[Friday, August 29, 2003]

Phonetics and Usage of English in the morning. Jap class at night. (Friday is a very . . . linguistic day.) Plus dry run of class activities. Plus prep for presentation tomorrow. I made up *note-sheets*.

Nodo ga kawakimashita. *goes to make milo* *reads bedtime doujinshi*


*at the weekly Sanzo-Stalkers Anonymous meeting*

Gojyo: Heads up! Nekkid Sanzo pics in October's Zero-Sum!

Homura: Really? Pass it over here--

Goku: Go get your own!

Hakkai: Maa, maa . . . we should settle this like civili--

Gojyo: Yeah, why should we share?

Nii: Mmmhhmm, that's not very sporting . . .

Dougan: Gimmeeeeee! Sanzo-samaaaaaaaa . . .

*massive bitch-slapping session ensues*

Hakkai: On the other hand . . . *ki-blasts the gathering*

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[Thursday, August 28, 2003]

Am still nostalgic. Saw my Secondary School form teacher and chemistry teacher today! Mrs K was celebrating Teacher's Day with her lecturers. I can still recognise her and she still remembers my name!

Am embarrassed. Don't read my old HP fics, please don't . . . Especially if I know you in RL . . .

Am being bullied by a small stray cat. She just sits down there staring up at my block with the "feed me, feed poor little me" look . . .

Am annoyed by overly-chatty MListers. Nobody really *cares* how many chapters you've done, especially if they're not reading fics that lost the plot about fifty chapters ago.

Am so busy I can't quite breathe for the deadlines. Doing the weirdest project work here. I hope it's worth the effort, argh . . . *types like a demon ro catch up with work*

Atmosphere here is worried because Gunhild appears to have lost a friend after a night of clubbing and they are likely to file a missing person's report soon. O_O Clubbing rules back when I used to go out included keeping an eye out for your friends and never leaving a place without them. And we never had any trouble around here except once with a pair of drunk American sailor-types who wanted to get in the cab with us "for some fun" as they put it.
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[Tuesday, August 26, 2003]

Am feeling a strange sense of nostalgia again. I am actually missing the old Uni. *shock* And I miss my old club's annual race-across-the-muddy-river-bottom-at-low-tide after going to see them last week. Even the barnacles that scar your knees and the mud worms that keep popping up.

There was a mud-nest made by a sort of wasp-like-insect on our door. Pried it open and found little green larva. The variety of life is astounding . . . but it doesn't belong on our door. Freaked out my room mate Gunhild by telling her about the pythons, rats, roaches and other assorted wildlife still hanging on around here. (There are apparently no snakes or roaches in Norway. Hmmm.)

Essay writing--blah. But I have to complete everything if I'm ever going to free up some time on the weekend . . .
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[Monday, August 25, 2003]

Net connection here sucks harder than certain characters drawn by certain dj-circles.

The things you never knew about your fellow trainees (part 1):
One of my classmates is a Draco/Hermione 'shipper who likes Lucius/Hermione and Snape/Hermione--and we both thought that the chances of meeting other HP online 'shippers around here were nil . . . (Then again, she used to write Westlife fics . . . O_O;;;; Explains why we don't move in similar circles--slasher and het boyband fan.)

I now know another nut who rivals kit over there for insanity. (Hey kit, oddly enough her name is Kristina.) Today, she told our really boring lecturer that she was boring right to her face in the middle of class.

In other news--kit, your hp isn't working but you've got one dj today. And I've got 17 + 1 dj coming in sometime next week. (*sweats* I'll go pick them up from your place then . . .)

*sniffs experimentally* Bah. The people around me are beginning to wonder about this cold . . .
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[Friday, August 22, 2003]

Have Noguichi-sensei for Ele-2. How anyone can be that genki at 9.30pm is beyond my comprehension . . . (Yep, it's the te-song again!) Heard that Murata-sensei is now principal. Four-fifths of my class came from Murata-sensei's Ele-1 classes. ^^

*scans MLs* No, it's not been too long--we could use a few more weeks of silence from certain people. Suggestion: additional option for those who-you'd-want-to-kill-quizzes--the ones who set the damn things. Miss my first ML.

Am not recovering from cold. Everytime I step into an A/C room, it starts up again. This is highly annoying. Have no time to take a day off and sack out.

schning_schning--lj community for people who plan to be single old ladies with a hundred cats. Perfect for those of us who carry cat-food around in our bags.
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[Thursday, August 21, 2003]

Have Ward. Which is good in the mad-Minekura-fan way because it has Honey Comb, one of the few Minekura manga that have not been complied into a volume. Have doujinshi, dj stationery and dj calendar courtesy of favourite sales person from Kino--mainly GojyoXSanzo, but that pairing is usually porny so I'm happy. ^^ Favourite Sales person from Kino deserves a medal for braving the crowds at Comiket. Have found dj that I've been looking for for quite some time on eBay. Have more dj on the way from Y!Jp. I love having contacts and people who know contacts.

*plans raid on PoT and Saiyuki sections for next Comiket*

Sorry Ange, can't got see The Wedding Banquet with you and Alex tomorrow. Got Japanese class. T_T My timetable is a shambles. Advanced booking only.

Edit: Net connection is terrible . . .
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[Tuesday, August 19, 2003]

Finally had a chance to sleep in. Should be more ambitious and aim for 10am instead of 9am the next time. Am coughing now but I cannot take the cough medicine because there's no rest for the wicked work to be done. They've arranged a briefing right smack in the middle of our free day.

Am going to do the open water dive certification course--barring any medical problems or flunking-the-practical-problems, I should be certified by September. My next two weekends are officially gone.

Favourite salesperson at Kino got Ward for me from Japan. ^^

Winter Comiket: 28-30 December 2003. Yay! I can actually go for it!

Have been called up by my old club at the U for external auditor duties. (Yes, sure, just don't ask me the day before--I still go by the lecture-tutorial system, same as you. It's usually more polite to ask "When are you free on these three days?" when asking someone else to do something for you.) Which is why I'm going down to the old U today.

I am taking 8 modules and I might be going nuts soon.
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[Monday, August 18, 2003]

Am relieved that that project presentation's over. Am slightly mollified that group members are pulling together. Am glad that the sore throat is gone, the flu has cleared up and there's only the nasal congestion and cough to get over with.

Going on to the next essay/presentation/homework . . . But not before some more napping. (Guilt-free napping. I had an MC for today. And I didn't use it. Argh, wasted my MC . . .) And buying a heap of dj from Y!Jp because I didn't find any porn to read.

(I can take three different meds for cough, flu and fever at 11pm, all of which cause drowiness, and *still* wake up when my roomie comes back at 1am. I probably never get near the REM stage to have any dreams . . .)
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[Friday, August 15, 2003]

Project saga: Two presentations prepared and sent out. No meetings for the graded one. Too much time spent on ungraded one. Working styles are different--what to do? Wish that my group members would take some time from their busy schedules to feedback on the presentations and do outlines since they can't find the time to practise. I mean, I can't be the only one stuck in my room doing projects and listening to Linkin Park until tomorrow morning, right?

*crickets chirp*

Plus: They don't seem to be able to do citations . . . after three years at university. Joy. And they want this to be submitted by noon tomorrow. I have *classes* tomorrow morning and I can't read their minds to find those missing citations . . .

It makes me want to weep with the frigging joy of doing citations during breakfast.

Three types of people to avoid having in your group:
- The kind who do sports *seriously*--and I mean the dragon-boat team, jog at night, participate in all the Inter-Hall Games kind.
- The kind who attend cell group meetings religiously, even during lunchtime.
- The kind who didn't study at the universities here and don't really know how to do citations or presentations the way the lecturers here want them done.

One or two of the above might be okay--I have all three in my group. Which is why we can't never find the time to meet up, even though three out of four of us live here on campus. *slams head against wall*

All that indignation, low-grade hostility and purging just *burns* through the flu. I feel better already.

My roomie (who is downtown and will only get back at 6am tomorrow morning) tells me that things were much more liberal and laidback in Norway--and they didn't do *any* presentations at all. Uh-huh, you don't say . . .

Someone please give me porn to read?
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[Thursday, August 14, 2003]

To my group members from a lot of groups: Yes, projects are due. Yes, we are busy. Yes, I am sick and sneezing my head off. Please follow deadlines--we actually have to find time to practice presenting this thing. And I have to collect all the ppts and make a coherent presentation out of them by *tonight*. You're nice people, I don't doubt that, but from what I can see, you're shite at presenting your ideas and your idea of an aesthetically-pleasing presentation is light years away from mine. Kindly remember that we are adults now. Excuse me for being opinionated, but I'm damn good at it after being drilled for four years in giving presentions in front of tough audiences. You do remember that this presentation is *graded* right? Why do I have to be the responsible one? 'Cos no one else wants to do that job . . . If I wasn't in Nice Mode, I'd have left campus and gone to dinner with our class rep who was sort-of asking me out today.

Stuff like this make me look like the horribly sober, anal-retentive swot that I am *not*. (I can't tell them to fuck off, it'll blow my cover and I'm flying stealth right now . . . Lookie, am I not such a dull, boring old stick?)

Please save me from my group members, the people I have to work with for quite some time to come.
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[Wednesday, August 13, 2003]

Have a bad throat and my stomach is feeling decidedly wonky. The weather is not helping. It's 'flu and bad throat weather and I can hear other people sniffling and coughing already. *chugs more Pi Pa Gao*

Dragged robes and all to the meeting at the old lab today, photo-taking. Justin and Charles are still looking for a job. Ken and I are technically employed while undergoing postgrad education. We have come to the conclusion that staying in school is a good thing right now.

While at the lab, I heard about that incident that happened this morning at some meeting. Freaky things like that happen all the time at the old Uni. O_O The fact that it's the Seventh Month isn't very comforting either . . .
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[Tuesday, August 12, 2003]

Landed another project today on top of all the others. Thank you, oh system with no real exams and continuous project-based assessment . . . We even have ungraded assignments to do now. T__T

Response papers, projects, presentations . . . visiting my mentor tomorrow because she was on holiday/abroad again during our convocation (like she had been throughout a relatively substantial span of time during my project). Will be around the vicinity of former Uni around 5pm.

After getting salary, the world is slightly brighter than it was two hours ago. ^^

Oooh, doujinshi . . . ^^;;;; Crap--must . . . resist the pull of Y!Jp and all the sellers I already know . . .

Edit: Caught up on PoT because written response was going well. WTF? As fillers go, this is crack--bad crack. Which was probably what the story-writers were on when they came up with the Jousei Shounen team: the Littlest Freakshow in the World of Junior High Tennis. At least they're annoying enough for viewers to actually root for Seigaku to beat them . . .
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[Sunday, August 10, 2003]

Neffy-Poo, social camouflage is a necessary evil. Talk about your previous schools if you have to. Talk about annoying TV shows if you *really* have to.

And yes, Alex dear, Princess Tutu is on crack. It doesn't even try as hard as PoT and it's still whack. I would advise people to watch it and know the whacked-ness of Neko Sensei.

Ange: Ganbatte kudasai . . . Good luck on your thesis. If you're reading this, get offline and write your thesis if you refuse to indulge your dark little fic bunnies about Hakkai. (I've been trying to get this woman to write again for three years and still no luck . . . See, if you can write fic, it trains you up to write 1000 words or more in a short span of time--I've never had any trouble spewing out BS for papers.)

Speaking of papers . . . They've informed us of every single grade-worthy assignment we're doing already. All the deadlines too. We've formed all our groups. Only I can't get them straight in my head. Too many groups . . . Textbook-sharing groups, presentation groups, assignment groups, concept-map groups . . . I must go count my groups . . .

"Ehhh Prof, we tend to band together with people taking the same subjects as we do so that our time-tables wouldn't clash when we want to have project meetings . . . So could you not group us with the Maths teachers?"

I don't mind my EduIssues group--Jeff is around pre-JLPT-2 in Japanese and Adrian likes anime but they're PE teachers and their workload is heavier plus they're never free for project meetings. *Practicality*, people!
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[Thursday, August 07, 2003]

To my previous internet connection at Uni, in my little closet-sized hostel room at PGP: If I ever said anything bad about you, I take it all back. I was spoiled, I know. We had our little disagreements and there was that bad patch when SqueakyBlue died, but we pulled through in the end. And there were the times when you were nosy and intrusive, but you didn't stop or limit me in any way. I used to compare you to my home connection all the time, which was unfair to *both* of you. Two and a half years was pretty good--more than good. But all good things had to end. You were the best I ever had, dammit.

Kino's anniversary sale is on this weekend--20% off storewide! Yay!
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[Tuesday, August 05, 2003]

It's amazing how many old friends I meet around here asides from the former Biology Hons class alumnus . . . Raz, old classmate from my primary and secondary school, is doing a Diploma and pedagogy for computer application; YL, from my old Secondary School Lit class (and Nerdy Bookworms Anonymous), is doing her degree and pedagogy for primary school.

While discussing hobbies today, YL told me that her younger sister is in Japan, about to sign a contract to become a manufactured pop idol. ("Isn't it odd? I mean, we're normal people and she's always wanted to be a star . . ." *smiles* *nods* Granted, no-one at Nerdy Bookworms Anonymous ever aspired to be a manufactured J-pop idol . . .) YL's younger sister had been taking Japanese at Bunka and was the last member of Mirai with a contract because she signed on after one of the original members quit (sometime after the "Open Up Your Mind" single).

It's a *very* small world/island. O_O

Need a new computer, need a new computer . . . Plan a new computer, plan a new computer . . .
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[Monday, August 04, 2003]

The power supply unit in the home computer died on Saturday. All in all, it was a bad weekend.

There has to be a better way to spend Sunday afternoons other than hunching over and trying not to scream in the toilet. The Ponstan's not working--or the effects don't go beyond two hours. If someone has come up with a cure for the cramps, a lot of people would fund the research. (And if someone mentions exercise, I'll state that all the damn exercise in Secondary School and JC didn't help one fucking bit.)

Note to self: Do not spend Sunday nights at home--the stress of trying to get to campus by 8.30am on Monday is not worth it. Especially when my vindictive sibling listens to "The Sound of Music" on the stereo at 1am. I can't sleep when Julie Andrews is yodelling. (And when I was in JC, I took the bus and walked to school while the parental units sent my sibling to RGS. Now, they send my sister to JC and I get to hitch a ride with my aunt all the way across the island--which means my sister still gets to wake up later.) Why can't she cut me a little slack for once during the two nights in the week that I am at home? Oh wait, she does nice only when she wants something from me. Whenever we go out, she has this fantastic trick of not bringing her purse along. So someone else winds up paying for everything. And I just bought her two books and a Fish & Co. lunch last weekend after she turned the puppy-eyes on me. Someday, I won't fall for that one again . . .

This computer doesn't *act* like it has a 384MB RAM. Fifteen minutes and it's resources are 50% free? I haven't used the RealPlayer to listen to music for weeks.

I miss the cat. T___T Maybe I should go outside and wave a tin bowl and a packet of catfood around . . . (Argh, I have response papers to do. It's just 500 words--*500* words isn't difficult . . .)
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[Friday, August 01, 2003]

Bugger. I think my phone slipped out of my pocket in the taxi . . .

Fortunately, I have the receipt with the Lost & Found Hotline as well as the Taxi Number. Now I will run downstairs and find a public phone . . .


British Film Fest--Tim Roth and Dougray Scott in "To Kill A King". Slashy history . . .

The cab driver and I had an interesting talk on the way back (yes, it was a long ride west). Turns out that he's got a 9-year old daughter and she's just brought back a letter from the school about this test that school is having . . . "Streaming?" Yes, that's it. Only the letter was in English and perhaps the full import of the whole streaming exercise got lost somewhere because he said he didn't quite understand it.

"Ehhh, you better have a talk with your kid's tuition teacher(s) . . ." Because it's about grouping the kids according to their "learning ability" and it's a prime example of how the education system will make or break people before they even hit puberty.

What I didn't say was, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry that the system doesn't send out bilingual letters and they really should tell parents *exactly* how streaming will affect their kids for the rest of their lives . . . I don't know why they start streaming the 9-year olds, but unfortunately, we live *here*." (The cab driver looked like he was slightly younger than my dad . . .)

Edit: Phone has been returned. But my blog and site are not working . . . Off to Saturday classes--argh.

Edit: Oh so *now* it's working . . .
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