[Monday, May 26, 2003]

It is hot. Very, very hot. The sun's a killer in the afternoon.

Sunny Bookshop is heaven on earth, because I could get Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart, Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men and The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.

Starting Japanese class soon. Also starting driving theory again (after a good 4 years of procrastination). And actual driving lessons. (My parents still do not understand that there are other, much more interesting things in life other than driving.) Learning continues, as ever.

Am proud of self for contacting dj circle and getting a reply. ^^

It should not have been possible, but I think my regard for certain ML members has just dropped by another notch. The cockroaches in the breeding tanks in my lab had more attractive personalities than most of the ML denizens . . . Given a choice between them and a nice large specimen of P. americana, I would not bring the slipper down on the cockroach first.

Blog is not working. Damned DoS attacks . . .

I am a demanding English teacher.

Which cat that thinks it's human are you?
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Even online quizzes tell me this . . . Am doomed.

Eline--reading like crazy before she has to go back to school again . . .

Edit: My niece has a website. Baby photos look so cute . . .
Hopefully, blog will be fixed now.
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[Friday, May 23, 2003]

Went out with old friends because we usually go out to celebrate birthdays. And because I haven't seen them for two months. Working life is hell on social life. And one of them is going on vacation in June, giving the rest of us serious holiday envy. Europe, argh . . .

*chants personal mantra* Japan . . . Japan . . .

We went to Lemongrass--the black pepper beef there is pretty good. Had tako and the steamed tapioca for dessert. Then walked it all off by shopping. Fashion these days dictates that women should wear shoes that make them look like demented pixies, only less curly at the toe . . . I only need court shoes for the convocation and I've already got them--plain, almost square-toed shoes.

Have finally found Garth Nix's Lirael and Abhorsen at the library. Now if only I could remember what happened in Sabriel . . . (That's the main problem when there's a good 7 years between the first and third books.)

Eline--older, but not that much wiser . . .
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[Thursday, May 22, 2003]

Have not put zebrafish together with goldfish. Andi . . . suffers from some kind of neurosis (banging against the side of its tank all of a sudden for no reason) and I worry even though the zebrafish are quite small. I don't know what'd happen if I were to put all the fishies in one tank.

Writing is very slow. So are the website updates. It's one of those things. Inertia. Not having a complete PC with an Internet connection all the time. Having hand-cramps from the mouse. Knowing that one has deadlines for a lot of paperwork. Knowing that the results are coming in a week's time. Ack. And I'm crap at writing yaoi. Don't know why, but I'm marginally better at gen fics.

And I don't know why the weirdoes on the ML think that Hirata Hirokai voiced Alucard in Hellsing either . . . (Hirata-san hasn't voiced as much anime as the others have--then again doing One Piece would have taken quite some time . . . Still very little anime. And I missed "Licensed by Royal" too.)

Eline--hand cramps, bugger it . . .

Edit: Turns out that website host has been attacked recently--hence, the wonkiness of the blog.
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[Wednesday, May 21, 2003]

Had medical exam. Am good to go.

Animatrix: Nice . . . even though it was just anime shortstories about the Matrix. Very cool in some bits--most bits actually. (Why can't more dubs have voice actors like this . . . ?)

kit, thanks for the movie. Thank you for the interestingly-shaped candle and thank you for the zebrafish. (Dear Adopted Nephew, the female fish appear to be knocked up. Should I be expecting several happy bundles of embryos?)

Eline--suddenly in possession of an expanding biological empire (Now to break this news to Andi the goldfish--"Andi, you've got friends now--I think they're escapees from a lab too, so you'll get along just fine . . .")
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[Tuesday, May 20, 2003]

Went for the required filling up of forms today.

So my fellow sheep and I were duly informed about how to fill out forms. And sign them. And get witnesses for the declaration about keeping confidential documents confidential--i.e., the person sitting next to you. *Eline had to ask the people sitting behind her for a witness to sign the form* *Eline watched as those three other girls dithered about, mumbling something about not knowing if it was all right for one of them to sign for two people* *Eline gives up because reasoning with silly people only makes one even more stupid and later at the form-checking and filing, tells the little white lie that there was no one sitting near her (smart enough to know that the signature of the witness on that particular form is merely a formality) and gets the officer to sign it*

Solemn declaration of the legitimacy of documents, etc. Authorised civil servant/aka the lady in-charge of taking us through the swearing in goes, "Raise you right hand and repeat after me: "I, your name . . ."

And the louder majority of the auditorium dutifully chants along, "I, your name . . ."

*solemn silence is broken as Eline sniggers loudly*

Yes, that slipped out of my control entirely. It nearly killed me because it was so sad and inappropriately funny. (The sad part was, some people actually repeated it on the second try.)

Hey everyone, these people will be teaching you and your children . . .

Then again, looking at the kids on ff.net, I can safely say that they all *deserve* each other . . .

Eline--"Baaaaaa . . ."
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[Sunday, May 18, 2003]

Administrative red tape is still tangling around my ankles even as I stumble out of not-so-beloved-institution-of-four-years. I can't remember everything from the modules I did two years ago, so excuse me if the abstracts are a bit short . . .

PC is not up and running yet.

Have forgotten the main reason I moved into the hostel. Good thing the immediate family is always around to remind me . . . It could have gone better this evening, but it never does. We're a terrible bunch and we would rather bite each other's heads off rather than give any face to any other family member.

The first thing my dad said when he saw my thesis was, "It's rather thin . . ."

There are times when I think I should just move far, far away and never look back before I really go mad . . . I'm 23 years old by the lunar calendar and I feel like shit.
Have concluded, after being on way too many fanfic MLs for far too long, that there are no good fics for most pairings in the Saiyuki fandom beyond a scanty handful.

(Dear adopted nephew (or whatever), why do you even bother? It's not like those fanfic authors would do any real research, much less figure out the difference between real and made-up mythology.)

Eline--"I've been an aunt once, but I've never been an uncle before . . ."
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[Sunday, May 11, 2003]


I'm Fuji!
You're Fuji!

(Prince of Tennis) Which Seigaku Regular are you?
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Mmmm . . . I guess one out of three ain't bad . . .

Have successfully derailed my dad's train of thought from postgrad degree. And now he's going on about how the phototaking session's going to be . . . Eh . . .

Princess Tutu is adorable and full of crack. Like all obsessive fangirls, I'm going to make converts. (Starting with Ange, as usual . . . ^^)

Must dig up fic files to update sites. My PC is still in pieces and I'm getting *really* fond of my sister's computer . . .

Have more extremely bad Saiyuki doujinshi. *weg* Have to sell off some to make room for more.

Eline--have to go for potluck now (and I'm doing dessert) . . .
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[Friday, May 09, 2003]

Of course, it couldn't be over *that* soon . . .

The Powers That Bond have sent the Masters Application forms. I think was probably subconsciously waiting for them to come . . .

Should not have told dad about it so early. "Let's have a chat . . ." and I'm backpeddling out of the room so fast I probably left skidmarks. My parents' worldview somehow never really encompasses just what my courses entail and the crap system changes that they've made over here . . .

For one thing, applications next semester over here ended three months ago. Am not even *thinking* of overseas applications. Sponsorship from TPTB will never be given to me (there're only 6 places and about several thousand brighter sparks who'd actually bother to apply). TPTB will only grant one year's suspension of certain duties for Masters applicants, whether they're sponsored or not . . . and the local institution I just got away from is ending their one-year-accelerated-Masters-programme after the next academic year. And most importantly, what in the world will I do for a thesis anyway? *chews doughnut moodily*

One out way is to *not* get a Second Upper and above Honours degree. Which means the not-that-great pay-scale, so that's out of the question. Not that I have any more say over that matter because the exam papers are being marked right now . . . *twitch*

Some sort of employment or more education . . . Paycheck, or more project and exams . . .

(That was a pretty good doughnut . . .)

I can live without a postgrad degree. This is helped along by the fact that most seniors recommend going overseas to do postgrad studies instead of doing it locally . . . And I want a vacation, dammit.

I'm also very likely to start changing my mind when I get my results back . . .

Eline--glaring at more forms
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[Monday, May 05, 2003]

Checked out of hostel. Handed over project to Zach, the next honours student. Which means I'm done over there . . .

But I'm not even done unpacking yet. After looking over all my stationary, several jars and pouches of drawing tools and the five sketchbooks that I did use eventually, I came to the conclusion that I am very, very lost and I need to sit on a desert island to rethink a lot of things. But desert island has no Internet connection, so bah . . .

Another outing with the rest of S4 on the weekend . . . Eh, hope I didn't scare anyone too badly. I'm lacking in hormones at the moment and Online!Eline takes over, wrecking havoc wherever she goes.

First movie after 3 months was Beat Takeshi's Dolls: Eh . . . Er . . . I didn't get it and the moments spent in J-pop hell scared me . . . "Magical Beam"?

(Well, what did you guys expect me to say when some guys ask other people to kiss their inflated phallic symbol? At that time, I would have cheerfully popped their blown-up dolphin and strangled them with it . . . and that would've been the lesser of two evils. I still wonder if the guys with the dolphin were with the other guys dressed up as the surgeon and the nurse . . .)

No, I'm not rational. Never have been, never will be.

This isn't my computer either, but my sister isn't using it at the moment. It downloads Princess Tutu at 55K/s and lets me use the RealPlayer to listen to music (a luxury I have not been able to afford on my secondhand replacement PC with the limited RAM), so I'm kind of happy . . . Even though I envy Alex's compy with ever fibre of my inner-tech-loving-soul . . .

Things to get with paycheck when gainfully employed:
1) New specs--this pair's rusted and tarnished beyond hope
2) Bookshelf--I really, really need a new shelf
3) PC that works--before my sister kills me and the sad state of the RAM on the secondhand comp kills me (No more "System is dangerously low in resources. Would you like to close down Iexplore.exe/Word.exe?" messages!)
4) Tablet that works--my mouse-hand aches (Wacom tablet . . . *drools* Maybe if I'm a good girl and I save up for it . . .)

Eline--"I'm far, far away from my annoying neighbour--this is a very, very good thing."
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[Thursday, May 01, 2003]

Did much goofing off today.

The Happy Sanzo Family Picnic: Paid a visit to temple library. Alas, the scared scrolls were at the second branch of the library. Raided temple basement for goodies. Adjourned to a not-really-that-secluded picnic spot. Koumyou and the other two started feeding the terrapins in the pond with junk food. Picnic was curtailed by rain, as usual. It causes angst for some members of our little party. (Have noticed that everyone else seems to be sitting as far as they can away from me and I have absolutely no idea why . . . Especially little Genjo . . .) Went to Koumyou's. Watched Koumyou make chocolate and got to lick the spoon. Plotted a great deal.

Am sorting through dj. I have a lot of dj. Dj collection looks *good*. Dj collection is a bitch to cart home. Rest of stuff in room is going to be a bitch to cart home.

Eline--cannot slack off anymore, need to pack T____T
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