[Monday, May 24, 2004]

Shrek 2 was definitely more worth it than Van Helsing, great big turkey that it was. Puss-in-Boots--so cute . . . Terry Pratchett had it right first--Fairy Godmothers are *evil*. Must get soundtrack now.


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[Sunday, May 23, 2004]

Older, probably not wiser.

Had a surplus of raw fish courtesy of friends and family in the past few days. Not complaining though. ^^

And to make my day, the Cat was waiting around the door tonight, which was surprising because he doesn't usually hang around outside until so late. *rabu*

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[Thursday, May 20, 2004]

Troy (*inspired* by Homer's Iliad, note the qualifier): Ignoring the misrepresented mythology in favour of the men in short kilts and sarongs. Look, there's even-more-inaccurate-Troy-Slash already . . . (Imagine how unnecessary slash would have been if the movie had been more mythologically accurate. Or not, because there's Orlando Bloom and other men short kilts and sarongs in it, hence slash is a foregone conclusion.)

My friend told me about the Quarter-Life Crisis today. To which I blinked and said, "But you're only 24!"

And she said that was the *point*--there is no satisfaction and that her job sucks because of so-and-so. Same with the others out there flying a desk through the terrible maze of office politics.

Hmm. Reminds me of the time when I was 21 and wondering what I was doing while doing nothing in particular, only no office politics.

Apologies to the people I've unloaded on. Gomen nasai. I'm always this cranky.

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[Wednesday, May 19, 2004]

Was bored to tears today. The kind of rip-your-hair-out boredom that lasted almost 6 hours. It's like Purgatory for the people of this profession or something.

Ange's back and we were doing our best zombie-impressions in Japanese class. (Note to self: No more night-classes. Unsuitable timing with the current job. Switch to a more decent hour on the weekends.) And she got me a lovely Rocky Horror poster that I can never put up as long as I live under the same roof as my parents because there's no way they'd ever believe that Tim Curry in fishnets is a girl. ^^;;

Will be so glad when the weekend gets here. Must try to sleep past 10am on Sunday.


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[Tuesday, May 18, 2004]

Kill Bill Vol 2 was a vast improvement over Van Helsing (which was so bad I didn't even bother slashing any character from that movie).

*considers going to see Beautiful Boxer as well*

Have started to do accelerated kanji self-learning with kit. Ganbarimasu! (Note to self: avoid going to that place at certain times.)

Mini-rant at certain persons who will remain anonymous:

Ano . . . I take pride in doing most things I do well. And my time comes with a price tag because I have very little free time these days and you're not one of my really close friends--not even a *friend* yet. You're not paying me for my (extremely limited) go-between services, so you can't expect me to process Y!Jp auctions that end in 7 hours when I'm at work or on a training course. So quit asking the impossible of me and scout out your own j-rock ticket auctions at least several days in advance before asking me if you're such a desperate fan.

Please go to one of the online commercial go-betweens if you want things done fast without complications about overseas transactions.

And the *biggest* joke of it all is that you're the one with the JLPT-1 certificate and I'm not even formally qualified at any level.

The lesson in this is: Doing something well out of the goodness of your soft heart usually means getting handed another job that people will want you to perform just as well and just as inexpensively (in this case, that means FOC).

In honour of Growing Old Week, I also have an appointment to see Troy with oldest of known friends. In which we will sigh in disbelief over the fact that Brad Pitt is 40 and I'll sigh in disappointment over the whole cousin-Patroclus-thingy.

Other than the increased cynicism, the only observable changes so far include
- Eh, have apparently gone two shades darker from just going outside. Am getting moles instead of freckles.
- Mashed pinky finger in the toilet stall door. Ow.

Well, from the number of times the cat has stuck its butt in my face in its attempts to be friendly, I see testicles, so it's a he.

No name at present. Never named any cats before--always assumed they had their own names.

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[Sunday, May 16, 2004]


Uchi no soto no neko desu. ^^ (Sheds like a champion. Petrified of string.)


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[Saturday, May 15, 2004]


This is Kit. I resent the last post.

If anything, I'm just being petulant and demanding like my all time favorite manga person. No one complains when she bullies killer nuns and priest (singular coz there was only one) charged with bringing back her head into (a) lighting her cigar and (b) escorting her home coz "London (was) so dangerous that night".


Eline: As you can tell, I'm sitting next to a deluded psychopath(who can't spell).


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The blog works. Apparently when kit is sitting here. The woman is *unholy*, I tell you. Two postcards from Japan, both without postal codes and the wrong street name . . . and they both get to my place without any trouble. Which is scary.

kit is the devil incarnate. Bus drivers actually wait for her.


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[Thursday, May 13, 2004]

I have got the posting letter. Which was pretty fast, all things considered.

There was a 25% chance of this happening, so I'm not really surprised.

New Blogger counts the number of posts made. Still under 500 posts apparently.

. . .

I never had much to say most of the time.

*prod New Blogger* *reloads page for the nth time*

A couples of glitches not ironed out yet, huh?

*pokes Blogger again after 24 hours*

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[Sunday, May 09, 2004]

_rant mode_
Being nice gets you nowhere and nothing other than more people stepping on you more often. Demanding things and being nasty seems to work better for other people. (Hey, it works for my sister.)

I don't know what the heck you want out of me, only it seems that it's not good enough for you and never will be. I'm sick and tired of being the good one. (And you actually wonder why I'm always on the defensive? I am not your damned punching bag. *gnashes teeth*)

Pet peeve:
Does "I wish you didn't make them gay?" count as constructive feedback? I don't go around reviewing and saying that the probability of them being fuck buddies is higher than them falling for Mary Sue (seeing that Mary Sue doesn't even exist in the same universe where Gojyo and Hakkai until someone put her there), do I? And heed the damn warning if you don't like yaoi . . .

For every "i was impressed their was no yaoi", I feel like writing reams of torrid porn. Unlike some yaoi fans, I don't expect people to like my writing just because there are two men screwing in it (or not). Yaoi fans are as bad as het fans--watch them jump all over authors who write Mary Sues and fawn over people who can't spell or construct proper sentences in their epic 26-chapter fic with an OOC m/m pairing.
_/rant mode_

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[Friday, May 07, 2004]

Frrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . .

Well, almost. Nearly there anyway.

Passed Japanese test. Did better than expected.

No, the cat just sits outside and waits for me to get home to feed it.

(The family makes up a lot of stuff about cats being unhygienic and everything, but the truth is, my dad and my aunt are *petrified* of cats.)

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[Wednesday, May 05, 2004]

Deadlines. Panicking now. *checks work to be done* Ehhh . . . That's a lot of reports to write in less than 48 hours.

And on the other hand, I just finished another Japanese test. Am amazed that I still have anything remotely resembling a retention rate at 9pm . . .

Reason #146 why ff.net is bad for bedtime reading:
Yes, angles are beautiful. (They always add up to 180 degrees in a triangle and 360 degrees in a four-sided polygon--you can't get anything more beautiful than that.) Now if only the author had wrote if they were obtuse angles or acute angles, *then* we might have a little more insight on why some OOC character was madly in love with them and how they formed a bizarre love triangle . . .

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[Saturday, May 01, 2004]

Thingies on the eternal To-Do list to cross off:

#8: Pledge organs for transplants or research.

#171: Find out about how a PlayStation works and maybe get one. (Borrowed a PS1 from kit. On the way to #172: Actually play a PS game.)

#10: Get a cat has been stalling forever since I was 12. #16: Learn another language (Japanese) is progressing very slowly.

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