[Friday, October 31, 2008]

Old habits . . . they die hard.

I do wish the exchange rates would stabilise though. It's different when paying for doujinshi through a credit card.

(Blog revamp: Link clean-up. Ditches old comments box. Sticks in Blogger-issued comment box.)

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[Saturday, October 25, 2008]

Backgrounds. Apparently, some artists hate them and other love them.

Which is understandable as objects in the background have to meet up on the 2-D surfaces of traditional medium and therefore led to some (a lot of) hassle in inking/colouring. Digital media has the option of superimposing characters on backgrounds or colouring in backgrounds without actually touching the main point of the image.

A lot of doujinshi seems to be the former case. Backgrounds get in the way of focusing on the main characters and doujinshi are essentially character-driven fanarts. But it takes a little extra to make the blank spaces say something.

And so I will buy Rock'n'Dolless (Himemiko) doujinshi, because she knows what the blank spaces are for and when to slot in the backgrounds. (Me and everyone else on Yahoo!Japan auctions apparently. The sellers are making a pretty packet off us.)

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[Friday, October 17, 2008]

I am actually thinking of revamping this blog. It's funny what a new fandom does to you.

It's been a whirlwind romance so far. I mean, I'm writing fanfic for crying out out.

And buying doujinshi. I haven't done that in a while. Sitting at the PC, sniping auctions and knowing that someone else several thousand kilometres away is doing the same thing and is ready to pay extravagant amounts of money to buy and have fan-made books delivered to them . . .

Is there any place you can go to and say, "Hi, I'm so-and-so, and I'm addicted to doujinshi"?

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