[Thursday, January 21, 2010]

Reason #532 why I love the British:
They make the damnedest documentaries. Like Japanorama, hosted by Jonathan Ross. Yaoi, air sex and onnabe. All within ten minutes in the middle of an episode on why there's no ai and koi in RL. Oh, and they've just gone onto talking about doll love in a plastic bordello. This is better than those human behaviour studies and all those essays trying to explain it all.

Not that some bits were damn creepy, but it just goes to show, there's nothing above, beyond or under the spectrum of human imagination that humans won't aspire to.

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[Thursday, November 06, 2008]


Fandom: Code Geass
Title: mini S
Circle: Rock’n’Dolless
Genre: BL. Diabetic-coma-inducing cuteness.
Porn?: Implied.
Spoilers?: Not really.

These are the little extras the circle gives away with their angst-ridden obsessive/crazy/screwed-up serious SuzaLulu doujinshi. Mini S starts off with chisai Suzaku, who is with daiki Lelouch. Who will sew the naked little chibi a new set of clothes with his epic sewing skills. Including a pair of black bikini briefs. Mini Suzaku, like the viewer, silently questions failprince’s aesthetics. Failprince is hurt that his aesthetics are not appreciated. Mini Suzaku dons the briefs for love!

This interlude is followed by a day in the life of mini Suzaku, who has a uniform and goes to school. And tries to save his failprince from stepping on button and a sitting on a pen--with the expected results both times. Lelouch probably does not weigh much as the squishing does no permanent damage to Suzaku. Failprince is a mother-hen who realises that mini Suzaku is danger from many things. Like Arthur. Score one for failprince when he saves mini Suzaku from becoming the cat’s pre-meal appetizer. Unsurprisingly, there’s a mini bento for mini Suzaku at lunch time. The cuteness is making Milly go moe. And Rivalz probably wishes he had a mini Suzaku too because it's a chick-magnet.

After being squished, mini Suzaku has had a thing about failprince’s arse. Which is a very tender rump indeed, according to his experience. So he takes the chance when Lelouch is napping and pounces. Failprince wakes up and Suzaku slips . . . and slides into no-man’s land.

Yep, that’s right, the entire point of this story is failprince’s tender arse. And Suzaku’s desire to grope it.

After fishing Suzaku out from his unmentionables, failprince is flustered when Suzaku confesses his reasons. For which he’ll un-chibify himself this time. (Rock’n’Dolless does an excellent naked!Suzaku. Just saying.) Suzaku goes for the grope and then helps himself. (Implied sex goes here.)

Mini Suzaku is terribly sorry when he wakes up. But he’s awfully cute and failprince forgives him. The next morning, Suzaku is normal-sized. Lelouch would like his chisai Suzaku back, thank you very much.

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[Saturday, November 01, 2008]


Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Mitsu Mitsu
Circle: Kimi to Geboku/tsukkyo
Genre: BL
Porn?: Implied.
Spoilers?: Yes. For R2. So you were warned.

So I got it because of the cover art, but I was surprised because it's actually Suza/Lulu + C.C.--OT3! (And I wrote a fanfic based on the Post Turn-21 one-bed scenario. Yes, with failprince in the middle.)

So after the WTF-ness of Turn 21, Suzaku and Lelouch are confrontational. C.C. ruins the moment by saying she wants pizza. She says that because of their wishes, because they chose "tomorrow", they have responsibility to see it through to the end . . . so they must have pizza. And retrieve Cheese-kun later.

I love C.C. to bits.

There is always one bed. Even if there is a couch/sofa at Suzaku's place, everyone would pile onto one bed--it's the rule of narrative inevitability. No 3P after Suzaku and C.C. traumatise Lelouch lightly before bedtime, but Suzaku and C.C. actually talk over failprince's sleeping head.

The next day, Suzaku and C.C. make failprince flail by announcing that they're going on holiday. Suzaku's even applied for leave.

Message on Suzaku's mobile: To His Highness, a bonus vacation for killing the Emperor please.
Re: Un, all right. Please take care of my younger brother for me. *smiley*

Then there is tension. Suzaku is obviously not over something.

Then they wind up at some beach. Which is possibly a flimsy excuse to show Suzaku's abs and failprince's arse in black bikini briefs (no one should be surprised). But wait, there is a reason for this weird time-out! UST, angst, Euphie, UST, Daddy-killing, angst, tension, Nunnally, angst, regret, pain, angst, lies, UST . . . confession! And it gets kind of weepy.

One blurry frame of implied sex. Which explains why failprince is passed out on the next page with C.C. petting his hair and Suzaku looks like he just got out of the shower.

Favourite part near the end:
C.C.: . . . that's why you shouldn't make him cry . . . that's my specialty.
Suzaku: So do want to participate in a 3P?
C.C.: *sound effect suggests that she fell over*

I can't have 3P?

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[Sunday, May 21, 2006]

Recent reads:
"Fathomless Cage" by Takakura Rou
Oneshot BL manga

. . . Daaaaaaaaaamn. Popular-brand soda and a traffic cone. On top of all the bondage and non-con. It's enough to make a fangirl weep. And it comes with a surprise ending. With true love thrown in. I just had to get that out of my system . . .

There's a genre like this in the Japanese porn industry--and I mean the heterosexual porn vids--called "confinement rape". Only without the surprise ending and the true love thrown in, I suppose.

Protagonist gets robbed and raped in front of his best friend and crush. Protagonist is rejected by his crush. Later, Protagonist gets assaulted in his own apartment by the same robber and is tied up and buggered in many inventive ways for days on end. Robber is actually in love with Protagonist and was trying to get him to see things the same way. Can you say "evil-psycho-stalker" three times really fast? There's probably Stockholm Syndrome somewhere in there, but I am no psych student.

It's just damn hot to BL fangirls who have come to expect a bit of non-con and bondage in their yaoi_daily. And it helps that the art is hot too.

The black censor circles rather ruined all the sex scenes though.

(Will not go into why fangirls like BL porn . . . will not go into long rant about why fangirls don't have to justify liking BL porn to anyone . . .)


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[Tuesday, May 17, 2005]

I have no time. I want to draw, create, do something. I have editing duties on some project. I have been procrastinating.

I am tired.

I am on Mercilon again (Tuesday's tab) and the world is not so full of shit anymore for 21 more days.

I will do up a Zettai Fukujuu Meirei Guide once I have time. Soon. Please let it be soon.

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[Wednesday, April 27, 2005]

Every muscle aches but I am happy because my copy of Zettai Fukujuu Meirei came!

*promptly dumps 4Gb of files out of the PC and installs the game*

Never mind that I haven't finished Teikokusensenki, Enzai, Bara no ki or Fanatica. It's Zettai Fukujuu Meirei!

In Enzai and Zettai Fukujuu Meirei, one never had to work much to get to the porn. Zettai Fukujuu Meirei is actually easier than Enzai--I managed to finish one round of the game and it's only 11pm!


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[Thursday, April 14, 2005]

I have ordered Zettai Fukujuu Meirei (see post below) through the other fangirl-types on Yahoo!Japan Auctions. I owe it all to Yahoo! Easy Payments--making it easier for fangirls. And M, who taught me enough buyer-seller e-mail Japanese to get through in the dark times before I went to Japanese classes.


Is there any real opening for a professional fangirl anywhere?

My Fangirl C.V.:
- Ficced for more than five fandoms.
- Fan-arted for more than five fandoms.
- Beta-ed fic. (Been there, read that, getting paid to read worst stuff now.)
- Community and Mailing Lists--I stopped counting them already.
- 'Shipped for a few 'ships.
- 'Shipper site and fansites and fic-sites . . .
- Pimped a great deal of stuff to a variety of people.
- E-bay-ed doujinshi across several fandoms.
- BT-ed a great deal of BL games and anime.
- Joined more than one translation project in a capacity other than that of a translator (freelance).

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[Tuesday, April 12, 2005]



Hoshhhiiiiiiiiiiiiii . . .

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[Wednesday, March 30, 2005]

Random Fandom:
The Bara no ki fandisc and attached sketchbook have re-awakened a desire to play the game.

Curses--have no time!

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[Sunday, March 27, 2005]

Random Real Life Blather:
White hairs! Ange spotted two of them today just by glancing over! Arrrgggggggghhhhhhh!


Random Fandom:
Can't get original manga, huh? Not really trying hard enough lah . . .

On Y!hosting Galleries now!

It is the yaoi fangirls' jammies and the mutilated cartoon characters' knees. Nothing is sacred. Whahahaha . . . (The nekky images and the mature m/m pics are available to members only.)

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[Tuesday, March 22, 2005]

Random Fandom:
The Zettai Fukufjuu Meirei Trial Version is, in my completely biased opinion, the most fun BL game I've played in a long time. It's easy to read (as compared to games like Bara no ki), the H-scenes pop up pretty fast and you play the biggest, baddest seme on the block. Aim of the game: Make the target your bitch. You are not the wimpy little uke who grows wider hips the moment he bends over. You either tackle your target head-on as Kia or gently mess with his mind if you're playing Louise. Either way, all the targets bow before your superior semeness! (Although sometimes you will have to tie the targets up and show them just how seme you are. This is all part of the fun.)

Laugh at the Engrish in the opening credits. Giggle at the wet and squishy sound effects. Oogle at the pretty boys--seme on the outside, uke on the inside. Get in touch with your inner-seme.

*schemes to buy the game when it is released*


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[Sunday, March 20, 2005]

Random Fandom:
Am playing the Zettai Fukujuu Meirei Trial. It is quite a demo trial . . . it has H-scenes! Very, very H scenes!

The thingy about Langmaor games is that it is actually readable by the linguistically-challenged types like myself. Hoshii desu . . . *plots to buy it in April*

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[Sunday, March 13, 2005]

Random Fandom:
Am playing Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hana Saku after someone recommended the game to me. Have not quite reached the fucked-up parts yet, but give me time . . .

Protagonist: Hyuuga Kaname
The cute klutz "school assistant" (which is another term for a student who did not enter via normal channels and works on campus). He didn't deserve to get raped under the symbolic rose tree while on his way to bury a dead bird as a favour to an underclassman or have traumatic family-related matters, but shit happens to even outwardly nice people. The game is about his search for the guy who raped him under the symbolic rose tree.

The fortunately short and managable cast of characters:

Tsukimura Mikihiko
School biology teacher. (Stop laughing, I know you are!) Has an ecchi voice. If only it was a little more audible . . . Has dubious motives, but Kanami is denser than a brick sometimes.

Tsuchida Norizane
Upper classman who wants to join the Navy after graduation. Knows about Kanami's past family-related trauma.

Mizukawa Hougetsu
Novelist of Japanese and English descent. Blond, older man. Tsukimura's schoolmate of old. And that's his pen name btw. (Genetically impossible, because everyone knows that it takes two blonds to have blond children. Who cares about genetics anymore in BL games?)

Edit: I stand corrected. An English brunet and an English brunette can produce blond sprog due to those recessive blond genes. A Japanese brunet/brunette and an English person with hair of any colour cannot, 99.99999% of the time, have blond offspring because blond genes have been carefully excluded from the genotype for a thousand years. These days, everyone just uses hair dye. XD

Kaneko Mitsunobu
Upperclassman, descendent of a daimyo clan, daddy's an assemblyman, etc. Shame that Kaneko is a degenerate son who likes frequenting the redlight district. And he's a secret fan of Mizukawa's novels.

Hiura Asuza
Young and popular (snotty and bratty) Asuza is well-connected and probably well-heeled to boot. Hate him already. He hangs around with Mayumi a lot.

Kinoshita Mayumi
Without the kanji, I've have thought that that was a girl's name . . . (Wait, it is a girl's name . . .) Orphaned and taken in by Asuza's parents, he's Asuza's best friend and companion. (I don't know what he did in his past life to deserve Asuza for a best friend.) Has an incurable illness. *cue angst*

"Hana kui hi tori"
Pseudonym of the person who sent images of Kanami under the symbolic rose tree to Tsukimura sensei. Possible Kanami's rapist. (Because, seriously, who else takes pictures of ravaged young men lying under symbolic rose trees?) The name is another metaphor or something. Much like hte title of the game.

Game play:
At certain intervals, you can stack character cards atop each other to specify how relationships should go. Which means that you can decide who will be seme and who will be uke. You can also make characters turn mean. Fufufufu . . .

Like the title, the game is probably some metaphor for something . . . And the art style is kind of shoujo, with pastels and big eyes. Many roses in the game, scattered all over the layout, the annoyingly symbolic rose tree plus the rose cursor--one gets Utena vibes after about five minutes. Not all parts are voiced, which is a shame. And it needs more porny CGs.

It's set in the early Showa Era, hence joining the army was a big thing back then. The stage is an all boys school (we never expected an all girls school for a BL game) and there is much about the changing times and the lapse of society into degeneracy or something. Can I have my porn now please?

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[Thursday, January 27, 2005]

I swiinnnng between happy-fangirl-mode and overloaded-and-bitchy-mode . . .

Random Fandom:
I took a closer look at Zettai Fukujuu Meirei. It appears to be set in a post-WWII setting, but the main characters appear to be agents who will carry out all sorts of dodgy missions up to and including seducing their way into some other character's pants at a client's request. Nice. So you get to play a seme-type gigolo.

Mind you, the missions and the clients sound quite daft. If soccer coach wants his player to keep it clean and quit bringing female groupies home, is it a good idea to hire someone who would turn him to the BL side of the Force? Or the courtesan who wants the mafia-guy "tamed" by Louise, who would wind up looking much more attractive by the end of the day that there will be another convertee to the Yaoi Side of the Force . . .

Neh, well, it's a BL game.

Back to work again . . .


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[Friday, January 21, 2005]

Saiyuki Fanfic Competition at Echoes from the West. Go join or something.

And a good place to read fanfics too, for people who come here searching for "Saiyuki fanfics". No guarantee for people searching for "Saiyuki fanfic lemons" though. (The average fic from EftW is still better than the average Saiyuki fic from the Pit of Voles, so what do you stand to lose?)

Yeah, good BL game. Go buy it. I recommend Amazon.co.jp or Yahoo!Japan Auctions--which has some good deals for the game plus the porny CG upgrade disk. Arm yourself with Japanese and someone in Japan willing to receive and forward stuff for you before going in.

And for the people searching for Enzai OVAs to leech, the raws are up at YaoiTorrents Forever. Why don't you go buy some legit anime DVDs someday after enjoying the downloaded ones? (Just a suggestion, because while I have the DVDs, I would not recommend the Enzai OVAs to anyone other than rabid fans. The anime art is . . . not very good to say the least.)

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[Wednesday, January 19, 2005]

Random Fandom:
Have the Zettai Fukujuu Meirei preview booklet and CD-ROM in my grubby little claws. And the Demo Movie is up at Langmaor's official site.

Oooh pretty . . .

Apparently it is a game where you can play as Kia or Louise (not the kinds of names you would expect for the main semes in a SemeXSeme game--especially since Louise is as pretty as a girl), carry out missions and get ranked after each one. And screw pretty boys along the way. Am very fond of Louise--who looks just fine in uniform and wields a bullwhip. ("Louise Hardwich" is . . . a very interesting name indeed for a male character who looks like a blond bombshell in army-boots.)

Back to work now . . . *sigh*

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[Saturday, January 15, 2005]

While I might fangirl about BL games, I hardly get one hour of game time every week. Busy, busy, busy . . .


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[Wednesday, January 12, 2005]

Have seen Sensitive Pornograph. Very amusing. (The animation, though not that great, is better than Enzai OVAs. Then again, a lot of things are better than Enzai OVAs . . . The pixel-mosaics! They move!) Young mangaka meets older mangaka and there is much rabu-rabu. (I don't believe Sono is 32 either . . .) They go SD and smooch and they screw like bunnies.

And the second story . . . oh dear . . . Student part-timing as a pet-sitter. His next assignment is Aki-chan, who is definitely not a rabbit. Because Aki-chan's master is fond of games. (And he is a voyeur too.)


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[Tuesday, January 11, 2005]


I am nerdier than 85% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

I qualify for nerdhood, but I doubt I will ever make it to geekdom.

Currently playing: Fanatica (BL Game) It does not pause and shut up when you go to another window like Enzai and Teikokusensenki. Nor is it played from a first-person point of view but more like a BL novel.

(I have figured out why I am so slow at BL games. I actually try to read the text.)

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[Monday, January 10, 2005]

Bought the preview of Zettai Fukujuu Meirei off Y!Jp. I don't particularly mind the price, because I heard it snowed at Comiket 67 in December. Subtract the time taken in the queue and the cost of getting to the Big Sight at Odaiba, I think it was worth it.

Work inevitably does this to me. I think in terms of opportunity costs and time saved. T__T

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[Wednesday, January 05, 2005]

Yes, it's that time of the year again. I have so little time it is not funny. Cannot play Teikokusensenki and hunt down the porny pics.

New toy--portable hard-disk! (So it's secondhand one from my dad and my sister got a new one to bring to Chicago, but it's fantastically useful for work and non-work.)

Random Fandom: Post-Comiket Sales

Getting a copy of the Zettai Fukujuu Meirei preview book and CD is going to be very hard unless I am prepared to shell out a lot of dough. Which I am not.

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[Saturday, December 25, 2004]

I'm back . . . with a cough from the dry air and cold weather. And stuff.

A sure sign of old age: Coming back with less than 10 doujinshi for my collection when I used to ship them back by the box. -_-;; Well, I'm not so maniac now . . .

But on the other hand, I have more BL games. And Langmaor is going to release a new game soon. A seme X seme game with men in uniforms of a facist regime. Kewl . . .

Must meet up with people to give them stuff soon . . .

Happy holidays all!

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[Monday, December 06, 2004]

JLPT is over. I think I did very badly. -_-;;;

I got the November issue of B's Log for the Teikokusensenki PS2 release article and the DVD promos. By chance, it had a review of the Meine Liebe dating sim in it as well. Players of the game will be treated to the same CVs as in the anime along with actual sparkling and much flipping of hair. (Head-and-Shoulders! ^^) Very amusing game promo too.

The B's Log for the Teikokusensenki PS2 release has new art and new CVs (hopefully better than the PC game ones for certain characters).

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[Saturday, November 20, 2004]

It's kind of sad when dinner at a friend's place tastes much better than the staff annual dinner. We appreciate the budget constraints, but the last potluck session was much, much better.

Cheongsam was okay--until I sat down. It rides up and that's when the slit's too high . . .


Have checked out vPOSTJAPAN. Hmmm . . . It's not too bad in terms of shipping rates . . .

Random fangirling:

Ange and I told kit about the DN flash animation (milkshake . . . oh gawd). It has to be seen to be believed.

Have got my Teikokusensenki OST, Enzai The Diary and Teikokusensenki Hi Tsurezure. Which means I can figure out what the drama cd is actually about. ^^;;

Have enough yen for the trip (I think and I hope). Now for the shopping list!


Music: canta per me Noir OST I

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[Sunday, November 14, 2004]

- Bought new backpack for travelling. (And got a free handphone pouch too.)
- Have new pants. ^^
- Expect to get cheongsam tomorrow.
- Need to get plastic fish, possible 30 of them.
- Still plotting what to do in Japan . . . (Ad-san wants to go anime-shopping and Ed-san wanting to go to Disneyland. Ad-san, your friend Ed-san owes us big time for Disneyland . . .)

Tyring not to think about work next week . . . la di dah . . .

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[Tuesday, November 09, 2004]

So my Teikokusensenki B's Log Collection comes in the mail and I'm happily flipping through it, wondering how in the world could I have missed out on all the BL porn . . . Then I read the game guide and all the hard events are in the add-on disc Senya no Yume (Dreams of a Thousand Nights--how very apt). Not a single scene with the BL rabu rabu. (Well no wonder it wasn't rated . . .)

You could probably hear the screams from several blocks away.

(All right, when I get to Tokyo, I'm entering all the game stores we run across until I can find Senya no Yume . . . I'm reverting back to the guaranteed porn of Enzai until I can get Senya no Yume . . .)

And here I was thinking that there was something wrong with me . . .

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[Monday, November 08, 2004]

Dear job,
My back and shoulders hurt like the blazes and I still wake up early every morning. I have deadlines up the wazoo and I think our sup didn't quite understand our feedback when we said "it would be good to be informed of definite deadlines well in advance" . . .

I want to play Teikokusensenki until I get a porny ending! I have to enjoy myself this year because I have loads of compulsory training scheduled for next year and it can't be done on Saturdays . . .

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BL Game Log (which is misleading because Eline doesn't think she's getting enough BL from this game): Teikokusensenki

Sharaku: Well I don't believe it. You got to the end of the game . . . You overthrew an empire.

Seika: I know.

Sharaku: But what I really don't believe is how you wound up with the true love route with Ri Ryushin.

Seika: . . .

Sharaku: You even snogged under a tree in the rain and everything!

Seika: I know . . .

Sharaku: But you didn't even get laid yet!

Seika: I know!

Sharaku: And he left you and you promised to remember each other forever and all that mushy crap! Ewww . . . In fact, the only couple after all 55 levels to get laid was Shouyo and Kendara! A minor couple gets laid and all I ever got to do was bitch-slap that skanky okama-wannabe?

Seika: With luck, the update patch would work in our favour . . .

Sharaku: It better . . .

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[Sunday, November 07, 2004]

What I did this weekend:

- Preparation for work on Wednesday.
- Plan for Japan and book hotels. (Oh Crap! I will be visiting Disneyland! Again!)
- Play Teikoukusensenki like a madwoman. (Plotting to overthrow the empire . . . wai.)
- Type out work review because tomorrow is Ze Day.
- Trying to think positive because tomorrow is Ze Day. (Yeah, it's only been four months!)
- Work that I brought home.
- Settled doujinshi mailing thingies.
- Settled Y!Jp auction payment thingies.

- Work
- Work review
- Collect new passport
- Perhaps play more Teikokusensenki if my hands have not gone numb.

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[Saturday, November 06, 2004]

BL Game Log: Teikokusensenki

Ganken: We need to recruit more wimmen! What's an army without campfollowers?

Rinrin/Kankan: We're gorgeous femmes and absolutely wasted in this game because we've hooked up with a charming but flaming queer, a guy we always beat at drinking and a boy who's just waiting for one of the other characters to pick his cherry. We're not even going to mention the other guys in this game . . .

Ganken: And we need some wimmen to do the laundry and cooking . . .

Rinrin/Kankan: Bearing in mind that the scenarios of this game are based on Ancient China, we will not kick your head in. (Fear not . . . if you're sharp enough, you'll pick up our real story and piss yourself laughing even before everyone else finds out.)

Seika: Not too long ago I was just a peasant and now I'm in charge of an army large enough to have nameless extras?

Nameless extra: Yah, but you're not the one who'll wind up as cannon fodder.

Seika: Don't worry, I'll be tormented and depressed by all the deaths in this game.

Nameless extra: Gee, you don't know how reassuring that is---ggkkk!

Seika: Oh crap, that Shi Eikei guy is too strong . . .

Everyone else: We're toast . . .

Seika: Try, try again . . . thank goodness for the save option . . .

Sharaku: Camp as I seem, I make a good military advisor even though I spent most of my life boozing and being a shady character.

Ganken: Even though Queer-As-Blazes and I don't get along that well, we make a good team.

Sharaku: We have to, because if we don't, Shi Eikei is going to make us into toast soldiers--the kind you eat with a runny half-boiled egg.

Seika: Okay, so let's go around collecting more nakama because we can't quite defeat Shi Eikei at this rate . . .

Everybody else: Yokatta.

New characters: You've got new nakama!

Seika: But it doesn't help! I'm getting seers coming up to me and prophesing my death! And then I see my own death! I am doomed!

After been hit by Shi Eikei's assassin several times, we gave up and searched for a guide.

Sharaku: Because you need to get beyond this stage to get any rabu rabu. An army can't march without it's fair share of rabu rabu.

Seika: So you say . . .

Sharaku: Look, things got better after I snogged you and took your first kiss . . . and when you went skinny-dipping with Hishin.

Seika: That didn't stop the assassins . . .

Sharaku: Yeah, but look, you're scheduled to have seven or more potential love interests but you've only seen that socially-inept Ryushin twice and never even met Hyomu yet. Ganken is like your old man and I'm hardly even getting any action here, hello? I have a reputation to drag through the muck--I can't get any more degenerate if I didn't boink you and everyone else in this game.

Seika: . . .

Sharaku: You haven't spoken to En Ouka over there in ages and he's probably boffing his pretty subordinate whenever they're "resting". You only managed to get vaguely hot, wet and bothered with Hishin in the hotsprings and that didn't count for anything. Plus, we haven't even exchanged a word with Shi Eikei.

Seika: Your point being?

Sharaku: You died a virgin.

Seika: Disgusting as you are, you actually have a point.

Sharaku: Interested in not dying a virgin?

Seika: . . .

Sharaku: We could go by the true rabu rabu route? Or the Orge Domesticated Fowl (grapefruit) route . . .

Seika: Retreating sounds better and better by the day . . . Woe is me. My family is dead and I have the blood of thousands on my hands . . .

Sharaku: Hey, you could be in the gamer's other fandoms. Like Death Note. Where everyone was looking at this. Strong as my stomach was, that was a killer . . .

Seika: I take it back! I take it all back! Gimme my sword, I'm going to get me some proper Good Ending lovin' pronto! (And a new set of eyeballs because this pair needs a retina scrub. Gawd, we could use that animation on our enemies and they'd fall over themselves to surrender . . .)

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BL Game Log: Teikokusensenki
Okay, so Teikokusensenki isn't really a BL game because you could play for hours and not come anywhere close to anything resembling rabu rabu. (Note the lack of an "18 years and above" sticker on the box. Daaannnnnng.)

Never the less, 95% of the cast are male, androgynous as they are (I can't tell any more--these games do screw with your head).

At the moment, we are plotting a rebellion to overthrow the corpulent emperor (who is really gross-looking btw). And because a rebellion consisting of two people looks ridiculous (okay, so it's not ridiculous in wuxia flicks because one character can kill off 100 men without mussing his hair), Seika and Ganken are going around collecting nakama. They didn't have enough time to collect the endearing oddballs of One Piece, but so far, I've got Shu Hishin and Ki Sharaku (I really, really don't like the names in this game). An apprentice magician who summons pandas and the degenerate son of the Ki family who is kind of flaming (cheeze, would you look at his outfit?) but good in a fight. Oddball enough lah.

If I'm not wrong, we should be on the way to meeting En Ouka soon. *rubs hands*

(Battle mode is surprisingly easy once I got it figured out--after dying an ignoble death a few times. It will probably get harder if Seika and co. have to battle other characters with names rather than miscellaneous CO plus soldiers.)

Must do some work first before gaming . . .

(M-san really does go "Waai!" when talking about CPs in Teikokusensenki. ^^;;; Genki sou desu ne . . . *goes "Waai!" in a more restrained manner*)


En Ouka: I'm En Ouka and I'm going to be king. That's Haku Reijin, my staff officer and subordinate. (Every fangirl already assumes that we're sleeping together even without the incriminating cover of the drama CD.) I've been to Japan and I'm going to kill off the current emperor and take his place. Sure I'll join your cause. You can be my future lackeys. Did I mention that I'm going to be king?

Seika: Well aren't you a modest one . . .

Sharaku: As the flaming queer member of the team, I have to make a pass at your lovely subordinate as Hishin (aka comic relief) over there wasn't given any lines in this scene.

Reijin: . . .

Kaku Touou: Can I join the rebellion? Please? Please?

Seika: Oh brother . . . mine's dead, btw.

Everybody else: We know. Now quit it with the angst already, we're playing Mighty Empires, not Bad Fanfic Cliches.

Seika: Need I remind you that most of you are bad fanfic cliches?

Douei: I'm one of the non-bishounen in this show that doesn't appear in the booklet because I'm not very pretty and I act like a brute. I have absolutely no chance with any pretty boys in this game. You can bribe me with alcohol anytime.

Futsuryou: I'm rather plain-looking, but my personality doesn't qualify me for much screen time.

Kou Pokusei: I'm the oldest guy in this game. I must say that Langmaor is an equal opportunity employer as there's no way in hell an old prune like myself would ever get a spot in any other BL game. However, like Douei over there, I have absolutely no chance with any pretty boys in this game. Bugger.

Everybody else: We all heave a sigh of relief. Hey, we have enough people for three armies now . . .

Seika: Not realy, we didn't recruit them . . .

Everybody: So recruit harder!

Ganken: Hey, is that a drunken bar brawl? Without me in it?

Sharaku: I have to comment on all the kawaii boys in this game. Just because. He looks like he's a slave from Tenjiku. We should buy him.

Seika: Oh cheeze . . .

Kendara: This game actually pays attention to religious differences. I'd cheer, if not for the irony that the person voicing me used to voice Vallewida from Enzai.

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[Friday, November 05, 2004]

Have already fangirled with genki Japanese seller over Teikokusensenki. We belong to the minority that actually likes Mou Ganken despite the fact that he's rather non-bishounen and in her words, "looks like an uncle amidst all the pretty boys". (Well, like really does call to like even online . . .) We're moving on to favourite CPs right now . . .

BL Game Log: Teikokusensenki
The beginning:
In which the protagonist, Tou Seika, plus his family are introduced. They're serfs, if I'm reading this correctly and it's hard labour all the way as they toil to build the glorious empire of the current big-nob in power. (Feel so much more sympathetic to protagonist already.)

Seika's younger brother was sick and unable to work. What happens next is rather depressing as Seika's younger brother and his dad are killed and chucked on a heap of corpses. Seika's older brother prevents him from joining them. The brothers plot to escape and Seika has a vision of his brother's death. Which comes true and Seika is forced to flee (least his brother's sacrifice be in vain).

Seika meets the bear-like Mou Ganken, the first friendly soul he meets after the murder of his brother. The speed at which Ganken offers to aid poor injured Seika should have made anyone suspicious, but we're in a BL game here, so Seika does take Ganken up on his offer to team up and kill off the Emperor. (Shades of Hero, anyone?)

As the story progresses, Seika has visions of approaching enemies and an attack on Ganken. After seeing and finally believing Seika's predicitons, Ganken declares that he's got a knack for predicting the future. Seika isn't so sure if this is a good thing. Mou Ganken has shown his incredible niceness by carrying a practically lame Seika through the woods and fighting by his side.

This games certainly does have much more plot than Enzai.

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The Teikokusensenki game arrived. ^^ (When Japanese sellers sell you stuff secondhand, it's almost as good as new. I weep with joy at the scratchless surfaces of the CDs. Swoon in rapture at the perfect condition of the drama CD. Ogle curiously at the still mint trading cards . . . Compare to the scratched secondhand CDs at Cash Converters. *sigh*)

Heh . . . hopefully I might have time to play the game. And survive the game because there's actually the whole RPG adventure like FF7 (right down to the chibi battles and the inventories).

Now to get this thingy installed . . .


*After reading the booklet*

Wai . . . slightly more complicated than Enzai. (For one thing,the player does not wander around trying to avoid getting molested.)

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[Sunday, October 31, 2004]

Saw Mamma Mia! on Saturday. Brought mum and aunt along, thereby fulfilling the promise I made back in London in 2000 that we'd see it someday. ^^ Much fun and probably the best musical this year because everyone and their mother knows the lyrics to ABBA songs.

Dee: Have been a lousy correspondent as usual, but I got you a programme to make up for it? ^^;;;;

The stray-cat-who-is-mostly-from-next-door-but-has-several-people-feeding-it has been losing fights again and coming back with it's skin clawed to ribbons. Seeing as it's probably mating season from the noises at night, the cat being led around by it's balls as usual.


Seller has sent me a postage pamphlet. Aww, how sweet. Very touching (despite the fact that it can be found online) and now I must go and be properly grateful.


Won a secondhand copy of Teikokusensenki off Y!Jp. The little chibis in the fighting sequences were so cute I wanted the game . . . and of course it's pretty because it's by the same company that did Enzai.

From the trial version:

Pro: It's not half as porny as Enzai (because the main protagonist didn't get molested by a sadistic Warden within the first 15 minutes of the game).

Con: It's not half as porny as Enzai. Dang.

Pro: There's something else to do besides figuring out which route to take to avoid the Welcome Party. (Durer and Guildias are unavoidable in Enzai, so that doesn't figure.)

Con: It involves more characters than I can keep track of (which was why I gave up on Robert Jorden and Terry Goodkind). Most of whom have names which would sound much better in Chinese. Seeing as it resembles the history of the Three Kingdoms in some way, that didn't come as much of a surprise . . .

Pro: The protagonist (Tou Seika) is not half as annoying as Guys from Enzai. (A huge plus! Now if only the artist wouldn't keep drawing him like Guys . . .)

Con: I have to figure out how to do battle with chibi armies. (Oh well, kanji practice . . .)

Pro: Midorikawa Hikaru is the seiyuu for one of the leads. Aha--they got a well-known seiyuu!

Con: It is a very big and long game--look it's two CDs and there's even a special CD for upgrading the game that'll cost another arm and a leg.

Pro: But it's pretty! And comes with a drama CD of what looks like the potential favourite pairing in the sack together. ^^ (En Ouka X Haku Reijin)

Con: I haven't finished playing Enzai yet . . . (And those Playstation games kit loaned me--no time, no time . . . I hope I have time in the next month or so. T__T)

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[Tuesday, October 26, 2004]

Raw fish is always good. ^^

And kit has no nerves.


Recently got along very well with a seller on Y!Japan and we had a friendly exchange of e-mails while waiting for the payment to get through. (And even she asked about my name. Yes, it's weird, innit?) Which is how I knew about the quake in Niigata before even reading the papers. (Thus is my written Japanese several miles beyond my spoken . . . Give me a dictionary and I can type compositions. Had a test in the last lesson. I didn't even know about it until I got there. Amazingly enough, I managed to get more than 50%.)

Still irritated with most of the fandoms I am in so I shall not bother with them. (I put up with crappy grammar every day--I don't have to put up with it in my spare time!)

Too busy with work to play any of my games. *sigh*

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[Thursday, September 30, 2004]

Fangirling in E-Flat (because my voice is gone and I sound like a toad):

Took five minutes to have a look at the later episodes of Saiyuki Gunlock. Goodness, Hazel's more flaming than Homura.

Have not played much further in Enzai. Pooh.

The only leisurely thing I've done of late is reading . . . (on the bus)

Reading List (as in books I am reading now)
The Radiant Seas by Catherine Asaro
The Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King (Damn, the man can write.)
The Sword and the Scimitar by David Ball
Song of the Beast by Carol Berg
Son of Avonar by Carol Berg
Revelation by Carol Berg

The one I won't admit to: The Elder Gods by David & Leigh Eddings (No, two people writing it doesn't make it twice as good. Actually, it's sort of the other way around . . .)

(I don't know how I'm going to read all of them by their due dates either.)

Read List (past tense)

The Moon's Shadow by Catherine Asaro
Skyfall by Catherine Asaro
Transformation by Carol Berg (Seyonne and Aleksander--so slashy . . .)
A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett (Pterry! Pterry! Argh, I forgot to go to San Bookshop to see if they had Going Postal in hardback . . . Oh well, there's always tomorrow.)
A bunch of Robert Aspirin's Myth series.

Music: How Soon Is Now? by Love Spit Love

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[Thursday, September 09, 2004]

Dear self,
This one-week break was not all it was cut out to be now, was it?

The definition of "relaxing" has somehow changed to grabbing breakfast at McDonald's (with egg, thank you) before running off to work again.

However, Alex is back! And with her came a working version of the PoT doujinshi game. It is very, very bad for concentration and serious work, it is. But it is a sight easier to read than Enzai, which I am translating character by character. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the porn scenes sound exactly like a yaoi fanfic, so one can figure out the gist of everything. (No Virginia, I know not of any part of the human body that resembles a flower bud.)

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[Wednesday, September 08, 2004]

My friend, a fanboy, has fallen for PoT and all its BL/yaoi glory. Being the good *cough* friend that I am, I introduced him to TeniMyu.

*shrugs* That sort of thing just compels you to spread the pain around . . .

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[Saturday, September 04, 2004]

Dearest BIG gang:

Some are not free on Monday, some are not free on Wednesday . . . Er, Tuesday? *looks around hesitantly* Friday?


Oh, and yes . . .

*fangirls Death Note 37 religiously*

Eh, does it look like they're getting married in some bizarre ritual to anyone else or is it just me?

Do you, L, take Raito as your eternal nemesis, handcuffed together forever (or at least until the Kira case is solved), to follow him wherever he goes (even to the bathroom), in sickness and in health, 'til death (or at least until one of you kills the other) do you part?

Do you, Raito, accept L as your stalker, handcuffed together forever (at least until you kill him), to have him around wherever you go (even the Little Boys' Room), through all squealing by the BL/yaoi fangirls across the world, in fanservice and out of it, 'til death (or at least until you figure out the Death Note again and convince L to give you his true name after an intense bout of mindfucking) do you part?

Do you, Misa, realise that as of this fanservice picture, Raito/Misa isn't even in the running for the most likely DN pairing in doujinshi/fanfic/etc?

*hates the author and the mangaka for the damn good fanservice*

Who needs doujinshi? I want my Death Note tanks . . .

(Shut up already, Misa . . . you're the one dressed as a gothic lolita here . . .)

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[Saturday, August 21, 2004]

To satisfy incandescens' academic curiosity . . . tentacle yaoi. (Heh, I can imagine the search engine hits for the next month or so. Currently, it's mostly KKM. KKM, taking the mickey out of BL, but in a nice way . . .)

Which pushes for the theory that yaoi fangirls are not that different from hentai fanboys, especially when it just looks like tentacle-hentai with a gender-change. (We're all really just pervy fans--just don't tell our mothers. And never open that particular lj at work.)

Have doujinshi now. It is pretty. Not as pretty as Death Note though. As fun as PoT was, the anime is, as heard practically everywhere, on a scale of one to ten in terms of BL/yaoi-ness, breaking the scale somewhere after 25948178305453. Which gets tiring after too many fillers.


kit was right. Inspiration always comes when one is stressed to the max. Which is also known as the irony of life . . .

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[Friday, August 20, 2004]

Work is boring--but what a lot of it there is too. Life is boring, but strangely busy. *yawn* Uh-oh, I'm boring.


They have ljs for tentacle yaoi? Hurray for the Internet!

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[Tuesday, July 06, 2004]

Japanese test in less than 5 hours. Freaking out now. Benkyou wo shinakatta. T__T

So many things to do, so little time. (I haven't even had time to read those library books I borrowed.) I go to work at 7am and come back at 8pm. My time management must suck. Or maybe this is just a busy week . . .

Death Note:
No, you two don't really look like good friends when you play tennis. You look like you're about to jump each other after the match. (Or so every other fangirl who watches animated PoT would think.)

Yes, Neffy-Poo, but my memory circuits were shot after a whole day doing SPA (not the relaxing one).

It's 9pm, do you know where your brain is? Certainly not here with this test . . .

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[Monday, July 05, 2004]

Got work done. Easier to do work outside the house for some reason . . . Could it be the PC with it's games and Internet? Why I do believe it could be so, Holmes . . .

Should not visit kit at work too often. Will grow fat on cinnamon buns.

Death Note volume 2: This is *so* much fun despite the fact that this manga is warped and the main character is turning into a psychopath.

Death Note Scans: (Yes, I cheated. I am a bad fangirl. But I will buy Death Note volume 3 all the same.) *dies laughing* Ahhh, tennis! Who needs BL when L and Raito are doing such a fantastic job of mindfucking each other? With tennis for foreplay . . .

Yay, I'm glad I started my DN dj collection early . . .

Dammit, I got the ending for Vallewida and it's the only thread I want to play now because he's apparently the most intellectual, spiritual and sensitive inmate in the block (not that this is saying much, but the others look like such weenies compared to him--no one else could retain that sort of dignity after being horribly victimised)--i.e. angst-ridden. And he's the prettiest one to boot. Unfortunately, it's not Guys I like him paired up with . . .

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[Thursday, July 01, 2004]

Have figured out how to display Japanese text on Enzai within two nights--yes! Am learning new vocabulary--granted, it is the wrong kind of vocabulary but still, knowledge is knowledge . . .

Man, this game is porny. And it looks much better than the OVA, which has not that great art and too much Guys in it.

Enzai by Langmaor
(Supposed to be set in France, but the subtitle is in German . . .)
Like Les Miz, but with pretty boys. Wrongly accused of murder, Guys is chucked into a hellhole of a prison and trying to get a fair hearing through his drunk of a lawyer. Action guaranteed--which is why it has a 18 years and above sticker on it. ^^;;;

Guys: Eh, the protagonist and all that, but *seriously* . . . the kid looks 12.

Evan: The only close-to-normal person that Guys can have a relationship with (i.e. he's an ideal seme). There has to be something wrong with him though--he's actually *genki*. Has a past with Lusca.

Vallewida: Ex-soldier, Guys' neighbour and the intellectual of the bunch. Has heaps of past angst and secrets, not to mention the unwanted attentions of both Durer and Bollanet. He copes by developing a split personality and selective amnesia. Can't blame him really.

Jose: Sociopath doing time for murder. He copes by doing Io.

Io: Uber-uke who looks as young as Guys--his sole existence is to give Guys a chance at being seme for once and to be Jose's punching-bag. He copes by . . . eh, I don't really know.

Belbet: Weirdo who's six cans shy of a sixpack. He copes by thinking that he's Emperor Napoleon.

Shiion: The only other bright and cheery ray of light in the place.

Lusca: Guys' lawyer who needs to join the French Chapter of Alcoholics' Anonymous before Guys can even consider him for seme-material. All that alcohol would seriously impede the important seme-functions . . .

Guildias: Evil man in spectacles. Most creatively sadistic villain in the game though . . .

Durer: Head prison guard and probably a walking encyclopaedia of veneral diseases from the number of people he's done. Fans actually like his character . . .

Bollanet: Governor of the prison. We see where Durer gets it from. Urgh. (Durer obviously inherited his mum's looks and his dad's sadistic streak.)

Prison Dudes A, B, C and D: Side characters to give Guys other people to talk to.

Random Prison Guard: Actually just Durer with different hair.

Grim, depressing and angsty. The funniest part of the game (so far) was the one where Jose and Guys proclaim their preference for the opposite sex. *And a thousand fangirls mutter "yeah, riiiiggghhhht"* This is a BL game, why even bother?

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[Saturday, April 03, 2004]

I didn't go for Japanese class on Wednesday. Too tired. Plus work ended at about 5.30pm and by that time I was nearly dead, Synflex or no Synflex.

Bah . . .

Flying under the radar is all well and good, but I'm so boring now that I'm send myself to sleep. The inner-bitch is only allowed to run loose here on this blog. She gets muzzled everywhere else. (The alternative is Eline scaring the cheese whiz out of everyone and that is not to be thought of, no matter how tempting it is. Need job. Need job with paycheck to buy porny dj, videos, Synflex, watch musicals and pay off insurance--which is definitely necessary in this line of work in case I die of stomach ulcers. More medical and dental benefits . . .)

Had another heartening phone call. It's nice to be wanted.

Ange: No thanks . . . We have a juicer at home and there's always Pokka Carrot Juice. ^^

Delilah: Friended you, though I hardly post on lj . . . Am afraid you'd only get the once-in-a-blue-moon fic update for fandoms you don't read and some art that you would rather not look at. ^^;;;;;;

Snarky-ness: OMG, Mary Sues still fall out of the sky these days? That's so passe . . .

Ah, S&M fic? Wait a minute, there's no S&M in this fic--oh, Metallica . . . Metallica doesn't go well with hurt-comfort-angst . . . does it?

On another track: No one does S&M FujiTezuka fics, even though it's more plausible than the sap-fics. *pouts* (Ah bugger, FujiTezuka has become canon fanservice. What happened to the baseless, groundless, senseless pairings on which yaoi is built on?)

And in the PoT manga, we have even more psychological/physical-barrier-breaking that mirrors something not seen since that match with Hyotei. Nice parallels.

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[Thursday, March 04, 2004]

One of my colleagues is an Arts student who did his thesis on comics and manga. (One of the reasons why I hate arts students . . . lucky sods.)

As it turned out, he had been introduced to anime and manga by a friend who happened to be a yaoi fangirl. And he wants to borrow Mirage of Blaze. *sheds a tear* I never thought I'd see the day . . .

It's like the brother I never had. Who reads Susan Cooper and Ursula Le Guin and Philip Pullman.

Who'd have thought . . . (If he had been a foot taller, well . . .)

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[Wednesday, June 12, 2002]

Have decided to get interested in "Loveless" as well. It's all the cat-people . . .
Kouga Yun likes cats--and her husband likes cats too . . .

Kouga Yun's official site, the official fansite and the site of her husband who is also published in Zero-Sum.

M is drooling over Ichitaka from "Hounds"--"why can't bishounens exist in real life?"

Because it's "Real Life" . . .

*stares at ads in Zero-Sum* The only time I'm ever interested in my hp's screensaver and other fiddly 'phone-related things is when there's Saiyuki and Executive Committee OVA and Ishida Akira voice messages--and I'm not likely to get it over here.

Got Mirage of Blaze episode 5--the plot is crawling around at snail's pace. If Naoe and Takaya weren't voiced by Hayami Sho and Seki Toshihiko (and Seki Tomokazu as Ranmaru), my interest would have waned by now. And the only yaoi is the opening credits and each time Naoe looks meaningfully at Takaya (very infrequently). The pics at the official site do not give me much hope either . . . unless it's meant to be UST and angst and more UST . . . Or, horror of horrors, they only animated the first few stories (like Yami no Matsuei) and the increased amount of UST is never shown. Bugger--have to be happy with Naoe giving Takaya his coat . . . (Yes, very shallow of me. It's all historical and everything, and here I am, clamouring for yaoi.) Eh, wait there is UST in episode 7 . . . Uh-oh, have to wait until episode 11 . . .

MoB opening credits: Takaya, Naoe, a dead giveaway to the nature of the series (or maybe it's a tease) and this sort of thing just warms the cockles of a yaoi fangirl's heart--and I don't mean the subtitles that the fansubbers included for an English theme song. ^_^

I fear I am losing friends to the insanity that is Meteor Garden. That's the Chinese, non-animated version of "Hana Yori Dango" with bishies that can't act, according to my friend.

Cassandra Claire's Secret Diaries--pervy LOTR humour, yay!

Eline, still listening to "Blow Winds"

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[Friday, June 07, 2002]

Prince of Tennis episode 23: Inoue-sempai's infamous veggie juice strikes again . . . Heh--it's pretty good in anime. (Wonder how it would be like to watch the tennis ball in the manga. Hmmm, it would probably not be as interesting . . .) Tezuka, Tezuka, why do you have to be such a frickin' enigma? We didn't even get to see you play properly.

And yeah, I have something less risque planned for Gojyo and Hakkai. *scribbles frantically* Why does inspiration always strike at inconvenient times? Like when I'm at work, for instance?

Actually, my blog layout ain't half bad compared to what I see in doujinshi. I could yak all day about doujinshi--illustrated porn for yaoi fangirls. There's this series by Tenkaichi Benny called "Sailor" (actually, I think it was "Pink Sailor Fuku and Machine Gun", because of Sanzo in the aforementioned fuku with the plastic machine gun on the cover of Book 1 . . . wouldn't mind getting that one, but it's hard to find) and it's pretty hentai. Asides from having the Saiyuki boys in drag, of course. (Nothing can quite beat Hakkai dressed as Chun-Li from Street Fighter in Sailor Book 4, unless you mean Sanzo standing right beside him dressed as another female character from a video game that I don't recognise.)

Asides from being the uke-slut in every possible pairing and getting gangbanged by the Saiyuki boys, the Homura-tachi and a large number of strangers, Sanzo is occasionally the suicidal (it's all those pics of him and his gun, I tell you) and self-destructive nutcase we see sometimes in the manga. At other times, he's just on drugs. Yeah, wonderful excuse that is . . . When Gojyo is screwing him silly and he's such a big slut about it, he's probably on some funny pills. When Gojyo has Sanzo locked up in a basement and is playing very kinky games with him, it's probably because Sanzo's on drugs and suffering from withdrawal.

I'm all for a nekkid, drug-free Sanzo. The piccy up there *points* was inspired by a fic on ff.net. HomuraXSanzo. D/s. Bondage. The works. Sanzo's a little bit OOC, but it's yaoi and I'm desperate for yaoi lemons.

Sanzo-sama--you'll always be the ultimate uke-slut to me. Just wait 'til I figure out how to draw some semi-accurate shibari . . .

Eline, hentai yaoi fangirl

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[Wednesday, June 05, 2002]

Look at this . . . (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.) Kinky . . . but I like. (Leave it to the Japanese to come up with stuff like that. And all the other stuff in all the other pages of Saiyuki goods.)

I want to go shopping!!!!! *Soon*.

But I still want Gojyo and Hakkai to screw. Fanfics . . . must write fanfics . . . Got at least five of them on the backburner. Angst, yes. Fluff, yes. Sanzo-torture, of course. Hehehe . . . *eg*

Good news--got a beta for my WK fic.

Eline, wants all of Yami no Matsuei

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[Tuesday, June 04, 2002]

Working and clueless. Our design has flaws and my mentor is on holiday. Work sucks, especially when the research grant expires at the end of June.

M was over for dinner. And no, we did not just talk about Ewan McGregor's . . . ahem, attributes in The Pillow Book, lovely topic that it was. Today's gripe was about *that* time of the month again. (Put two girls together and sooner or later, they'll wind up talking about it.)

Have a new beta-reader--yay! Dunno what she'll make of my fics. One of them has become yaoi. Actually very, very yaoi in addition to being weird.

C actually called today offering me a choice of two places in two different teams. Don't know if he was BS-ing me--and I don't know if I have the dough to keep up with that position. Honestly, I've been with them for two years, been shunted between two teams and the only progress I've ever made is on my own. My current team disbanded because everyone was sick of the BS or was broke. (If I want to go to Japan for a holiday, the club fees can cover my airfare.) But I miss my friends and the BS-meetings we always have and the thousand and one revisions we always make to the manga we're drawing . . . None of them are yaoi fans though. The other team that I haven't been in looks good though--I could sponge off the others, who are much, much better artists than I could ever be. But the cash is a major deciding factor, as is time because I don't know what I'll be doing from July onwards until tomorrow. (Bugger.)

Kino used to only reserve two issues of Zero-Sum a month? What the eff?

The World Cup has nicked my friends. It's the buggering hols after our third year and I'm stuck here blogging. My fave pair of Shus are not available because Shu went to Australia and Shu's watching the World Cup. (Shu got cable just to watch the matches.) I used to like football, *way* back when I was 14. Enough to know what off-sides and red cards are. Still okay with it, but not crazy. WIll probably watch the final match (along with all the other footy fans in the world).

Note to self: Make Ellie get my leather collar back from the friend of hers who borrowed it, along with our copy of Escaflowne, whoever has that that this point.

Less than 18 hours to go before I get my results.
And there's no Saiyuki lemon to read!

Eline, freaking out

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[Saturday, May 25, 2002]

Went to see Ellie's performance last night. Dragged Dad along--it's his first time seeing Ellie performing with her choir in five years. Five years--hn, he managed to skip out of it for five years. And he said it was actually good (probably because they were singing some Cole Porter and Nat King Cole stuff). Wish we had gone earlier and got second tier seats instead of third tier. The musical was rather amusing--"Horrortorrio" or something.

(Wore the top Joy sent from Australia as a prezzie. *is touched* Granted, it's the most revealing thing I ever wore out in public . . . One-shouldered-toga-top. Pink. Shimmery pink. Only for old friends would I put up with pink . . . Sometimes, I hate my bust-size--I felt like I was overflowing from my bra and the top.)

Want yaoi. Must have yaoi ficcies in the morning. *resigns self to reading Weiss Kreuz*

Hey, there's a nice one . . . Schwartz-centric too! I'm saved!

Eline, lemon-dependent before breakfast (will go down to get brekky soon)
*bounces around to "Sleepless Beauty" from the Gravitation ST*
(Must go shopping later. Need comics and anime stuff . . . and I wanna watch Fame one day . . . Have to haul out the muscial watching friends . . .)

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[Friday, May 24, 2002]

M didn't make it back, so dinner alone again. Have loads of free time. But need to do laundry later and update website. WP (she who likes HakkaiXGoku, HomuraXGoku) came over to get her dj and read the rest that I got. (Rather like those manga shops where you can read books there . . .)

WP told me that she showed a pic of Homura to the hairdresser when she went to get her hair done. It didn't work out that well . . .

Oooh, more Shaman King subs . . .

Eline, watching Fruits Basket--am appreciating how yaoi Ayame, Shigure and Hatori are and how bloody kawaii Yuki and Momiji are when they're a mouse and a rabbit. (Akito is just evil. Which makes him very yaoi indeed. *shiver*)

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