[Sunday, May 10, 2009]

Twelve episodes in and I can safely say that the plot is the star of the show. The characters are still meh, but DeWitt, Ballard (more likable now that he's loosened up a bit) and Langton are still my favourite.


I have to get off my ass and do more productive shit. Honestly. On top of studying for the GRE and GRE Biology. I have concluded that the GRE Biology is easier than the GRE--facts are facts and you don't have to make all these connective bridges all over the place. (Those bridges only make sense if you are a native English-speaker and a hardcore academic.)


Dear travel agent,
I am writing very politely to tell you that you have sent me the same pdf file as the previous time--the one with no dates and flight times indicated. I would like a new e-ticket / new pdf file.

Thank you,
Irrate, but not asking for refund of the extra $120.00 for changing my return date (yet) despite the fact that the departure time changed afterwards (not your fault) and started sending me e-tickets without flight times or dates (your fault actually).

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[Monday, March 16, 2009]

In defense of Dollhouse:

There is no real characterisation.

Fair enough, seeing that the protagonist is someone who gets "wiped" every episode. But there's always Boyd, who probably meant to be likable as opposed to Laurence Dominic (for which I actually had to look up because I had no idea what his name was).

Who are these people and why should I care?

Sierra and Victor and Ballard . . . don't inspire much sympathy, but then again they haven't shown up very often. But I think that the semi-platonic/mentor-mentee relationship between Boyd and Echo is strong. Topher and Dr Saunders are . . . somewhat more interesting. (Topher is no Birkoff--where are the likable nerds?) Bad guy of the series is either the jumped-up security guard who will probably get his comeuppance in a messy way or whoever is in charge of the Dollhouse.

Is it worth watching?

Uh, if only to find out who Alpha is. Hopefully, the future episodes may do something for Sierra, Victor and Agent Ballard, who are currently very photogenic but not very interesting (like the "Dolls"). The show seems plot-driven rather than character-driven--typical Joss Whedon story-telling.


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[Sunday, March 01, 2009]

I was almost a victim of credit card fraud. Fortunately, the credit card company caught it in time and cancelled the card before someone could treat themselves from Sears and Roebuck.

Pro: No spending on card for a week.
Con: Well . . . None, really. Too busy to shop for stuff outside of groceries.

In less exciting news:

Casshern SINS 20 and 21:
I think I see where this is going. It's not going to be a happy ending, is it? Like Wolf's Rain.
Lyuze and Casshern are growing on me.

xxxHOLiC Shunmuki:
I never had the inclination to pick up the manga (which I heard was painfully angsty). Very content with just watching the anime.

Hmmm, I like this series.

Don't knock it. It's only the third episode.

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[Sunday, February 15, 2009]

12th Feb: Happy Birthday Darwin! Many articles here and there and all over the place, but few mentioning Wallace's contribution.

Weekend: Work, fic, work, selling off doujinshi (Rock'n'Dolless, Classic Milk Peace & Alien, etc for sale--link on your left), work, kareoke, work . . . Where was the time to exercise?

Casshern SINS 19:
The last time I watched something this depressing . . . Hmm . . . It actually reminds me of Wolf's Rain. Except that it didn't have characters that just show up for one episode to kick the emo-suicidal-tendencies out of the female lead, then crumble into coloured flower petals. (Or did it? It's been a while since I watched Wolf's Rain.)

(Lyuze, you may need to be more proactive, shrug off the emo and jump his bones. Because Casshern may not get it even if you beat him over the head with a big stick.)

It's-not-Firefly-but . . . :
Just watched Dollhouse. It seems to be off to a good start. Definitely on the dark side, but that's good.

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