[Friday, April 30, 2004]

My pants are covered with ginger cat hair.



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[Thursday, April 22, 2004]

Thought 1: Both buses that I take go--or went--over that bridge on their usual routes.

Thought 2: Thanks goodness it didn't happen during rush hour in the evening. (And my mother doesn't leave the office until 9pm and most of the time she doesn't feel like taking the bus home . . . Well, that's a weird thing to be thankful for, but . . .)

Thought 3: It's a very, very small world on this island.

Thought 4: When you take the ground you stand on for granted, a small shake comes as a giant shock. (But we have to believe in the ground under our feet. The alternative is to dig a hole and not venture out because it could happen any time, anywhere to anyone. And you can't even trust the hole not to cave in.)


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[Monday, April 19, 2004]

Fannish post:

Saiyuki Reload: My goodness, what a difference the manga plotline makes. *sniffle* It made all those fillers seem almost worthwhile. Almost.

PoT: Ange pimping me TeniMyu 2 almost destroyed my brain. People actually queue up in droves to watch this? *points at Ange* Otaku . . . honmono no otaku desu.

PoT dj:
Anoooo, I just saw Volumes #1 to 4 of Akira Hojo's Slide going for over $20 each on eBay.

Never ever underestimate the buying power of psychotic fangirls. *nods*

Yah butbutbutbut . . . even jpqueen sells those dj for cheaper than that. You could get . . . maybe two or even three Akira Hojo *copybooks* for that wad of dough on Y!Jp.

The beauty and the insanity of fandom. /end irony

Must someday do the maths on the economics of being a fangirl.

To Fay, who commented in the previous post:
Don't seem have your e-mail addy down there, dearie, so . . .

Crazy is not exactly the word I'd use . . . But one has to be slightly warped to enjoy reading Rika the Breeder, even when reading it in Japanese or just reading it with very poor Japanese skills. ^^;;; (And this layout is one-year old. I don't even have the decency to blush about this. Oh dear . . .)

If you're into the manga though, the latest volume of Rika can be found on jpqueen.com or amazon.co.jp. Aestheticism.com has the translation of volume 1 up, if I recall correctly.

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[Saturday, April 17, 2004]

Am listening to RENT in Japanese, courtesy of Joy and recommended by Ange. Heh, we never tracked these down way back when the people of the First Fandom were also RENTheads (or at least most of them were and I was easily influenced).

Have Saiyuki Reload to watch, cruddy animation and all. Relatively happy, even with work and impending doom circling my head.

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[Thursday, April 08, 2004]

Well, a bunch of things have been straightened out and it's yokatta, yokatta all around . . .

Now there's the academic component to handle. Argh.


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[Wednesday, April 07, 2004]

I feel like shit.

Today actually ranks in my Top Ten Worst Days List. It had ambulances involved.

Yes, I do overdramatise things but here I don't care because I'm pissed off at myself most of all.

The only thing I can look forward to is seeing if I actually managed to pass my Japanese test today while half-asleep and shell-shocked . . .


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[Saturday, April 03, 2004]

I didn't go for Japanese class on Wednesday. Too tired. Plus work ended at about 5.30pm and by that time I was nearly dead, Synflex or no Synflex.

Bah . . .

Flying under the radar is all well and good, but I'm so boring now that I'm send myself to sleep. The inner-bitch is only allowed to run loose here on this blog. She gets muzzled everywhere else. (The alternative is Eline scaring the cheese whiz out of everyone and that is not to be thought of, no matter how tempting it is. Need job. Need job with paycheck to buy porny dj, videos, Synflex, watch musicals and pay off insurance--which is definitely necessary in this line of work in case I die of stomach ulcers. More medical and dental benefits . . .)

Had another heartening phone call. It's nice to be wanted.

Ange: No thanks . . . We have a juicer at home and there's always Pokka Carrot Juice. ^^

Delilah: Friended you, though I hardly post on lj . . . Am afraid you'd only get the once-in-a-blue-moon fic update for fandoms you don't read and some art that you would rather not look at. ^^;;;;;;

Snarky-ness: OMG, Mary Sues still fall out of the sky these days? That's so passe . . .

Ah, S&M fic? Wait a minute, there's no S&M in this fic--oh, Metallica . . . Metallica doesn't go well with hurt-comfort-angst . . . does it?

On another track: No one does S&M FujiTezuka fics, even though it's more plausible than the sap-fics. *pouts* (Ah bugger, FujiTezuka has become canon fanservice. What happened to the baseless, groundless, senseless pairings on which yaoi is built on?)

And in the PoT manga, we have even more psychological/physical-barrier-breaking that mirrors something not seen since that match with Hyotei. Nice parallels.

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