[Saturday, January 31, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Kai
Circle: Double // Slash
Genre: BL. Gino/Suzaku, OC/Suzaku, Luciano/Suzaku.
Porn?: Yep.
Spoilers?: Yes. For R2 and the first season.

Tis the season for gangbang doujinshi. (Called "mobXuke's-name-here" doujinshi.) Or at least a lot of the winter release dj seem to be following the trend.

In any fandom, there are going to be characters designated as bottom in a series of gangbang or EveryoneXhim kind of stories. CG has two such characters and the fandom is happy to accommodate them because one is almost canonically a masochist and the other is too pretty. (Yay for people who collect such dj, like myself. If I'm going to rationalise my kinks, I'll be here all night. But I never do.)

This dj doesn't magnify the masochism so much as give porny scenarios. Like Pre-Knight-of-Rounds!Suzaku being drugged and non-con'ed by perverts.

Second is Gino trying to help Suzaku over his issues. How? By having sex, of course.

Next is the koneko!Suzaku and koinu!Gino short story where Gino and Suzaku are serving as entertainment for a bunch of dirty old men.

Last few pages and it's the AU where I am reminded strongly of Enzai, my favourite prison-sex BL game. Luciano is Durer the bad prison guard and Gino is the new guard who falls for in-jail-for-killing-spoiler!Suzaku. And it looks like the Bad End where Guys Suzaku goes slowly bonkers as Luci's toy.

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[Sunday, January 25, 2009]


Happy Niu Year!

Taken in December 2008 on Miyajima. (The only thing I have to say is that no pair of cats would sit still for this sort of thing and it would involve securing the headgear on with velcro straps.)


Spring cleaning--it continues. Doujinshi for sale on the lj. *points to the link on the left*

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[Saturday, January 24, 2009]

Casshern SINS 15:

Lyuze ("the girlfriend"): Casshern . . . *heavy pause* . . . It might just be possible that Dune has more emo than you.

Friender (not!Lassie): At this rate, the universe is going to implode with all the emo before the plot gets moving.


Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 12: That's how anime should be deconstructed. Honestly, there are no words to describe how perfect this is. *fangirls like whoa* It does not lack an epic storyline--it has more than one evolving story woven within--it just doesn't let the backstory overshadow the weekly human drama and inevitable tragedy. Futakomori was darker than dark, not to mention depressing. Mitsuganae seems to be more about the darker side of human pettiness and trivality, often focusing on younger people like students. Which somehow makes everything even more tragic and terrible.

Obligatory my childhood! moment:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doujinshi. BL doujinshi.

Isn't that also kind of like incest? Should I even try to get hold of one? Just for a look? (Oh no but yeah but no but yeah but no . . .)

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[Friday, January 23, 2009]

Another Lunar New Year:
That means another set of resolutions!

I resolve:
- Not to overindulge in the annual pig-out.
- Not to gain weight from the pineapple tarts and assorted goodies.
- To be more productive (in work and other endeavours).
- To love my family and friends (in a more demonstrative way).
- To be everything that I can be and not get stuck in a rut despite the current situation.


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[Wednesday, January 21, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: I'll see you in my dream
Circle: Double // Slash
Genre: BL. Lelouch/Suzaku.
Porn?: Yep. What the cover sez.
Spoilers?: Yes. The cover gives it away as late R2 spoileriffic costume-y goodness.

First of the Comiket 75 sets to arrive (with the uke-Suzaku book with the title that I don't know how to pronounce--that'll come later).

Open with emo Zerozaku and an unmarked grave on a hill. Cut to flashbacks with the vi Britannia siblings. Suzaku carries Nunnally up the hill with little difficulty. failprince still fails, but has to admit that view is lovely. Nunnally says she knows that too because she can feel it in the air. Cue a d'aaawwww moment when Suzaku and Lelouch promise to see for Nunnally until she regains her sight.

Forward to post Turn 21 where not-really-Knight-of-Seven!Suzaku wakes up from the dream. failprince notices, because Suzaku usually rises earlier than him.

Conversation: Zero Requiem, Euphie, Nunnally, ashita no tameni, etc. Lelouch says there isn't anything more (than all that). Suzaku begs to differ. Violently.

Lelouch says that it's useless and Suzaku goes emo. failprince has to go into dominant mode in order to diffuse the emo. I think I saw this in a fanfic once (more proof that fangirls have generally the same turn-ons the world over)--Lelouch orders his knight to kneel. And lick his boots.

For all his pissiness, Suzaku is an M-type. And it's an observable fact that the fangirls, regardless of nationality, feel a need for fresh undies after every "Yes, Your Majesty". (I like sore mo meirei nano ka? "Is that an order?" as well.)

No bootlicking (oh argh!) because failprince could not even complete that scenario but goes in for the kiss first. And he would like Suzaku to accede to his request even though he hates Lelouch's guts. (It is obviously difficult to do a dominant Lelouch, but I don't think he could force--physically or otherwise--anyone, much less Suzaku.)

"Shall we continue?"
"Is that an order?"
"Aa, that's correct."
"Yes, Your Majesty."


Sex. Yay, prettily-drawn sex. Suzuaku wakes up later to find failprince still up and about (yeah, that's pretty weird). It's Lelouch's turn to go emo and he rants like a drama queen for a few pages about how a) he likes Suzaku, b) he doesn't want to die, c) but he has to for his sins. Suzaku is conflicted about a lot of things, but pretty much happy to stay alive to atone like the miserable sinner that he is. (M-type! M-type! Oh the masochism . . .)

C.C. makes a brief appearance (eavesdropping, of course) and asks if Lelouch meant what he said (about not wanting to die). Then she stops him before he can reply, because it's better not to know. That was the best part for me.

Zero Requiem and spoiler-filled images follow.

Cut to Suzaku and Lelouch dressed in suits and in a hurry to get to an important event. (You know it's a dream. Because Nunnally is walking and dead people are in attendance.) Euphemia li Britannia declares that Area 11 is renamed back to Japan and there is an impossibly beautiful happy ending. C.C. watches from afar as Lelouch says that it's like a dream.

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[Friday, January 16, 2009]

Have suddenly been drawn into conversation about fandom by Japanese seller-type-person. She just offered me a doujinshi FOC for answering a question about the international fandom.

There's only one thing to do in situations like this. Refuse. Politely.

A KSM doujinshi I don't have yet.

Well, damn.

She got it free as omake anyway. She might be clearing her shelves.

*goes off to compose a message about how the postage will change because of the change in weight and generally hedge around the matter* *makes appropriate gushy noises about being a Rock'n'Dolless fan* *and envy her for having met Himemiko-sama (who is apparently a bijin in real life)*

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[Tuesday, January 13, 2009]

Ponyo, Ponyo, sakana no ko . . .

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea is probably going to be the best movie I see this year (I say this about the movies I see every January). Absolutely adorable.

And this is supposed to be the best job in the world. Well, definitely in the top ten for people who like swimming and snorkelling around a gorgeous coral reef.

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[Sunday, January 11, 2009]

Have been asked to be more straightforward by a Japanese person.

Eh. You learn new things every day.

(How am I to figure out which level of politeness to use after one message? I just play it safe by being ultra polite.)


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[Saturday, January 10, 2009]

Casshern SINS 14:
Casshern's emo is still at epic levels.
Dio still has a massive raging hate-on for Casshern, not to mention extreme levels of inadequacy and self-esteem issues.
Lyuze's hate-on has been official discarded as she moves into the position of love interest. No, wait--"person who isn't going to let the protagonist die yet". She still kicks ass despite not being boss level in terms of fighting ability and hopefully will save Casshern a few more times. (The thing is . . . the two of them have not actually saved each other from fatal situations and each incident only seems to serve to promote the pairing.)
Friender is still not Lassie and hopefully never will be.
Ringo is still utterly adorable and the epitome of everything Casshern wants to protect.
Leda and Braiking Boss are still being cryptic.
Despite all this, the plot has moved forwards somewhat and the ending theme has changed. Probably because of [spoilers].

Leda wants Dio's babies. It was one of her original directives after all.
Failing that, she'd have Casshern's.
Casshern might actually like that, seeing his thing for protecting little kiddies.

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[Friday, January 09, 2009]

Save me from full-day courses and full-day meetings. One after the other. It's strange how sitting for hours listening to other people talk can be so draining.

Unless my eyes deceive me, some people are willing to spend 11000yen on a 3 cm ball of fluff designed by Himemiko of Rock'n'Dolless. Eh, the auction says it doesn't come with the set of minis . . . Hope the person using the deputy service can read the message on the image.

No wonder people think fangirls and otaku are scary. (Not to mention willing to spend heaps of money.)

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[Friday, January 02, 2009]

Must stop salivating over Messiah by Rock'n'Dolless.

Voice of reason: You shouldn't buy it.

I shouldn't buy it. Even though it's pretty.

Voice of reason: Only crazy people who shell out 15k yen using Rinkaya buy it and even then they lost out the nutter who paid 22k yen for the whole set the other night.

I'll just get Diva and the mini L.

Voice of reason: You're lucky the ones with sets aren't shipping overseas/haven't replied to you yet. Have you seen the exchange rate recently?

It's not as bad as last month.

Voice of reason: Look, you can always wait until your favourite sellers have it on their auctions. Oi, are you listening? Your paycheck can be saved for better things!

Yeah but no but yes but no. There's something inherently attractive about fresh-from-Comiket sets complete with omake and whatnot. And the Winter Comi sets seem to come with everything including bags and postcards . . .

Voice of reason: You're obsessing over freebies and clear files that people will sell off later--

At sky-high prices well over the 200 yen original price.


Moral of the Story:

- There are nutters who will pay 22k yen for doujinshi. You are not one of them. (Except for that one time, but those were Kazuya Minekura's 1996 Saiyuki doujinshi.)

- Always check the circle websites to find out the original price before scouting out the best deals.

- Patience pays off. Wait for February or March.

- Fresh-from-Comiket sets are nice, but in the end, they are just doujinshi and the circles don't actually approve of that sort of thing to judge by the increasing number of no-auction notices posted in their books.

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