[Saturday, April 04, 2009]

Argh, work . . .

Am also slightly cheesed off by the state in which one of my doujinshi arrived in. It wasn't entirely the seller's fault--she put in the cardboard backing and everything . . . on one side only so that when the envelop got bent the B5 doujinshi got dented because of the small volume that would not bend. T___T

Watching Natsume Yuujinchou now--very interesting indeed. Nyanko-sensei!

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: So far as never failed to deliver the darkness inside all humans.

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 10: They just rammed a golden butt plug (they can call it a "Golden Gentlemen Plug", sure) into Leopard. I have not been so amused in months. Oh and the plot thickens substantially.

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[Tuesday, March 24, 2009]

I plan trips in my spare time. But since I can plan Tokyo trips with my eyes closed now, let's add the complication of arriving later than my travelling companions due to the tricky bit about needing to stop over in Hong Kong on the way back to invade kit's place.

I finally have travelling companions who are not my aunt or my mother again. (I took you to Italy, Mum . . . And three times to Japan, Aunt!) At a certain points (two years ago and four years ago), I was willing to go travelling with complete strangers. You make more friends that way. Or travel buddies. Which is why ML (friend of a friend who knows one of my best friends--small world) is coming along again. Ad-san was not invited because he went to Japan and Turkey last December (and still has not collected his Uniqlo sweater from me). Not sure Ed-san would be comfortable with a bunch of females though.

Casshern SINS Finale:

I knew it would depressing, but I wasn't prepared enough for that sort of thing. That is truly my idea of a downer ending.

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 21 and 22:

Some people might find it a little too dark, but fact is stranger than fiction. And reoccurring characters from past seasons show up to be cryptic.

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 09:

Now officially in Gintama territory, with whole AU episodes, kicking down the Fourth Wall, making perverted jokes based on homonyms, parodying various shounen series, using fandom catchphrases and highlighting the fact that certain seiyuu from another series are in this show.

This is officially my favourite anime at the moment next to Jigoku Shoujo.

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[Friday, March 13, 2009]

Had a day off, which was great because there always is a certain period at work when you want to climb the walls and go crazy.

PC is dying. Again. Argh.


Casshern SINS 22:
After builfing up the Casshern/Lyuuze for so many episodes, they stuck in the Dios/Casshern UST to pander to the fangirls. Eh . . .


Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo 8:

Leopard = Lelouch = Grell = Watanuki = Ayase (Okane Ga Nai)

Every time I remember that, I crack up. Someone give the VA another award.

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[Friday, February 13, 2009]

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo: There's a plot/several plots in here somewhere and some massive world-building, but it's a bit slow in the exposition. I don't really care because it's entertaining. The quest for parts for the phallic-shaped brain colony (voiced by Fukuyama Jun) included a pair of Golden Orbers and now an Orb Warmer. (Wandering into Gintama territory here . . .)

Casshern SINS 18:
Lyuze? You spent a entire episode talking to yourself. The only time you were really talking to someone else, you disturbed the heck out of me. (But now that we know that this sort of thing is apparently possible, bring on the doujinshi!)

Kuroshitsuji: Need more of this. Butlers in this world are godmodders. I don't even mind Grell (Fukuyama Jun being gayer than gay) being in most of the episodes to bring in the fangirls.

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