[Tuesday, March 31, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Ma Vie En Rose
Circle: Rock'n'Dolless
Genre: BL. Britannian soldiers/Suzaku, Suzaku/female.
Porn?: Yep. Of the gangbang variety.
Spoilers?: Yes. For R2 and the first season.

(Jumping forwards to the 11/01 event because there's a lot of doujinshi coming out . . .)

Rock'n'Dolless and Hz collaboration featuring a fairly extreme version of masozaku (version cum-dumpster).

First story by Rock'n'Dolless:

It starts with Suzaku picking himself up slowly from the aftermath of something nasty.

Flashback to a time when some Britannian officers are commenting on the new recruits and they single out Suzaku because he's a certain someone's son.

Suzaku gets picked on because he's an Eleven and he is accused of being a spy (not true) as well as helping some people escape from the Britannian soldiers (actually true). His nasty superiors decide to make an example out of him for real and imagined infractions. And by this I mean rape him.

(Dear Rock'n'Dolless, if you don't stop feeding this fangirl's thing about rape and degradation by making a really horrible act look hot, I fear I may . . . be finding masozaku a very fascinating genre indeed.)

It gets pretty bad. Suzaku is forced to admit that he helped six people escape the soldiers. Then at one point he starts to enjoy it and more soldiers join in.

Twisted internal logic that's been running through Suzaku's mind throughout it all: My sins cannot disappear . . . And that's why I have to do the right thing.

Suzaku is pretty much gone as his crazy-face shows. He says (to his father) that the war is not over. And he believes that after this in Britannia, he can find a way (to make it right) if he just did the right thing. Because there is no other way.

To protect the world of his his childhood, he gripped the knife. And so from hereon he will dye his future rose-coloured. (Hence the title, I suppose.)

Rock'n'Dolless' crazyzaku is disturbing, twisted and strangely attractive.

Second story by Hz:

Suzaku is doing menial labour when his superior asks he'll do it with anyone. And the answer is pretty much a given because he's got Suzaku bent over a desk in the next page and asking him how long it's been going on. His superior leaves poor, used and abused Suzaku after he's done and Suzaku remembers how it all began.

He was blacked-mailed into it one day when he was running from Britannian soldiers, who force him to strip and saying embarrassing things. Hence it begins.

In the middle of throwing up that very night after flashing back to *spoilers about his father*, he rationalises that he's being punished and he deserves it. (Note that it is pretty much written/drawn in most doujinshi that Suzaku is not-quite-sane and hence, his logic circuits are probably defective.)

On another day, his colleague remarks that he's been acting really weird of late. He says he's fine and they distracted by some female officers. They ask him out to a party and are trying their best not to be racist, but he says that he's got other plans that night. Suzaku knows that the other world they live in ins not for him. His world is the one where he knocks on the door of a Britannian soldier's room and strips for him.

Said Britannian is one of the nicer ones because he wants to use condoms because he's big on human rights and Suzaku's an Eleven. /).__.(\

Suzaku says he prefers it without a condom because he likes it raw. This reader goes O__O.

(There is a reason why well-written and well-drawn doujinshi are like good fanfics. When a doujinshi can make you go O__O, then it has probably done what it was intended to do. Which was probably to show the depths of despair and self-loathing Suzaku has sunk to. Not everyone might agree with this particular incarnation of masozaku, but it works for me.)

Of course Suzaku knows that the Britannian is talking big for a guy who is practically impotent and the rubber isn't going to make it any longer.

So it goes, day after day, different room every night. Until he gets approached by one of the female soldiers from before.

She says that she knows what the male officers have been doing. Doesn't Suzaku want to escape that for a night? This is a pity-fuck. She's a very nice girl and everything to offer to help him, but it's clearly a pity-fuck.

Suzaku has made it with a woman. She even asks him to stay the night. It does not stop the nightmares though. This, however, does not change the fact that he is the barracks bicycle and his riders miss him.

The next day, he goes back to them . . . and it goes downhill from there. It ends with Suzaku walking the metaphorical tightrope between sanity and madness as he thinks about the world he is trying to save.

The last few pages has Rock'n'Dolless' KoZ!Suzaku with Hz's season 1 Suzaku. R2-zaku is trying to persuade S1-zaku to give up his masochistic, self-loathing ways. S1-zaku still believes that he need to accept his punishment and they are both arguing in that self-righteous way that makes Suzaku really hard to like, when things get physical and . . . Suzaku/Suzaku is just hot that way.

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[Tuesday, March 24, 2009]

I plan trips in my spare time. But since I can plan Tokyo trips with my eyes closed now, let's add the complication of arriving later than my travelling companions due to the tricky bit about needing to stop over in Hong Kong on the way back to invade kit's place.

I finally have travelling companions who are not my aunt or my mother again. (I took you to Italy, Mum . . . And three times to Japan, Aunt!) At a certain points (two years ago and four years ago), I was willing to go travelling with complete strangers. You make more friends that way. Or travel buddies. Which is why ML (friend of a friend who knows one of my best friends--small world) is coming along again. Ad-san was not invited because he went to Japan and Turkey last December (and still has not collected his Uniqlo sweater from me). Not sure Ed-san would be comfortable with a bunch of females though.

Casshern SINS Finale:

I knew it would depressing, but I wasn't prepared enough for that sort of thing. That is truly my idea of a downer ending.

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 21 and 22:

Some people might find it a little too dark, but fact is stranger than fiction. And reoccurring characters from past seasons show up to be cryptic.

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 09:

Now officially in Gintama territory, with whole AU episodes, kicking down the Fourth Wall, making perverted jokes based on homonyms, parodying various shounen series, using fandom catchphrases and highlighting the fact that certain seiyuu from another series are in this show.

This is officially my favourite anime at the moment next to Jigoku Shoujo.

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[Tuesday, March 17, 2009]

Rock'n'Dolless/Himemiko has a new doujinshi out. Mmm, I want Voice and prt/Mayu's new book as well.

Speaking of doujinshi . . . I'm selling some. On ebay.

Auctions include:
Cherry, Beautiful Life and Mini L by Rock'n'Dolless.
Lancelot no Yosei-san by CLASSIC MILK * PEACE & ALIEN
Secret Code by D-Amb + Like Hell
Shounen Clarity by 6counter / coltroll
Algorithm by Kozouya / Zaou Taishi


RuPaul's Drag Race is currently my favourite show.

I would never imagined myself saying this, because I was never even slightly interested in men who can put on make-up more effectively than most women. But it is fantastically entertaining and such a sharp satire of reality television that I am happily watching contestants lip-synch for their lives.

To be trendy, I'll blaming everything on popular media. Which means going back to the Code Geass Picture Book episodes and all the doujinshi artists who also agree that boys look good in dresses and feed my fetish.

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[Monday, March 16, 2009]

In defense of Dollhouse:

There is no real characterisation.

Fair enough, seeing that the protagonist is someone who gets "wiped" every episode. But there's always Boyd, who probably meant to be likable as opposed to Laurence Dominic (for which I actually had to look up because I had no idea what his name was).

Who are these people and why should I care?

Sierra and Victor and Ballard . . . don't inspire much sympathy, but then again they haven't shown up very often. But I think that the semi-platonic/mentor-mentee relationship between Boyd and Echo is strong. Topher and Dr Saunders are . . . somewhat more interesting. (Topher is no Birkoff--where are the likable nerds?) Bad guy of the series is either the jumped-up security guard who will probably get his comeuppance in a messy way or whoever is in charge of the Dollhouse.

Is it worth watching?

Uh, if only to find out who Alpha is. Hopefully, the future episodes may do something for Sierra, Victor and Agent Ballard, who are currently very photogenic but not very interesting (like the "Dolls"). The show seems plot-driven rather than character-driven--typical Joss Whedon story-telling.


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[Sunday, March 15, 2009]

Good news: PC is fixed again! Yay! (Cooling fan was busted. Thank goodness for the extended warranty I got on the hardware.)

Bad news: Haru Comi was yesterday and the new releases are already on Y!Auctions. (My wallet . . .)

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[Friday, March 13, 2009]

Had a day off, which was great because there always is a certain period at work when you want to climb the walls and go crazy.

PC is dying. Again. Argh.


Casshern SINS 22:
After builfing up the Casshern/Lyuuze for so many episodes, they stuck in the Dios/Casshern UST to pander to the fangirls. Eh . . .


Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo 8:

Leopard = Lelouch = Grell = Watanuki = Ayase (Okane Ga Nai)

Every time I remember that, I crack up. Someone give the VA another award.

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[Friday, March 06, 2009]

Fic recs (which I never did because that would require . . . reading a lot of fanfics):

Most of them are rated mature for sex.

Code Geass:
The House of Mirrors Arc by realms of fic. (Link to The Pit. But I recommend all her CG fics.)

With Himself At War
. Kallen/Suzaku. I am leaning towards masozaku these days. (Link to LJ.)

At His Majesty's Heels by lewdness on LJ. Lelouch/Suzaku. Locked post, alas.

Entwined. Lelouch/Suzaku. (Link to LJ.)

Interlude. SuzaLulu. Hatesex inna KMF cockpit, yay. (Link to LJ.)

The Fair Speech. SuzaLulu. Hatesex and dub-con post Season 1. (Link to LJ.)

Retrograde. Fic in progress. One of my favourite AUs dealing with post Season 1. (Link to LJ.)

Primary Gain. Fic in progress. AU with Suzaku the FBI agent and Lelouch the FBI profiler. (AFF.net link.)

Acceptance. Fic in progress. Coming to terms with Zero Requiem. (AFF.net link.)

Favourites from the kinkmeme:

In which Table-kun and Poofy Hat find comfort with one another
. Because I enjoy crack fic.

Suzaku X fish. Mmm, crack . . .

In Which Suzaku is Traumatized by Robolouch
. Robo-tentacles and crack. Because Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo has a brain colony called Leopard voiced by Lelouch's VA.

The Slutzaku and Slavezaku fics on 4chan. (It's the fanfic version of a guilty pleasure. Like cheddar and sour cream Ruffles--you know it's a sinful load of salty artificially-flavoured starch, but you crunch it up anyway.)

D.Gray-man: Not actually interested in the series any more. Ah, my attention span . . .

Naruto: Not really into this fandom. But I ship Itachi/Neji.

Shadowplay. ItaNeji. AU where the Hyuuga and the Uchiha are powerful underworld families. (Link to The Pit.)

Common Ground. ItaNeji. Neji finds a wounded Itachi. (Link to LJ.)

AU ficlet by Askerian. ItaNeji. (Link to LJ.)

Epidemic. ItaNeji. Warning, some science and biology ahead. (Link to The Pit.)

Thirty Dates. ItaNeji. AU where Itachi is still a member of the Uchiha and decides to court Neji. (Link to The Pit.)

Prince of Tennis: Tezu/Fuji fics by Aishuu.

Saiyuki: Not reading at the moment, but happy to read anything by incandescens, sf and Monkeybarrel.

And there's a Saiyuki kinkmeme. Guaranteed to suck up lost of my time. (Ah, we didn't have any of these in the fandom, back in the day. Old fangirl is old.)

. . . Back to work, which followed me home as usual like an annoying puppy.

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[Tuesday, March 03, 2009]

The thing about not participating in fandom for yonkers is . . . I haven't actually gone seriously hunting for fanfic for a while. I mean real Pit-diving and everything. It's nice to see that things never change even after . . . eight years. Eh.

The Pit is . . . still The Pit. Good old Pit. Still chock-full of people who can't spell, can't string a sentence together and cannot help including Mary-Sues--I mean OCs. (That's the PC term to include Gary-Stus. I disagree with that because Mary and Gary are far more annoying than OCs required to move the plot along.)

English isn't my mother tongue either, but that isn't an excuse. There are always beta-readers and people who claim that they don't like other people editing their fics are divas. They don't actually have to accept any of the suggested changes.

Positive things to come--fic recs. I don't really believe in fic rants.

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[Sunday, March 01, 2009]

I was almost a victim of credit card fraud. Fortunately, the credit card company caught it in time and cancelled the card before someone could treat themselves from Sears and Roebuck.

Pro: No spending on card for a week.
Con: Well . . . None, really. Too busy to shop for stuff outside of groceries.

In less exciting news:

Casshern SINS 20 and 21:
I think I see where this is going. It's not going to be a happy ending, is it? Like Wolf's Rain.
Lyuze and Casshern are growing on me.

xxxHOLiC Shunmuki:
I never had the inclination to pick up the manga (which I heard was painfully angsty). Very content with just watching the anime.

Hmmm, I like this series.

Don't knock it. It's only the third episode.

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