[Sunday, November 30, 2003]

Spent a part of yesterday fangirling, even though I knew nothing about J-rock/pop/whatever. Went to niece's birthday and slept a lot today. I hate these cramps.

Speaking of fangirling, Duran Duran are coming.

Inner fangirl: Go! Go! Go!

Me: Argh.

Inner fangirl: Look, if you went to London and KL for Cats . . .

Me: Argh.

Inner fangirl: You know you're going to regret it if you don't go, same way you'll always regret not going for Blur, Suede, Bon Jovi . . .

Me: Most of them were during the exam periods . . .

Inner fangirl: You're not exactly having exams now, are you?

Me: *whimper* Must save money . . .

Inner fangirl: The last time you went to a concert was back in '96 . . .

Me: Oh yeah.

Inner fangirl: And you've actually had less of a life right now than back then.

Me: Internet changes a lot. *prepares to fork over cash* Anyone else wants to go?

Got linkie from Bhex . . .
Cute kitties! Photogenic kitties!

If there is an afterlife, I want to go to the field of cute, impossibly photogenic kitties. (Which looks like it's somewhere in Japan if all the sakura and tatami mats are any indication.)
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[Thursday, November 27, 2003]

Domestic fiddle-faddle. Bah.

I've got the ladder upstairs, trying to shove all the stuff that can be shoved up on top of the cabinets, a good 3.5 metres up. In the process of clearing out stuff, I keep turning to my sister and going, "Ellie, why do we have a duvet taking up room under my table? And don't tell me it was because you got the blinding neon duvet cover first . . ." Naturally, she's ignoring me because her 'A Levels end tomorrow and spreading out papers all over the place.

Contrary to common expectations, the food at home is vile and I want to be back at the hostel cooking for myself. The help can't cook for shit and my grandmother's version of being modern is to combine raw fish and mince meat before frying it until it becomes well charred and greasy. (Probably my fault for not complaining louder and going shopping for stuff to cook properly. But I'm probably losing a little weight by not eating any of it.)

Tomorrow, it's going to be the stacks under the table . . .
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[Sunday, November 23, 2003]

Happy Growing Older Day Shixiong!

Still have tonnes of junk after discovering more bag hiding in one corner. To throw or not to throw, that is the question.

Why I don't ICQ/MSN/AOL here:

My friends from the First Fandom are on AOL. Normal friends like M, ShuX and ShuW are on ICQ. The nuts I know are on MSN. A lot of people are in in different timezones. Kore wa imoto no paso-con dakara, AOL to MSN ga arimasen. Watashi no paso-con wa intaanetto setsuzoku ga arimasen. Network solution ga hoshi desu.

"Ooh, if balloons have holes, then condoms can have them too!"

Colour me surprised. And flabbergasted. Since when did having your head stuck up your rectum make you a good person? It was the peer pressure bit that really cheesed me off though. If that awful woman ever showed up anywhere I was working, I'd bodily tackle her before she even got pass the gates. "Run kids! Ruunnnnn! Save yourselves!"

Then I remember where this is. *sigh* The kids are doomed anyway.
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[Thursday, November 20, 2003]

I think I can see clear spots on my desk now. It's going to take a bit more work and a ladder to get it totally clear . . . (And the help is no help at all when they keep clearing off stuff that I intend to clear and stuff gets misplaced all over the place. Argh.)

To Delilah: Ha ha. Not so much hostile as uncommunicative.

(And to Delilah's mum: Well, ma'am, I bet you never really *mean* it when you say that you'll throw it all out if it isn't cleared away by a certain day. My parents are perfectly capable of throwing out books and then some. It's quite horrifying actually.)

Japanese midterm test--check.

Legwork for next semesters work--done. Research--almost there.

IT software course--dead boring, which is why I'm blogging now. (Creating webpages on MSWord. To be slightly snobbish--yawn. Hot Potatoes--okay, but it's something anyone can pick up in a day or two with the Help Folder.) They only offered Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Frontpage and Hot Potatoes. So by elimination: did that course in Cyberarts, not really interested, did that course and forgot most of it, it's not very flexible y'know and ah, a foreign programme that might be necessary in the future.

Web page creation now. (Clip art? Are you kidding? And some of these people are younger than I am. Snarky, this course is making me. I do have lucky non-web-dependent/blissfully web-ignorant friends. I just never had to sit next to them in a class.)

What they don't tell you is that creating a new website is like deciding to have a kid. How much time and resources go into it. How fast you'll burn out if you intend to update regularly. How a faulty server connection is going to leave you tearing at your hair. How you'll have to learn new stuff and upgrade to keep up with everything . . . And that everyone should learn HTML first and save time because there are things that Gates and company can't do for you and your websprog.

The saga continues. They didn't provide web-space and the instructor directed everyone to a free provider, _ _ _ _ _ _, a lovely place rich in pop-ups and ads. Naturally, the provider did not work too well with the whole class logging onto one account. They're trying someone's _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ account now. I've had quite a bit of experience with that provider before (a lot of people around 1997-1999 probably did) . . . and now I pay for webhosting.
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[Sunday, November 16, 2003]

Am back home. Chaos. Dead tree collection is piling up. My mother wants most of it cleared away or else. My sister says the same, but half of it's her stuff anyway and she said she'd chuck her notes out after her 'A' Levels to free up more space. (We try to make more space, but the shelves have this distressing tendency to collapse under the weight of books stacked three volumes deep and two volumes high.)

Went to Kinokuniya. More additions to the dead tree collection. Caved and bought Bus Gamer Pilot Edition. Have Wild Adapter 3. Read it on the train in place of Japanese homework (I'm studying--it does wonders for katakana recognition). Sniggering on the train is not dignified, but the first bit of WA3 was kind of funny.

Thank you Auntie Integra and Uncle Alucard for dinner. ^^

I can read manga now--guilt-free! *raid kit's collection of manga*

Will read Hellsing because Walter's so cool . . .

(Cannot quite reconcile androgynous!Alucard dressed up to the nines and sporting a sweet little fur hat with freaky psycho vampire Alucard. Weird. But slashy! WalterXAlucard!)
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[Friday, November 14, 2003]

Moving out of hostel. Still loads of stuff to cart back tomorrow. I tried, but I only have one pair of arms and I can only take so many loads of baggage down seven flights of steep stairs (and back up again) before running out of breath.

Will probably not stay at the campus hostels next semester. Hostel was actually *less* friendly than the previous one and no one bothers to smile at anyone anymore unless they're campaigning for votes to get them into hall committees. And I don't care for block-suppers. I'm probably getting old, but I'd rather have four of those blue plastic bins in the toilet. A few years ago, I would have turned up at those hall meetings and embarrassed the heck out of the welfare reps about that. Right now, I'm just boh chap about it because I *can't* be the first person to have thought of that all these years, so I gather that student welfare doesn't really work on a democratic and practical basis around here.

Shifting everything to new PC. The old second hand PC's screen nearly died today even as I cleared my stuff from the harddrive. (It's usually dying, but this time it was really bad.)

Kino coupons! Yay!

When a pair of girls who play ukeleles form a band called the Ukes of Hazzard and come up with a tune called "Gay Boyfriend" (plus a wacky video), it sends Eline into a fit of giggles.
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[Tuesday, November 11, 2003]

Trip--check. Must make plans. Ange, when are you free?

New PC--check. Net access--not yet. (It's not complete! It's not complete!)

New glasses--check. Have already adjusted to them--I told them I could do it in a day or two instead of the usual one week.

The Matrix Revolutions--check. (Ehhhhhhhhhh, very pretty, but the plot around the main characters was lame. The secondary characters had it easier--they didn't have to do romance scenes. On the other hand, I can see the Smith/Neo slash very clearly now. They had better chemistry for one thing. They even had sex onscreen.)
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[Saturday, November 08, 2003]

My social life reappeared again. I hardly recognise the thing.

Hostel stuff more or less settled. Trip stuff almost settled.

Selling off my dj and kit's dj--Hellsing and Saiyuki.

Wrote my first hentai fic for Shixiong--kit. Hellsing, IXA, nasty, gross and non-sappy. . . (kit, of course, wanted it displayed on ff.net as the anti-AXI . . . As such fics do not officially exist on ff.net, I've dumped it on AFF and Mediaminer instead.)
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[Friday, November 07, 2003]

We're making plans . . .

Air-tix--not so bad now.

Hostel-booking--not promising.

1) Their booking form can't receive my credit card number. I may have to fax it to them . . . (The hell am I calling overseas four days before arriving there . . .)

2) They've got the dates and the period of stay wrong, even when the tacked-on version of the original mail reservation has the correct dates on it.

3) They've spelt my name wrong, so I'm not inclined to be nice. (Only one person can spell my name like that and get away with it and that's kit, so there.)

4) All the above has led me to suspect that the staff cannot read. Or perhaps their eyesight is worse tham mine. If so, then much sympathy. They obviously don't get paid enough to afford new glasses/contacts. (No sympathy if they wrecked their own eyesight by playing games.)

I am snarky when I'm low on hormones.
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[Wednesday, November 05, 2003]

Went to visit Daphne and Daphne's cats. Want a cat.

It's my vacation, but why am I so busy?

Am also pissed off.

Am also mood-swinging like crazy.
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[Tuesday, November 04, 2003]

Note to self: Try not to be so damn nice in RL. Especially when your former room mate borrows your extension wire (used for the fridge you both shared) for a project presentation, loses it and replaces it with a $4.40 two-socket adapter with barely a metre of cable on her last day here. Which you had to take back to the minimart and exchange (and pay extra) for a $19.50 set today because your room mate had got the adapter for two-pin plugs and the fridge plug is, incidentally, a three-pin plug that requires a three-pin socket (a fact which your room mate had somehow never noticed the entire semester). Especially when it's your dad's extension coil, because he's going to tell you not to be such a frickin' dope when he finds out.

I hate it when people borrow my stuff without permission. Most of the time, I never get them back. *glares at sibling--who has just bought a prom dress, paid in part by a frickin' dope* I sometimes despise myself for being nice.

Yeah, I'll say it right now--I actually got to the point where I disliked my room mate. Who never cleans up. Who never clears the pizza boxes out of her trash bin when she hops off to KL for most of the week. Who never brings her key out of the room with her and leaves the door unlocked for I-don't-know-how-long. Who has the nerve to complain to me about it when she has to find me to get the key.

I never expected anyone to look after my stuff, which is why I lock the door. I never assumed anything. I never assumed that my room mate was gong to be in the room for the rest of the evening to keep the door open for me. I never expected anything from my room mate beyond the same courtesy I extend to any other human being.

Re: Trip
I have no more candidates to nominate for the trip. I have, however, received requests for porny manga from RL friends. Hentai porn at that. I'd make a remark about how repressed this place is, but it's not even funny anymore.

Inappropriately cute dj images:
Only Koumyou could get away with dressing little Kouryuu up like that. Or maybe it was the pot. *nudges incandescens* "Dress him up in cute outfits" huh?

Neko-fying characters is all very cute. Until they get to this sort of thing. Which is brain-melting in certain ways and I actually like cats. (Uh-oh, mental wires are crossing . . .)
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[Monday, November 03, 2003]

Eight modules this term. Urgh. Am glad it's over. Just need to pack up the hostel room . . .

Went to Halloween gathering back at the old hostel last Friday and got alumni forms. Heck, one of them got me at last, tricky buggers . . . Not that I mind meeting up with old friends again, though somethings never seem to change. The old circle's a bit weird--one parasuicidal, one with Turner's Syndrome, one vaguely normal person (hey, you never know) and myself. (One of them earns 150% of what I get and he's still not happy, damn Arts student . . . He even admits that they didn't do a lot in Arts as compared to the other courses. What's the point of all that education and lab work if we still earn a lot less than the local Arts students?)

Though it could be worse. Some of my friends just *started* job-hunting. I know that the friend who got married last December is now a full-time mom and that another friend is quitting her job. (Less than one and a half years . . . The auditing department must be hell in one of the Big Four Firms.) I feel relatively carefree . . .

Exchange rate is improving! Yay! The budget, the budget . . .

(kit, it'd be a damn shame if you, mad planner and fearless leader of the trip, cannot make it. My friends can't go either due to the timing and the fact that one of them quit her job. I don't mind your mother and your aunt along for the trip, but turning them loose in Taka Shinjuku while we nose around Kinokuniya is going to be your credit card's funeral. Fingers crossed, there's still hope as long as you're breathing . . .)
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[Saturday, November 01, 2003]

Bookstores in Japan--almost done. (May have to take one whole day to work through Shibuya--Kinokuniya, Animate, Mandarake, KAC Shop and Book Off . . . Need to find a post office in the vicinity too.)

Swimming plus tan--worked on.

Saiyuki Reload #2 (subbed by SpA)--d/led and watched. (Ah, rehashed fillers . . .)

Sleep--catching up on it.

The semester is not officially over, but all my classes are. ^^
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