[Thursday, January 21, 2010]

Only in Japan . . . would Tama the stationmaster cat get promoted for boosting tourism. Yes, only in Japan would a cat in a hat be a tourism-booster. To the tune of 1.1 billion yen. Making Tama the most cost-efficient tourist attraction in the region for the price of some cat-food and a cat-sized stationmaster's hat.

Tama also has her own souveniers, Tama-themed train, summer uniform, X'mas uniform, office and a photo book. I can see the appeal--I like the Cathedral Cats series. And now I have a strange urge to go to Wakayama the next time I am in Japan. And ride the Tama-train.

Hmm, wonder if Kotora of Kichigahara station and Bus of Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen station are going to be slated for a promotion? Will Maron the terrier, stationmaster of Okunakayama-Kougen station, beat them to it?

(I bet Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat wants a raise now. )

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[Friday, September 25, 2009]

The saga of Eline-getting-a-cat continues:
Tuesday, probably.

Have to fence the gate, redo the garden, line the cat-carrier, prep the litter-box, get the food dish ready . . .


In other riveting news, I am suffering from a headache, probably from the (non-alcohol-related) excesses of yesterday. The desserts on that buffet were a bad, bad indulgence.

S and I went out to get supplies for clay-craft after that and I said I'd give her a few of the brown glue sticks I got because she couldn't find them anywhere else. Have not used them yet, but it looks promising. And yes, those molds that cost $30.00 for a matchbox-sized piece of plastic are much too expensive.

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[Monday, September 21, 2009]

The saga of Eline-getting-a-cat continues.

Next door neighbour says the kitten went on a walkabout and did not come back. It's probably a territorial thing.

Time for option 2.

Colleague says she'll bring me to the shelter on Thursday. *fingers crossed*

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[Sunday, October 31, 2004]

Saw Mamma Mia! on Saturday. Brought mum and aunt along, thereby fulfilling the promise I made back in London in 2000 that we'd see it someday. ^^ Much fun and probably the best musical this year because everyone and their mother knows the lyrics to ABBA songs.

Dee: Have been a lousy correspondent as usual, but I got you a programme to make up for it? ^^;;;;

The stray-cat-who-is-mostly-from-next-door-but-has-several-people-feeding-it has been losing fights again and coming back with it's skin clawed to ribbons. Seeing as it's probably mating season from the noises at night, the cat being led around by it's balls as usual.


Seller has sent me a postage pamphlet. Aww, how sweet. Very touching (despite the fact that it can be found online) and now I must go and be properly grateful.


Won a secondhand copy of Teikokusensenki off Y!Jp. The little chibis in the fighting sequences were so cute I wanted the game . . . and of course it's pretty because it's by the same company that did Enzai.

From the trial version:

Pro: It's not half as porny as Enzai (because the main protagonist didn't get molested by a sadistic Warden within the first 15 minutes of the game).

Con: It's not half as porny as Enzai. Dang.

Pro: There's something else to do besides figuring out which route to take to avoid the Welcome Party. (Durer and Guildias are unavoidable in Enzai, so that doesn't figure.)

Con: It involves more characters than I can keep track of (which was why I gave up on Robert Jorden and Terry Goodkind). Most of whom have names which would sound much better in Chinese. Seeing as it resembles the history of the Three Kingdoms in some way, that didn't come as much of a surprise . . .

Pro: The protagonist (Tou Seika) is not half as annoying as Guys from Enzai. (A huge plus! Now if only the artist wouldn't keep drawing him like Guys . . .)

Con: I have to figure out how to do battle with chibi armies. (Oh well, kanji practice . . .)

Pro: Midorikawa Hikaru is the seiyuu for one of the leads. Aha--they got a well-known seiyuu!

Con: It is a very big and long game--look it's two CDs and there's even a special CD for upgrading the game that'll cost another arm and a leg.

Pro: But it's pretty! And comes with a drama CD of what looks like the potential favourite pairing in the sack together. ^^ (En Ouka X Haku Reijin)

Con: I haven't finished playing Enzai yet . . . (And those Playstation games kit loaned me--no time, no time . . . I hope I have time in the next month or so. T__T)

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[Friday, August 27, 2004]

"Neko-san, was there a bunch of people out here after 11pm last night?"


"Yeah, well that bunch of lunatics are kind of like the people I hang out with . . . Only I was auction-watching for someone last night and my phone was re-charging. And I had the headphones on."


"You're right, Neko-san, having opposable thumbs does not necessarily make us the master race. Not even the invention of doorbells and letterbox slots."


"Ok, ok, I'll get you your breakfast . . ."


Yes I *know* you mean well, but could you loonies try surprises with a little more common sense next time? Now I feel like a big jerk because I wasn't even aware you guys were outside.

Doorbells are there for a reason. And you scared the cat.

(Naturally, I'm also not at my most charming when I'm cramping up like crazy.)

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[Sunday, May 23, 2004]

Older, probably not wiser.

Had a surplus of raw fish courtesy of friends and family in the past few days. Not complaining though. ^^

And to make my day, the Cat was waiting around the door tonight, which was surprising because he doesn't usually hang around outside until so late. *rabu*

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[Sunday, May 16, 2004]


Uchi no soto no neko desu. ^^ (Sheds like a champion. Petrified of string.)


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[Friday, May 07, 2004]

Frrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . .

Well, almost. Nearly there anyway.

Passed Japanese test. Did better than expected.

No, the cat just sits outside and waits for me to get home to feed it.

(The family makes up a lot of stuff about cats being unhygienic and everything, but the truth is, my dad and my aunt are *petrified* of cats.)

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[Friday, April 30, 2004]

My pants are covered with ginger cat hair.



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