[Sunday, May 10, 2009]

Twelve episodes in and I can safely say that the plot is the star of the show. The characters are still meh, but DeWitt, Ballard (more likable now that he's loosened up a bit) and Langton are still my favourite.


I have to get off my ass and do more productive shit. Honestly. On top of studying for the GRE and GRE Biology. I have concluded that the GRE Biology is easier than the GRE--facts are facts and you don't have to make all these connective bridges all over the place. (Those bridges only make sense if you are a native English-speaker and a hardcore academic.)


Dear travel agent,
I am writing very politely to tell you that you have sent me the same pdf file as the previous time--the one with no dates and flight times indicated. I would like a new e-ticket / new pdf file.

Thank you,
Irrate, but not asking for refund of the extra $120.00 for changing my return date (yet) despite the fact that the departure time changed afterwards (not your fault) and started sending me e-tickets without flight times or dates (your fault actually).

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