[Sunday, May 03, 2009]

Cats the Musical--yay. My sister's early present to me was a stall seat for Cats the Musical. Three rows from the stage--excellent.

There's something about the lack of a plot. (There's supposed to be one, but it is thinner than tissue paper.) And the sight of a lot of dancers in furry leotards canoodling on stage in a giant feline orgy that is still incredibly entertaining. Heh.

Cons and pros: A Rum Tum Tugger I didn't like--which is a bit of a shock--but a lot of interaction during intermission time with cats crawling all over the place. So cute. (RTT is supposed to be sexy, but annoying in a likable way. We got one that was annoying in a rather annoying way.)

First fandom will always be first fandom.

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