[Saturday, February 28, 2004]

Am nervous. Soothing attack of nerves with second season QAF.

For the record: Argh. Aaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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[Thursday, February 26, 2004]

Bye, kit--have a good time in Japan. Don't fall into any wells.


Four hours of presentations instead of three (to make up for Tuesday) due to delays. Straight with no breaks. Very cold. Not adjusting to air-conditioning at all.

Cruel and unusual punishment--*we* stuck to our timing on Tuesday and had four people in our group. And stayed on until the last presentation too.
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[Tuesday, February 24, 2004]

Lost in Translation: I get the no-subtitles thingy. Clever. But it doesn't work for anyone who knows a little bit of Japanese. Plotwise, it was a drag. Could have retitled it Apathetic in Tokyo. Two characters had to wait until they were in a foreign country to feel lost and aimless and numb and detached and pathetic and sad . . . (The fact that they seem pretty well off, are staying in a ritzy hotel and ride in cabs all the time makes it difficult for me to find even the slightest bit of sympathy in my heart for them. Wow, rich people are miserable too. And they do nothing about it but wallow aimlessly, obviously unhappy. Talk about liberated and enlightened. One episode of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne alone could carry a deeper message about standing your own two feet and get *moving*.)

And not enjoying an overseas vacation is a colossal sin in my book. Some people would give a lot for free time (to be apathetic is a choice) and the money to spend on diversions. *shrugs* Just my opinion, coming from a place were everyone wants to get out of the country at least once a year just to get away from it.


Gran is complaining to me about how mum and dad never tell her anying about where they're going. This was brought on by another incident today: they're not coming back for dinner and no one has a clue about what's going on. (Gran is just worried that I don't have anything to eat and all that because I'm her favourite gran-kid.) I just shrug because I'm in the same boat. We just don't need to know, seeing that my parents are adults and all that. Funny how I still tell them where I'm going everyday . . . (Not that they actually listen because I still have bad phone karma in the middle of tests.)
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[Saturday, February 21, 2004]

Dad's trying to figure out how to get the Media Player on his laptop to work. I told him that RealPlayer and Windows Media Player were engaged in the ultimate battle for control of his music and that he had to choose one of them. And that his RAM is pathetic (very much so), hence it cannot function as a CD-Player. Not to mention the excessive hang-time when reading CDs. So he has to copy the CD into the harddrive.

It's kind of cute but more like kawai sou . . . He knows more about PC hardware than software. Actually he knows very little about software. Which is why he keeps asking me stuff about MS Word and the "Yes to all" button. Weird, since he's been using PCs for the same length of time that I have or longer.

And just a few months ago he was complaining about my use of the PC as a media file storage device . . . Soon, he will be converted. Bwahahaha . . .

Social commentary: Seeing that most kids these days are way more advanced than I'll ever be in my lifetime, most of them will be able to run rings around their parents online or in PCs. Explains a lot about kids these days. (I'm just mumbling about it because I'm doing an essay somewhere along those lines . . . Start running too late, never quite catch up.)
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Was scared silly early yesterday morning when I woke up unable to breathe. Not the first time that happened, but by far the worst episode that resulted in enough coughing to wake up the whole house. Could be gastric reflux or sleep apnea. Neither of which is something I need right now. Bugger.

Met up for dinner yesterday with some of the BIG. Partly to pimp dj and partly to see kit before she runs off to Japan for two months. Will miss kit. Mainly because she'll be in Japan and not here, suffering with the rest of us who are gainfully employed or tied down.

Running across book sales make me smile. Where else can I get paperbacks and hardbacks for $6?

Essay is liquid and shapeless and so on.

Group members who do not even bother to open up the files sent by everyone else four days before a discussion meeting do not make me smile when they start questioning me in the middle of said meeting about the contents of the file. They make me homicidal. You're not the only other person around here with other projects due, bub. (Proof of your maleness lies in the fact that you sensed not the evil vibes I was giving off at that time. The title of "bitch", worthy you are not.)
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[Monday, February 16, 2004]

It's crunch time . . . Deadlines up the wazoo again. *mugmugmug*


Trying to keep up with Japanese sellers who are playing one-up in the politeness game is doing my written Japanese some good while doing nothing for the spoken component. While trying to one-up everyone else in the politeness stakes is a very Asian thing to do, especially in certain cultures, it does get a tad tedious sometimes . . .
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[Sunday, February 15, 2004]

Ran into technical difficulties with project. Which is why I'm rushing this so late. When I said send me your picture files in jpeg format, I meant just the picture files . . . not the entire set of slides in jpeg. Urgh. *editeditedit* *photoshop**photoshop*
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[Thursday, February 12, 2004]

Have been reading pro-manga by doujinshi artists I used to fangirl over. Becoming something of a trend of late. At first, it was the they're-not-doing-any-more-dj-but-I-want-more syndrome. Then I thought it had something to do with the original characters resembling the fandom characters--doujinshi-by-proxy or something. Disassociating it from doujinshi of yore was hard. Especially when some efforts turned out original stories with characters who were like old friends in old, well-known situations.

Then I go back to the prettiness of the art. More background, better art, better composition, more graphic yaoi . . . (Plot-wise, I don't care very much. Am very bad in Japanese too.) In the end, the new story becomes a bit of an accquired taste . . .

Seiryou Saikyou Monogatari by Tatsukawa Kazuto from Gitenshidou (when the circle did Saiyuki) and West Across Gitenshidou (currently doing PoT dj): Collection of original stories published in assorted BL anthologies. Around the Saiyuki-to-PoT transition period, her doujinshi were getting . . . a lot more explicit and detailed and ooh, a more inked, toned and finished look rather than the old rougher, penciled style of art. (Which usually means that the artist is settling into her own drawing style.) Some of the best FujiXTezuka dj that I own are Wag dj with nice and graphic PWPs. The only difference is that her original stuff doesn't have any black lines across the pertinent parts. Ecchi!seme and blushing!uke. Tried and true, no need to change the formula. (She also has another book called "Love Seeker" that I'm trying to find. Looks nicely pornographic.)

And there are the pro-manga artists who do doujinshi . . . I read Minami Megumu's PoT dj from her circle Radical X (Mauriya) before I ever saw any of her original stuff. Her FujiXTezuka doujinshi are as amusing and porny as her original stuff. Such pretty covers too. ^^ (And knowing Fuji, no one blinks when the bondage comes out. Probably one of the manga artist's reasons for choosing that pairing to fangirl over . . .)
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[Tuesday, February 10, 2004]

Two hours of project meeting and four hours of travel while trying to read notes for test. At least it was reasonably fruitful. Marred slightly by the fact that someone didn't show up, but 3 out of 4 isn't *that* bad . . .(And this other guy was *bitchy*. Where did he start feeling the lack of progestrone?)

Bed-time fic reading--i.e., clearing out the mailbox: Oh. My. Eyes. Have seen one pairing before, but not the other. Was actually squicked. *shock*
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[Monday, February 09, 2004]

Wading through the Mary Sewage of ff.net, I happened upon the Saiyuki Monty Python spoof. Hooray! Someone finally wrote one!

Am indulging in PoT dj. Must stop. (Just as soon as I get the complete set of works by Akira Houjou and WaG . . .)

Have to go to project meeting on Tuesday. Which is my free day. Whined to anyone within hearing range--i.e., my sister.

"There goes the whole day. Eaten by travel time. And I have a test on Wednesday."

"Well, you have to compromise on these things . . ."

"But all the other guys have lessons on Tuesday and I have to travel 4 hours to do 3 hours or less of research."

"They're all guys? That explains it. You should kick up a fuss. Trust them to be that insensitive . . ."

"You're probably even less objective than I am about this . . ."

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[Saturday, February 07, 2004]

Was talking to a friend today about how life is funny. Conclusion: life has a truly warped sense of humour. When I was a kid, I said I wanted to write stuff and maybe own a bookshop. Not "writes half-assed fanfiction and deals in dodgy picture books".
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[Friday, February 06, 2004]

*rams file into lecturer's stuffed mailbox and gets it inside after a lot of shoving* One assignment down, another three more to go. *gnashgnashgnash* *grindgrindgrind* Hates travelling, hates travelling two hours just to get to one class . . .

Public transport is the pits. Especially when people still can't wait for the doors to open on the bus or the train. One sad incident involved this old lady who got her hand stuck in the revolving hinges of the bus door because her hand had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The bus driver bawled her out after prying the door open, but it really was her fault for jumping the gun (or that of the younger woman who was supposed to be taking care of her) and she knew it. The sight of the bus driver alternatively yelling at them in dialect and then asking if her hand was all right before yelling at them again . . . eh. We're not gracious, certainly, but our hearts are somewhere in the vicinity of the right place.

Sign of the times: It's probably a bad sign that you're already bored when your group decides to do a project on pornography for an assignment.

(On the PoT-side of life: Inui and Yanagi were soooooo cute when they young. Even when Yanagi had Touya Akira hair and looked like a girl.)
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[Monday, February 02, 2004]

- Setting tests . . . takes a lot more out of me than expected. (I don't have that much evil in me to go around you know . . .)

- Cheesecake needs to be chilled overnight to set no matter what the recipe said. (But it was a good cheesecake.)

- Pot-luck is good, but we were overdoing it a tad on Saturday.

- The PoT fandom still scares me.

- It's good to have friends who wil help you burn stuff like KKJ, PMK, PoT-raw, PoT-subbed, etc, etc . . .

- Converting friends slowly to the BL Side seems to be working. Very, very slowly now . . . fortunately, she doesn't think Mirage of Blaze (the anime) is boring. (Which is something of a miracle really.)

There's PoT-smut-fic in Chinese. Now I'm really, really scared . . .
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