[Tuesday, April 29, 2003]

*wakes up after passing out int he late afternoon*

I'm free.

I'm free.

I'm frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . .

Now I need to get drunk again so that I can forget that I'm not totally free yet of certain obligations and that I have another year of study at a different place . . .

Lunch tomorrow, anyone?
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[Monday, April 28, 2003]

Koumyou, your pupil's blog is very amusing . . .

Saiyuki in musicals . . . heh . . . I went as far as Cats once. ^^ Then some monk with a gun came and blasted my script into smithereens . . .

Speaking of musicals . . . "Tomorrow, tomorrow, it's all over tomorrow . . . Less than 24 hours until the ennnnnnnnnddddddddddd . . ."

Eline--who would blast "One Day More" at her annoying neighbour if she had her Les Miz CDs and some good speakers . . . "One day moooooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
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[Sunday, April 27, 2003]

Nice blog layout . . .

Today's stamp was black. Today's exam is at 5-7pm--the possible worst time . . .

Have not dunked neighbour into toilet yet. I doubt she'd notice it--her tv addiction is just one step below zombie-hood. It would explain the lack of a tangible personality and the noise persisting until 3am . . . Go get a life or something!

And she still can't sing. Unfortunately for me, I can still hear her from here.

Eline--trying to remember how to spell "thrombocytopaenia" along with "infarction of the spleen" . . . (Oh hey, I did it . . .)
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[Saturday, April 26, 2003]

Today's little stamp was in red.

I hate my neighbour, I really do. My neighbour is a moron with craters and pockmarks the size of blisters on her pasty, round face--not that I care, but since I detest her guts I might as well hate the rest of her. I've dubbed her Moonface because I've forgotten her name--not a very friendly or communicative neighbour, even after two semesters here. It's the middle of the exams, woman! And your speakers are on full blast when you watch inane afternoon Chinese shows. On top of that, you keep your door open--which forces me to close mine to reduce the noise. Just because I've stopped complaining doesn't mean I don't mind the noise--it just means I've gone from pissed-off to enraged-beyond-words. Congrats, you're the first person I've actually hated in a long, long time. I keep entertaining these thoughts of shoving Moonface into the toilet-bowl to see how well she sings underwater. Which is rather extreme for me, because I'm a nice, peace-loving--yeah, okay, I'm not . . . But still . . . I can imagine it . . .

Two more exams left to go . . .

Eline--still stewing
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[Friday, April 25, 2003]

Got up, checked temperature, gave wake-up call to M, went down for the now regulation daily hostel health checks. Got issued a thermometer for daily use--a cheap thermometer that broke when I cleaned it to put it back in the little tube and the mercury leaked out (inner science student says: Yargh! Quick! Clean it up and seal it with Whatman's film! Fumes! Argh!)--and did temperature check *again*. I'm bringing my own thermometer down tomorrow . . .

And I've got this ink stamp thingy on my right wrist that supposedly means I don't have to do temp-check again at the exam. (Eh, it's already fading . . .) We'll see . . .

After exam (got checked again anyway):

Getbackers 26: *sniggers* Oi, is this fanservice or what? I maintain that the slashy fanservice all over the place, including the opening and ending, is just another deliberate ploy to draw in fangirls . . .

WR 12: Ah . . . Oooh . . . Soouuuka . . .

*laughs* Well, the fans were right about Blue. Partially right, anyway . . . (The storyline set the fans up--but we're not disappointed.) I love Blue . . .

Those WR icons on the WR lj community amuse me a lot . . . But the amusing fiction about wolves mating for life is starting to get old fast (it's just something leftover from my time in the HP fandom). Some species of parrots mate for life. Some species of gibbons and other primates might mate for life. Wolves don't.

And what's this thing about going west, eh? (Will not repeat Ange's theories about the attractiveness of that particular direction here, will not be able to look at the salt and pepper shakers again without thinking about it . . .)

Kiba plushie--like a cute little puppy Kiba . . . (Eh, there are dark grey hairs on Kiba's back. And here's an orange-brown bit of hair/fur too . . . Kiba, you've been a very naughty plushie . . .)

BIG: Usual level of obscene laughter at dinner--I think we scared people again . . . (kit, that fat lady was definitely looking at your Hellsing dj).

Eline--*dead to the world*
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[Wednesday, April 23, 2003]

Today, we got little NexTemp disposable thermometer strips issued to us in the exam venue. Borderline cases had to be retested with the ear thermometer until they were judged to be either ok or in need of isolation and people with flu symptoms and coughs (there are always people with flu symptoms--it's like background noise . . . but it didn't use to be this scary) were issued N95 masks so as not to frighten their neighbours with their sniffling.

Let it be said that the U does take the necessary precautions. Unlike certain brainless people around here . . .

Was at the supermarket today. Never saw totally empty vegetable racks before . . .

kit, that is the funniest thing I've seen all this month. It's even funnier than that post someone made on the ML about how bad the characterisation in fanfics based on the English dub of Saiyuki would be (you can tell that the person has obviously never been to ff.net). I've got to save that . . .

Coral reefs on Friday . . .

BIG: Eh, you guys don't need to change any meeting times because of me--it's only one more week of exams after all.

Eline--stick the little post-it notes in . . .
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[Monday, April 21, 2003]

Have been a good student and followed self-check procedures for all exam candidates. Checked temperature daily--body temp ranging from 36.6 to 37.0 degrees. (Well, I *do* follow most of the rules and regs if they make sense . . .)

First exam this morning. Everyone got checked with the ear thermometer before they were allowed into the exam venue (by staff wearing N95 masks and rubber gloves). Registered a temp of 36.0 degrees and was allowed in. (Scary thing was, I think one guy's temperature didn't pass muster and they had to isolate him/her for the exam.)

"Current Topics in Biology"--aka the "smoking" exam. In which one can produce a suitable amount of bullcrap, set it alight and get a relatively dense smokescreen to disguise the fact that there's very little real substance in there. Did not even need to flip through very thin stack of references--several people brought textbooks and thick-as-a-brick file-folders because this is the one exam no one can study for. (Yes, sf, it was another BS paper. And all us Fourth years had to take it.)

"Life is a balance of opposites." Is this true? Apply to biology etc, etc . . .

I bet more than a dozen of us probably started the essay with "Newton once hypothesed that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction . . ."

Eh, well . . . one down, four more to go.

Have been making inkspots. Have a very nice collection of inkspots now.

Eline--very blah at the moment
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[Thursday, April 17, 2003]

First exam will be on Monday. Open-book. So very open-book that it scares people.
This will be the first exam (of five) where I have to go in half an hour earlier to get my temperature checked before they let me in. Stress much?

And I'm just worried that my hand will cramp up or my handwriting proves to be totally unreadable. The probability is always higher, to be sure . . .

Joy, I got your postcard--or rather, I will get to your postcard soon when I go home. My mum was all for reading it to me over the phone. But I finally convinced her not to. (Your handwriting makes me weep with envy, btw.)

I'm trying out the sitting-at-some-coffee-place-and-studying today. Hope it works.

And now I'm trying to remember if the bus service works today . . . (I've already forgotten about the post office . . . Public holidays don't affect me much any more, I'm afraid.)

And what time will I be back for dinner because M is coming over and I'm making omelettes. (I was good--horribly well-balanced cai peng on Tuesday and Wednesday. We are allowed omelettes and garlic bread once in a while. Cheese omelettes . . .)

Eline--damned notes . . .
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[Wednesday, April 16, 2003]


You are an S&M Fan!

Slave and Master Fan

What Kind of a Hentai Yaoi Freak are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Oops. S&M tendencies showing through. ^__^;;; I'm a nice person, really . . .

The Various Physical And
Logistical Problems Encountered While Trying To Write Wolf's Rain Yaoi.
Thank Goodness Yaoi and Slash Pairings Are Not Affected By Canon Pairings.

*looks at CA papers* *sniffles*

*glares at a certain ML* Some people are either, 1) indecisive and wishy-washy, 2) thicker than the average brick wall or 3) possessed of less tact than my left pinky finger. Perhaps even 4) all of the above.

Eline--glaring at piles of essays, papers and notes
Edit: Strawberries and cream . . . Hakkai and Gojyo . . . Wheee . . . Happy again. *holds back nose-bleed and wanders off cheerfully into a pile of paper*

BIG: See you guys Thursday then.
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[Tuesday, April 15, 2003]

Exam venues changing. Self-check procedures printed and tacked up on my note-board. Need to bring the thermometer over this weekend to do self-checks. Paranoia, paranoia . . .

B+ for 40% CA for one of my modules. Argh. *mug mug mug*

This is disgusting. And it had to happen to a Saiyuki fic I actually *liked* too. Sure people can retype a fanfic and change a few words around, but it doesn't change the fact that it's plagiarism.

Eline--more than just a little cheesed off this evening

Edit: Well, that was fast. Barely 5 minutes after reviewing and said plagiariser e-mails me.
Eh . . . it's not me you should be apologising to . . . Or have you forgotten just who you cribbed it off from? Hurry up and delete it--with luck the original fanfic author will never know . . .

I suspect I will be the school teacher from hell for my future students. *rubs hands*
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[Monday, April 14, 2003]

Still stuck with filing notes and organising stuff . . . T_T

Alex: Sure, I'll pass Rika to you when we meet for lunch. Sumimasen, I forgot to bring QAF with me this week. -_-;;

PoT 70: It's mixed clubs day! Argh. Fuji--you're *evil*.
Oishi and Eiji = married and surpassing all definitions of "cute".
Ryouma is also evil, but his opponent in ping-pong was asking to be thrashed. (Table *tennis*?)
Taka-san + phallic object (e.g., a baseball bat) = "All-rrrriiiiggggh-to! Home run, baaabyyyy!" (But he still can't beat Inui's Data Baseball!)

Eline--high on PoT
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[Sunday, April 13, 2003]

Went to see Oliver! today (am a sucker for musicals, even when the seats are terrible). And my sister got me a suckao from Max Brenner's for an early birthday prezzie (which was the most extravagant thing she ever got for me because we usually exchange books).

News from the admin: venue changes? (Apparently exam venues are high risk areas, what with the large numbers of students gathered in one enclosed space and all that.)

It'd better not be exam *date* changes. I'd be more than a little cheesed off if the exams were pushed back. It's been four years and I would like to get out with as few delays as possible.

Have seen Saiyuki Reload teasers. That was a big manga tease. I want to see the Nii/Ukoku and Koumyou Sanzo stuff . . . Have Reload calendar. Now I just need some place to put it.

Alex: Rika is much, much more gorgeous in manga form. My art sucks. (Yes, I have the manga because I asked one of the dj sellers for it.) As for lunch, I am mostly free these days--just sitting around studying at the moment.

Joy: Naruto the anime isn't that bad, really . . . And Ishida Akira as Gaara is a big plus.

sf: I'm used to elitism. You should be used to it by now too. ^^ Got PoT if you want it. Hope your family is well.

goldfish: If you see this, know that there are certain people here who need to contact you.

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[Friday, April 11, 2003]

*tinker* *tinker* *much swearing is heard* *tinker* *loud noise* *expletives*

Blog-layout change. *crosses fingers* Was mildly obsessed with dark BL manga for the past month . . . And it was a very, very dark series that was really frustrating, not just because it'll never be finished (probably because even the artist found it way too depressing) . . .

sf: *hugs* You do what you think is right. And I hope your comp gets fixed soon.

D.N.Angel: It's Kamikaze Kaitou . . . Dark! With Ishida Akira voicing a creepy little 14 year old. ^^ (Ishida-Akira-Watching: Ishida Akira is also voicing another creepy little 14 year old who has something that looks like the kanji for "love" tattooed on his forehead in Naruto. When Ishida Akira does not do the creepy little 14 year old boy voice and voices the angsty, conflicted 14 year old boy instead, you get Gundam Seed, which was boring despite the obvious BL hints thrown in as fangirl-bait.)

Prep-week is here. 5 papers. Yeech. Three open-book exams and two closed-book exams.

Eline--dizzy from staring at the screen too much
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[Monday, April 07, 2003]

Despite my innards feeling like they've been mixed around with a pitchfork, I am strangely at peace with myself. This should last for a few hours.

Am surprised that some people on the ML actually think the Saiyuki English dub is okay.
Whenever I hear Hakkai speak, I think "No, that is *not* okay! Not by a long shot!" The Chin Iisou arc would be interesting to wince through.
Gojyo sounds sleazy. Will not be able to have happy happy 85 yaoi thoughts in episode 15 and 16 with Sleaze Boy and Surfer Dude trying to do angst.
And Hakuryuu was replaced by a rubber duck on helium. An airheaded rubber duck on helium. Which was unforgivable.
I laugh everytime someone says Hakkai's name.

I can safely conclude that I'm getting Saiyuki dvds for 1) the Japanese seiyuus and 2) proper English subs for the second season. And 3) morbid curiosity about the dub. Which has been more than satisfied, thank you.

BIG--want to watch the dub together and share the pain? Ange suggested we throw popcorn at the screen, but I think that would be a waste of good food . . . Must also introduce you guys to Utena if you haven't seen it yet.

Eline--feeling mellow. very mellow
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[Sunday, April 06, 2003]

I shouldn't blog when I'm having mood swings . . .

My last lecture is tomorrow. The last lecture I'll have here.

Last exam will be on the 29th.

And that will technically be the end of my four years here.
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And my spelling and grammar goes downhill after one term paper too many . . .

Last term paper over and done with!

I want to sleep. But I must now deal with none-too-bright eBay buyers who never read instructions and were napping behind the door when common sense was being passed out. People don't usually buy something if they don't know how to pay for it. I swear I had more sense than some of these supposed adults when I was 13 years old . . . And less polite eBay sellers would not have been nice about it at all.

Ange--the promotional eppie is online.

Eline--frazzled and in no mood to be generous
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Have seen the promotional Saiyuki Episode 1 dub.

Laughed quite a lot . . . hahahaha . . . until I heard Hakkai, eheheh . . . and Hakuryuu . . . oh dear, how could they do that to Hakuryuu? Must make a memo somewhere never to watch the dubbed versions of Hakkai-centric episodes, especially Episodes 15 and 16 . . . eh.

Yeah, I've ordered a copy.

Eline, numb from all the painkillers
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[Thursday, April 03, 2003]

Have not been very productive even though I've been researching for my term papers . . . Saiga tatarica tatarica, Saiga tatarica mongolica . . .

The Journey continues . . . Times like this makes me write badfic. Lots of badfic. 3000 words per chapter badfic.

PoT 68 is out, but not the BitTorrent version . . .

Welcome to the club, Joy. ^^ It's the mad, mad world of junior high school tennis and Sakuno is not a heroine by any definition that I know of. Not unless "heroine" means "stupid twit who gasps two lines every episode and it's usually the name of a boy who isn't aware of her existence 99% of the time".

Eline--making new blog layout is hard work . . .
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[Tuesday, April 01, 2003]

Full day yesterday. As in the 6.30am to 6.30pm stretch, with field trips in the afternoon kind of day. Movement had been increasingly difficult to achieve after 9pm. (Still was an educational visit behind the scenes at the zoo. Did not see orangutans though. They were quarantined because the zoo's afraid that SARS might just hop across the not-so-wide species divide. We can afford to lose a few tertiary students, but it would be a *real* tragedy if Ah Meng was to get SARS. The hamadryas baboons however . . . were a lot slashier than any zoo exhibit had the right to be. They had that whole alpha-male thing going on . . .The wonders of nature. ^^ Until you get to see the indoor dens, which stink like . . . like a monkey's behind.)

SARS jokes aside, life goes on. A little more neurotically, with a whole lot more paranoia thrown in the mix, but life goes on.

No time to dye hair yet.

PoT 67! Tezuka angst--way-hey!

Eline--Utena more than makes up for the lack of PoT though . . .
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