[Monday, September 29, 2003]

Went for the Japanese film fest yesterday (despite project work--*sod* project work for one day). Twilight Samurai (Tasogare Seibei) and Millenium Actress (Sennen joyu).

Twilight Samurai: Good, in the angsty way. Sensitive New-Age Single-Parent Samurai Guy meets Headstrong And Too Modern For The Pre-Meiji Era Divorcee. Everyone knows that kind of thing'll take the rest of the movie to resolve, so there are extra obstacles along the way. Cried in the pre-duel scene. T_T (That was just yanking on the audience's heartstrings. Of course it *had* to happen to give more angst . . .)

Millenium Actress: Director Kon Satoshi likes actresses. A lot. Fujiwara Chiyoko looks *exactly* like Mima from Perfect Blue. (Sennen joyu is a hundred times less twisted than Perfect Blue. There are some important similarities between the two though.) Genya is rather like a self-insert of the director. Ida the camera dude is comic relief to make all the transitions from real life to reel life less weird.

No time to watch Gekko no Sasayaki. Had to rush back. Travelling from and to the hostel takes up an unseemly amount of the weekend.

To new commentor person re Johnny Depp,
Hi tora,
The last Johnny Depp movies I saw were From Hell and Blow and those were also his last movies before Pirates and a whole lot of new films. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I should have said. ^^ People like my sensei (who has probably gone for her fourth round of PotC by now ^^;;) may or may not have watched Gilbert Grape or Edward Scissorhands before are technically rediscovering him after seeing him in forgettable parts or not seeing his slightly "arty" films.

Edit again:
I can't see your blog . . .
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[Saturday, September 27, 2003]

Today, one of my classmates showed an article from the Onion as a scientific example. In Chem Teaching. "Mixing vinegar and baking soda is actually quite dangerous . . ."

Yes, really. The Onion,. O_O

So maybe not everyone knows about it and a great many anti-Harry Potter groups and some fans were actually taken in by one of their articles before (while most of the fandom sniggered at them) . . .

But a truckload of baking soda and five thousand gallons of vinegar?

-__-;; Just because it was found via Coppernic doesn't mean that it's reliable yo. It's enough to make me run into a corner and cry . . . or laugh. Because it might actually be funny, in a pathetic kind of way.

Ugh. Have to rush homework. (Do all psych modules ask people to do self-portraits? And collages? We aren't even graded on this and I've got better, graded things to do . . .)

My dad and I occasionally share a geekish love for shiny new fads . . . This time, it's thumb drives. Cute little gidgets. I have one--a free gift with my new PC. (Which is sitting downstairs in its box--so close, yet so far! My own PC, my own PC!) It solves the problem of really large files, even psd files. ^^
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[Thursday, September 25, 2003]

Cold, wet day, insofar as the the weather goes around here. Kept thinking about laundry all day because I left it all on the line to dry. (Well, it hadn't *looked* like it was going to rain all day in the morning . . .) Rescued laundry and dragged it back to my room to dry.

KC came over to do the IT project and decided to stuff me with chocolate as well. "Argh, take back the buns and cakes--you can't leave them here in my room, you evil woman!"

Must start more essays. Ick.

New fic bunny is out of control. (Incandescens, this is all your fault for feeding it too many carrots!)
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[Tuesday, September 23, 2003]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Ah, fencing with phallic symbols and snarky words. Cool. (Orlando Bloom was outdone by almost everyone including Keira Knightly, poor boy. He needs to dye his hair and run around the scenic hills in New Zealand.) And legions of fangirls rediscover Johnny Depp, 40 years old and still amazing. (Laughed at that one-liner after he loosened the corset.) I can't see the slash (unless you mean Barbossa and Sparrow). I *can* see a lot of desperate sailors after several months at sea though.

Now I'm remembering one conversation about all that "shiver me timber" pseudo-jargon . . . Including "jolly roger" and "swash-buckling". "Thar she blows!" and "hoist the main sail!" Heh heh . . . ^^

Randomly picked a het fic on ff.net to read. Oh wow, fluctuating tenses--all in one sentence too. *drops fic like a hot potato and runs like heck*

See, I keep wanting to be wrong, but it's not working out that way . . . Pseudo-yaoi and MSs abound, yikes.
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[Monday, September 22, 2003]

Essays done. For the moment. Two presentations tomorrow. *work work work*

Yes, I knew the two of you were the churchy types before we grouped up for this 20% thingy. Yes, I see that you have to go do volunteer work as a projectionist for one of those inspirational sessions your church organises and won't be back until late. I see that you also do quite a lot of stuff like that on weekends too. I see that you still have time for such activities even in the middle of all those essays and no time for group work, thus creating heaps more stress for the sole agnostic of the group. I feel that your sense of priorities is rather screwed up and that you could spend just a little time making other people--like your friends, family and poor little group members--marginally happier instead of affirming your already affirmed faith. 'Cos I believe that there's always a little karma to be balanced out at the end of it all. Do unto others and all that . . .

Dump all the work on the sole agnostic of the group, why don't you . . . It must be a pre-requisite or something--get a member who doesn't have religious obligations (that they themselves *volunteered* for) . . .

Can I claim that I'm busy reaffiriming my non-faith in any man-made religion? Nooooo . . . It sucks being the agnostic.

A and I are planning to watch Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow. At last . . .
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[Sunday, September 21, 2003]

In the past two weeks . . .
I've finished my part for the Social Issues group essay (20%) before running off to dive, just finished honking huge 80% essay for one core module, 10% review assignment for IT instruction module, 10% observation/interview/discussion for IT instruction, 10% interview portion for Psych and I'm almost done with compiling the folder for group work (30% for Psych and I've given up on my group members). Am pounding out the 25% 2000-word essay plus 5% worth of woolly feedback gibberish for Psych now. Rate of progress is significantly better than before, largely because I'm better at crapping for vague social psyche BS topics than hard facts and bioethics. (The sad thing is, I tend to score well for BS essays.) Expected completion time: 2am, because some of those journal papers aren't available here and I expect to be back at the hostel only by 10pm.

Bah. Plus the 20% concept mapping to be done by tomorrow because group members couldn't make it last Friday (on account of their unfinished essays, so *sure*, they can have my Monday lunch period). And then after a breather (all three seconds of it), I get to do the remaining 30% 2000-word analysis for Psych on my fruitcake student case-study, another 30% for IT instruction, the remaining 40% for IT instruction, plus four more modules worth of assignments (totalling up to the full 100% of the grades because I haven't started on any of them yet).

Someone kill me. Now.

On the other hand, I just want to kill whoever it was who said that we're supposed to have fun in this course . . .

Sign of the times: When your Japanese sensei has already seen Pirates of the Caribbean three times in the past week and you haven't even thought about it yet, you know you're seriously out of the loop . . .
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[Friday, September 19, 2003]

Eh, no, Neffy-Poo, I've not been *there* for the past week. I've been in another institution for observation. "Neighbourhood" barely does the place justice. Have observed a great deal, interviewed the PCCG head, the IT head and also my case study for Psych.

PCCG head was nice. IT head was obviously depressed. They didn't talk much at first, but after a while, questions were no longer necessary. IT head just kept ranting about the state of education and the crummy students. Oi, oi, off-topic! Off topic! And have you ever considered seeing a therapist? You know, people who listen if you pay them money?

Case study is a half-baked fruitcake who attempted jisatsu when his girlfriend tried to leave him. If I was his girlfriend, I'd be freaked out by a guy who is championing One True Love at the age of 15. Not that I said anything though. Just smile and nod and talk about televised wrestling . . . (Ah, honorary boy-hood and weird teenage fads have their uses after all . . .)

Oi, you're just plain creepy, you attention-seeking loon . . . No one is worth that much angst and you're way too needy and obsessive. My sister had friends who did a better job of it--for one thing, they're *dead*.

That is as RL as it gets. And they said that we'd be prepared for the worst now because that was about as bad as it gets. Oh yeah, you can't scare me now!

It's almost a relief to go back *there* again. Bloody essays.

Hope Delilah is okay in Virginia . . .

Eeeee! Kitten with a gun!

I have honking huge spam-with-attachment emails from a Y!Group that I would never subscribe to. It's the fic update list of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named! Yeech, bad fic cooties! (I know that return addys can be faked, but still, yeeeeeech . . .)
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[Thursday, September 18, 2003]

Am exhausted. And slightly freaked out. Has to do with this place I'm in. I pray that I will never go back there again. Ever. People get breakdowns here.

Essays are going slow. Too many side assignments, observations and interviews to conduct. They seem to think two weeks is a lot of time . . .

*mutters and curses* *shake fists at institution*

*buys a storage box* *drags 1 meter long box home and rearranges dj collection* (Can stack dj in three piles in the big box. Hmm, I have a lot of doujinshi . . . ^^)
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[Saturday, September 13, 2003]

Pretty dj . . .

An old one from Taito--because it has transparent character-colour-coded inserts (that don't show up properly in pics) of Zenon and Gojyo, Shien and Hakkai and Homura and Sanzo *weg*

The Sanzo Five. Dj was pre-Ukoku obviously--such a pity. (We have eliminated the possibility that they're doing John Travolta imitations . . .)

And Neffy-Poo--back when he was the cutest little sprogget you could find in too-short robes. (Nekoyashiki Megumi does lovely art . . .)

Next up: Answering Joy's question--no, it wasn't a dream, the Sanzo Stalkers Club does exist in dj-land and we have the pictures to prove it . . .
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[Thursday, September 11, 2003]

Trip was good value for money. Dive course plus semi-vacation plus good work-out.

Made new circle of friends--sort of. Nice, sporty types. Can't quite keep up with the conversations though. I'm sorry I don't share your love of gossip and analysing other people's relationship probl--actually, I'm not sorry at all. I'm wiped out and I'd rather not sit out there until the wee hours yakking. And I don't want to keep explaining that I'm always short of haemoglobin and *really* short of haemoglobin at certain times and terminally short of the desire to socialise at those times. In fact, I just want to sleep after one whole day of dragging air tanks around . . . Zzzzz . . .

Oooh, and the cats . . . Always loads of cats in every village on Tioman. Kampong Salang had even more cats than Kampong Paya had. Cat overload . . .

The one reasonably interesting and non-boring conversation of the trip: *long ramble on Japan and culture, etc, etc during the van journey*
A: (who has been to Japan and stayed with his Japanese friends before) The Japanese are really weird in some aspects . . .

Eline: Uh-huh, tell me about it . . .

A: Well, they have this thing about sadism/masochism . . .

C: And their pornography . . .

Eline: The hentai and ecchi stuff . . .

A: What's that?

Eline: That's the thing with the tentacle monsters and so on. Not into that.

A: Neither am I.

Eline: *smiles and nods*

Social camouflage, don't leave home without it.
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[Wednesday, September 10, 2003]

Am back. Am certified to dive to 18 metres. Am too buoyant--need more weights to sink. Am exhausted.

Neffy-Poo: Yes, and this is it. I've just spent half of my mid-term break underwater.

*thrashes and flounders under a pile of essays*
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[Sunday, September 07, 2003]

Know the meaning of the term "crash course":
Spent most of Sunday in the ickiest pool I've ever seen, practising breathing through a regulator and peering out into the world with one contact lens (left lens and left eye do not like each other for some reason). There was apparently no filtration system and a visiblity range of < 1 metre. Chlorine? Er, isn't chlorine suppose to *dissolve* in the water? Still fun though.

Followed by the theory section and the exam at 9.30pm without any dinner in-between. (Scoring 88% is pretty good when you're dead tired, hungry, thirsty and liable to fall asleep on any flat surface.)

Off to Mersing tonite and Tioman tomorrow. Where the ocean is largely clear and the currents move the water around. Yay! Will pay for it when I get back to a tonne of assignments. Boo!

Must pack and finished one more assignment . . .
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[Thursday, September 04, 2003]

Have no time to blog. Have travelled back and forth across the island via train twice this week already.

Fic-reading was restricted to MLs (which is shite), recs ("Oooh, Tezuka/Fuji fic!") and fics from writers I know (and I can read their fics without fear of trauma).

Saw Sue Mei off on Tuesday. Going to miss the cute, genki one of the group . . .

Grocery-shopped, returned library books and made enough pie and pastry on Tuesday for a friend's potluck party. Juggled pie on the train all the way across the width of the island back to campus.

Restrained the urge to yell, "And half the village too!" Bah, I shouldn't bother anymore . . .

Got through all classes and finished one of eight modules today with multiple-station-games with the help of Synflex. Have 2000 + 2000 + 3000 words to write for three essays in the next two weeks (minus 4 days for diving lesson and trip). Fed the cat downstairs--got nipped on the ankle when cat decided to play ankle-tag while chasing me all the way to the laundry room. Did the laundry. Writing activity report and editing photos now.

Am too exhausted to give this institution a two-fingered salute . . .
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