[Wednesday, October 29, 2003]

Actually ahead of deadlines for once. Got the module I wanted for next semester (heh--module balloting is easy after Y!Jp). Went swimming. Went for Jap class. Still okay for deadlines. This sort of thing only happens towards the end of the term (because I don't dream). Holidays are coming--yay!

Our sensei brought a little stuffed Pooh-san to class today. Along with Pooh-san's inanimate friends.

. . .

. . .

We'll survive. Just have to edit out the parts with Pooh-san going potty in a plastic mug to signal break time . . .

I don't give people candy much--it's more likely chocolate or cake. Not big on solidifed-sugar-products where I come from--diabetes in the family puts a damper on developing sweet-tooths. (No kidding--drinking carbonated soft-drinks is a guilty pleasure.) We will, of course off-load surplus candy on other people . . .

(And since Neffy-Poo has cast aspersions on my metaphorical candy, she won't get any in RL.)
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[Monday, October 27, 2003]

Finished two major assignments and handed them in today. Only two assignments left to go this week . . .

Japanese yen is at 1.60 now. The trip budget. T__T Urgh, should have bought more yen from that money changer at 1.593.

This is the cat who lives somewhere around here, doing her "feed me, Seymour, feed me" routine. As you can tell, she got knocked up again. As for the culprit, this is the number one suspect.

(Stalker cat, waiting to get lucky, very nice looking silver tabby . . . *resists the urge to call him "Homura"*)
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[Friday, October 24, 2003]

We all went down to the Catholic side of the Christian Cemetery today for Grandad's tenth death anniversary. And to visit several other graves along the way because most of the deceased on my mother's side were buried there. Funny how half my cousins have never even seen Grandad before other than annual grave visits where we have to keep the youngest from stepping on the next-door's marble frontage and china angels. (They've already got the letter about how Grandad and the others have a few more years in the ground before the time comes to relocate them into some urns. You don't get to own land very long around here even if you're dead. Not even 20 years. And we still have too many golf courses.)

I'm giving up my rotting corpse for whoever needs a cadaver to cut up in med school.

Pretty dj made it here, so I'm not missing anything to date. Damn pretty, but disturbing. At least to me.

See, if they made Sanzo into a cat, it's cute and all, but then . . . Um, you wouldn't do that to your cat, no . . .

Saw the ads for the Brainest Scholar edition of a local gameshow.

"See the brainest of them all! The son you always wanted but never had!"

Uh-huh, thank you very much, local tv script-writers . . . I finally remembered one reason why I don't watch tv.

Read an article in local entertainment rag on the contestants. *yawn*

One bright fellow's specialisation: Novels by Auson Scotcard.

Journos . . . *sigh* Learn to spell or visit a library once in a while, why don't you? And you, smarty-pants contestant bloke--if you were such a huge fan then at least spell out "Orson Scott Card" for them if your pronunciation/their hearing isn't that hot. I hmmed for a full 15 seconds before I figured out who "Auson Scotcard" was!

kit, even my sister was impressed with your plans for the trip.
I'm checking out bookshops and post offices at the moment . . .
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[Wednesday, October 22, 2003]

Finished up IT essay. Tackling Psyche essay soon. (But dragged corpse-like flesh out for a swim and surfed for the location of KAC shops in between.)

Must find a vaction job at this rate. Wonder if my old lab (or any other lab in the vicinity) needs any more help. Ah, hindsight, foresight . . . If I had learned to dive earlier, I'd probably be doing a post-grad course in Marine Biology now or volunteering for the Land's End expedition.
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[Tuesday, October 21, 2003]

Happy Birthday to Ange. Good luck for all the assignments. See you next week.

Hail kit, who missed her true calling in the budget tours industry and went into a profession that drains the most amount of money from her clients. I still owe her one porny fic.

(We're going to Japan. Really. Confirmed. Yes!)

I don't work well in the afternoon . . .
After dinner is another thing. I've made it to 1000 words! That's 1000 more words to go. Let's see if I can get it all done before 2am . . .

Read relatively okay porn to break up the monotony. (Relative as to ff.net pseudo-yaoi. My standards have dropped depressingly low.) Not pairing of choice, but still okay . . .

*eyes mail from one particular pairing-of-choice mailing list* I'm going regret opening it, aren't it? *opens it anyway*

Argh. It *is* he-who-must-not-be-named! Run away!

Cynical voice inside Eline's head: Haha, told you so!
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[Monday, October 20, 2003]

After Wednesday, Aida and I are so going to watch Kill Bill. After weeks of essay and deadlines, we thought we should purge all homicidal thoughts with tonnes of anime-like violence and bloodletting. Surrogate catharsis. Or something like that.

(kit, from what I've heard about the show, it's is right up your alley.)

Let me get this straight . . . if Yaoi is defined like it is here, then I sure haven't read any of it on ff.net. Where's the porn dammit? The ficcy sez it's yaoi, but there's no real written porn in it. Porn as in fluids-all-over-the-place-and-then-some porn. Seeing as that sort of thing doesn't exist on ff.net's rating system, yaoi should not exist there, technically speaking . . . (So if porn-of-choice is lacking, then there's still copious screen violence . . .)
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[Sunday, October 19, 2003]

I've had it up to *here* with constructivist learning theory. Used in every single essay to date and most references quote it like some holy writ.

Two more deadlines this week . . .
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[Friday, October 17, 2003]

Someone asked me if my other subject was physics, what with me being able to connect the data-loggers and the power supply to the laptop properly without trying twice.

"No, I'm just good at fitting plug A into socket B. See, they've both got the same shape and everything . . ."

Went into the wrong test slot today.

At 2pm :
"Oh, this is the 1.40pm slot, is it? I'm in the 2pm slot. How silly of me to assume that all the tests actually happen on time . . . Can I take this test anyway?"

I'm suppose to working on honkin' huge project to be submitted tomorrow morning.

Oh well.

Discword Quiz--linkie from Bhex!:

Discworld: Which Ankh-Morpork City Watch Character are YOU?

brought to you by Quizilla

(Although I'd like to point out that some of the answers are characters who are not in the City Watch proper . . .)

It's 3am and I'm done!
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[Wednesday, October 15, 2003]

Have been very good. Did demos this morning and filmed them. And Daphne's as well. Did the laundry and made lunch. And then went back to help Aida. And ran down to the mini-mart to get vinegar and juice for Aida's experiments. Cut and formatted vids and pics by 3.30pm. Upload and send. Half-dead by 4.30pm, but I got all my colour print-outs done just before the printer went critically short of red/blue/yellow ink.

So I take an hour off to zone out and then get up to do this essay. Must finish this before midnight. 400 words more to go . . . Argh, there's still the slides to do . . .

So I figured, I got 12 chicken livers (3 fresh and 9 not-that-fresh)--one of them's got to work right? (I'm KS and anal-retentive, yes . . .)

Yeah, the first one worked just fine. Good thing chicken livers come free when you buy chicken at the wet market. ^^

To the lab tech: Yes, we know that you've got hundreds of equipment orders to fill and you're cranky everyday, but your attitude doesn't help any. Bitch. (When I said manganese oxide, I mean manganese oxide, em-en-oh-two, not magnesium oxide. Yes, it does exist. Yes, that's it, the black powdery stuff. And I know that she fudged several other equipment orders today as well. How'd she get the job anyway?)
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[Tuesday, October 14, 2003]

Filmed the first batch of presentations for the class today. Going to film demos for Aida, Daphne and my own projects tomorrow. (Must remember chicken liver.) I'm so glad I did Cyberarts, yes I am . . .

A straw poll of my class has shown that it was a lot less stressful back when we were in the previous institution, happily mucking away at student life. We still have no idea why we're doing double the work for the secondary module. Nor do we know why we still have go to certain classes even though we've completed 100% of the course assessment. (To break the monotony of slogging for the other projects, I suppose.)

Japanese yen is still sky-high. No buying of dj on Y!jp any more until we actually get to Japan. T_T

I have received my PS card. It comes with a case and chain. I'm doomed. Doooommmmmmmmmeddddddd . . .
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[Monday, October 13, 2003]

*fiddles around with blog and fixes codes and linkies*

Assignments are coming along slowly. Why do we still have to do ungraded homework on top of everything else? And why are we doing double the work for the less important subject? The logic escapes me . . . along with much of my sanity. We don't even feel anything anything after finishing assignments because there's always another project deadline snapping at the heels of the previous one.


English test at the end of the week. Pronouncing words the way they're supposed to be pronounced--i.e. it sounds nothing like what you hear in real life. So we're all going "Aborigine . . . Aborigine . . . Absurd . . . Absurd . . . Academic . . ." while hooked up to our PCs or CD-players.

Must remember chicken liver and all other preparations.

"Awry . . . Awry . . . Bargain . . ."
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[Sunday, October 12, 2003]

This week . . .
Biology module--kow tim.

60% of Chemistry module--kow tim. With a lot of luck, the other 40%'ll be all over by the next weekend.

60% of IT module--kow tim. With luck, the other 40%'ll be over by tomorrow.

Japanese test--kow tim. Won't need to worry about Inter-1 lessons until two weeks later when most of the assignments are done.

Rewarded self with Saiyuki Reload episode 1 subbed by SpA. (AJ's subs . . . aren't that hot--plus, they're not very familiar with Saiyuki to begin with. I think Kougaiji in the episode 2 trailer got translated into "The Red Sea". Horrible innuendo just popped into mind. *beats it away with a stick*)

Watched Peacemaker Kurogane. Like Kenshin, only more bishies. (Oh hey, that's the pig that kit's got for a monitor wiper . . .)

I have touched my new PC after taking it out of the box. Not wired up yet. So near, yet so far . . .

Now back to work for the next few assignments . . . I need frozen chicken liver and hydrogen peroxide . . .
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[Wednesday, October 08, 2003]

I'm going to be lazy and re-use an article for two assignments. For one thing, they never said we *couldn't* use the same articles . . .

Have read Pterry's Monstrous Regiment. Twice (I tend to read very quickly after periods of not-reading-anything-but-journal-articles--very, very quickly indeed). Hugely entertaining. With one or two twists that hit you like a quick knee to the socks. ^^

Have almost finished another module's worth of work. Must keep slogging . . .
Cannot re-use article due to one tiny little detail. Bah.

PC is making funny noises again. This bodes ill. *backs up important files*

While I'm still up . . .
In one discussion, it was noted that some fics were not actually yaoi because they involved intercourse between a "blonde" and a "brunette". This minor detail means that the fic is technically yuri. Fics involving a "redhead" and a "blonde" thumping the headboard or a "redhead" and a "brunette" making sweet lurve are therefore technically het fics. This is rather obvious because the "blonde" and the "brunette" roles in certain fics were, for all intents and purposes, that of women. (Which is, of course, a highly phallocentric and stereotypical view, used entirely for setting the scene in a familiar context.)

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[Tuesday, October 07, 2003]

Have done research. Hopefully enough to do around 280% or so worth of essays . . . Urgh, planning to finish another two modules worth of work by this week. D is coming over tomorrow to do polishing up on our project and we *really* have to finish it to free up time for the other stuff. (Like a Japanese test on Friday. Argh.)

The only group work I've had no complaints about so far, ironically, is the IT project with D, who is definitely over 35, married with two nursery/pre-school age kids and adopter of two stray cats (which proves that cat-lovers naturally get along better with other cat-lovers--I didn't even know about the cats until last month). We're helping each other with another one of our common module projects too, so yes, my faith in humanity is temporarily restored!

Welp, there's a sub of Reload, but my bt's at 36% after 27 hours on the slow connection from Hell. *sigh* There's always the weekend at home . . . (Nine episodes of assorted anime done in less than 24 hours last Saturday and the Saiyuki Reload raw just *had* to be the only bt I had problems with on the home connection. Bugger.)

Have seen the opening though. Urgh. The old anime had it right--Saiyuki's a lot more 80's hair rock than 90's fusion rap. I mean look at it, episode 2 is entitled "Wanted Dead or Alive" . . . Saiyuki always smacked of Bon Jovi to me (not merely because a certain band member resembled San-chan at a certain time ^^). Yep, was a Bon Jovi fan. Now I am a Saiyuki fan. Which says quite a bit about the 80s-ness of Saiyuki.

Am glad I wasn't the only one who liked old-style Gojyo, pink hair included. I mean, Minekura coloured it that way in her colour art. There are Copic Markers, doublers and pastel water-colour crayons in "Gojyo's Hair" (okay, it was actually "Cardinal Red" for Copics and No. 46 and No. 19 for Marvy 1800 doublers). I also dislike Hakkai's flappy shirt. Tuck it in, for crying out loud . . .
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[Sunday, October 05, 2003]

Ftp is working. Happiness. Anyone want a Kiba plushie? More specifically Alex's Kiba plushie? We're trying to find it a new home--along with the other dj on eBay.

Promised Joy that I'd get around to scanning in this strip from Kissu by Universe. (Aka Another Gathering of the Sanzo Stalkers' Club.)

"Welcome to another amusing omake . . . (Gojyo, would you please get away from Sanzo?)"

Of course, we have to start with a few canons pairing. But watch out Sanzo--

--It's micro-pairing time! One more time up close for the fangirls of this pairing. (That's about . . . all three of us then. ^^)

And the gang's all here.

Fortunately, Gojyo manages to stop Homura before he said the dreaded A-phrase.

Only to find that he has competition from somewhere much closer to home.

But this sort of thing wouldn't be complete without a few long-time stalkers . . .

And a few dead people. And other people you should run like heck to get away from.

Plus a Gaiden interlude.

Oh pooh, the A-phrase got used. Sore ni Sanzo wa boku no mono nan desu kara . . . (Et tu, Hakkai?)

One more time, with feeling--"Sanzo/Konzen/sono oniisan wa boku/ore no mono da!"

Sanzo's only word. And I think we have a winner . . . Though the others still think they have another chance with San-chan . . . ^^
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[Wednesday, October 01, 2003]

Japanese test in less than two weeks! Argh! It clashes with my assignments/projects! As usual . . .

Potter Puppet Theatre (got the link from rubyfire) Oh dear . . . (Snape, your fangirls'll forgive you anyway . . .)

Have Saiyuki dj with whacked parodies of The Fifth Element and DragonBall Z (Dragon Kyomon Z) and one where everyone's naked and crawling around acting like wolves. Have been told that that's a parody of Ginga, but I don't know that series so I'll settle for going O__O;;; at the sight of the entire cast naked and howling while crawling around on fours.

Hey, it was by three of my favourite circles including Gracefl Worms so I can't complain.

But I can mumble, "Hakkai in leopard print, in the DJ Ruby Rhod role. Yaaaargh . . ." O___O;;;;;

To paraphrase a fanfic title I once saw: Hakuryuu is _not_ a microphone yo . . .

Have read amusing fanfic. Roasted OFC. Finger-lickin' good.

Several more nails in the coffin of my fandom:
Some MLs are . . . depressingly stupid.

One more nail in the technological coffin around here:
My ftp does not work anymore on this connection and there are always infernal "There are 2 users connected to your PC" messages when I try to shut down. I hate it when there are people or software watching me. Paranoid, paranoid . . .

And my blog refuses to publish. The Gods of Technology are not with me at the moment.

Edit: *Finally*! I do not need to roll out the altar, chant in binary code and make a sacrifice of 10 MBs of space to the Gods of Technology and the Internet . . . (And it's already Saturday morning.)
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