[Friday, January 30, 2004]

I-should-be-studying-but-this-was-so-silly-it-was-fun-type-memes . . .

Your Life: The Movie by mintyduck
Who will play you:Kevin Spacey
Who will play your love interest:Ben Affleck
Weeks you will stay in the box office:9
Song that will play during your love scene:Whitesnake - Is This Love
Song that will play during your death:Ozzy Osbourne - See You On the Other Side
Your name:
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

If I use my lj nick, the movie of my life features gay coupling. Must be doujinshi karma.

And it gets even more interesting . . .
Your Life: The Movie by mintyduck
Who will play you:Orlando Bloom
Who will play your love interest:Will Smith
Weeks you will stay in the box office:25
Song that will play during your love scene:The Bangles - Eternal Flame
Song that will play during your death:Frank Sinatra - My Way
Your name:
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

I blame most of the 25 weeks on Orlando Bloom. He could play the role of oil-slick-consuming bacteria released into the ocean and still draw a crowd.

With my real name . . .
Your Life: The Movie by mintyduck
Who will play you:Natalie Portman
Who will play your love interest:Cate Blanchett
Weeks you will stay in the box office:9
Song that will play during your love scene:Space - Female of the Species
Song that will play during your death:REM - Try Not to Breathe
Your name:
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

Coincidentally, Female of the Species by Space is one of my favourite songs.

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[Tuesday, January 27, 2004]

It's only six weeks, it's only six weeks . . . We're lucky to be getting long weekends, what with the assignments and all that . . . (Group work--bugger.)

Note to self: Do homework at home because PCs in the labs here don't support additional language fonts and finding an online romaji dictionary took a while. (Carrying an English-Japanese dictionary along with the romaji one on a Wednesday . . . would be overdoing it.)

Fandom mumblings:

Saiyuki: Waiting for Gaiden. Ho-hum.

The PoT fandom is scary. The PoT yaoi fandom is not within my vocabulary to describe. And on the fanfic side . . . well, I read a fic about fried egg slash yesterday and it was the most amusing fic I've ever read from the fandom.

Doujinshi: Fuji is *evil* and so is the doujinshi. (Reading some doujinshi makes one wish for happy ignorance sometimes. Pretty pictures can stay pretty without the plot getting in the way.)

We got Noguchi sensei again! Yay! Oral speaking skills may not degrade too far. (Though I wish the people sitting next to me would try to participate when they're supposed to and not act like they're teenagers back in secondary school again. Not sitting next to NUS student guy again. Bleh. Bugger if I'm going to spoonfeed him answers anymore while he hoards his voice like it was gold.)

Edit: CPR does not go breath-breath-breath-breath-pump-pump-pump--it's 2 breaths and 15 pumps to the sternum on repeat. (But of course, when using CPR as a deus ex machina in fanfics, the heartfelt pleas of the rescuer are usually more effective than their CPR technique.)
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[Saturday, January 24, 2004]

CNY is the only time of the year in which the family gets together and gets excessive at the dinner table. A fact that one is grateful for because one can only tolerate so much excess to the point where avoiding fried food doesn't work any more. Will have to go swimming at least three times next week to make up for the past four days.

(We actually went out for breakfast yesterday. So hurrah for the CNY holidays.)

Trying to do work, but there are distractions . . .
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[Wednesday, January 21, 2004]

Well, it's the Lunar New Year and I've had lots of fish. ^^

I actually like CNY a lot more than most festive holidays. I know all my immediate relatives quite well. Except for the relatives I only see once a year who give $2 ang paos and bring all their noisy kids. *mutters under her breath for a while about lousy relations* It's also good that we don't need to do that much visiting because people come to us--being higher up in the family hierarchy is good.

Must not gorge on pineapple tarts even though it's one of the few times in the year when I actually cut loose and eat stuff like duck. (I still object to eating sharks' fin, but fat lot of good that does me here in your average traditional Chinese family. We have enough fish from the salmon sashimi in the yu sheng; and it's is better than sharks-fin, which essentially has no taste and no nutritional value whatsoever . . . *edits rant about what the shark goes through*)

Will be up late. Have not done new layout yet despite the fact that it's probably time to do something festive, seeing that it's the Year of the Monkey and all that . . . Am crap at keeping up with online stuff these days. Blame it on the 4 hours of travelling I have to do everyday. And the fact that I'm a card-carrying member of Procrastinators Anonymous.

Happy New Year!
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[Monday, January 19, 2004]

Am hacking and coughing like crazy. Damned cough that's going 'round . . . Wet weather is not helping. *goes and downs the rest of the Pi Pa Gao*

Current chosen elective was a good choice, all things considered. Which other module do you get to sit around and play games of Snap that involve the vocalisation of words like "phallus" to win the deck? (Naturally, this doesn't matter when the players involved don't know the meanings of certain terms, like the ones originally from the Latin felare and cunnus combined with linctus. Not even with what's been going on in the papers about certain outdated laws.)

Can still label the male and female reproductive system after all this time. Yay! (This is good from a purely academic point of view.) On the other hand, the group next to us were labelling their diagrams upside down--must remember that not everyone is a biology student, not everyone is biology student . . . (Yes, I can see why the government gets worried sometimes . . .)
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[Sunday, January 18, 2004]

It was a tiring week.

One 2 hour lesson for 4 hours of travel back and forth. Had to go to tailors to pick up pants and decided to go grab a snack before that. Was then abducted off the street by some travel club gimmick after taking a survey and unwittingly scratching and winning some prize. They were holding the teenage surveyor's bonus hostage unless I trotted off to some 90 minute long brainwashing session sales pitch.

It was *evil*.

PoT doujinshi, Pot doujinshi . . .

After an hour of that sales pitch, my eyes were glazing over and I couldn't even focus on happy happy yaoi porn--that was how evil it was. After two hours, I was hungry, dazed and about to go insane.

Doujinshi, doujinshi, doujinshi . . . my only shield against their vile tactics. Luxury accommodations in how many countries? Does it have anything to do with two pretty guys screwing?

Refused to give in to their strong-arm tactics. Should sue them for flouting the whole "under no obligation to buy anything as it is not connected to your prize" schtick because they were trying to force a choice under duress, but was glad to get out alive. Also possess some voucher for accommodations that is probably a precursor to time-shares or something. *Evil* fuckers.

Hope the kid got her $100 bonus though. That was two hours of my life wasted.

One 2 hour lesson for 4 hours of travel back and forth. Was then social for three hours at alumni gathering. Was glad that some science people showed up. I can always feel it when I'm one of the few science students in a crowd of arts students. No one'd talk about how they have to go back to the lab to complete some experiment at 9pm. Or about how all the bio labs have a Bio Security 1 or 2 rating after that scare a few months back--even the labs that don't use live viral cultures.

Zzzzzzz . . . Clean up room, must clean up room . . .

Went to watch Neffy-Poo bash people with a wooden stick at a kendo tourny. (Apparently, one has to bash one's opponent on the three scoring areas, yell in a spirited manner and follow through with a certain amount of style before the judges award a point.)

Sorted stuff to be thrown out. Wish my sister was here to make throwing things out easier by pointing out the stuff she doesn't want. Now must work . . .
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[Wednesday, January 14, 2004]

If one was to add Japanese class to the equation, Wednesday is, in fact, the longest day of the week. A good six hours between the last class and Japanese class . . . Made a reasonable attempt to be productive.

Was then thoroughly embarrassed in PC lab when prof from the U called to bug me about the alumnai dinner thingy. Mainly because the computer picks up the phone signal and tells the user off while alerting the lab technicians. Who will then get snarky on your ass as the call is taking a bit too long because the prof stutters a little.

Have bad phone karma. I have no luck with incoming calls whatsoever. They always happen when I'm asleep, trying to sleep, in class, during tests (only my mother has such fantastic timing), in the subway in Japan or when I've forgotten that I left my hp in my bag. Not much luck with outgoing calls either. When I try calling people, they usually have their phones turned off (inevitably my mother--I don't know why she carries a hp to begin with) or are not picking up because of some reason or other.

We found out today that for a variety of reasons including several hundred mosquito bites, our sensei is going home for a vacation and we're getting a replacement. (After three months of getting used to soft toy torture and cannibalism, we're changing teachers again.) He should have said something earlier--Tiger Balm works, even on Ubin.
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[Monday, January 12, 2004]

Waking up at 5.45am isn't bad. I'm usually quite cheerful in the morning. The two hours of travelling to campus to get to the 8.30am electives class, however, is bad. While going from 8.30am to 2.30pm with no breaks isn't that bad, gastric around 2.30pm is really, really bad. Commuting across the island lets you get more grocery/clothes shopping done, but clothes shopping always makes me depressed, even for the New Year. (All those clothes out there and none of them fit me. I'm going to the tailor's . . .) And getting back at 7pm loaded with bags of stuff is also bad.

Am exhausted and it's only the first day of the term.

FujiTez/TezFuji dj by Akira Hojo . . . I want . . .
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[Saturday, January 10, 2004]

Am cheesed off. Briefing was 15 minutes long rather than one hour. For that, I got up at 6am and travelled across the island. All the guy said (correction: read word by word from the presentation in a mumble) could've fit into a 4kb email message and they could have mailed us the CD-Roms (any time within the past two months) at about quarter of the transportation fees to get to campus. I suspect that a fair number of us would have gladly paid them twice or thrice that in postage fees (plus extra charges for registered mail) if we knew what a waste of time it would turn out to be. For 15 minutes, one whole day was wasted. (Oh I'm not sore about that at all . . .)

Would like to tell the adminstration and the module coordinators to roll it up and stick it where the sun doesn't shine, but they probably wouldn't be able to find the right spot with both hands and three sub-committees.
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[Wednesday, January 07, 2004]

Back to Japanese classes. Did better than expected for the last test. Getting used to sensei, even though he is a bit of a weirdo and gulity of extreme cruelty to poor defenceless soft toys.

On the subject of less enjoyable studies: Timetable for the next term sucks. There are days when I'll have to travel four hours to and fro for two hours of lessons and days when I have classes at 8.30am. Fact is, all our lessons could be compressed into a two-day week, but it's not up to us to decide now is it? Have to go back for briefing this Saturday morning as well. (Must be a warm-up exercise for those of us who have to travel two hours across the entire width of the island to get to campus. Thank you, thank you so much.)

Stuffy nose refuses to go away. *sniff*
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[Monday, January 05, 2004]

After another round of bad fanfiction and pairings that I don't even fancy in a fandom that has gone to the pseudo-yaoi side of the Force . . . one really *wonders* if some of the probably underaged fangirl writers out there ever read their stuff out loud and realise that it's about as sexy and plausible as a truck accident with two rutting rhinos involved. (Apologies to any rhinos out there who might feel offended at the generalisation.)

After some more reading in another fandom, one is forced to re-evaluate what one finds sexy, kinky or vaguely stirring. (Kinky? But it didn't even involve any vegetables! Not even a speculum!) Yes I have severely warped tastes, but the softcore yaoi-by-numbers ceased being interesting three years ago. Pan-away-to-the-open-window sounds good right about now . . .

*goes and attempts to read Tori Mia's Hoshi no Kan*
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[Sunday, January 04, 2004]

Saw Alex off again with Saizou plushie and fangirling on Friday. It's always serious fangirling when Alex and Ange are around. Will miss the insanity.

Was supposed to meet up with goldfish and Favourite Sales Person From Kino yesterday. 'fishie was apparently right in front of me and I missed seeing her when I was walking in the wrong direction. (Ah, I don't see people very well in a crowd . . .) Well, according to Favourite Salesperson from Kino, we'll have until February to meet up with her.

Mmn, we've not had all members of BIG together in one place for a long time . . .

Ange did a sans doujinshi shopping trip report for anyone who doesn't want to read about how my arms ached. (Summer Comiket is in August, btw. Ange should know it's impossible for me to be outside the country in August unless a miracle occurs and those who own my soul say, "Oh we don't have a labour shortage at the moment so you can take July and August off.")

Day 3 continued: Shopped for cute knick-knacks with Ange's friend in the narrow lanes of Shimo-kitazawa. There's a whole range of parody foods from fake Caloriemate to chocolates in fake cigarette boxes for those inclined to the kitschy side of the Force. Did Shibuya again for dinner. Reasonably-priced karubi place with a view over one of the junctions at Shibuya. There was a Chinese waitress there too, so you could imagine how happy we were to finally order stuff properly. Mmmm, grilled beef . . . (Ange, hope you weren't too grossed out at having the plate of raw beef in front of you.)

Day 4: Neffy-Poo, Ange and her sister went off to see Fuji-San and I took myself off to walk very, very slowly through Nakano and Ikebukuro until dinner time. (Will come back to see more country-side the next time. In summer.) With rest stops very hour or so. (Note to self: I should learn to be like the other women shopping in Tokyo--bring a trolley bag. Most places have lockers for shoppers.) Yes, there *is* a ladies dj section at Mandarake and yes, it was good. I even went into the PoT aisle amidst the PoT fangirls and restricted myself to the FujiTez and Tez/Fuji dj. PoT fangirls are scary. It was a measure of how bad it got when I gave up after the K-Books at Ikebukuro and skipped the KAC Shop entirely. Arms sending message to brain: Cease and desist! Spine sending message to brain: Iyyaaaa! Dame!

Met up with others again in Shinjuku for dinner after some confusion. (The place hasn't changed that much since 1997--the Wachifield shop and the crepe shop in that cute little street between two shopping centres were still there!) We had subterranean eat-and-run cuisine in a subway mall. Very filling. Could not even *think* of ice-cream afterwards when Ange and Neffy-Poo went to the Haagen-Daaz.

Day 5: Asakusa and Ueno. Asakusa was by far the most touristy place we went to--more tourists per square metre than expected due to New Year crowds. Ueno Park probably looks great in the summer. Dinner with Ange's friends and their friends at Roppongi. Fusion cuisine--very pretty and no doubt healthy as anything with all the raw veg. (Ken was Taiwanese, so I could speak to at least *one* of them.) Was not up to clubbing or watching countdowns--sorry, wrong timing and I feel even older at times like this. Was thankful that I was not back the U hostel doing online registration. So glad was I that I packed everything up and went to sleep at 11.30. Should spend New Year's Eve out of the country more often.

(I wish I could take those regulatory pills because I have bad luck with travel schedules, but the one time I did, they had weird side-effects. That was probably the body telling me to stop being dependent on chemicals to make life more convenient. To body: I hate you sometimes.)
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[Thursday, January 01, 2004]

Am home. Have 10 kilos of doujinshi and BL manga for friends and self and another 4 kilos of stuff for friends and family. (Was nearly screaming with pain while dragging luggage up the overhead bridge to get to the subway station early yesterday morning. Thank you thank you bless you kind subway attendant person for helping to carry 21.5kg of luggage up the stairs onto the platform . . .)

New Year's Eve was uneventful. Mainly because I was all packed up and asleep in the hostel at that time. Most New Years for me were generally not very pleasant, so this one was pretty good by my standards because I was dead to the world.

Have to sort out clothes, books and knick-knacks today after breakfast. Hands . . . cramping . . . Typing is hard. Will blog more later. And dad's reformatted the computer--bye bye to whatever ficcies I was writing for the past month or so . . .

(Well, it'd be nice to have been able to fly ANA but the tix were all sold out by the time we finally decided on a time to go . . . I hate transitting in KL.)
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