[Wednesday, July 30, 2003]

Oh where did my free day go?

Morning: Registration for Japanese class--up front and with cash, 'cos I have no cheque-book.
Afternoon: Dazed after long train journey. Tried to decide if I should run to the medical centre and beg them for Ponstan and anti-gastric pills before it's too late. Eh, maybe tomorrow.

Yes, that picture of Sanzo does seem to yell, "Quick, someone fall on top of him! And get a camera ready!"

I wish the anime was prettier though.
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[Monday, July 28, 2003]

So the big news in ZS was actually about the new Reload anime--not bad at all, for a series to be revived three years after the original. Favourite salesperson at Kino also said that the Gaiden will stop serialisation soon. (So therefore can it be hypothesised that the Gaiden is ending soon? Much as I like it, it would be a relief. Stop while it's still a *good* story--probably one of the better ones by Minekura.)

Have fridge--it took the combined efforts of mom, dad and myself to get it up some six or seven floors. (Fridge still smells of garlic.) Some enterprising souls have started a bread and milk delivery service for hostelites--have to hand it to them for coming up with an innovative business targetted at a potential market of people too lazy/busy to cross the road to go to the mini-mart.

Early morning classes . . . urgh. And the queues in the canteen during lunch--30 minutes in line to get lunch and ten minutes to bolt it down before running for another class (note to self: next time, bring class notes or a book instead of wasting 30 minutes standing around doing *nothing*). Student-life doesn't get any more real when one is anticipating gastric indigestion. And I have Saturday morning classes--which means that Ele-2 Japanese classes will have to be scheduled for Friday or Sunday . . .

Neffy-Poo has shown interest in porny dj--what is the world coming to?

Have not seen the cat for a while . . . *sniff*

"The personal fable is the self-generated, often romanticized story of one's personal destiny. The adolescent may develop an image of him-or herself that portends a destiny, a life story as a great hero, rock star, or the great reformer of the world's evils. As the central character in this story of destiny, the adolescent acts out a drama never before lived or a story so unique that no one else could possibly understand it." Educational Psychology textbook (Yes, we're doing a crash course in social cognition and adolescent psychology . . .)

Been there, done that, wrote the Mary Sue. Have the authors been anywhere near ff.net? Unique?
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[Saturday, July 26, 2003]

Japanese test over. Course over. Yes! I don't have to sit next to Bernard again (or see him for the rest of my life)! Prickus Maximus, aka the guy who proudly tells people that he got his wife to do his homework for him even though she doesn't know any Japanese either, is the type that never shuts up and is about as funny as a damp fart. (I feel sorry for his wife. Really.) Even his Japanese boss told him not to go for the next course (not that he is likely to pass Ele-1 in the first place) because he was irritating him by mangling the language. Or maybe his boss was merely horrified at the mangling of the language--trust me, Prickus Maximus never even *tried*.

What I *really* wanted to say to him was: "I don't find you the least bit amusing. Some of us who actually paid for the course ourselves are trying to achieve something here. So shut up and quit babbling in Mandarin and dialect while the teacher is sitting two seats away, you mannerless prick! I don't care how old you are--you're still acting like a secondary school kid and deserve to be treated like one." Murata sensei is too nice--Noguchi sensei would probably have kicked him out on his fat ass.

I'm not sorry for being bitchy. I was sitting between Prickus Maximus Bernard and Earnest But Not Really Trying May for most of the course. With Daft Shirley giggling all the time, one could entertain homicidal thoughts about classmates quite easily. I still like Noguchi sensei's class on Sunday the most. Must learn how to scare a class into obedience like that . . . Or develop Death-Ray eyeballs like my chemistry tutor in JC.

And in the same vein, there are certain reasons as to why the other Saiyuki fans around here don't want to get to know the other fans who keep whining about not being able to get OAVs/Gaiden etc . . . On a scale of want-to-do-ness, meeting up with the locals who whine on the ML comes in somewhere down the list after Being Eaten Alive By Rats.

New cousin's first month celebrations. More phototaking. Even with my new cousin. Have not accidentally dropped any babies yet. And none of them cried when I was carrying them. So far, so good . . .
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[Thursday, July 24, 2003]

Convocated/Graduated on Wednesday. Whew. They shuffled us through in 40 minutes and that was that.

Robe was a little short but there wasn't any more hem left to let down. Mum did a minor miracle on that $38 secondhand robe. (To be fair, almost everyone had secondhands via mail order because of the whole SARs thing. Other people could have had unhemmed sleeves and missing hooks too . . .) And then she tried to give us both nervous breakdowns. If it wasn't my hair, it was the shoes. If it wasn't the shoes, it was about the pants . . . Spare me that and all the phototaking just before the ceremony. They've even got a studio appointment on Sunday and I'm to go to my maternal granny's place for more photo-ops on Saturday. A lot of mileage from a $38 robe . . .

My room mate has run off to Cameron Highlands for some trekking, leaving me a note asking me to take in her laundry.
Yes, but there's only one shirt on the line . . . and all these other clothes on the next floor and down there on the ground and . . . ah. It *does* get terribly windy around here . . .

Wrote Gunhild a note about the laundry. ("I do hope the clothes I picked up and rewashed were the rights ones . . .") And left a gift of a set of clothes pegs.

PoT 77: Ehhhh . . . That's a shite way of losing, but it's a filler so bring on the Oishi/Eiji!

Alex has told me about PoT 81. I am very scared. Very scared indeed.

You're a News from My So-Called Life Blogger!
What Kind of Blogger are You?

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[Tuesday, July 22, 2003]

I have an lj and I feel loved. ^^ (Kekeke . . . most of my insane friends pre-Saiyuki were already on lj . . .)

Corochan Corokke is very filling . . . (At $1 a piece too . . .) Which left room for dessert elsewhere--soufflé, mmm . . .

Surprise of the day: The cab-driver gave us lollipops and we had a debate on Robbie Williams, Frank Sinatra and Sean Connery. That was definitely one of the more entertaining cabbies I've ever met. A nice cabbie! *gasp*

Saw good fic on ff.net. Argh, that nearly gave me a heart-attack . . . *clutches chest*

Convocation tomorrow. And my parents seem to have lost the invitation cards. Joy. I don't believe this . . .

Edit: Ah, they found the invites at last . . . (If they weren't my parents, I wouldn't have believed this either.)
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[Sunday, July 20, 2003]

Cons of new campus:
Room: Twin-sharing.
Hot water: Irregular, to say the least.
Facilities: Terrible. No kitchenette. No canteen. No chance of having a hot meal here. Obtaining food involves walking around trying to find an open and functional canteen. High costs are involved when fridges and heating jugs are brought in. No shuttle services--everyone walks.
Location of room: Stairs . . . a lot of stairs . . .
Bugs: Too many.
Pythons: Present and lurking in the drains--they come out when the drains flood. (Saw a medium-sized one just yesterday.)
Lecturers: I got my JC Biology teacher again, only he's going to teach the lot of us how to teach. Oh irony of ironies . . . and I worked so hard to get out of JC too. Knowing exactly what kind of teacher he is, I don't think I will be able to take what he says at face value. I wanted to be the complete opposite of what he was. Having a docterate does not necessarily make one a better human being--though I have serious doubts about that teacher's claim to humanity. Having a docterate means getting posted to JCs and then promoted up to A/P status in a university within 5 years--in other words, he gets to torment postgrads now. (In relation to the recent uproar around here, the creep should be thankful that there were no digital cameras in cellphones five years ago . . .)
Campus: Did I mention how far west this place is?

Pros of new campus:
Room: Much larger than old one. Soundproof too.
Internet connection: Not too bad.
Stray cats: Quite a few. ^^
Room-mate: Nice enough and stays out a lot.
Laundry: Free washing machines. Clotheslines available--though we've got less space because of where our room is situated.
Facilities: More than one pool to visit in the campus.
Location: Walking distance to school. Nice invigorating walks in the morning . . .
Campus: Hills. Stairs . . . Eh, good exercise?
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[Friday, July 18, 2003]

Conversation with normal friends goes like this:
"You never told me you went out with that guy for two months!"
"I want to get a job in finance but definitely not auditing . . ."
"Her second boyfriend never made any impression on me and look what happened to him . . ."
*gets prezzies from friend who went to Europe* "Ahhh! It's a sock-puppet cat cum bath glove! Cute!"
"Actually it's more of a cat-puppet-shaped oven glove . . ."
"Heh, I'm easy to get presents for, aren't I?"

Conversation with the not-so-normal-friends:
*on the Ange and Alex Show, complete with hand actions and dance-steps* "And he's wearing his dominatrix gear in a field of mushrooms while Akira, Hikaru and the rest are back-up singers!"
"But Goku and Sanzo don't notice Hakkai and Gojyo because of all the hallucinogenic pollen . . . Goku's staring at Sanzo's hair and going 'pika pika!'--"
"And your spoon is doing something suspicious behind the wafer with Alex's spoon--"
"It took all my willpower not to call you 'Neffy-Poo' in front of your normal friends just now . . ."

Came back covered in cat fur because one of the cats at the SPCA thought it was a swell idea to sit on my lap and shed. ("Yes, thank you--you are a friendly cat, but humans don't practice that bum-sniffing thing that you cats do . . .") ^^ Am happy. Met loads of cats today . . .

Commuting from one side of the island to the other is a killer . . .
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[Wednesday, July 16, 2003]

I can definitely count on my room mate going out and having more fun than I ever will. It's the one sure about exchange students here. ^^ My clubbing days ended when I was 21--the faces were getting younger and there was never enough alcohol in the drinks to get anywhere near drunk. These days, Wednesdays or Thursdays are laundry days.

Which is well and good because after orientation today, us full-time students are trying to sort out our schedules (and attempting to score as many free days as possible, of course).

See Eline carefully arranging her timetable so that she'll have two weekdays free. (Which is more than fair because she has Saturday classes starting in August. And after being a Science student for four years, she needs a break from those five and a half day weeks.)

See Eline wake up at 6am so that she can register for tutorial slots to ensure that those two free weekdays stay free. Eline is very much a product of the education system.

Music: Billie Ray Martin
Mood: Much better now that the timetable has been sorted out--with a little luck, there will be two free weekdays . . .

Edit: There are two cute little cats that hang around the bicycle-stands at my hostel. Will probably start carrying around tins of catfood again.
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[Tuesday, July 15, 2003]

Yesterday was fun--curry don, inari and I got 27 volumes of Basara all at once for under $95.00. ^^ Ah, angst . . .

Spent most of today mopping up the dust and dirt. At least I can stop wearing toilet slippers in the room now . . .

Went around trying to case the place. Bumped into my JC biology teacher. Argh. What did I do in my previous life to deserve my creepy JC biology teacher *twice*? If he's a member of the teaching staff instead of the research staff, I will scream . . .

Room mate's here. Seems like a nice girl. At least our tastes in music won't clash too hard . . .

We're getting the fridge. Now how the hell will we get it all the way up here? Gunhild's boyfriend is in Norway and where's a muscular boyfriend when I really need one? Logistics, logistics . . .

Disciple-mine: Go easy on your ankle . . . *reads comments* Have you been taking any funny painkillers?

Shi-xiong: I am working on that fic . . . It's a whole new field for me you know . . .

morally deficient
Threat rating: Medium. Your total lack of decent
family values makes you dangerous, but we can
count on some right wing nutter blowing you up
if you become too high profile.

What threat to the Bush administration are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

And you know what? I was looking at my modules list and considering the one about teaching sex education or the one about Internet learning . . . (Hmmm, are all the typos supposed to signify something? Or perhaps the quiz-setter needs to proofread his/her script . . .)

So that means I'm morally deficient? *pause* So what else is new? Sex education for all. Preferably before they reach the age when they can get into trouble. Any mention of the shrink-wrapping that covers magazines and I'll chuck the sex ed package out the window . . .

Edit: Enid Blyton slash exists. *meep* Malory Towers slash . . . (Yes, there are some places on the Internet where Eline fears to tread . . .)

But Sally/Darrell does make some sense . . .
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[Sunday, July 13, 2003]

Am in new room. First things first . . . clean up and set up compy. Network logon was rebuffed, but somehow, I am online. The connection likes me! ^^

Slight bug problem. Loads of dust. Need to clean again tomorrow . . .

Had a headstart on causing mayhem when I accidentally pushed the panic button in the shower. (Argh--sorry, sorry, sorry! My fault . . . I'm blind as a bat without my glasses . . .) There's a pervert alarm installed in each of the toilets--which is probably necessary considering how open these halls are. Wonder if the extra level of security applies to the guys' floors as well . . .
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[Saturday, July 12, 2003]

Moved into new hostel today before running off for Jap class. *edits out car-sickness and migraine from being stuck in car for 1 hour with parents*

Ehhhhhh . . .

We need a mop. And then maybe we could bring in a sand-blaster.

(I miss my old closet at PGP. I left it as clean as it originally was. And it was pretty much *my* room. Mineminemineminemine . . . I like solitude, dammit. Seven people with abrasive personalities under one roof will do that to you eventually.)

And my new room mate will be a student from Norway named Gunhild. I think I got an exchange student. Hmm, we'll see how this pans out next week . . .

Pokey little room is on the fifth floor. Add two more storeys if we count the descent down to the road and bus stop. (At least my legs would be in great shape after all that climbing . . .) There is no apparent meal plan, no kitchenette on my floor and they charge $77 for the privilege of bringing in our own fridge . . .

Must hunt for kitchenette somewhere in the block. And discuss with Gunhild if she's okay with having a fridge . . .

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[Wednesday, July 09, 2003]

*reads "Burial" translation*

Timeline wackiness/inconsistencies asides (I thought it'd be around 4, not 14) . . . *thunk*

Oh my. ("Kuu" as in "to eat"? Neffy-Poo and Ange: Is that the kanji in the manga?)

*sniggers from the vacinity of the floorboards* Ken'yuu writes porny fic . . .
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[Monday, July 07, 2003]

Okie, Neffy-Poo and disciple-mine, if you're *really* good, I'll sing the -ite song for you guys . . . (And congrats, Neffy-Poo--you've finished another fic!) And then we can all sing along and get kicked out of whatever place/restaurant/fastfood-joint/coffee-joint we happen to be in. Aka just another S4 gathering--educational, fun and a wee bit suspicious at the same time. Yay!

(You do realise that I'm suffering from a serious lack of hormones at this point, right? Hee, this is the up-swing. You don't want to know what the down-swing looks like . . .)

School starts in one week--argh. Registration on the 10th. I have to go check if they'll let me move in two days before the 14th . . .
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[Sunday, July 06, 2003]

Had to make up for a lesson today after missing class yesterday on the account of not being able to move for most of the day. Noguchi-sensei might be even more genki than Murata-sensei. (Kowaiiiii . . .) Must ask classmates if they sang the -ite song to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". And the cheerful way everyone does the conjugation lines for "shinanai, shinimasu, shinu, shineba, shinoo, shinde kudasai . . ."

And I like Sunday's class slightly better than Saturday's class--it's the people there. And Noguchi-sensei's teaching.

kit's Hellsing dj and my Saiyuki dj for sale. *shameless pimping*

Dear Neffy-Poo, cute layout. (Though I think I have become slightly allergic to that combination of orange and blue over the past four years . . .)

Joy: Yep, though if one wanted to hear Seki Toshihiko go on about nothing for more than half a minute, there's always Naruto, crawling along as usual . . .
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[Friday, July 04, 2003]

Yes, yes, you two can argue about who spanked who the next time you meet . . . I'll be the referee.

Quite a lot of anime ended recently . . .

Hikaru no Go: Still has slashier subbing than PoT does. Am wondering why Akira and Hikaru haven't jumped each other yet, the UST was so thick . . .

Weiss Kreuz Gluhen: It was so bad, the fansubbers apologised after the last episode. (Yes, it was awful, improved animation notwithstanding. But after 10 episodes and a great deal of pain later, you get to hear Seki Toshihiko as Knight . . . Eh, only for rabid seiyuu-fans. Or masochists.)

Sweet Decay (Yes, porny fic . . .)
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[Tuesday, July 01, 2003]

Have convocation gown. Dad was so excited about it, he ran out and told the lady distributing the gowns that I wasn't at home and collected on my behalf. I still haven't seen the invitation cards yet, so quickly did he whisk them away . . . Something tells me that my parents are a lot more pumped about this than I am.

Have a place in a hall of residence. Have hall orientation registration form. Orientation is based on a Harry Potter theme. Ehhhhhhhhhh . . . (To go or not to go, that is not really the question. To bury my head in my hands and mutter about their originality or not, however, is a question . . .)

Have not got paycheck yet. Woe is I. Broke is I. Off to another school for post grad diploma go I. Buggerit, says I.

S4 Gathering: Neffy-Poo had landed a copy of ZS for dissection over dinner. Minekura cuts to the chase and we have Nii's backstory--yay! Nii was an ambitious badass in his day . . . (And Nii might have a few things in common with Sanzo that neither of them would admit to.)

Endings--Gojyo-angst. (No, Neffy-Poo, it's not porny.)
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