[Wednesday, May 27, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: mini L
Circle: Rock'n'Dolless / Himemiko
Genre: BL, SuzaLulu. Somewhat AU and terribly cute.
Porn?: Nope.
Spoilers?: None that I can see.

The third of the mini series with Lelouch being the tiny one in the beginning. Suzaku watches Lelouch sleep in something shaped like a cat-bed and thinks its adorable. His slightly pervy stalking wakes Lelouch up.

Since it's winter time, Suzaku has made winter clothes for Lelouch. Meaning a fuzzy coat with tail, cat-ears on a hairband and fuzzy shoes. As Lelouch accurately notes, it's entirely Suzaku's taste. Suzaku's attempts to convince a palm-sized chibi that a hairband with cat-ears is a muff fails entirely and he changes tactics by pulling out the Nunnally card. "Sorry, Nunnally--I can't keep your brother's ears warm--"

It worked like a charm as Lelouch flails at the very thought of Nunnally getting worried. He wears the fuzzy cat outfit despite the fact that it is not very warm. Suzaku goes moe at the sight and there's a dawwww moment as he says that he wants to spend the winter with his mini prince.

At work (or whatever place it is when Lloyd is the dad and Cecile is the mom), Lloyd gets a craving for pudding and Lelouch wants some too--only he's tsun-tsun about it. Cecile gives Suzaku a coat and Lelouch a fuzzy muffler because it's cold. Suzaku's so moe about how cute Lelouch is in the muffler, his head looks like it's about to pop. Suzaku gets the pudding and they come across one of those UFO-catcher machines dispensing tiny balls of fluff (like the ones Himemiko designs that go for 10000yen at auctions). Seeing that Lelouch thinks the poms are cute, Suzaku resolves to get him some. Sadly, the pilot of the Lancelot can only get one--major fail. Lelouch is fine with that.

Back at home, Cecile says they can't have dessert until they've eaten . . . her onigiri.

The next story has Suzaku feeling and unsual chill. In fact, he's got a super bad feeling. Lelouch even offers him his muffler. Suzaku's bad feeling is justified a moment later when Kaguya kicks him in the head.

Kaguya has come to spread some winter cheer, Mainly by pelting her cousin with snowballs and kicking his pompous ass after he tells her that he's with someone important and she can go away.

This forces Lelouch to step up to defend his man. As full-sized Lelouch. Without clothes. It's strangely effective.

Later, when failprince is back in chibi form and all tsundere about his recent exposure, Suzaku is apologetic. They get another dawwwww moment in the end when they're both fine and Suzaku asks Lelouch to sleep with him. Lelouch seems to have reservations.

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[Tuesday, May 26, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Miniature Garden Utopia
Circle: Rock'n'Dolless / Himemiko
Genre: BL, SuzaLulu. Somewhat AU.
Porn?: Nope.
Spoilers?: Only at the very end. And by reading this, you'll get a spoiler for the doujinshi itself.

Not all doujinshi circles spell out the premise of the AU at the beginning. Rock'n'Dolless seldom explains anything and just lets the doujinshi do the talking. And Himemiko's just that good with the visual storytelling.

It's an alternative timeline where Genbu is still alive and still messing with his offspring's life like all parents do. Suzaku has to get married. A politically-motivated marriage, as Genbu tells it, to cement relations with Britannia.

Cliff Notes:

Suzaku: But Nunnally's a loli in junior high! (Not to mention the fact that Lelouch will kill me if I try anything.)

Genbu: Son, things are done somewhat differently in Britannia. Marriage is not solely a thing between men and women.

Suzaku: (Oh wow, doujinshi written by fangirls are more progressive than the real world!) Hang on a minute--with Lelouch?!?! *sound of the clue-stick impacting*

Lelouch has been doing just that with his siblings Nunnally and Rolo. Who are fighting over his attention and adding the required incest-y Britannian sibling love by saying that they'll be together forever (and I felt like making that a Rick-roll).

At school, Suzaku, Lelouch and Rivalz (in spiffy school uniforms that look better than the original Ashford ones) are still friends and just as noisy as always when Lelouch makes a remark about how it's all right if he's still around. Suzaku looks up and catches something in Lelouch's face--they have a non-verbal moment.

Afterwards, Suzaku finds out that Lelouch is going to a concert with Shirley. As Nunners and Rolo argue about wanting to go too, Suzaku asks Lelouch if it's just the two of them.

It's a matter that has him so distracted that Toudou-sensei lands him flat on his back during training. Toudou notices that Suzaku is thinking about something and wonders if it's about the marriage thingy. As it's for the good of his country, Toudou knows that his feelings may wind up being entirely secondary and wonders if that's weighing on his heart.

After the concert, Suzaku finds Shirley and Lelouch and drags his fiance-to-be away for a talk. Shirley seems to understand.

Lelouch is very tsun-tsun about it and they have a tiff (there's a good start to a relationship right there). It's apparent that they're both coming at it from different directions and Suzaku has issues about Shirley.

Then Cornelia and Gilford pop up. Cornelia says that they haven't told Lelouch yet.

And Suzaku goes wait, Lelouch doesn't know? (Fair question, but Lelouch would have flailed a lot more if he had known. And blushed. And be unable to look Suzaku in the eye.)

Cornelia sitting seiza in the Kururugi home next to Kururugi Genbu is somewhat amusing (considering what she was like in the series). She's still imperious as ever though.

Lelouch demands an explanation and goes "Suzaku . . . and me?"

Yeah, and Cornelia says that Lelouch will still have to go back to Britannia for a few years after that. Lelouch has this deer-in-the-headlights look and there's no more development there as we cut to Cornelia and Gilford after the meeting. Cornelia is a lot more comfortable in a KMF than sitting seiza on tatami--her legs have gone numb.

An unknown amount of time later, they're in Ashford and Milly is being . . . Milly. It's the giant pizza scheme again. It might have a chance of working this time as Suzaku is going to be piloting the prototype Ganymede to make the pizza. Plus their dear vice-chariman has the switch key to the oven. ("I don't care when or how you want to cook the pizza!" Lelouch yells in the background while Milly pretends not to hear.)

"Congrats on the marriage," Milly says and there's time for one more round of mayhem in Ashford as she declares another contest. All the members of clubs and societies have to get to him before the pizza can be baked. Milly's a genius.

"Run, bro!" Rolos yells and Lelouch legs it. Along the way, he meets Kaguya, who wants to talk about love. She goes poof and there's a butterfly. While Lelouch is bemused, he is found again, but Kallen intervenes by distracting everyone with bees. Yes, bees.

She's not helping him out of good will, Kallen says--she just wants to eat that pizza. (C.C. is somewhere out there grumbling about her stolen line.)

Later, when Lelouch is musing about feelings, he runs across Arthur (Arthur!). Suzaku is making pizza with the Ganymede--"make pizza not war"? It gets a little fuzzy at this point as Lelouch falls out of a window and Suzaku saves him using the Ganymede (I just love that name and all the implications it has).

Lelouch: Suzaku . . .

Suzaku: Lelouch . . . where's the key?

The giant pizza finally gets made and baked.

Pizza. Pizza-eating is suddenly sexy. Suzaku and Lelouch are watching the fireworks (away from siblings). Lelouch muses about how she seemed to be delighted about it ("it" being their engagement). Suzaku wonders who "she" is. Lelouch does too. (I think it's Shirley.)

It's about time Suzaku goes in for the kiss. He finally gets to explain his feelings to Lelouch. Lelouch just wants to be with everyone--his siblings, Suzaku, everyone.

This is the world you envisioned.

At the end, it's just C.C. in her museum of memories. It was all a dream of Lelouch's ideal world after all. With all the implications therein. *Bawwwww.* Rock'n'Dolless dj do have that effect.

Zutto isshou ni (Together forever).

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[Sunday, May 24, 2009]

Growing-older weekend:
Very good, considering the growing older part. I feel happy and lucky beyond my wildest dreams. I count my blessings.

Saiyuki Gaiden:
Is finally over! Only there's going to be a Gaiden of the Gaiden focused on Kenren. (What a way to pump the fangirls' wallets, Minekura Sensei.)

Back to the Gaiden ending itself--it's not like I didn't expect it, but I waited nine to ten years to have a good cry over the it. So yeah. T____T

(Wonder if I can finish "Sweet Decay" now . . .)

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[Saturday, May 16, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Utauuta
Circle: Platinum Dog
Genre: BL, SuzaLulu, AU.
Porn?: Not really.
Spoilers?: Not really.

Some doujinshi start out by explaining the pairings. There are three stories in this book and all have explanations by the circle. The first story is where the Lamperouge twins Zero and Lelouch are visited by their sister Euphemia and her knight Kururugi Suzaki. Euphie doesn't have romantic feelings for Lelouch. Probably.

They are greeted by something that looks less brotherly and more incest-y. Suzaku has to shield Euphie's virgin eyes from the sight.

Zero asks why Euphie's here. It's Lelouch's birthday and Euphie's brought him a present. There is glomping. Zero is not amused as he bluntly asks Euphie to let go of Lelouch.

Euphie says she's his sister (gosh darnit). And she's come all this way to give him his present too (as it's his birthday). So is he going to accept it or not?

Zero does turn his back on her (and Lelouch has to stop Suzaku from going for him), but he extends his hand to Euphie in the end and thanks her. He also asks if she'd come with him to make tea and the thought of all that bonding activity excites Euphie (poor thing--she doesn't deserve all that jumping through hoops to get people to like her) to no end.

Suzaku says that Zero has some feelings after all as he and Lelouch are left in the sitting room. Lelouch welcomes him back and says that his job has kept him away pretty long. Suzaku apologises but he manages to get back for his birthday. So Lelouch asks if he'll help with lunch since he's back for a while. Suzaku agrees and says that they'll enjoy the night. And snogs him.

Lelouch blushes and goes into tsundere mode.

Lleouch wonders whose birthday is it anyway. So Suzaku wishes Lelouch a happy birthday, to which the birthday boy asks about his present. Suzaku says that will be for later that night.

Oh stop it with the teasing talk unless there's going to be real stuff going on later.

Things can only get better as Lloyd and Schneizel pop up later.

The second story is part of the AU where Lelouch and Zero are a pair of twins and Suzaku and Genbu are another pair of twins . . . and Suzaku likes Lelouch and Genbu likes Zero while Zero is a flaming bro-con. Okay so far?

Zero and Lelouch get a visit from Gino (and Genbu and Suzaku behind him) with a snowball wishing them happy birthday. Zero is not amused and Lelouch is getting smothered by his overprotective brother. Zero demands to know why they've turned up a day before their birthday at the remote mountain lodge they're staying in.

The brothers Kururugi are non-plussed by Gino's behaviour and Zero's response as they go indoors. Suzaku wishes Lelouch a happy birthday and Lelouch is surprised. They are both blushy and nervous about whatever the hell their relationship is at the moment.

On the other side of all this, Genbu has followed Zero to the washroom. Zero thanks him for coming all the way for their birthday, but he's not very appreciative of it and storms out for one of those sulky walks. Genbu goes after Zero, telling him at he's forgot his muffler and puts it on him. Zero does not look grateful at all and Genbu is all "oh shit" about it. This relationship is not going anywhere fast.

Gino is so amused at all this that he's doubled over with laughter.

The third story is another offside story from another AU (Platinum Dog draws a lot of them) where Suzaku is in the employ of Lelouch's brother Schneizel.

It's wintertime and Lelouch is walking in the snow when Suzaku comes up from behind. Suzaku asks if he's tired from the party (which was long). Lelouch says he's also had some wine and he was remembering the events of a year ago (something to do with Suzaku's introduction to his family) and they talk about the snow that is falling.

Suzaku takes the chance to wish Lelouch a happy birthday. Lelouch says that he's glad that he's met Suzaku. Suzaku kisses Lelouch and his hands go a-wandering. Lower and lower all the way to no-man's land. Suzaku's apparently good at this because Lelouch says he can't stand anymore.

In that case, Suzaku then scoops Lelouch up to carry him home despite his flailing.

There's a cute rakugaki page at the end with illustrations and sketches.

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[Sunday, May 10, 2009]

Twelve episodes in and I can safely say that the plot is the star of the show. The characters are still meh, but DeWitt, Ballard (more likable now that he's loosened up a bit) and Langton are still my favourite.


I have to get off my ass and do more productive shit. Honestly. On top of studying for the GRE and GRE Biology. I have concluded that the GRE Biology is easier than the GRE--facts are facts and you don't have to make all these connective bridges all over the place. (Those bridges only make sense if you are a native English-speaker and a hardcore academic.)


Dear travel agent,
I am writing very politely to tell you that you have sent me the same pdf file as the previous time--the one with no dates and flight times indicated. I would like a new e-ticket / new pdf file.

Thank you,
Irrate, but not asking for refund of the extra $120.00 for changing my return date (yet) despite the fact that the departure time changed afterwards (not your fault) and started sending me e-tickets without flight times or dates (your fault actually).

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[Wednesday, May 06, 2009]

My new air compressor came. Yay--birthday gift to myself!

(This is not an attempt to rationalise or justify a purchase. This is not an attempt to rationalise or justify a purchase . . .)

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[Sunday, May 03, 2009]

Cats the Musical--yay. My sister's early present to me was a stall seat for Cats the Musical. Three rows from the stage--excellent.

There's something about the lack of a plot. (There's supposed to be one, but it is thinner than tissue paper.) And the sight of a lot of dancers in furry leotards canoodling on stage in a giant feline orgy that is still incredibly entertaining. Heh.

Cons and pros: A Rum Tum Tugger I didn't like--which is a bit of a shock--but a lot of interaction during intermission time with cats crawling all over the place. So cute. (RTT is supposed to be sexy, but annoying in a likable way. We got one that was annoying in a rather annoying way.)

First fandom will always be first fandom.

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[Friday, May 01, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Luupani
Circle: Platinum Dog
Genre: BL, SuzaLulu, AU.
Porn?: Suzaku almost made it.
Spoilers?: Not really.

So this is the AU where Lelouch and Zero (the possessive, more aggressive twin) are the Lamperouge twins and Suzaku and Genbu (the slightly more grungy twin with piercings) are the Kururugi twins . . . and you can already see where this is going. Fangirl logic dictates that twice the dysfunction = twice the fun.

So from the nifty relationship diagram/chart in the front, Suzaku likes Lelouch and Genbu likes Zero and Zero might have a slightly incestuous thing for Lelouch. No, he's really a brother-con for Lelouch. Mmm, tasty dysfunction.

Lelouch--still the weaker sibling--wakes up in the sick bay to find Zero and Suzaku looking on worriedly. Zero and Suzaku make like limpets and cling. Lelouch look towards Genbu and Gino for help, but not getting any. As it turned out, Lelouch collapsed in the middle of P.E. class and there is some flailing.

Genbu has a suggestion--they're going on holiday. There's a moment of sibling-cest as Lelouch and Zero confer while holding hands. It's certainly making Suzaku irrate.

At the beach, Lelouch comes across Zero in the shallows and if the incesty vibes were not bad enough, Zero saves Lelouch either slipping or stepping on something. This is another opportunity to molest Lelouch as Zero notices that he's cold and offers him his shirt. Oh, and kisses him. Genbu and Suzaku are much less amused by all this sibling affection.

Gino is much amused by this (it's his job in this series to be amused, apparently) as Genbu and Suzaku are discussing Lelouch and Zero.

Later on, in the gift shop, Lelouch is surprised by Zero, who is feeding him samples (commonly found at gift shops of the Japanese variety). Lelouch is irritated by Zero treating him like a child. Zero says that seeing that in Lelouch's mouth makes him want to eat it. Genbu and Suzaku are speechless. Gino is much amused.

They're in the aquarium later when Lelouch is stalked by Zero. Gino and Suzaku come across them at the rest area where Lelouch is asleep in Zero's lap. Gino is amused. Suzaku is not when Zero remarks that Lelouch feels are peace when they are together.

At the onsen later that night, Suzaku is very down, because it seems that he'll never be able to do anything about his crush on Lelouch with Zero constantly in the way. Gino tells him to "Ganbare yo!" Suzaku espies Lelouch--alone at last--in the outdoor baths! It's a chance! Zero's not around! Genbu is getting quite irritated by the going-ons as Lelouch is obviously blind and Zero is an idiot (as Gino fills in for him helpfully). As Genbu fancies Zero a certain degree, his grumpiness is understandable. Gino is very amused as Suzaku goes off to make his move.

At the rotenburo, Suzaku is distracted by the sight of Lelouch's naked skin as he tries to make conversation. He is surprised when Lelouch thanks him for being concerned about him.

This goes no-where as Lelouch sees Zero and decides to head back in. Lelouch is alarmed when Zero seems to be a bit unstable on his feet--Suzaku is distracted by the fact that Lelouch has stood up without his towel and then by the sight of Genbu supporting Zero.

Suzaku gets a clue at last about his twin's thing for Zero when he sees Genbu's expression. Genbu's expression is a picture when Lelouch runs up and glomps onto Zero (that thing goes both ways to some extent).

Back int heir room, Lelouch is pitching a fit while Gino and Genbu look on because they were drinking and making a mess (which he is cleaning up). Suzaku and Zero are passed out drunk. Later, Lelouch stumbles across Zero, who is awake and even less inhibited than he normally is around his twin. Zero tries to non-con Lelouch, but Suzaku saves him while Zero face-plants on the tatami.

Suzaku is not letting go of Lelouch as he asks if Lelouch likes Zero. Lelouch says of "course" and suddenly notices Suzaku tearing up. Lelouch asks if there's anything wrong and gets the full teary confession from Suzaku as he snuffles into his chest. Suzaku goes for the kiss and in that moment, Lelouch lets him. When Lelouch does not seem to be objecting to the kiss, Suzaku goes all out. He almost makes it to non-con when Genbu pops up and saves Lelouch using what I think is a kancho (300 years according to the Gino-meter).

Lelouch asks if Genbu knew about this (meaning Suzaku's feelings, I guess). Genbu says that just about everyone knew except for Lelouch and scares him off to bed. Gino is so amused while Genbus is not at the thought of what the next day is going to be like.

The next day dawns. Suzaku and Zero are hung over while Gino is amused at their expense. Suzaku sees Lelouch, who greets him cheerfully. Suzaku sees Genbu, who also greets him cheerfully. So cheerfully that Suzaku starts to sweat and demands to know what in the world he's done.

In the washroom, Zero (with added megane appeal) and Lelouch are freshening up. Zero spots a hickey and somewhere else, Suzaku feels the chill of impending doom upon him. Which is borne out a page later when Zero kicks him in the head. Gino tries to get Zero to calm down but Zero is on fire as he tries to get to Suzaku. Who finally gets the nerve to stand up and ask Zero for Lelouch. It does not go well.

Later, Suzaku has survived Zero and goes out to find Lelouch. Suzaku says that he forgot what happened last night, but Genbu told him and he apologises to Lelouch for what he did. He still confesses his love and hesitates when Lelouch does not answer. Lelouch finally asks if Suzkau really feels like that about him. Because it feels that way to him. Suzaku is glad that Lelouch doesn't hate his guts. No, Lelouch says, he doesn't.

Zero is around the corner listening in on this. Genbu comes aross him and remarks that his face is a sight. Zero tells him to shut up and die. And go with him to the ball court. There might be hope for him yet.

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