[Saturday, March 29, 2003]

Mailbox has been stuffed with SARS warnings and statements from the U about SARS. Must wash hands a lot. And it's plastic disposable plates at the canteens now, not that I eat there very often . . .

Have dumped more stuff on eBay. Am now a clearing house for a lot of other people's stuff. (kit, I've held back the dj your friend wanted. Also forwarded you the e-mail from that seller about your latest shipment of Hellsing crack.)

Talk about phallic symbols . . . Like Sanzo on the cover of Saiyuki Reprinted vol. 5. ^__^ Interesting choice of gun positions . . . (Yes, Minekura is evil. I had to have volume 5 in Japanese. It had the "Be There" arc in it.)

Alex: Yeah, Fuji's apparently played by the guy who sang the first three PoT opening themes. The idea of PoT the Musical is so campy I could squeal.

Edit: I looked at Issaisha's page and there was nothing about Saiyuki Gaiden in the May issue. Ack. Nooooooooooo . . .

Eline--still BSing her way through term papers
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[Friday, March 28, 2003]

Have not had enough BS to blog or write fic for quite a while. Not enough sleep either. Only got 30/40 for the combined CA for one of my modules. So now to calculate just how much I have to get in the exams for an A . . .

kit, if we ever need the extra entertainment, we know now that we just have to give Ange and sf coffee.

Have Magazine Z. Am a rabid Wolf's Rain fangirl. Actually shelled out for Magazine Z because of Wolf's Rain manga. (Alex--Tsume isn't as bish as he is in the anime! T_T)

Opening splash page in colour. Kiba--looking rather uke . . .

Tsume does not look as good as he does in the anime . . . (Ange was right--it's the way they do his eyes . . . As a Tsume fan and a worshipper at the Church of Tsume's Pants, I must make small squeaky noises of protest.)

The wolves seem rather lanky and angular . . . (i.e. not as nice as the anime.)

When Kiba met Hige . . .

Best frame of the entire manga so far.

Magazine Z . . is very shounen. There's Gundam Seed (very slashable shounen series that is popular and really quite boring) and Heat Guy J (another very slashable shounen series that I actually like, but it isn't very popular for some reason) in it too. Not too bad an investment . . . but the print quality isn't anything like Zero-Sum. Zero-Sum does not leave carbon on my fingers after the first flip-through.

PoT the Musical.

. . .

The crack level for that series still rising . . . (The musical fan in me needs to see this. But I can't go to Japan in May. Argh.) All those performers are guys? Whoa . . .

Eline--back to term paper on "Sharks: Endangered Entrée"
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[Monday, March 24, 2003]

Have just read bad PoT fic in the middle of writing really long term papers. Bad PoT fics are *bad*. When'll I ever learn . . .?

I blame it on PoT withdrawal. Need PoT. Need angsty Tezuka goodness. Will dive into the premium yaoi PoT at PenalTea.net. I *heart* Mura, Kim and Rachel.

After much yaoi PoT, it's daft-quizzes-in-the-middle-of-term-papers time!

I'm a generally unfuckwitted, liberal, disgustingly generous,
pathetically simple-minded, dribbling child!

What are you?

Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Victim was chained to you, then were slowly crushed as the handle was turned. Smaller
versions of you held only the victim's head. Oww. You're a real pain to be around when
you're angry, but you could force a confession out of the most stubborn.

torture would you be?

I thought I'd be the water wheel . . . hmmm.

You are Mythos (Mute). Selfless and Compassionate,

you give freely of yourself to save those who

are weaker. Now, if only you'd stop throwing

yourself out of windows in only your


Which Princess Tutu character are you? Version 1.0

brought to you by Quizilla

But I don't even *like* the spineless git . . . I'm a Fakia-fan. (Princess Tutu has almost the same amount of crack in their school's water supply as Utena. I have to have some of the crack they're on . . . And I'd marry Neko Sensei, I would. Ah, my fondness for really shoujo anime has never quite died out.)

Eline--stills wants PoT 67
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[Friday, March 21, 2003]

Large part of the week spent overseeing either my sister or the kids at the lab. *starts another term paper*

Mada mada . . .
It brings me back, it does. Days and days of pulping organic materials and doing solvent extraction until my head goes fuzzy from breathing in all that hexane . . . Not that the kids are doing this for days and days, just for the one week term-break. Have to sympathise with them, watching garlic boil and waiting for the rotor-evaporator to be done while hopping up and down on one foot. Ah, the impatience of youth . . .

"No, not yet. You've got another hour or two to go." *drinks tea while reading research texts* Stayed in on Thursday to teach the basics of solvent extraction because afternoon lectures were cancelled. And to get some more work done. Five term papers--seven if the conservation paper on those three endangered species is properly split up and accounted for. Ick.

*trots out to library to do more research* (Also a respite from breathing in too much technical grade n-hexane in the lab. The dry-throat feeling and the muzzy head--sure signs that the levels of solvent in the air is approaching that of the organic-chem labs.)

Have noted that research and such does really belong to people with longer attentions spans. And preferably very little ECA or CCA.

"No, not yet--essential oils aren't that runny. Keep evaporating until it's one quarter of that volume."

I blame the lecturers mentoring the kids. No matter what level you're on, they tend to have rather grandiose expectations of you, especially for some of these GEP programmes. That, or they don't calculate the scope of these projects properly before implementing them. One week vacation break--ha ha. All I'm saying is, Don't look at me or my lab when you don't have nearly enough raw extract to do your precious gas chromatography or agar-plating later--or have to redo it . . . You're just using our apparatus. I'm just the glorified flask-washer who spent months doing this sort of thing to get the modular credits and an A+ for my undergrad research module, and for vacation jobs to pay my dj bills, that's all . . .

Am disappointed with self. Have not corrupted any of the kids. Hmph.

BIG outing: ^_____^ Must do Goof-Off Day another time with everyone once all my damn term papers are done.

Ange--take care.

Eline--crawling back under her rock now
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[Tuesday, March 18, 2003]

*spit out another term paper and presentation* *starts on another one*
(This is known as "The Death Of A Thousand Term Paper Deadlines"--slow, agonising and you go stark raving mad before the end.)

On the flip side at the presentation today: And while everyone of us was blathering on about advances in Bt or insecticide resistance, CF was talking about the Bhopal incident back in 1984, which does seem to prove that us science student types do spend too much time in our ivory phallic symbols with our heads rammed up our asses.

Watching over the GEP kids in our lab this week as they use our apparatus to steam-distil garlic (because after the doctorate student finished up and left two weeks ago, I was the only one around this end who uses the rotor-vaps for that kind of thing). *keep reminding self that future students will probably not be GEP kids*

My sister is bunking over with me at the moment because of her SRP Congress, but she's out at a party right now and coming back again to start a teen movie marathon. I tried, I know I tried, but I couldn't save her from the Backstreet Boys and movies with Freddie Prinze Jr. in them--at least she didn't go for F4. (Hey, her SRP cert is prettier than mine . . . Man, but we had ugly certs in my day.)

Eline--who just woke up
Listening to Bring Me Back to Life by Evanescence (like everybody else including the guys in my lab and some of my neighbours--but unlike everyone else I only got to know about it via a slashy Weiss Kreuz Gluhen Anime Music Video) and Possession by Sarah McLachlan (in AMV format with all the UST-y footage from Mirage of Blaze--it's really time-saving to just have all the slashy bits without the rest of the plot).
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[Thursday, March 13, 2003]

Stopped to smell the roses yesterday. Back to the grind today.

(But my brain has this habit of wandering into a corner to write bad lemons whenever I have term papers due . . .)

Oh the irony . . . My sister's friend recognised me yesterday when we were at your alma mater. No word of funny signs.

*waves at Delilah* I don't know if this works with your webtv, dearie . . .

Eline--who could probably walk into her alma mater and the next thing she'd know is that her sister's secondary/primary school friend saw her and then phoned her sister about it . . .

Edit: Oh no--PoT boys as Weiss Kreuz! Badly written fic! The horror, the horror . . .

*goes back to reading research texts*
"One way to lubricate the friction that can exist between in situ and--"
*chokes* *pulls brain out of gutter* *goes back to work*
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[Monday, March 10, 2003]

*types up conclusion to report* *send it off to lecturer who will only be back on Wednesday* *starts on another term paper*


*reads mail of a certain ML* *is disgusted by the hypocrisy of it all* *is even more disgusted by hypocrites who write bad fanfiction*

Double argh. Maybe I should quit a few more lists.

Need PoT! PoT 66! Ahhhh, with FujiTezuka hints . . . And my PoT dj . . .

Eline--thank goodness tomorrow's morning lecture was cancelled, can update the Parapet . . .

Edit: Oh crap . . . sf, I forgot to pass you those notes . . .
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[Saturday, March 08, 2003]

All three tests this week were . . . yeech. Term paper on marine conservation is getting lengthy. Four page limit . . . Meh. Must trim . . .

Lunch with Ange on Friday was very good, yes, yes . . . Discussion of ye olde methods of torture and Utena subtext was very good. We were very weird kids . . . Still are. ^^

sf, can still pass you the notes next week.

goldfish, you're probably in denial. *weeeeggggg* You've managed to see yaoi in one part where there wasn't any. ^^ (That was Kazuki's mother saying "My Kazuki", not Jubei.)

Eline--evil little bugger
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[Thursday, March 06, 2003]

Koumyou, heard that your pupil Kouryuu has performed well. Should get together and drink sake again. Am inquiring about more of that crack you wanted. (Personally, I prefer PoT.)
Your colleague Ukoku

Another test tomorrow . . . We're going to play name-that-benthic-organism!

goldfish, I'm so proud of you. *sniffle* You've managed to see yaoi everywhere.

Eline--wishing for rain
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[Tuesday, March 04, 2003]

The Hayabusa Sisters site is one of the most amusing Saiyuki-related things online that doesn't have anything to do with a certain Japanese cosplay site that I frequent.

Hakkai and Gojyo. 'Nuff said.

And Sanzo. *Really* enough fun for now . . .

Test today sucked. Still cannot spell Bacillus thuringiensis under pressure. (But at least it was a straightforward 20% written test. Unlike other modules, where the lecturer stretched his 20% C.A. to cover one test, one term paper report and three group presentations . . . and we have yet another 20% to be assessed by the lecturer doing the *other* half of the module right now.)
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[Saturday, March 01, 2003]

*a little too well-baked and footsore after 3 field trips in 2 days*

Owwww, my damn back . . .

(It wasn't so bad really. Until we got to the compost sheds of that chicken farm. The bio gas made me tear up and gag.)

Enough of that . . . surfing Wolf's Rain Japanese sites now! So many BL sites . . . so much Tsumeboe . . .

ALTIR has the cutest WR fan comics . . . Like this one . . . I don't know any Japanese, but I think it goes:

Toboe: I healed the wounds Tsume got from that battle by licking them. *heart* (Tsume's expression in the background is priceless.)

Hige: *KUE* Well then . . . As for Kiba's wounds, I'll--

Kiba: Eat death! (Not too sure about this one . . .)

(Oh my . . . when did Toboe get that corrupted?)

And this one--which was just too cute . . .
Hige: Ano~
Tsume: Hou! This is surprisingly soft and fluffy.
Hige: Ano~
Kiba: You have a few good points.
Hige: Ano~
Toboe: Be quiet for a while.
Hige: I'm glad you think my stomach makes a very comfortable pillow, but how long do I have to stay in this postion?
Tsume, Kiba, Toboe: Always.
Hige: *sweatdrop*

Eline--dying of the cuteness . . .
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