[Sunday, February 15, 2009]

12th Feb: Happy Birthday Darwin! Many articles here and there and all over the place, but few mentioning Wallace's contribution.

Weekend: Work, fic, work, selling off doujinshi (Rock'n'Dolless, Classic Milk Peace & Alien, etc for sale--link on your left), work, kareoke, work . . . Where was the time to exercise?

Casshern SINS 19:
The last time I watched something this depressing . . . Hmm . . . It actually reminds me of Wolf's Rain. Except that it didn't have characters that just show up for one episode to kick the emo-suicidal-tendencies out of the female lead, then crumble into coloured flower petals. (Or did it? It's been a while since I watched Wolf's Rain.)

(Lyuze, you may need to be more proactive, shrug off the emo and jump his bones. Because Casshern may not get it even if you beat him over the head with a big stick.)

It's-not-Firefly-but . . . :
Just watched Dollhouse. It seems to be off to a good start. Definitely on the dark side, but that's good.

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[Friday, February 13, 2009]

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo: There's a plot/several plots in here somewhere and some massive world-building, but it's a bit slow in the exposition. I don't really care because it's entertaining. The quest for parts for the phallic-shaped brain colony (voiced by Fukuyama Jun) included a pair of Golden Orbers and now an Orb Warmer. (Wandering into Gintama territory here . . .)

Casshern SINS 18:
Lyuze? You spent a entire episode talking to yourself. The only time you were really talking to someone else, you disturbed the heck out of me. (But now that we know that this sort of thing is apparently possible, bring on the doujinshi!)

Kuroshitsuji: Need more of this. Butlers in this world are godmodders. I don't even mind Grell (Fukuyama Jun being gayer than gay) being in most of the episodes to bring in the fangirls.

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[Monday, February 09, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Parallel World - Love Stories
Circle: prt
Genre: BL. SuzaLulu.
Porn?: Implied but not actually on page.
Spoilers?: Yes. For all the R2 Sound Episodes.

In the middle of the porn-fest that is Comiket 75 doujinshi, there are the non-porny options like prt. (90% of my doujinshi are porn-tastic, but you have to take a break after a while.)

It's the kind of doujinshi you can imagine reading while listening to Mosaic Kakera and sipping cocoa--only I'd never drink anything while handling doujinshi. like the sound episodes, the stories inside are full of crack and have no porn.

First short story is set in the Hangyaku Gakuen Geass Sensei! AU where Lamperouge sensei is a teacher whose job it is to keep unruly students in line. One day, he is approached by third year student Kururugi Suzaku of Class D. (I wrote a high school AU fic for the kinkmeme. It turned out porny.) Leleouch and Suzaku wearing glasses in the same story are beyond cute and ramps up the moe factor.

Suzaku tells Sensei that something of his has been stolen (which is a clever deviation from canon for what is about to happen next), Lelouch is gung-ho about finding the culprit but Suzaku says that it's not like that. He says that Sensei stole from him. Lelouch sensei flails. Suzaku finally clarifies that he has stolen Suzaku's kokoro. Kokoro? Kokoro.

Lelouch's first reaction is the same as this reader's: What era is that phrase from? (aka "Dude, you are dated.")

"That's so cold!" Suzaku decides that he has to be more demonstrative. Sensei panicks and utilises Geass! But it's not working because (according to Suzaku's cheerful explanation) he's wearing special anti-Geass glasses. And after that it looks like it's going into porny fanfic territory as Suzaku snogs Lelouch.

Charles: What are you going to do now, Nunnally?
Nunnally (principal and sister): Lelouch looks happy--it might be good this way . . .

Awww, now that warmed the cockles of my kokoro.

There is a 4-koma about part-time jobs Lelouch cannot do with failprince as a bellboy. Knight of Rounds!Suzaku pays a visit and if it was anything longer than a 4-koma, it'd be the set-up of a porno because it's obvious by the fourth box that Knight/bellboy was what happened after Suzaku asks Lelouch if he's tired from hauling his luggage and invites him into in his room. Bow-chika-wow, etc. The fact that it is cute . . . goes a long way in mitigating the set-up.

Second story is set in the Sound Episode 4 AU where Lloyd and Cecile host the variety show featuring the anthropomorphic personalities of Knightmare Frames. And this is where it gets a little confusing because it's Suzaku and Lelouch but they are actually the personifications of their KMFs. Which is why it isn't supposed to be surprising when they walk out onto the street in the KoR uniform and Zero outfit respectively.

Lancelot/Suzaku (in goofy-let's-be-friends-mode) wants to talk but Gawain/Lelouch is a cold aloof mecha. Points of discussion include how as KMFs they move according their pilot's will, something about them expressing selfhood (wandering into the "ghost in the machine" philosophies here) and boy-wasn't-the-show-fun (even with Lloyd's spiked sakuradite).

Gawaine/Lelouch says that the next time they meet will be on the battlefield and turns to go. Lancelot/Suzaku stops him and goes in for the kiss. It's cold, of course, because they're KMFs.

I suppose the visual impact would be quite different if the Lancelot and the Gawain/Shinkirou were snogging. (I have seen Transformers porn. Mecha porn does not phase me.)

Gawain/Lelouch walks on and says that they are machines that cannot feel warmth. But Lancelot/Suzaku was the only one that allowed him to feel warmth/passion/heat. My kokoro is sufficiently warmed.

Next 4-koma goes back to 2010 a.t.b when they were kids. Suzaku's caught a lot of beetles while on his class trip. He's so happy with his catch while telling Lelouch and Nunnally that their response is:

Lelouch: You've made friends at school now?
Nunnally: Congratulations, Suzaku-san!

Last story involves the Sound Episode Oden-ya Nana-chan where Suzaku is a soldier and Lelouch was a gambler who had to set aside his gambling ways after being tricked by his sister (into becoming unpaid menial labour).

Some time later, Suzaku visits failprince-now-menial-labour peeling vegetables in the yard. Overprotective-brother!Lelouch is ranting about the numerous male customers, how cute Nunnally is and how he has to protect her. Suzaku has something important to say. Lelouch thinks that he's leaving Japan with the army, but Suzaku says that he wants to protect Lelouch and Nunnally's future.

Through the course of a few ums and uns, Lelouch assumes Suzaku is going to marry Nunnally--silly boy. Suzaku says that Lelouch looks like he's accepted and immediately calls Nunnally--who was probably waiting for this moment to jump out and shout omedetou. Nunnally is all for it (because she gets more unpaid menial labour) while Lelouch is still "huh?" Suzaku plans to move in that very day--he's even brought his stuff (very little)--and he would be happy to stay in Lelouch's room. Yes, that was a proposal--Suzaku's even got the ring as he says that he'll make them happy. The final "hai" turned my kokoro into mush.

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[Friday, February 06, 2009]

Casshern SINS 17:
Leda wanted children. Past tense. Wow, and I thought Dios had issues.

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 16:
Please don't ever stop being the dark side of anime and portraying modern life the way it is.

Obligatory my childhood my first fandom post:
There is CATS doujinshi. As in CATS the Musical doujinshi. From way back in 1998.

Featuring Munkustrap x Demeter, Munkustrap x Grizabella (wut?), Macavity x Bombalurina.

(Oh yes but no but yeah but no but yeah.)

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