[Friday, November 28, 2008]

After procrastinating for ages about revamping the blog, I finally got around to doing something about it. Still not very worksafe though.

Current image: mixed media--watercolour, Copic air-brush, colour pencil


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[Tuesday, November 25, 2008]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: mini home
Circle: Rock'n'Dolless
Genre: BL. More diabetic-coma-inducing cuteness.
Porn?: Implied.
Spoilers?: No, not really.

I take it that this as an antidote for Turn 25 and Rock’n’Dolless’ Turn 21-25 doujinshi Dearest (to be looked at later). It’s the SuzaLulu newlyweds book! They’re chibis. And they have a mini home in the shape of a cat.

*dies of cute*

Suzaku has brought home his lovely mate. Formal introduction to his guardians Lloyd (dad) and Cecile (mum) goes here. Some squabbling about surnames as Suzaku wants his Lulu to take his name.

Why is Lelouch in his undies (the infamous black pantsu)? ‘Cause Suzaku likes it that way. Oh, and there’s the fake cat ears too. (Yes, Suzaku’s fetishes are well-documented in doujinshi . . .) Cecile sees something wrong with this picture but Lloyd is very supportive.

Suzaku morphs into his pilot-suited form (with added special effects) and its back to work as Lloyd's guinea pig--I mean devicer. Mini-failprince thinks his Suza is utterly kakkoi. (Yes, that's what mini-Lulu calls his Suzaku--which is teeth-aching cute.)

Something about this situation causes Lelouch to poof back into normal size. Doujinshi inequality strikes again as failprince completes the transformation sequence naked as a jaybird. Mad keyboard skillz goes here.

Lelouch explains that these are Lloyd’s clothes and Suzaku askes if they (Lloyd and Cecile) saw him naked.

Crazyface!Suzaku is scary.

Back to their chubby-bottomed chibi-forms and the rest of story has them in their cat-shaped house on a cat-shaped bed being cute. Implied chibi-sex is involved somewhere.


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[Thursday, November 20, 2008]

Resolutions (redux) for the next two months:
- Update that.
- Clean up room.
- Sort and list doujinshi.
- Learn to use airbrush (Copic airbrush and Badger airbrush).
- Sort out what to do about postgrad studies.


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[Tuesday, November 18, 2008]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Love Letter
Circle: prt/Mayu
Genre: Bl--no, wait, it's kind of platonic.
Porn?: None. *shock*
Spoilers?: Yes. For R2. The end of R2.

If the title had been anything else, it would have been filed as "gen".

First half of the book has Lelouch making onigiri. The riceballs are for Rivalz (score one more for Rivalz in dj appearances) and Suzaku, who have been either packing or unpacking a lot of bunny-ear headbands. (Milly's had another great idea for an event! I love Milly.) Despite this, Suzaku is happy. Rivalz says that it's been a while since he's seen that face (meaning Suzaku's smiling) .

Rivalz wonders if Lelouch has escaped. Speak of the devil . . . and he brings riceballs? And makes you wash up before eating. (Such a mom.) The riceballs are good--so good that Rivalz starts to choke. Suzaku pacifies mom failprince by saying that it was so good that Rivalz ate too fast. It's so the right thing to say because in the end, Lelouch says he'll make onigiri everytime after a big event.

Second half of the book has Suzaku coming back to an empty apartment after a tiring day (in that trenchcoat and glasses). But wait, there's onigiri on the table. And a letter.:

"Thank you for your hard work today. It must have been a terrible day. Made something simple. I don't really know what food you want, but you should eat and rest afterwards.

Ashita no tameni"

Mmmm, onigiri with pickled plums. There's even green tea in a thermos.

In the shopping bag Suzaku was carrying is a familiar helmet with a bloody handprint on it. And I commence to T__T with Suzaku towards the end as the nostalgic flashbacks come along. He has a reason to live after all.

Understated and lovely--my current favourite post-R2 doujinshi.

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[Saturday, November 15, 2008]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Thorn
Circle: Fylus (on deviantart)
Genre: BL
Porn?: Implied.
Spoilers?: Yes. For R2.

First of all, this is an English-translated doujinshi--the original language was Thai, but the author (Fylus) had it translated to English by someone else and published. The utter novelty of it all still floors me. I must confess I was trying to read it from back to front like a Japanese doujinshi before I twigged onto the obvious difference and sheepishly turned to the front of the book.

The thing about ordering direct from the circle/author is, of course, how rare it is. (I have only ordered direct from Housekihime for D.Gray-man before and that was because she had online forms.) Lovely omake too.

The acutal plot is rather angsty as Suzaku is wondering if Lelouch remembers anything when he goes back to Ashford. And they're generating UST like a pair of very pretty dynamos. Which gets resolved after the UST gets the better of them. And Suzaku is a suicidal emo-ball in the second story. This is nothing new in CG doujinshi/fanfic/whatever. (Note how I cannot even write coherently about doujinshi that have been translated into English. Go me! But in all honestly, I mean nothing negative when I talk about doujinshi stereotypes--because they define doujinshi as a genre and are pretty much in every doujinshi I have seen. Doujinshi = fanfic that is more palatable because it's pretty.)

The art is gorgeous and I highly recommend it. (I have another two translated books coming soon.)

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[Friday, November 14, 2008]

The thing is . . . the thing is this--I like graphic novels. A lot. Possibly more than I like doujinshi. *le gasp* But saying, "I walked into Kinokuniya and got the last volume of Transmetropolitan to complete my collection!" doesn't quite have the same kick to it.

"Graphic Novels I Cannot Live Without" Reading List:

Strangers in Paradise
Dawn (Yeah, but I dig Lisner's artwork.)

Room cleaning--it goes slow.

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[Tuesday, November 11, 2008]


I made chocs. Followed and modified the recipe from Crepes of Wrath. Used a ginger cake as well as a standard yellow cake.

Clockwise from far left: Ginger and chestnut paste, Nutella, ginger and whiskey, peanut butter, ginger and honey.

Crunchy peanut butter really makes a difference.

Candied ginger bits are good decorations. As is cinnamon sugar.

Must try to do more alcoholic varieties.

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[Sunday, November 09, 2008]

Ah, doujinshi, how thou evades me . . .

I really have to stop browsing through Y!Jp Auctions. I wouldn't know about the existence of some circles if not for auctions.

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[Saturday, November 08, 2008]

Read Nation by Terry Pratchett in under 5 hours. It's not Discworld, but it's good on its own.

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[Thursday, November 06, 2008]


Fandom: Code Geass
Title: mini S
Circle: Rock’n’Dolless
Genre: BL. Diabetic-coma-inducing cuteness.
Porn?: Implied.
Spoilers?: Not really.

These are the little extras the circle gives away with their angst-ridden obsessive/crazy/screwed-up serious SuzaLulu doujinshi. Mini S starts off with chisai Suzaku, who is with daiki Lelouch. Who will sew the naked little chibi a new set of clothes with his epic sewing skills. Including a pair of black bikini briefs. Mini Suzaku, like the viewer, silently questions failprince’s aesthetics. Failprince is hurt that his aesthetics are not appreciated. Mini Suzaku dons the briefs for love!

This interlude is followed by a day in the life of mini Suzaku, who has a uniform and goes to school. And tries to save his failprince from stepping on button and a sitting on a pen--with the expected results both times. Lelouch probably does not weigh much as the squishing does no permanent damage to Suzaku. Failprince is a mother-hen who realises that mini Suzaku is danger from many things. Like Arthur. Score one for failprince when he saves mini Suzaku from becoming the cat’s pre-meal appetizer. Unsurprisingly, there’s a mini bento for mini Suzaku at lunch time. The cuteness is making Milly go moe. And Rivalz probably wishes he had a mini Suzaku too because it's a chick-magnet.

After being squished, mini Suzaku has had a thing about failprince’s arse. Which is a very tender rump indeed, according to his experience. So he takes the chance when Lelouch is napping and pounces. Failprince wakes up and Suzaku slips . . . and slides into no-man’s land.

Yep, that’s right, the entire point of this story is failprince’s tender arse. And Suzaku’s desire to grope it.

After fishing Suzaku out from his unmentionables, failprince is flustered when Suzaku confesses his reasons. For which he’ll un-chibify himself this time. (Rock’n’Dolless does an excellent naked!Suzaku. Just saying.) Suzaku goes for the grope and then helps himself. (Implied sex goes here.)

Mini Suzaku is terribly sorry when he wakes up. But he’s awfully cute and failprince forgives him. The next morning, Suzaku is normal-sized. Lelouch would like his chisai Suzaku back, thank you very much.

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Week in review:

- Avenue Q! The internet is for porn! Indeed . . .

- Go Democrats! Now the economy, fix please? Mr Obama has his work cut out for him, poor bloke . . .

- I managed to score Rock'n'Dolless doujinshi for something almost close to the original price . . . It's a either a miracle, or there's too much of the new releases (of Mind Room and Shower Room) floating around. Inclined to think the latter.

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[Saturday, November 01, 2008]


Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Mitsu Mitsu
Circle: Kimi to Geboku/tsukkyo
Genre: BL
Porn?: Implied.
Spoilers?: Yes. For R2. So you were warned.

So I got it because of the cover art, but I was surprised because it's actually Suza/Lulu + C.C.--OT3! (And I wrote a fanfic based on the Post Turn-21 one-bed scenario. Yes, with failprince in the middle.)

So after the WTF-ness of Turn 21, Suzaku and Lelouch are confrontational. C.C. ruins the moment by saying she wants pizza. She says that because of their wishes, because they chose "tomorrow", they have responsibility to see it through to the end . . . so they must have pizza. And retrieve Cheese-kun later.

I love C.C. to bits.

There is always one bed. Even if there is a couch/sofa at Suzaku's place, everyone would pile onto one bed--it's the rule of narrative inevitability. No 3P after Suzaku and C.C. traumatise Lelouch lightly before bedtime, but Suzaku and C.C. actually talk over failprince's sleeping head.

The next day, Suzaku and C.C. make failprince flail by announcing that they're going on holiday. Suzaku's even applied for leave.

Message on Suzaku's mobile: To His Highness, a bonus vacation for killing the Emperor please.
Re: Un, all right. Please take care of my younger brother for me. *smiley*

Then there is tension. Suzaku is obviously not over something.

Then they wind up at some beach. Which is possibly a flimsy excuse to show Suzaku's abs and failprince's arse in black bikini briefs (no one should be surprised). But wait, there is a reason for this weird time-out! UST, angst, Euphie, UST, Daddy-killing, angst, tension, Nunnally, angst, regret, pain, angst, lies, UST . . . confession! And it gets kind of weepy.

One blurry frame of implied sex. Which explains why failprince is passed out on the next page with C.C. petting his hair and Suzaku looks like he just got out of the shower.

Favourite part near the end:
C.C.: . . . that's why you shouldn't make him cry . . . that's my specialty.
Suzaku: So do want to participate in a 3P?
C.C.: *sound effect suggests that she fell over*

I can't have 3P?

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