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So I didn't like Alice in Wonderland that much. All that British talent . . . uh, as voice acting. Christopher Lee had two lines. Two lines with more energy in them than the rather washed-out version of Alice. (Eh, the pale-because-of-terminal-tuberculosis look was popular, back in the day . . .)

Girl Power, empowerment and finding yourself is all good, but the girl left Johnny Depp and the cat that sounds like Stephen Fry after slaying monsters with Wonderland's phallic symbol to go back to the real world so that she can reject Lord Indigestion . . . and sail off to spread imperialism and colonialism to China? (This is not a spoiler. Despite the presence of Johnny Depp. You know the girl never gets Johnny Depp. Orlando Bloom, maybe, but never Johnny Depp. Because he's that far out of reach.)

So empowerment is just doing what the boys do, only better?

Yeah--didn't like it that much. (And Johnny Depp should have figured out by now that Helena Bonham Carter can chew scenery as well as, or better than he can, big head or no big head. It's easy to outshine Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly, due to the wallpaper-ish nature of their acting. But next to actors of calibre, Johnny Depp doesn't look that spectacular.)

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