that . . .)
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[Monday, February 10, 2003]

I now know more about swine diseases than human ones thanks to the AH&D module. Which is a little weird considering my future occupation, but then I should have lots of stories to scare students with. I keep wondering where I can get those slides with Ascaris slithering out of someone's rectum like white spaghetti, short of borrowing them off the lecturer taking Symbiology . . . It's things like that that make me want to go back and curl up with pretty dj. And I tell my parents, "I'm not being crude when I'm using scientific terms, y'know--I'm a science student and seeing prolapsed rectums, sliced-up mice and other joy-inspiring things during all my years here made me this way. If you wanted someone more genteel, then I should've gone into Arts (and therefore learned how to cuss and say rude things in some foreign language)--which was what everyone else said I should have done but I'm way past the time for regrets now."

Rushed for the final DHF blood test today. Nurse was impressed that I wasn't freaked out by the needle like "most girls". I'm like "Er, I've done loads of blood tests before, given blood (before finding out via those blood tests that I had inherited Mum's thalasaemia minor trait) and watched my sister do her insulin jabs twice a day." Pulling 5ccs of blood from a vein shouldn't faze anyone . . . or any girl.

PoT 61: The trailer for PoT 62 was the slashiest thing ever . . . Fuji!
Fuji: Lend me your blood-stained phallic symbol, Taka-san. I'll win this one for you and Yuuta . .. and for Seigaku, of course. I guess I'll have to take the game seriously now . . . (Now we know why he's seme . . .)

Spoiler-ridden Wolf's Rain rambles [Still going on and on . . . about the difficulties involved when you can't have the bishies ripping off each other's clothes.] It beats collecting various fansubs and compairing them while waiting for episode 6 . . .

mjj's Adoption: Yay! Dragons! Yay! Tenpou!

Eline--well, I'm working on H/H (60+ extra pages of it) . . . but it's a collection of lemons right now and needs plot . . .
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[Saturday, February 08, 2003]

Field trip today to the industrial zones--Saturday afternoon being the only time the whole class is free, thank you oh-so-fucked-up time-tables. Yes, it was educational, and yes it took the poor mountain-tortoise over here to places she's never been before on this remarkably small patch of land, including the pollution-heavy areas . . .

Hmm, never realised just how *flat* this place was when seen from a hilltop, minus all the high-rise buildings. Have been told of land-reclaimation projects for the future in case we run out of land. And the increase in the number of golf courses (which is acceptable because they fall under the catagory of "green zones"). And how a landfill out in the middle of the sea is one day going to be a recreation island for all us working drones in the future. Depressing . . .

Must drown self in the fuzziness that is Zero-Sum . . .

Speaking of which, I was slowly (ever so slowly) reading what I could on the bus on the long way back home on Friday when the man next to me asked if I could read Japanese. Despite the fact that most people mind their own business on public transport, there are some who do try to strike up a conversation with complete strangers. Turns out that he's 73 years old (doesn't look it, looks only 55), studied Japanese when he was a kid during the Occupation, is still working, has a wife one year older than he is and an 11-year old granddaughter who is taking a Japanese course. He did tend to drift off in the middle of the conversation and pick up the thread about five minutes later, but he's 73 and still working, so that's pretty amazing . . .

Jipu! Cute! Very cute! It should be illegal to be that cute . . . And this was just hilarious . . .

kit, goldfish, I'll scan in the stuff later when I'm back at the hostel where my dj are.

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[Friday, February 07, 2003]

Too fatigued to blog yesterday. But good things still come in threes--the end of another presentation project, Salty Dog 2, and my new set of HomuraXSanzo dj (3 of them). Recovery from flu, more pretty dj, Zero-Sum issue #1 that kit brought along to the Canal . . .

Could definitely get used to Canal-crawling twice a month . . . ^________^ That many fangirls concentrated at one table is a good thing.

The only bishies at the Canal yesterday were in our copies of Salty Dog 2. ^^ Reload, Bus Gamer, Beehive and miscellaneous bishies. (After the initial euphoria, I realised something . . . Where's the Wild Adapter stuff?)

Not that I'm complaining . .. Minekura's bishies are all good. Minekura's bishes look good in anything. Just look at Sanzo . . .

Making fleece look strangely attractive. (Because it's that time of the year . . . ^^ And that circle scares me and amuses me a lot.)
Making Fascist uniforms look good. (Ah, the Nazi fetish over there . . .)

('fish, you ain't seen nothing yet if you think the HomuraXSanzo dj was hardc0re yaoi . . . The scale, in order of increasing scariness--clean, shounen ai, yaoi, hard yaoi, stuff that disturbs Eline and shit that frightens Eline. And I would never bring those out in public or show them to under-21s . . .)

[The Wolf's Rain Rambles 1: The Various Physical And Logistical Problems Encountered While Trying To Write Wolf's Rain Yaoi.] Spoilers galore for Episodes 1-4. More on Episode 5 later . . .

Eline--field trip tomorrow . . . argh.

Quotable Quotes from the Canal: "It's not even a glowing cone of light anymore. All the glowing fluid came out . . . like one of those lightsticks." (attributed to Ange, IIRC.)
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[Wednesday, February 05, 2003]

Good things come in threes.

My project ended two hours earlier than expected. Yay!

I got Wolf's Rain 5 and watched it at Ange's. Yayyyyy! (Female wolves exist. Damned loophole for Mary Sues to jump through . . .)

Ange loaned me the March issue of ZS . . . *head explodes*

(I don't have anime-crazy sibs who go to Kino every week to pick up the new stuff . . . My sister will barely give me the time of the day unless she wants something and it's "buy me another Alice book", "Help me design the costume for my next choir performance--I need it before you go back to your hostel today", "I loaned my friend your leather collar with the spikes for a J-rock cosplay--she hasn't returned it since March last year", "help me do the sugaring again because all the hair grew back" and "I loaned my friend your Saiyuki DVDs and HP djs . . . sorry about the dog-ears at the corners." And she whines so much when I use her computer on weekends . . .)

3 X Saiyuki! Saiyuki Reload, Saiyuki Gaiden and a Saiyuki Reload Extra! The fangirly euphoria has all but cured me . . .

Tenpou . . . so seme . . . almost evil . . . he looked like Nii in that last panel . . . eheheh . . .

Gaiden was slightly anti-climatic but chock-full of goodies. No tissues needed yet. Almost. It was so sweet . . . *looks at empty tissue box* Used it anyway for my flu. Need to get another box in preparation for next Gaiden issue . . .

Jipu in the Extra was too cute for words. I was mumbling "so cute" repeatedly . . . I think people were scared of the way I was smiling all the way back on the bus.

Kazuya Minekura is a goddess.

Eline--happy vibes all over the place (it takes very little to amuse me . . .)

P.S.: sf, your germs and my germs are evil little buggers. You get well soon too. Ange can't make it to the Canal on Thursday because she's got rehearsals.
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[Tuesday, February 04, 2003]

My laptop has had it. One hinge is gone and opening and closing it just makes things worse. The screen is currently supported by string. The hard drive, amazingly enough, is still going strong. Now the casing . .. I can't get it fixed even if I wanted to. Ever heard of the brand Digitek? Yeah, that's the problem . . .

I've about had it with this damn flu. This is the longest I've been sick for quite some time . . .

Still doing projects today. Bah. On lunch break now. I hate this project. 12 minutes to present all *that*?

I want Wolf's Rain 5 and 6 . . . *whine*

On the brighter side of life, it's Canal time this week! kit's going to show us the ZS issue #1 she's got. We're probably going to break out the ceremonial altar, the incense and the sacrificial bishie. (As bishies are rare and endangered species in these here parts, we're going to have to sacrifice something much less exotic . . .)

So is it Thursday or Friday?

Eline--*hack* *cough*

Edit: Wolf's Rain 5 is out! Yayyyyyyyy!
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[Monday, February 03, 2003]

Have had many referrals for "Wolf's Rain". ^_^ That's nice . . . It may overtake "yaoi" as the top-referral. Even better: "wolf's rain yaoi".

"toboe is cute" Isn't he just? Yes, we want to hug him and squeeze him and write sh0ta-c0n fics about him. (Then again, if one tried the hugging and squeezing part with Tsume and Kiba, a lot of GBH with excessive blood-loss would ensue.) Toboe looks like a girl (the most girly, anyway) . . . so he's doomed to uke-hood forever.

And Toboe seems to be more popular than the other three in terms of search-referrals . . . Go Chibi!

Watching different subs of Wolf's Rain is amusing. "If that happens you can have my intestines." (Could be the cold medicine though . . .)

And according to the official site (which has a new splash page--very pretty), the manga serialisation of Wolf's Rain is starting 26th Feb in Magazine Z.

For a damn short time only--Wolf's Rain OP and ED--Stray and Gravity. (The cut-down TV-size versions--I have limited bandwidth.)

Eline--*hack* *cough*
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[Saturday, February 01, 2003]

Blogger ate my last post. *hack* *cough*

Running nose has slowed down but my nose has about had it--the skin is flaking off. Yeech. Currently hacking up phlegm.

Having the flu during CNY is a bad. Communal eating and the yu sheng. (Three rounds so far--all that raw fish . . . In retrospect, taking courses on parasites and animal diseases was not such a great idea.) The pineapple tarts and grandma's fried meat rolls. *sigh* No ba kua for me--the pineapple tarts and meat rolls were bad enough . . .

Back to the grind on this cool Chu Er morning . . . because my lecturer's a sadist who said that we'd be doing presentations first thing Tuesday morning. Spent most of the time fiddling with pics and colouring in a zonation map. (Like geography in school, with colour pencils and erasers instead of Photoshop.)

Ange, could I loan your ZS3?

Eline--*hack* *cough*
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