[Tuesday, February 02, 2010]

FMA: Brotherhood
Love. It. With. The. Burning. Passion. Of. A. Thousand. Suns.

The irony is that my favourite shounen anime/manga is written by a female mangaka.

This is how you do a shounen series. With a proper arc-spanning plot. With development. With characters people care about. With girls /ladies that rock harder or as hard as the boys. With gahhh and awww moments. With a better anime adaptation. With an ending in sight.

The irony is that I cannot imagine writing fanfic for it. I am not even inclined to think about yaoi pairings. I love every hinted at/canon het couple in it. And kitties top Al forever.

(I couldn't finish watching the first FMA anime. Proves that manga canon still tops filler.)

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