[Friday, September 25, 2009]

The saga of Eline-getting-a-cat continues:
Tuesday, probably.

Have to fence the gate, redo the garden, line the cat-carrier, prep the litter-box, get the food dish ready . . .


In other riveting news, I am suffering from a headache, probably from the (non-alcohol-related) excesses of yesterday. The desserts on that buffet were a bad, bad indulgence.

S and I went out to get supplies for clay-craft after that and I said I'd give her a few of the brown glue sticks I got because she couldn't find them anywhere else. Have not used them yet, but it looks promising. And yes, those molds that cost $30.00 for a matchbox-sized piece of plastic are much too expensive.

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[Monday, September 21, 2009]

The saga of Eline-getting-a-cat continues.

Next door neighbour says the kitten went on a walkabout and did not come back. It's probably a territorial thing.

Time for option 2.

Colleague says she'll bring me to the shelter on Thursday. *fingers crossed*

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[Monday, September 14, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Akiramerarenai Zenmai no Omocha
Circle: Cou / Aori with guests prt/Mayu and 24ji/Mochiko
Genre: BL. SuzaLulu. Multiple Suzakus
Porn?: Yes. Sometimes non-con.
Spoilers?: Some for the end of Season 1 and 2.

Yet another doujinshi on how Suzaku is a special snowflake but done in metaphors.

Story by Cou:

Two for the price of one! Suzkau finds his younger self on a beach. After saying something cryptic about not forgetting what they wanted to play, the mini-zaku collapses and Suzaku brings him back to Lelouch.

Suzaku remembers the Past when they were kids and he made a wind-up toy that really moves with Lelouch's help.

Bouncing back to the future, mini-zaku attacks Lelouch when he wakes up because hey, it's a Britannian and he's in denial that his country is conquered and his dad committed suicide (yeah). And his chews Suzaku out for becoming a Britannian soldier.

Mini-zaku is an obnoxious brat as shown by the not-very-nice prank he plays on Lelouch. Suzaku confronts him on it and they almost get into a fight but Lleouch shows up. Mini-zaku does not hate Lelouch and he promises to protect him in a d'awww inspiring moment.

Suzaku (being the S2 douchebag Knight of Seven) gets jealous of his younger self and the way he made Lelouch smile--rawr--and has to excuse himself. Things come to a head when he is helping Lelouch unpack those hats Milly ordered for the Festival and he non-cons Lelouch.

Lelouch might have gone along with it eventually, but it was still a non-con. And being caught at it by mini-zaku . . . it's something that can only happen to Suzaku. (The expression on their faces is like Mom-and-Dad-got-caught-doing-it-in-public.) Mini-zaku says that Lelouch is his and he doesn't need Knight of Seven!Suzaku.

Douche!zaku says Nyah, that's all in the past--he doesn't need you now, pipsqueak.

Later, KoS!zaku has babysitting duty while on KoS duty and mini-zaku asks if he hates him. (Does a bear crap in the woods? Does C.C. have junk in the trunk? Suzaku's self-loathing doesn't need to manifest as a metaphor.)

KoS!zaku tries to answer like an adult--i.e. evade the question. Mini-zaku already knows what isn't being said and wants to go to where Lelouch is--i.e. where Zero is. Suzaku says you're not to associate with Zero, young man! Mini-zaku says that Suzaku's former hopes and dreams have dried up and died--so he runs off. KoS!zaku realises that his younger self is much more like Zero--i.e. a rebel with idealistic dreams--and thinks for a moment that if he could only kill the miniature version of his former self . . .

And he almost does but he remembers the Past when he and Lelouch managed to make the wind-up toy and how happy they were back then. Mini-zaku says that he wants to return to those times and Suzaku says Noooo, he's changed! They've both done so much harm, etc, etc, guilt-tripping is Suzaku's drug.

Mini-zaku basically calls him on it. You say you hate Lelouch and me, but I don't think you know what that means. Especially when you're banging Lelouch. I want to live on with you and Lelouch and go back to the time when we were happy.

It's damn touching when Suzaku finally reconciles with his younger self (and possibly his desire to live).

Skip to post Episode-21 when Knight of Zero and Emperor!Lelouch hear a terrible racket as they sit in the palace gardens. Sayoko and C.C. have being playing with mini-zaku. Mini-zaku would like to play normally, thank you, and cross-dressing is not "normal" in his book.

Lelouch passes him the wind-up toy he has made and it's exactly the same as the one from the past. Mini-zaku is pleased and asks if it was made by Lelouch and Suzaku. This collaboration, representative of the Zero Requiem pact but not so damn depressing, makes mini-zaku happy and he says he has to go home soon.

But where is home? Home . . . is very nearby now.

It's a metaphor for Suzaku and Lelouch's relationship at the moment. Made all the more poignant by the unmentioned you-know-what that happens a few episodes later.

Story by prt:

Two for the price of one again! It's good to be Emperor! Especially when you have a Knight of Zero and a Knight of Seven to wake up to. Knight of Zero will help you get out of your jammies and Knight of Seven will glare possessively and snatch you away and glomp you. D'awww . . .

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[Saturday, September 05, 2009]

We're going to Kyushu! A got tickets!

Now if only the exchange rates would go down . . .


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