[Thursday, December 30, 2004]


Read in the paper this morning that there were 299 S'poreans missing around the affected regions. Colleagues who were in Phuket returned earlier, so everyone's accounted for where I work.

Down to 183 now. And 3 dead.

Life goes on and we do what we can.


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[Sunday, December 26, 2004]

Spent X'mas with the Catholic side of the family. First and only niece is growing very fast. Cousins are getting very tall as well. Or maybe I am growing shorter.

Spent Boxing Day seeing a lot of friends. Went to Expo to meet Serene to give her the stuff, but met other fangirls there too. I felt so old. And so much more normal after seeing the cosplayers. (Serere's group, btw, were incredible. They hadn't even finished putting everything together when I left to meet Kit and Sue Mei at Taka for the sale.)

Had to go for Japanese class, but as they told me afterwards, the sale was too crowded anyway. Oh well . . .

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[Saturday, December 25, 2004]

I'm back . . . with a cough from the dry air and cold weather. And stuff.

A sure sign of old age: Coming back with less than 10 doujinshi for my collection when I used to ship them back by the box. -_-;; Well, I'm not so maniac now . . .

But on the other hand, I have more BL games. And Langmaor is going to release a new game soon. A seme X seme game with men in uniforms of a facist regime. Kewl . . .

Must meet up with people to give them stuff soon . . .

Happy holidays all!

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[Monday, December 13, 2004]

House is rather crowded now as cousin from China is here and my sister has returned.

Should have played my BL games when I had the chance to. -_-;; I've always valued privacy and I shall value it even more from now on.


Saw Alexander. By the end of the show, the only thing I felt was a pressing need to go to the loo after a 3 hour movie. Movie could definitely have been better, but some of the highlights of Alexander's life were captured. Slashiness was hardly there--what in the world were people complaining about? (But Bagoas was oh-so-pretty and flexible to boot. *fangirls Francisco Bosch* Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was pretty and snarky as Cassander. *fangirls JRM as usual*) Found Alexander and Hephaestion dreadfully unappealing.


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[Monday, December 06, 2004]

JLPT is over. I think I did very badly. -_-;;;

I got the November issue of B's Log for the Teikokusensenki PS2 release article and the DVD promos. By chance, it had a review of the Meine Liebe dating sim in it as well. Players of the game will be treated to the same CVs as in the anime along with actual sparkling and much flipping of hair. (Head-and-Shoulders! ^^) Very amusing game promo too.

The B's Log for the Teikokusensenki PS2 release has new art and new CVs (hopefully better than the PC game ones for certain characters).

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[Saturday, December 04, 2004]

Methodist weddings are certainly much more cheerful than Catholic ones.

Random Fandom:

Yes, I'm glad you enjoyed the fic. Yes, I'm glad it had the intended effect. No, I don't want to hear about how you got off on it . . . TMI.

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[Friday, December 03, 2004]

My throat is feeling weird and meetings at work are rather boring as usual. We finally agreed on something, which is an accomplishment of sorts, but that means we have another meeting on Monday to make sure we all understand what we agreed on.


Random Fandom:
Have watched Meine Liebe. It is what Kyou Kara Maou would have been if KKM had taken itself seriously. It has characters with names that the KKM cast would find laughable and boot suspenders (worn with shorts and cape) as a fashion statement of the elite.

The cast is made up of three quarters of the Saiyuki boys, half of Weiss Kreuz and Fakir from Princess Tutu, which means this is either a seiyuu showcase or pure fanservice. From the first four episodes, it's probably "fanservice for yaoi fangirls", a category that first popped up with WK--no real plot or original characterisation required because the formula just goes "take four/five pretty boys--the angsty one, his angsty friend, the other angsty one, the young cute one with angst and the Japanese-looking angst-ridden guy, mix and stir."

It's so bad, it's amusing.

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[Thursday, December 02, 2004]

JLPT 4 looks amazingly simple. I could probably score 85% and above without even studying. But I'm taking JLPT 3 and I am afraid I might not be able to survive. T__T

Prodding Ed-san and Ad-san through Japan-stuff. (I am so glad I bought all my yen before the end of the year hike.) Experience has taught me never to buy just before going.

- Hotels and hostels: check
- Rental phone: check
- Most travel plans: check

For people looking for "enzai game patch", I've never heard of one. You're probably searching for "enzai text fix". Teikokusensenki has official game patches. Now go fix your game and enjoy the porn.


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