[Friday, June 27, 2003]


Happy Deathday!
Your name:Eline
You will die on:Thursday, March 12, 2026
You will die of:Serial Killer Victim
Created by Quill

(The result with my real name also came out as "Serial Killer Victim". All right, how many serial killers do I know right now?)

What, no "Died of waiting for the end of Saiyuki Gaiden"?

I have a new cousin on my mother's side of the family. My extended family grows larger by the year, especially my mother's side. (To be fair, I don't know about my dad's side on Hainan Island. I might have a dozen extra cousins back there for all I know. Plus the ones in Denmark we never get to see. I'd know the official numbers if I asked for the family tree that my dad gets from the relative who records this stuff. Yes, we're a clannish bunch.)

And this new design for the blogger template is screwy.

Edit: *Very* screwy. Especially the "publish" function.

Edit: Damn you, Blogger! Why do I have to press the orange "publish" button again after the blue "post and publish" button?
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[Wednesday, June 25, 2003]


You are Superior!Snape- though largely a fanon invention, this quiz hails you as The True Snape [tm]. Your conversation largely consists of witty putdowns and sardonic banter. You are eloquent, intelligent, smooth as satin and twice as sexy. The fangirls & boys drool after you. You are often alone because, let's face it, most of the world simply can't measure up.
The fact that the Gryffindors hate your guts proves they're intellectually subnormal and don't realise that you hate everyone equally. You spend your time mocking the world and attending Sex Pistols concerts. Who said greasy hair can't be a fashion trend?

History remembers you because your tongue was so sharp that you sliced yourself in two.

Which Snape are You? by Marett Graves

With artwork by Laura Freeman

I was in the fandom before the rise of Punk!Snape, a former writer of decidedly odd Punk!Snape fiction and a believer in Punk!Snape and his love for the Sex Pistols during the long and deary wait for Book 5 . . . ^_^ Ah, it takes me back, it does . . . The leather pants . . .

A Saiyuki fic:
Ending (Starting). (No, dearest Neffy-Poo, it's not porny--it's not even grammatical. And it's not much else.)

Eline--in a weird mood
P.S.: Dear Neffy-Poo and Neffy-Poo's beloved teacher, it's "Poo" with a capital "P". And yes, I have a bad habit of giving people nicknames after a while. I outgrew the something-something-kins phase by Secondary School though, so you two are lucky . . .
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[Tuesday, June 24, 2003]

Magic Number12
JobMost Hated Person - Ever
TemperamentWhat You Lookin' At?
SexualIf I Have To
Likely To WinA Swimming Badge
Me - In A WordBeautiful
Brought to you by MemeJack

No. It's 5.
If it also means Most Hated Teacher Ever, yes, that's very likely . . .
Hai, probably.
Hmmm . . .
I have 6 swimming badges and 4 lifesaving ones.
Definitely no.
And I don't have an lj.

Saint Beast: Like Weiss Kreuz meets Fushigi Yuugi, only not as annoying. Fangirl trap. But pretty, and extra yaoi to boot.

Neffy-Poo thinks my fanfics are porny! I'm hurt . . . *sniffle sniffle* I will take comfort in even more porny doujinshi . . .

Dee: Hormonal!Angsty!Harry gets on my nerves too sometimes. And all that shouting done in caps. And the lack of Snape. But I'm always entertained by the nth round of McGonagal vs. Umbridge, Fred & George vs. Umbridge, Albus Dumbledore kicking ass (like Yoda in the better moments of AOTC) . . .

I hope I don't need to go back to work, I hope I don't need to go back to work . . .

Eline--wrapping up her books . . .
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[Sunday, June 22, 2003]

[Since everyone and their pet rock'll be blogging about it anyway . . .]

Finished HP & The Truckload of Teenage Angst around 4.30am this morning. Yeah, it was readable enough and the hormonal mood swings just drag you through it all, kicking and screaming . . . That and the fact that my sister's next in line for the book (and she's asked me to hide it for a while just so that she can study because it's pulling her in as well) and ShuX is borrowing it after her to check it out before thinking about buying a copy for her nephew who never reads the books she gets him . . .

Sadly, I knew who died in Book 5 by Friday night because my sister ran in and blabbed out the spoiler her friend had messenged to her. (Don't they know that some people don't like Spoilers? What is the world coming to? Can't they put Spoiler Spaces in SMSs?)

The adults all had bit parts because it's All About Harry, which is bad news for Snape-Watchers. There was precious little Snape in it except for that bit with Snape's Teenage Angst. (Yeesh, gotta love Snape . . . Glomp A Potions Master Everyday--even though Glomp #2 tomorrow might be a moot point after the first attempt.) And the way a certain death had been done . . . well, I thought it was a load of cock because if she had to kill off an important character for good, JKR could have done an open-and-shut clinical death instead of the Big-Fat-Cop-Out.

Had a sneaky feeling JKR was aiming a few sharp pokes at her detractors--no other DADA teacher has been this hateful before, or portrayed as the living embodiment of censorship. Go JKR!

[In other news . . .]

Yes, I *would* have stopped you if there had been silk flowers anywhere on those shoes, but there weren't any and I was busy checking the sky for levitating pigs yesterday. Shopping. For clothing. Wonders never cease . . . And hat-shopping on Monday too . . .

Eline (If you couldn't tell by now, she's not a big fan of He Who Was Killed Off So That Harry Could Grow Up A Little Bit More And Have Loads of Angst.)
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[Thursday, June 19, 2003]

Database has been corrected. (Yes, that's all very well for *you*, Mr. IT Tech, but I'm the one who has to finish re-entering everything by tomorrow . . . OT again . . . Argh, my neck, my back . . .)

And I spend whatever's left of my time writing trashy fics . . . Go me . . .

*falls over*
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[Wednesday, June 18, 2003]

Blisters are progressing nicely. Toes feel like mincemeat. And I was wearing flats. (Honestly, why are all so-called appropriate-for-work shoes always the most uncomfortable?) The IT tech has taken half a day off and I have not got the extra fields I need for the database even though I've been asking for them. Working OT to get everything done by Friday. In some ways, this is not all that different from research--only no wriggling insects and bad smells. I *liked* the wriggling insects, the lab mice and the latex gloves . . .

Princess Tutu: Now that was a *real* plot. And it does wonders for my knowledge of ballet and classical music (which says a lot about what I actually know for both topics).

Have sent off hostel application forms, registration letters and result slips. Ordered grad gown, found temp job, in the process of auctioning off dj and manga (if anyone wants Saiyuki or Hellsing doujinshi, it's there).

Right, so now I just need to update my website and get a new computer (with wireless internet) and life'll be just peachy . . .

(Delilah: As you can see, I'm done with this U and am going onto another one. Yes, cats are all cute. How are your cats? I forgot how many you had . . . Unless there were more new additions to the family. ^^)
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[Thursday, June 12, 2003]

After four and a half days in the corporate sector, I'm ready to say that nope, this is so not me. Nice office, nice staff lounge, nice free-flow of tea/cocoa/drinks and everything, but I think the civil service will suit me better where the work is concerned. (And one does not need to be intimidated by the fact that the fancy swivel chairs cost about a month's salary each.)

My mum has actually gone on OBS--the watered-down leadership and teamwork thingies corporate management springs on staff from time to time, not the rugged ten day thing with 10km runs, all-day canoeing and nights in the jungle. I worry because she refused to wear proper track shoes and went in canvas ones. I'm somewhat amused that my mum had to go for something I carefully avoided in all my years in Secondary School, JC and University.

Good thing this is a desk job, the blisters on my toes are killing me. Even my supervisor noticed me limping around during lunch. (I don't mind her company, but my lunchtimes are usually solitary affairs in the lab pantry consisting of a microwave-friendly lunchbox of yesterday's-dinner-leftovers and a can of tea--*plus* Internet access. After getting out of hostel, I was shocked by the culmulative cost of eating out and I missed the internet access.)

Only interesting thing of note (to me and other cat lovers) so far was that we went out for lunch yesterday and passed by this crafts shop with a cat in the middle of a country-kitchen-type display window. A real cat, brought to the shop by the owner to raise funds for the building of a cattery for strays to protect them from the overzealous culling that's been going on.

When cat-lovers get together, it doesn't matter that it's lunchtime or that we're not buying anything. Cat's human happily coos over cat in a display of affection that babies would be embarrassed of. Other cat-lovers coo along, giving the impression of a conversation that involves three or less braincells. Yes, it's a little coying, but the cat was sooooooooooo cute. (In actual fact, it was overweight and didn't have a sense of balance, but it was still soooooooo cute.)

And I soooooooo want one.

Eline--still no cat
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[Tuesday, June 10, 2003]

The bus service is my friend. (Was terrified by the crowds on the train yesterday. As in Oh-Shit-I-Can't-Move-An-Inch-And-There-Is-No-Concept-Of-Personal-Space-Here. Help.)

Saw a rainbow on the way back. Happy coincidence. I was heading east--it actually *rained* over here this afternoon--and the sun was setting behind the bus, sending up a nice, large arch. You could actually see all seven colours clearly. And when it couldn't get any more cliched, a few red helium balloons drifted up right in front of the rainbow.

Real Life combined with nature can be cheesier than bad fanfic. But it's always prettier.
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[Monday, June 09, 2003]

Had deadlines to meet from Day One at temp job. Office is freezing cold (in direct contrast to home, where the A/C leaks all the time). I'm not likely to freeze my ass off in an office this swanky again. (At least not one with fish ponds all over the place and staff lounges larger than the block I live on . . .) It is also highly unlikely that I'll ever get another job that pays me to surf around the 'Net and sieve heaps of e-mail . . .

Have decided after, one and a half days of staring at a screen, that a deskbound job in front of a PC is nice and everything, but my eyes probably wouldn't be able to take it.

This lunchtime blog-post was brought online by wireless internet and the company-issued IBM ThinkPad.
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[Saturday, June 07, 2003]

First lesson today. Got Murata-sensei for my class (and I'm probably one of the only full-time students there). Spent 3 hours learning polite affirmatives and negatives along with greetings, questions, etc, etc. And listening to the rest of the class complain about it. (No, I *don't* really think the entire set of hirigana is too much to memorise as compared to say, the amount of Chinese vocabulary done in Primary School . . . Then again, I just got out of the U and haven't left rote learning behind me yet.)

Now I need to give myself a crashcourse in MS Access in preparation for work on Monday. Will be in the city area for the next two weeks. Kinokuniya is so nearby . . . And I fall prey to cute stationery all the time. Especially the ones with cats on them.

Hope your trip was good . . .

Eline--feel so much younger now . . .
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[Thursday, June 05, 2003]

Will not obsess about 0.04. Will not obsess over my dear mother saying that Andi the goldfish's death was an ill-omen somehow connected to my getting a Second Lower instead of a Second Upper. (Yes Mummy, love you lots too. Now stop it before I become an even more bitter old hag still obsessing about it 40 years later in the company of 30-odd cats.)

Have Japanese class on Saturday. Have temp job starting next Monday--there are always website bills to pay. No CPF deductions--because it's kind of silly for just two weeks of work. (Have managed to stay clear of CPF deductions for most holiday jobs so far. And the hourly rate is good!) Stuff to clear out, anime to watch . . . (Who needs Wolf's Rain when Princess Tutu has so much more plot? And no boring review episodes . . . My favourite anime of the year has people dancing ballet in full costume, a duck as the heroine, a spineless wimp for a prince, a species-confused rival princess and a knight who finally realised that his pen is mightier than his sword--yay. Roll in a cast of anthrophomorphic supporting characters, a mad storyteller and lots of crack with classical ballet and music. Whoopie.)

(nods head along to Daichi no la-li-la from Scrapped Princess.)
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[Monday, June 02, 2003]

Have not been much fun of late. (Though crawling around in the canal was fun. We couldn't have done it if the weather wasn't so damn hot and dry, so there's the *one* good thing about the weather.)

Results were out last week. (Argh. 0.04. *mutters* 0.04. Which is about hundred miles in academic terms and $200 from future paycheck.)

Nursed dozens of mosquito bites. Likelihood of getting dengue is ten times higher than that of getting SARS.

Am in a rut. Competing for PC time with sibling and parents. We need wireless Internet--the router from the main modem hasn't worked since dad tampered with it sometime last year. I foresee myself shelling out for networking in the future because no one else wants to do anything about it. (Dial-up? You want me to use *dial-up* after using broadband for 4 years?)

Need my own PC. There's a reason why it's called a PC. I miss my hostel connection and I miss the time when I can go online for 24 hours without my mum screaming at me. I miss being able to take a crap in peace, cooking my own meals and the joy of having a room to myself, no matter how tiny and closet-like it was because it was my space and my peace of mind (until my damned neighbour started her stereo up).

For the first time in a long while, I'm seeking solitude instead of solitude finding me.
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