[Thursday, September 30, 2004]

Fangirling in E-Flat (because my voice is gone and I sound like a toad):

Took five minutes to have a look at the later episodes of Saiyuki Gunlock. Goodness, Hazel's more flaming than Homura.

Have not played much further in Enzai. Pooh.

The only leisurely thing I've done of late is reading . . . (on the bus)

Reading List (as in books I am reading now)
The Radiant Seas by Catherine Asaro
The Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King (Damn, the man can write.)
The Sword and the Scimitar by David Ball
Song of the Beast by Carol Berg
Son of Avonar by Carol Berg
Revelation by Carol Berg

The one I won't admit to: The Elder Gods by David & Leigh Eddings (No, two people writing it doesn't make it twice as good. Actually, it's sort of the other way around . . .)

(I don't know how I'm going to read all of them by their due dates either.)

Read List (past tense)

The Moon's Shadow by Catherine Asaro
Skyfall by Catherine Asaro
Transformation by Carol Berg (Seyonne and Aleksander--so slashy . . .)
A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett (Pterry! Pterry! Argh, I forgot to go to San Bookshop to see if they had Going Postal in hardback . . . Oh well, there's always tomorrow.)
A bunch of Robert Aspirin's Myth series.

Music: How Soon Is Now? by Love Spit Love

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[Thursday, September 23, 2004]

In an Asian society, everyone's (unofficial) favourite game is One-Up. One-Up can be played anywhere, anytime and even while mourning for long dead ancestors. One-Up encompasses your kids, your sister's kids, your cousin's kids and the next generations' kids as well. (That's just my dad One-Upping it over his in-laws while my sister and I roll our eyes. "Eto, why do I have to get dressed up in the convocation robes again and take photos carrying my newest cousin? You're not hoping that it might rub off and maybe 26 years later he might wear it too?")

And no one will say anything about the game, but everyone knows the score because if you're not aware of the unofficial score, then everyone else has probably One-Upped you.

One-Up is why we have wedding dinners and New Year gatherings where the relatives you've never seen before come over to pay respects to your grandmother due to the magic seniority ranking system that actually depended on the seniority of your deceased grandfather and great-grandfather. (Yes, and that's this Saturday's dinner to celebrate the wedding of someone who is probably my uncle. His dad's the one who comes over during Chinese New Year but I've never seen the groom before in my life, much less his bride, seeing that he's been so busy studying in, wait for it, a local university. Mum's in Chicago with Ellie so I'm obliged to go, never mind how much work I have to clear . . .)

One-Up is why everyone races to be the first to pay for the drinks at lunch. And of course you try to pay them back but they'll never take it because in that way, they've One-Upped you. So naturally you have to wait and watch until they're at the dessert stall getting ice-cream to treat the lab staff and you get to the stall-owner first and tell them that you're paying for the lot. And refuse all payment from your colleague who was going to give the treat in the first place so that you've effectively treated her *and* the lab staff. Then pretend to have no change for a $5 bill because said colleague is obviously trying to repay you. Score!

Not that we ever voice this aloud in public because that'll just spoil the entire game.


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[Friday, September 17, 2004]

Belated fangirling (just, you know, because):

Kyou Kara Maou: OMG! Yuuri's ass!

I want some of that KKM . . .


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[Wednesday, September 15, 2004]

There's a club dedicated to L's toes. Hella Toes.

That's not the scary part. The scary part is I feel like joining it. Quote, unquote, Cos his toes are so the cool!


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[Tuesday, September 14, 2004]

Saw my mother and sister off on Sunday night--and I wind up a zombie the next day. Dad has no one to fuss over now. ("Dad, don't cry . . . she's coming back in December".) It took 24 hours for them to make it all the way to Chicago and the last I heard was that they were shopping in a Walmart.

Planning to stay in and do work until late. Much sadness.


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[Saturday, September 11, 2004]

Attention kit and other people who frequent Y!Jp Auctions:

Y!Jp Auctions has finally come up with a system capable of processing international credit cards. ^^

(Factoring in the time involved in running to the money-changer, juggling loose change in yen, the cost of envelopes and running down to the post office before it closes, the service charges and the exchange rate don't seem *that* bad . . . especially when it means that there might be a wider seller base to choose from, if more of them decide to use the system.)

(And there's finally a use for the Diners Card! The funny thing is, when my mother urged me to get the card, she didn't figure that it'd be much more useful in Japan than anywhere else in the world . . .)


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[Thursday, September 09, 2004]

Dear self,
This one-week break was not all it was cut out to be now, was it?

The definition of "relaxing" has somehow changed to grabbing breakfast at McDonald's (with egg, thank you) before running off to work again.

However, Alex is back! And with her came a working version of the PoT doujinshi game. It is very, very bad for concentration and serious work, it is. But it is a sight easier to read than Enzai, which I am translating character by character. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the porn scenes sound exactly like a yaoi fanfic, so one can figure out the gist of everything. (No Virginia, I know not of any part of the human body that resembles a flower bud.)

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[Wednesday, September 08, 2004]

My friend, a fanboy, has fallen for PoT and all its BL/yaoi glory. Being the good *cough* friend that I am, I introduced him to TeniMyu.

*shrugs* That sort of thing just compels you to spread the pain around . . .

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[Monday, September 06, 2004]

I cannot stand it any more.

I can't find anything and it affects both the primary and (very small and intensely personal) secondary sources of income.

I waste hours of time daily searching for stuff, even during my so-called break.

For the last time, quit moving my things around!


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[Saturday, September 04, 2004]

Dearest BIG gang:

Some are not free on Monday, some are not free on Wednesday . . . Er, Tuesday? *looks around hesitantly* Friday?


Oh, and yes . . .

*fangirls Death Note 37 religiously*

Eh, does it look like they're getting married in some bizarre ritual to anyone else or is it just me?

Do you, L, take Raito as your eternal nemesis, handcuffed together forever (or at least until the Kira case is solved), to follow him wherever he goes (even to the bathroom), in sickness and in health, 'til death (or at least until one of you kills the other) do you part?

Do you, Raito, accept L as your stalker, handcuffed together forever (at least until you kill him), to have him around wherever you go (even the Little Boys' Room), through all squealing by the BL/yaoi fangirls across the world, in fanservice and out of it, 'til death (or at least until you figure out the Death Note again and convince L to give you his true name after an intense bout of mindfucking) do you part?

Do you, Misa, realise that as of this fanservice picture, Raito/Misa isn't even in the running for the most likely DN pairing in doujinshi/fanfic/etc?

*hates the author and the mangaka for the damn good fanservice*

Who needs doujinshi? I want my Death Note tanks . . .

(Shut up already, Misa . . . you're the one dressed as a gothic lolita here . . .)

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[Friday, September 03, 2004]

Eh, this is not starting out as a good Saturday for me . . .

For one thing, I'm at work. Which is better than the chaos at home at the moment, I must admit.

And I have a splitting headache.


Dearest not-that-notorious BIG gang:
Er, is Monday (dinnertime) good for you guys? We could open all the booze in the house and get inelegantly wasted after dinner? (Or not.)


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