[Tuesday, March 30, 2004]

"May you live in interesting times . . ."

Hmmmm . . . But it doesn't have the same punch as "die-die-die-die-die-die-die-you-little-fucktards!"

I believe in karma, I believe in karma, oh yes I do . . .

I feel better now. Sort of.


On fandom, which I have precious little time for now:
If Ange and her sister whip up some Aozu, that would make it the third set of people (not individuals, btw) I know who have experimented with Inui's Juices. Like I said, I know too many insane PoT fangirls . . .

I'm allergic to the cheese used in Aozu anyway . . .


One phone call and the world changes.

The world is suddenly shiny, bright and new.

I am vindicated. Karma exists. I got mine and they'll get theirs.


(Sorry, had to do that. Had to gloat for five seconds. Done gloating now.)

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[Monday, March 29, 2004]

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged): Yes, but never abridged this far . . . Laughed so much I was hacking out phlegm (more proof that laughter is good). Seats were really close to the front, so it was an evening of kneecaps in tights bouncing around stage.

Audience participation--which was cool. We were Ophelia's uncertainty while the people behind were Ophelia's female side with the biological clock ticking. ^^


Fic to avoid like the plague:
- The title has more than five words in it and sounds as awkward as the fic really is.

- There's a word in the title that has to do with the weather. Like rain and rainy and so on . . .

- There's reference to colours that no one really uses in real life to describe so-and-so's eye colour in the title . . . obviously meant to connote *something* but violets are for faithfulness and remembrance, the last time I checked . . .

- SMS-speak.

- When the title is a song by Linkin Park (Oh everyone is entitled to angst--I know what One Step Closer means, every second of the day . . .)

- When a HomuraXSanzo fic has no smut in it. (There's no point in putting in the "X" and getting people's hopes up . . .)

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[Thursday, March 25, 2004]

Wheee . . . The week's almost ended.

This job is going to be the death of me yet. Or provide endless amusement because we have to find something to laugh at around here . . .
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[Tuesday, March 23, 2004]

Dear Ange and Neffy-Poo:
The patch of algae I spoke to said something like "bipartition yourself asexually, mammalian biped". And then we dumped tile-stain-remover on it.
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[Sunday, March 21, 2004]

Am still sick. My stomach is rolling and grumbling for some reason. Could be this bug. Paracetamol doesn't do anything. And antibiotics probably wouldn't do anything if it's a virus, not that I ask for any . . . (On the bright side, after getting over this, I'll be immune to another strain of flu bug. Yay. And then the buggers mutate.)

*looks at online games* *runs away* I don't need another distraction in my life, I don't need another distraction . . . especially not the kind where one plays Pong to knock off bits of a character's clothing.

The cat outside is cute. Very, very cute. Reminds me of the first cat I knew when I was ten. Looks just like him too . . .

Ange: If I'm on crack, then what in the world are you on? (Oh yeah, silly me--PoT. Run along and finish up your thesis, woman.)
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[Friday, March 19, 2004]

My Japanese sellers love me. And they probably think I'm insane. Or insanely into PoT, which I am not. I only know people who are insanely into PoT. ("That's the 4th set of Akira Hojo-sama's 'Slide #1-5' that she's bought off us. How many PoT otaku friends does she have?" "Saaa . . .")

Watashi wa Tenipuri no Pimpu desu.

Well, mainly to friends and people I know . . .

(But I'm still the more economical choice over the other "middleman" services. Seeing that I do it practically for free and everything . . . Of course, it is merely the precursor to owning their souls, one doujinshi at a time. ^^)

To the person who asked in the last post if I'm on crack:

No, but I wish I was. It'd explain a lot of things . . .

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[Thursday, March 18, 2004]

Nasal congestion. Some bug is going around in this recent spate of bad weather . . . At least my immune system has good timing to fail when I can afford a day of rest . . . Or not. *types madly to finish project*

Bras Basah has a large combined book sale. Good paperbacks from $1.00 to $4.00 if you look hard enough for stuff you want. ^^

Fangirling over Kushiel's Avatar: Yes, the whole Melisande/Phedre relationship is the ultimate seme/uke pairing in the whole series. Ultimate seme plus ultimate uke, when love and hate collides, etc . . . If it was two men, it'd be yaoi doujinshi plus extra long novels.

Hopefully more m/m in the next series of books . . . ^^ (Imriel is such a pretty boy . . . so when he finally grows up, one won't feel so guilty for hoping that he gets his share of excitement. From the other end of the spectrum, of course.)

Now I want to them in hardcover. Which is what eBay is for . . .
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[Friday, March 12, 2004]

Very relieved now. Until I think about the assignment due next Friday. *panic attack*

Have got "Kushiel's Avatar". Happiness is a good, engaging read.

Blacked out completely from 4.30 to 8.30 today. I nap more soundly than I sleep.

Edit: Finished "Kushiel's Avatar" 20 hours later.

Blog is misbehaving.
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[Thursday, March 11, 2004]

The week's nearly over. Yokatta.

There's a ginger moggy hanging around outside. The neighbours are feeding it. And so am I. Very smart cat it is. But it's cute and friendly after the second feeding and I love it lots.

Still selling off dj to clear space. (Toyogo boxes only work when one has space to stack them.)

(Am listening to Linkin Park. "One Step Closer" on repeat. Bad sign.)
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[Monday, March 08, 2004]


Pet Peeves:
1) Watashi no shigoto no koto.

2) Livejournal icons (Ano, you didn't draw that doujinshi those pics came from and you didn't credit the circle who drew it either . . . So what kind of credit are you claiming anyhoo?)

3) People who tear pages out from the library's copies of Your Cat magazine--they're more annoying than the Orly fanbitches who rip out the Orlando Bloom pics out of library magazines, neatly removing half of the other article on the reverse side that you wanted to read. Oh, and that's petty vandalism too.

4) People who stick their freshly-mined boogers in library books. (Let's not talk about the chap who used pubic hair for bookmarks, hey?)

("Bad fanfiction" has actually dropped out of the top ten list--woo.)

On the brighter side of life:
1) Planning to introduce friend to Utena. Said friend already wants to write a paper on what's lost in dubbing and subbing anime with Mirage of Blaze as an example.

2) Survived today.

3) Going to watch a musical in March.

4) Getting on with Intermediate-3 in Japanese class. Should be able to get Intermediate-4 done by the end of June.
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[Friday, March 05, 2004]

I don't watch a series for a few months and it morphed into Gravitation. PoT is even more yaoi-flavoured than Gravitation now--how is that possible? That Band of Princes video that's going around was so gay, I had to fangirl. *insert off-colour cracks about percussionists here because you know, electric keyboards are kind of like pianos a few generations removed*
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[Thursday, March 04, 2004]

One of my colleagues is an Arts student who did his thesis on comics and manga. (One of the reasons why I hate arts students . . . lucky sods.)

As it turned out, he had been introduced to anime and manga by a friend who happened to be a yaoi fangirl. And he wants to borrow Mirage of Blaze. *sheds a tear* I never thought I'd see the day . . .

It's like the brother I never had. Who reads Susan Cooper and Ursula Le Guin and Philip Pullman.

Who'd have thought . . . (If he had been a foot taller, well . . .)

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Gomen nasai kit-san--I missed your call because I was out for the count at 6pm. And I don't keep my hp beside me at home . . .

Shigoto no koto wa . . . koko ni kakemasen. Which defeats the purpose of this blog. And I have no energy to fangirl and not enough iron keep awake.

My mother doesn't do online quizzes. But she does do employment-characteristics-based-on-your-Western-and-Chinese-horoscopes.
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[Monday, March 01, 2004]

Daijoubou desu, Neffy-Poo-san. Shall not jinx things from Day One, so I shall only say that it wasn't as terok as the last place.

Hooray, no travelling for 4 hours everyday!

Boo-hoo, waking up at 5.45am every day sucks. (I don't mind, but it means I'm dead on my feet by 5pm.)

Bugger, I have the cramps.

Yay, it was a good day for the FujiTezuka fans. (And the FujiKirihara fans. Plus the Fujicest fans.) Probably have to wait another four years to read that many new fics in one day. (For smut, I can read dj, I can read dj . . .)

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