[Thursday, April 30, 2009]

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 25 - 26:
Well that was fucked-up. As expected, but wow. And I thought Futakomori was bad.


The weather has been so hot, I feel like running around naked. (Sadly, it would not alleviate the situation.) Just the other day, I was having an iced cup of juice. And one of those winged insects that hang around the lights took a nose-dive right into it.


04/36 event. Oh shit. And Rock'n'Dolless has a new book out in May. And an anthology. And Cou has s new book out too. *looks around for sadly deflated wallet*

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[Monday, April 27, 2009]

Can't sleep. Maybe I'm a light sleeper. Or something. But it's weird when you are tired but still can't sleep.


Hmm, was never into vampires (save for that one time when I read Anne Rice back when I was a teenager), but True Blood seems interesting.


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[Wednesday, April 22, 2009]

Hopping off a four-storey building is lots of fun.


Whoa--it sounds like a windstorm out there.


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[Monday, April 20, 2009]

The thing about rock-climbing is the shoes. Itty-bitty tight shoes that make your feet resemble the bound feet of Chinese women from the last century. After fifteen minutes, I get toe cramps and slip off the wall as slippery sweating fingers and the fear of falling off the wall contribute to the problem. And that thing about balancing all 68kg of me on hand/foot-holds that I cannot get one foot on much less two. In summary, I suck at rock-climbing--have to go back to strength-training and core-training.

Abseiling this week. At least gravity is on our side this time.

To watch FMA or not to watch FMA?

I don't know--the first time around I could not finish watching it because there was too much angst.


I see that the slavezaku-fic has been updated today.


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[Friday, April 17, 2009]

Doujinshi sale on my LJ.

I buy my doujinshi on Yahoo!Japan auctions.

And no, I do not scan my doujinshi. (I'd say something about supporting the artist, but there's no way to do that unless you live in Japan. I am, however, probably supporting several sellers on Yahoo!Japan auctions.)



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[Monday, April 13, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Love and Hatred, Kiss and Knife
Circle: wasabi /
Genre: BL, SuzaLulu, AU.
Porn?: Yes, mostly non-con.
Spoilers?: Some for the end of Season 2.

Doujinshi artists usually explain their AU stories at the beginning. This one takes place after R2 episode 18, assumes that Rolo and Nunnally are dead, and Suzaku has gone mad. Set after the crazy laughing bit.

(You know this isn't going to be pretty. It's like that fanfic you never have the nerve to write because it's a bit too extreme.)

Suzaku is back from wherever he goes when he's not terrorising Lelouch and Lelouch is going "not the eye!". Suzaku says not to worry as it'll grow back eventually.

Suzaku remarks that his eye has fully recovered and wonders where to cut next. Lelouch freaks out when he sees the knife. Suzaku asks if he's resisting now. Lelouch, who has been spending a lot of time chained in one place, goes quiet. Suzaku asks if he's given up before getting violent.

Very pissed off (and crazy) Suzaku piles on the accusations regarding all the lives Lelouch's plans have cost. Rough mouth rape occurs. Suzaku is acting like a douche-bag.

The earlier implications are confirmed when Lelouch has a flashback to Kaminejima in Turn 21. Suzaku had captured both C.C. and himself and he forced C.C. to transfer her code to Lelouch by having her stab him.

The present is not much better as Suzaku rapes Lelouch and stabs him in the middle of it. Which is like the warped version of the Zero Requiem that did not happen in this AU. And it's pretty horrible because Lelouch is screaming throughout it all. Saying that you want to know all about someone when you're killing them is not going to help, Suzaku.

Flaskback again to Kaminejima where C.C. and Suzaku have a conversation after the deed is done. (It's interesting how easily they can talk to each other.) Suzaku asks if Lelouch would be immortal once the code is transferred--so that no matter how much punishment he receives, he'll still live. C.C. asks if he heard that from V.V. and he confirms it. C.C. says that immortality is her curse, not Lelouch's. Suzaku doesn't want to hear any of it. Lelouch will have to pay for his sins and Suzaku will help, no matter how long it takes, because they are friends.

(Yep, definitely crazy.)

C.C. says that he's not human and Suzaku agrees that he and Lelouch are not human. C.C. says, nope, going crazy and forcing something on another person is very human indeed. It's both love and hate, which Suzaku confirms.

Lelouch wakes up, still alive and completely healed. He notices Suzaku is sleeping beside him and thinks of escaping immediately. But he thinks to himself that he cannot run away from Suzaku--after all, Suzaku's punishing himself by torturing him. (And you get the feeling that there may be two crazy people in the room.) Anyhow, Lelouch leans over to look at Suzaku's sleeping face because it's been a long time since he's seen Suzaku like that (at peace and not psycho, I suppose). It must be love (because that sort of mushy look is not the kind you give to someone who rapes and tortures you on a daily basis).

Suzaku is awake however and asks if Lelouch is unable to kill him. Lelouch's face falls for a second before he puts the mask up again. Suzaku asks if Lelouch wants him to live and Lelouch lies through his teeth. Suzaku has a moment when he wonders about the time earlier when he said he loved Lelouch. It's hatred, Lelouch says, you hate me, Suzaku.

There are flashbacks to happier times and Suzaku declares that he hates and loves Lelouch (but it's okay, he's crazy). Or not. After a moodswing that lasted approximately five seconds, Suzaku smiles and leaves. But not before asking, "If we never met, would we still hate and want to kill each other?"

Lelouch has no answer to that and Suzaku says to forget about that question. He leaves Lelouch alone with his thoughts--"Aishiteru . . .!"

That's just tragic. Not knowing what happened to C.C. is a hanging end too.

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[Saturday, April 11, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Because of the bird
Genre: BL. SuzaLulu.
Porn?: Yes. Sometimes non-con.
Spoilers?: Some for the end of Season 1. And spoilers for the doujinshi itself.

Post season 1, Suzaku is the Knight of Seven because he had captured Zero. And it has ventured into AU parallel universe land from then on because Emperor Charles has handed over Lelouch to Suzaku because it is the most fitting reward and most fitting punishment.

Lelouch (with both eyes sporting a Geass symbol) spend his days blindfolded and chained to a wall in Suzaku's bedroom. He doesn't know what happened to Nunnally and the Black Knights and is dependent on Suzaku for everything. This makes him understandably tetchy and he provokes Suzaku at every given opportunity. Including flaunting the great big Geass symbol on his back--apparently the thing is still evolving.

Angry!zaku is peeved, but holds it together long enough to get Lelouch into the bathroom and then the verbal sparring match become a physical one. Suzaku wins the physical battle for dominance and bathtub sex is always hot. He conclude afterwards that since Lelouch is no longer Zero, he doesn't have to kill him.

Some time later, Suzaku wakes up one night and rips off Lelouch's shirt because he notices the small wings which are growing out from the Geass symbol on Lelouch's back. Lelouch does not know what's he's on about.

Suzaku has a disagreement with Cornelia over the fate of Zero. Since it was Zero who killed Euphie, he has to die. Cornelia askes if Zero is Lelouch and Suzaku says that Zero's just an ordinary rebel. Cornelia is less than pleased with how Suzaku is dealing with the situation. Suzaku could not care less.

More of Suzaku's obsession with the wings on Lelouch's back. He thinks they are growing and wonders what will happen when they finish growing.

Lelouch is losing track of time during his imprisonment. Suzaku's added more chains on because he's freaking out over Lelouch escaping. Lelouch wonders how he is going to escape and Suzaku loses his shit and starts ranting about the power of the Geass (which he obviously hates)

Lelouch tells Suzaku to kill him if he wants to destroy the power. He's trying to goad Suzaku into killing him to end his meaningless existence. Suzaku does not like the sound of that at all. Sex of a rough and dubiously-consensual nature occurs and Suzaku rationalises it to himself that he isn't going to kill Lelouch and the prince's life is his. (Warning! Rationalising why you aren't killing someone and raping them instead is a sign that you are losing it.)

And there's a slow realisation that there's something wrong here. Clue: The way Lelouch is clueless about what Suzaku is talking/ranting about and no way can you have sex on a bed like that if you have a large pair of wings strapped on your back (even in doujinshi). In all probability, Suzaku's gone mad and the wings are a figment of his imagination.

Lelouch is losing track of the time of day now as he looks back over everything he achieved--or not--before he wound up here. Lelouch muses about the wings only Suzaku can see. It ends with Suzaku looking at the wings and says that they are beautiful. Lelouch wonders why he is still alive. (After all, he's living with a crazy person.) There is a very BAD END kind of ending that just leaves you hanging.

(I wrote a fic for the kink-meme for a request to finish off the hanging end. You may not want to read it as it's not very happy and follows the BAD END vibe that the doujinshi had.)

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[Friday, April 10, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Hato yo!
Circle: mo:tricot / sayoko
Genre: BL. SuzaLulu.
Porn?: Yes, but that's just Suzaku's imagination.
Spoilers?: No, it's an AU.

Every doujinshi should start out with heated dreams involving sex. At least for sayoko's doujinshi, where it is beautiful and porny and what a fangirl likes to see.

Suzaku and Lelouch are classmates and Suzaku has a most unclassmate-like daydreams about hot summer days, ice popsicles and confessing his love to delicious-moe-glasses!Lelouch. With hot sex to follow. Until the teacher wakes him up.

The answer the teacher was looking for was probably not "world peace" when he asked Suzaku about what he thought of the Roman Empire.

After class, Lelouch says that he can't go over to Suzaku's place to study later because Nunnally is still in the hospital. Suzaku says he'll take them to Nunnally on his bike and he even refuses to go off with members with the bowling team. Lelouch tells Suzaku to go with his friends and that he's all right, but Suzaku doesn't buy that at all. They arrange to meet after school

TBC because my eyes are blurring from reading kanji.

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[Thursday, April 09, 2009]

Lighter AU fics that I am reading (because I got over the angst):

Liar Liar: A con-artist, his accomplice and the "gay" target. Sounds like fun. (Link to the Pit.)

Just Like Magic!: The AU fairy tale fic were Lelouch is not-the-Princess (even though he is). (Link to the Pit.)

From the kink-meme:

masozaku version cum-dumpster: Submissive masochistic Suzaku gets abused by/allows himself to be abused by Britannians. (LJ link.)

shotazaku/shotalulu: I have never showed any inclination to read shota fics. Until this one. (LJ link.)

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[Wednesday, April 08, 2009]

I am mildly peeved. You don't buy something off a seller on eBay and then not pay and not respond to any emails/messages for two weeks and counting. It's not funny when the seller is incurring eBay fees for items sold but not paid for. (And do I get a refund on those fees when everything's been settled? No--I get eBay credits instead.) I know it's not a huge amount but it's the principle of the thing, dammit. Grrr.


Airbrushing is an expensive hobby. And damn frustrating when you are trying to find the right adapter nut to screw onto the compressor in order to rig up various airbrushes. Hooking up the copic airbrush to the compressor still eludes me because the adapter nuts are the wrong size for the airhose. (Wah, so technical!) Need to plan this better . . .

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[Tuesday, April 07, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Warui Oniisan (Bad Young Men)
Circle: KSM / Mikou
Genre: BL. SuzaLulu.
Porn?: Surprisingly, no.
Spoilers?: Yes. Sort of. For R2 and the first season.

So it's several hundreds of years after Zero Requiem and Suzaku and Lelouch are giving new meaning to the term "to reign in hell". Yes, by cohabiting in the netherworld (aka Jigoku/Hell) as Satan and Enma Ou. This is AU/parallel crack doujinshi, so the crossing of cultures and sheer weirdness of this doesn't matter. (But it'd make a great AU story. I mean, they supposedly could take over Hell if they tried.)

Rolo and Euphie are in attendance as well. (Probably because you can't have a court without people and it makes for all kinds of incest-y pairings. Mmmm.) Rolo does not like Suzaku and it shows when he questions a decision regarding the fate of certian souls. (I take it back--it would be downright terrifying if these guys were in charge of deciding how long people stayed in hell/got transferred to heaven.)

They decide to take a trip to the mortal world--actually Suzaku suggests a vacation, Rolo is against it and Euphie is all for it. Naurally Suzaku chooses to go to Japan.

Lelouch wants to go to Akihabara to buy a computer and Suzaku tags along to protect him. In the crowd of cosplaying promoters on the street, there's a familiar figure (those hips) in a familiar uniform (Ashford Academy's) with a familiar phrase (Checkmate!) advertising for "Co-- Geass". (Hi, C.C., hi. Did I mention that I love C.C. to bits? And that KSM doujinshi features her quite often?)

They are catching up while C.C. and Lelouch are annoying each other as per normal. More Fourth Wall shattering occurs when C.C. tells him to call her Yukana-sama as it's her P. N. (pen name). She also tries to haul them into cosplaying with her.

They meet up with someone who is familiar yet not really one day. Due to some strange mix-up, Kallen has been reincarnated as a man. Domestic issues including kitties and Suzaku's questionable activities come to light.

Back in the netherworld, Rolo has found the toy drawer. Euphie holding a sex toy is probably the weirdest thing in this book. Rolo tells Lelouch to get away from that degenerate (meaning Suzaku). Suzaku's questionable purchases come to light and he might not survive Lelouch's wrath.

They must have made up somehow or other for there is adorable hand-holding, which has Lelouch remarking that they look like a newlywed couple (which the fangirls have no problem with, honestly). This happy state of domesticity is cut short when they get home to find that someone has vanda--redecorated their apartment. Suzaku has a feeling he knows who's behind it (those well-meaning people back in the netherworld).

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[Saturday, April 04, 2009]

Argh, work . . .

Am also slightly cheesed off by the state in which one of my doujinshi arrived in. It wasn't entirely the seller's fault--she put in the cardboard backing and everything . . . on one side only so that when the envelop got bent the B5 doujinshi got dented because of the small volume that would not bend. T___T

Watching Natsume Yuujinchou now--very interesting indeed. Nyanko-sensei!

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: So far as never failed to deliver the darkness inside all humans.

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 10: They just rammed a golden butt plug (they can call it a "Golden Gentlemen Plug", sure) into Leopard. I have not been so amused in months. Oh and the plot thickens substantially.

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