[Monday, September 14, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Akiramerarenai Zenmai no Omocha
Circle: Cou / Aori with guests prt/Mayu and 24ji/Mochiko
Genre: BL. SuzaLulu. Multiple Suzakus
Porn?: Yes. Sometimes non-con.
Spoilers?: Some for the end of Season 1 and 2.

Yet another doujinshi on how Suzaku is a special snowflake but done in metaphors.

Story by Cou:

Two for the price of one! Suzkau finds his younger self on a beach. After saying something cryptic about not forgetting what they wanted to play, the mini-zaku collapses and Suzaku brings him back to Lelouch.

Suzaku remembers the Past when they were kids and he made a wind-up toy that really moves with Lelouch's help.

Bouncing back to the future, mini-zaku attacks Lelouch when he wakes up because hey, it's a Britannian and he's in denial that his country is conquered and his dad committed suicide (yeah). And his chews Suzaku out for becoming a Britannian soldier.

Mini-zaku is an obnoxious brat as shown by the not-very-nice prank he plays on Lelouch. Suzaku confronts him on it and they almost get into a fight but Lleouch shows up. Mini-zaku does not hate Lelouch and he promises to protect him in a d'awww inspiring moment.

Suzaku (being the S2 douchebag Knight of Seven) gets jealous of his younger self and the way he made Lelouch smile--rawr--and has to excuse himself. Things come to a head when he is helping Lelouch unpack those hats Milly ordered for the Festival and he non-cons Lelouch.

Lelouch might have gone along with it eventually, but it was still a non-con. And being caught at it by mini-zaku . . . it's something that can only happen to Suzaku. (The expression on their faces is like Mom-and-Dad-got-caught-doing-it-in-public.) Mini-zaku says that Lelouch is his and he doesn't need Knight of Seven!Suzaku.

Douche!zaku says Nyah, that's all in the past--he doesn't need you now, pipsqueak.

Later, KoS!zaku has babysitting duty while on KoS duty and mini-zaku asks if he hates him. (Does a bear crap in the woods? Does C.C. have junk in the trunk? Suzaku's self-loathing doesn't need to manifest as a metaphor.)

KoS!zaku tries to answer like an adult--i.e. evade the question. Mini-zaku already knows what isn't being said and wants to go to where Lelouch is--i.e. where Zero is. Suzaku says you're not to associate with Zero, young man! Mini-zaku says that Suzaku's former hopes and dreams have dried up and died--so he runs off. KoS!zaku realises that his younger self is much more like Zero--i.e. a rebel with idealistic dreams--and thinks for a moment that if he could only kill the miniature version of his former self . . .

And he almost does but he remembers the Past when he and Lelouch managed to make the wind-up toy and how happy they were back then. Mini-zaku says that he wants to return to those times and Suzaku says Noooo, he's changed! They've both done so much harm, etc, etc, guilt-tripping is Suzaku's drug.

Mini-zaku basically calls him on it. You say you hate Lelouch and me, but I don't think you know what that means. Especially when you're banging Lelouch. I want to live on with you and Lelouch and go back to the time when we were happy.

It's damn touching when Suzaku finally reconciles with his younger self (and possibly his desire to live).

Skip to post Episode-21 when Knight of Zero and Emperor!Lelouch hear a terrible racket as they sit in the palace gardens. Sayoko and C.C. have being playing with mini-zaku. Mini-zaku would like to play normally, thank you, and cross-dressing is not "normal" in his book.

Lelouch passes him the wind-up toy he has made and it's exactly the same as the one from the past. Mini-zaku is pleased and asks if it was made by Lelouch and Suzaku. This collaboration, representative of the Zero Requiem pact but not so damn depressing, makes mini-zaku happy and he says he has to go home soon.

But where is home? Home . . . is very nearby now.

It's a metaphor for Suzaku and Lelouch's relationship at the moment. Made all the more poignant by the unmentioned you-know-what that happens a few episodes later.

Story by prt:

Two for the price of one again! It's good to be Emperor! Especially when you have a Knight of Zero and a Knight of Seven to wake up to. Knight of Zero will help you get out of your jammies and Knight of Seven will glare possessively and snatch you away and glomp you. D'awww . . .

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[Wednesday, May 27, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: mini L
Circle: Rock'n'Dolless / Himemiko
Genre: BL, SuzaLulu. Somewhat AU and terribly cute.
Porn?: Nope.
Spoilers?: None that I can see.

The third of the mini series with Lelouch being the tiny one in the beginning. Suzaku watches Lelouch sleep in something shaped like a cat-bed and thinks its adorable. His slightly pervy stalking wakes Lelouch up.

Since it's winter time, Suzaku has made winter clothes for Lelouch. Meaning a fuzzy coat with tail, cat-ears on a hairband and fuzzy shoes. As Lelouch accurately notes, it's entirely Suzaku's taste. Suzaku's attempts to convince a palm-sized chibi that a hairband with cat-ears is a muff fails entirely and he changes tactics by pulling out the Nunnally card. "Sorry, Nunnally--I can't keep your brother's ears warm--"

It worked like a charm as Lelouch flails at the very thought of Nunnally getting worried. He wears the fuzzy cat outfit despite the fact that it is not very warm. Suzaku goes moe at the sight and there's a dawwww moment as he says that he wants to spend the winter with his mini prince.

At work (or whatever place it is when Lloyd is the dad and Cecile is the mom), Lloyd gets a craving for pudding and Lelouch wants some too--only he's tsun-tsun about it. Cecile gives Suzaku a coat and Lelouch a fuzzy muffler because it's cold. Suzaku's so moe about how cute Lelouch is in the muffler, his head looks like it's about to pop. Suzaku gets the pudding and they come across one of those UFO-catcher machines dispensing tiny balls of fluff (like the ones Himemiko designs that go for 10000yen at auctions). Seeing that Lelouch thinks the poms are cute, Suzaku resolves to get him some. Sadly, the pilot of the Lancelot can only get one--major fail. Lelouch is fine with that.

Back at home, Cecile says they can't have dessert until they've eaten . . . her onigiri.

The next story has Suzaku feeling and unsual chill. In fact, he's got a super bad feeling. Lelouch even offers him his muffler. Suzaku's bad feeling is justified a moment later when Kaguya kicks him in the head.

Kaguya has come to spread some winter cheer, Mainly by pelting her cousin with snowballs and kicking his pompous ass after he tells her that he's with someone important and she can go away.

This forces Lelouch to step up to defend his man. As full-sized Lelouch. Without clothes. It's strangely effective.

Later, when failprince is back in chibi form and all tsundere about his recent exposure, Suzaku is apologetic. They get another dawwwww moment in the end when they're both fine and Suzaku asks Lelouch to sleep with him. Lelouch seems to have reservations.

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[Tuesday, May 26, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Miniature Garden Utopia
Circle: Rock'n'Dolless / Himemiko
Genre: BL, SuzaLulu. Somewhat AU.
Porn?: Nope.
Spoilers?: Only at the very end. And by reading this, you'll get a spoiler for the doujinshi itself.

Not all doujinshi circles spell out the premise of the AU at the beginning. Rock'n'Dolless seldom explains anything and just lets the doujinshi do the talking. And Himemiko's just that good with the visual storytelling.

It's an alternative timeline where Genbu is still alive and still messing with his offspring's life like all parents do. Suzaku has to get married. A politically-motivated marriage, as Genbu tells it, to cement relations with Britannia.

Cliff Notes:

Suzaku: But Nunnally's a loli in junior high! (Not to mention the fact that Lelouch will kill me if I try anything.)

Genbu: Son, things are done somewhat differently in Britannia. Marriage is not solely a thing between men and women.

Suzaku: (Oh wow, doujinshi written by fangirls are more progressive than the real world!) Hang on a minute--with Lelouch?!?! *sound of the clue-stick impacting*

Lelouch has been doing just that with his siblings Nunnally and Rolo. Who are fighting over his attention and adding the required incest-y Britannian sibling love by saying that they'll be together forever (and I felt like making that a Rick-roll).

At school, Suzaku, Lelouch and Rivalz (in spiffy school uniforms that look better than the original Ashford ones) are still friends and just as noisy as always when Lelouch makes a remark about how it's all right if he's still around. Suzaku looks up and catches something in Lelouch's face--they have a non-verbal moment.

Afterwards, Suzaku finds out that Lelouch is going to a concert with Shirley. As Nunners and Rolo argue about wanting to go too, Suzaku asks Lelouch if it's just the two of them.

It's a matter that has him so distracted that Toudou-sensei lands him flat on his back during training. Toudou notices that Suzaku is thinking about something and wonders if it's about the marriage thingy. As it's for the good of his country, Toudou knows that his feelings may wind up being entirely secondary and wonders if that's weighing on his heart.

After the concert, Suzaku finds Shirley and Lelouch and drags his fiance-to-be away for a talk. Shirley seems to understand.

Lelouch is very tsun-tsun about it and they have a tiff (there's a good start to a relationship right there). It's apparent that they're both coming at it from different directions and Suzaku has issues about Shirley.

Then Cornelia and Gilford pop up. Cornelia says that they haven't told Lelouch yet.

And Suzaku goes wait, Lelouch doesn't know? (Fair question, but Lelouch would have flailed a lot more if he had known. And blushed. And be unable to look Suzaku in the eye.)

Cornelia sitting seiza in the Kururugi home next to Kururugi Genbu is somewhat amusing (considering what she was like in the series). She's still imperious as ever though.

Lelouch demands an explanation and goes "Suzaku . . . and me?"

Yeah, and Cornelia says that Lelouch will still have to go back to Britannia for a few years after that. Lelouch has this deer-in-the-headlights look and there's no more development there as we cut to Cornelia and Gilford after the meeting. Cornelia is a lot more comfortable in a KMF than sitting seiza on tatami--her legs have gone numb.

An unknown amount of time later, they're in Ashford and Milly is being . . . Milly. It's the giant pizza scheme again. It might have a chance of working this time as Suzaku is going to be piloting the prototype Ganymede to make the pizza. Plus their dear vice-chariman has the switch key to the oven. ("I don't care when or how you want to cook the pizza!" Lelouch yells in the background while Milly pretends not to hear.)

"Congrats on the marriage," Milly says and there's time for one more round of mayhem in Ashford as she declares another contest. All the members of clubs and societies have to get to him before the pizza can be baked. Milly's a genius.

"Run, bro!" Rolos yells and Lelouch legs it. Along the way, he meets Kaguya, who wants to talk about love. She goes poof and there's a butterfly. While Lelouch is bemused, he is found again, but Kallen intervenes by distracting everyone with bees. Yes, bees.

She's not helping him out of good will, Kallen says--she just wants to eat that pizza. (C.C. is somewhere out there grumbling about her stolen line.)

Later, when Lelouch is musing about feelings, he runs across Arthur (Arthur!). Suzaku is making pizza with the Ganymede--"make pizza not war"? It gets a little fuzzy at this point as Lelouch falls out of a window and Suzaku saves him using the Ganymede (I just love that name and all the implications it has).

Lelouch: Suzaku . . .

Suzaku: Lelouch . . . where's the key?

The giant pizza finally gets made and baked.

Pizza. Pizza-eating is suddenly sexy. Suzaku and Lelouch are watching the fireworks (away from siblings). Lelouch muses about how she seemed to be delighted about it ("it" being their engagement). Suzaku wonders who "she" is. Lelouch does too. (I think it's Shirley.)

It's about time Suzaku goes in for the kiss. He finally gets to explain his feelings to Lelouch. Lelouch just wants to be with everyone--his siblings, Suzaku, everyone.

This is the world you envisioned.

At the end, it's just C.C. in her museum of memories. It was all a dream of Lelouch's ideal world after all. With all the implications therein. *Bawwwww.* Rock'n'Dolless dj do have that effect.

Zutto isshou ni (Together forever).

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[Saturday, May 16, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Utauuta
Circle: Platinum Dog
Genre: BL, SuzaLulu, AU.
Porn?: Not really.
Spoilers?: Not really.

Some doujinshi start out by explaining the pairings. There are three stories in this book and all have explanations by the circle. The first story is where the Lamperouge twins Zero and Lelouch are visited by their sister Euphemia and her knight Kururugi Suzaki. Euphie doesn't have romantic feelings for Lelouch. Probably.

They are greeted by something that looks less brotherly and more incest-y. Suzaku has to shield Euphie's virgin eyes from the sight.

Zero asks why Euphie's here. It's Lelouch's birthday and Euphie's brought him a present. There is glomping. Zero is not amused as he bluntly asks Euphie to let go of Lelouch.

Euphie says she's his sister (gosh darnit). And she's come all this way to give him his present too (as it's his birthday). So is he going to accept it or not?

Zero does turn his back on her (and Lelouch has to stop Suzaku from going for him), but he extends his hand to Euphie in the end and thanks her. He also asks if she'd come with him to make tea and the thought of all that bonding activity excites Euphie (poor thing--she doesn't deserve all that jumping through hoops to get people to like her) to no end.

Suzaku says that Zero has some feelings after all as he and Lelouch are left in the sitting room. Lelouch welcomes him back and says that his job has kept him away pretty long. Suzaku apologises but he manages to get back for his birthday. So Lelouch asks if he'll help with lunch since he's back for a while. Suzaku agrees and says that they'll enjoy the night. And snogs him.

Lelouch blushes and goes into tsundere mode.

Lleouch wonders whose birthday is it anyway. So Suzaku wishes Lelouch a happy birthday, to which the birthday boy asks about his present. Suzaku says that will be for later that night.

Oh stop it with the teasing talk unless there's going to be real stuff going on later.

Things can only get better as Lloyd and Schneizel pop up later.

The second story is part of the AU where Lelouch and Zero are a pair of twins and Suzaku and Genbu are another pair of twins . . . and Suzaku likes Lelouch and Genbu likes Zero while Zero is a flaming bro-con. Okay so far?

Zero and Lelouch get a visit from Gino (and Genbu and Suzaku behind him) with a snowball wishing them happy birthday. Zero is not amused and Lelouch is getting smothered by his overprotective brother. Zero demands to know why they've turned up a day before their birthday at the remote mountain lodge they're staying in.

The brothers Kururugi are non-plussed by Gino's behaviour and Zero's response as they go indoors. Suzaku wishes Lelouch a happy birthday and Lelouch is surprised. They are both blushy and nervous about whatever the hell their relationship is at the moment.

On the other side of all this, Genbu has followed Zero to the washroom. Zero thanks him for coming all the way for their birthday, but he's not very appreciative of it and storms out for one of those sulky walks. Genbu goes after Zero, telling him at he's forgot his muffler and puts it on him. Zero does not look grateful at all and Genbu is all "oh shit" about it. This relationship is not going anywhere fast.

Gino is so amused at all this that he's doubled over with laughter.

The third story is another offside story from another AU (Platinum Dog draws a lot of them) where Suzaku is in the employ of Lelouch's brother Schneizel.

It's wintertime and Lelouch is walking in the snow when Suzaku comes up from behind. Suzaku asks if he's tired from the party (which was long). Lelouch says he's also had some wine and he was remembering the events of a year ago (something to do with Suzaku's introduction to his family) and they talk about the snow that is falling.

Suzaku takes the chance to wish Lelouch a happy birthday. Lelouch says that he's glad that he's met Suzaku. Suzaku kisses Lelouch and his hands go a-wandering. Lower and lower all the way to no-man's land. Suzaku's apparently good at this because Lelouch says he can't stand anymore.

In that case, Suzaku then scoops Lelouch up to carry him home despite his flailing.

There's a cute rakugaki page at the end with illustrations and sketches.

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[Friday, May 01, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Luupani
Circle: Platinum Dog
Genre: BL, SuzaLulu, AU.
Porn?: Suzaku almost made it.
Spoilers?: Not really.

So this is the AU where Lelouch and Zero (the possessive, more aggressive twin) are the Lamperouge twins and Suzaku and Genbu (the slightly more grungy twin with piercings) are the Kururugi twins . . . and you can already see where this is going. Fangirl logic dictates that twice the dysfunction = twice the fun.

So from the nifty relationship diagram/chart in the front, Suzaku likes Lelouch and Genbu likes Zero and Zero might have a slightly incestuous thing for Lelouch. No, he's really a brother-con for Lelouch. Mmm, tasty dysfunction.

Lelouch--still the weaker sibling--wakes up in the sick bay to find Zero and Suzaku looking on worriedly. Zero and Suzaku make like limpets and cling. Lelouch look towards Genbu and Gino for help, but not getting any. As it turned out, Lelouch collapsed in the middle of P.E. class and there is some flailing.

Genbu has a suggestion--they're going on holiday. There's a moment of sibling-cest as Lelouch and Zero confer while holding hands. It's certainly making Suzaku irrate.

At the beach, Lelouch comes across Zero in the shallows and if the incesty vibes were not bad enough, Zero saves Lelouch either slipping or stepping on something. This is another opportunity to molest Lelouch as Zero notices that he's cold and offers him his shirt. Oh, and kisses him. Genbu and Suzaku are much less amused by all this sibling affection.

Gino is much amused by this (it's his job in this series to be amused, apparently) as Genbu and Suzaku are discussing Lelouch and Zero.

Later on, in the gift shop, Lelouch is surprised by Zero, who is feeding him samples (commonly found at gift shops of the Japanese variety). Lelouch is irritated by Zero treating him like a child. Zero says that seeing that in Lelouch's mouth makes him want to eat it. Genbu and Suzaku are speechless. Gino is much amused.

They're in the aquarium later when Lelouch is stalked by Zero. Gino and Suzaku come across them at the rest area where Lelouch is asleep in Zero's lap. Gino is amused. Suzaku is not when Zero remarks that Lelouch feels are peace when they are together.

At the onsen later that night, Suzaku is very down, because it seems that he'll never be able to do anything about his crush on Lelouch with Zero constantly in the way. Gino tells him to "Ganbare yo!" Suzaku espies Lelouch--alone at last--in the outdoor baths! It's a chance! Zero's not around! Genbu is getting quite irritated by the going-ons as Lelouch is obviously blind and Zero is an idiot (as Gino fills in for him helpfully). As Genbu fancies Zero a certain degree, his grumpiness is understandable. Gino is very amused as Suzaku goes off to make his move.

At the rotenburo, Suzaku is distracted by the sight of Lelouch's naked skin as he tries to make conversation. He is surprised when Lelouch thanks him for being concerned about him.

This goes no-where as Lelouch sees Zero and decides to head back in. Lelouch is alarmed when Zero seems to be a bit unstable on his feet--Suzaku is distracted by the fact that Lelouch has stood up without his towel and then by the sight of Genbu supporting Zero.

Suzaku gets a clue at last about his twin's thing for Zero when he sees Genbu's expression. Genbu's expression is a picture when Lelouch runs up and glomps onto Zero (that thing goes both ways to some extent).

Back int heir room, Lelouch is pitching a fit while Gino and Genbu look on because they were drinking and making a mess (which he is cleaning up). Suzaku and Zero are passed out drunk. Later, Lelouch stumbles across Zero, who is awake and even less inhibited than he normally is around his twin. Zero tries to non-con Lelouch, but Suzaku saves him while Zero face-plants on the tatami.

Suzaku is not letting go of Lelouch as he asks if Lelouch likes Zero. Lelouch says of "course" and suddenly notices Suzaku tearing up. Lelouch asks if there's anything wrong and gets the full teary confession from Suzaku as he snuffles into his chest. Suzaku goes for the kiss and in that moment, Lelouch lets him. When Lelouch does not seem to be objecting to the kiss, Suzaku goes all out. He almost makes it to non-con when Genbu pops up and saves Lelouch using what I think is a kancho (300 years according to the Gino-meter).

Lelouch asks if Genbu knew about this (meaning Suzaku's feelings, I guess). Genbu says that just about everyone knew except for Lelouch and scares him off to bed. Gino is so amused while Genbus is not at the thought of what the next day is going to be like.

The next day dawns. Suzaku and Zero are hung over while Gino is amused at their expense. Suzaku sees Lelouch, who greets him cheerfully. Suzaku sees Genbu, who also greets him cheerfully. So cheerfully that Suzaku starts to sweat and demands to know what in the world he's done.

In the washroom, Zero (with added megane appeal) and Lelouch are freshening up. Zero spots a hickey and somewhere else, Suzaku feels the chill of impending doom upon him. Which is borne out a page later when Zero kicks him in the head. Gino tries to get Zero to calm down but Zero is on fire as he tries to get to Suzaku. Who finally gets the nerve to stand up and ask Zero for Lelouch. It does not go well.

Later, Suzaku has survived Zero and goes out to find Lelouch. Suzaku says that he forgot what happened last night, but Genbu told him and he apologises to Lelouch for what he did. He still confesses his love and hesitates when Lelouch does not answer. Lelouch finally asks if Suzkau really feels like that about him. Because it feels that way to him. Suzaku is glad that Lelouch doesn't hate his guts. No, Lelouch says, he doesn't.

Zero is around the corner listening in on this. Genbu comes aross him and remarks that his face is a sight. Zero tells him to shut up and die. And go with him to the ball court. There might be hope for him yet.

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[Friday, April 17, 2009]

Doujinshi sale on my LJ.

I buy my doujinshi on Yahoo!Japan auctions.

And no, I do not scan my doujinshi. (I'd say something about supporting the artist, but there's no way to do that unless you live in Japan. I am, however, probably supporting several sellers on Yahoo!Japan auctions.)



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[Monday, April 13, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Love and Hatred, Kiss and Knife
Circle: wasabi /
Genre: BL, SuzaLulu, AU.
Porn?: Yes, mostly non-con.
Spoilers?: Some for the end of Season 2.

Doujinshi artists usually explain their AU stories at the beginning. This one takes place after R2 episode 18, assumes that Rolo and Nunnally are dead, and Suzaku has gone mad. Set after the crazy laughing bit.

(You know this isn't going to be pretty. It's like that fanfic you never have the nerve to write because it's a bit too extreme.)

Suzaku is back from wherever he goes when he's not terrorising Lelouch and Lelouch is going "not the eye!". Suzaku says not to worry as it'll grow back eventually.

Suzaku remarks that his eye has fully recovered and wonders where to cut next. Lelouch freaks out when he sees the knife. Suzaku asks if he's resisting now. Lelouch, who has been spending a lot of time chained in one place, goes quiet. Suzaku asks if he's given up before getting violent.

Very pissed off (and crazy) Suzaku piles on the accusations regarding all the lives Lelouch's plans have cost. Rough mouth rape occurs. Suzaku is acting like a douche-bag.

The earlier implications are confirmed when Lelouch has a flashback to Kaminejima in Turn 21. Suzaku had captured both C.C. and himself and he forced C.C. to transfer her code to Lelouch by having her stab him.

The present is not much better as Suzaku rapes Lelouch and stabs him in the middle of it. Which is like the warped version of the Zero Requiem that did not happen in this AU. And it's pretty horrible because Lelouch is screaming throughout it all. Saying that you want to know all about someone when you're killing them is not going to help, Suzaku.

Flaskback again to Kaminejima where C.C. and Suzaku have a conversation after the deed is done. (It's interesting how easily they can talk to each other.) Suzaku asks if Lelouch would be immortal once the code is transferred--so that no matter how much punishment he receives, he'll still live. C.C. asks if he heard that from V.V. and he confirms it. C.C. says that immortality is her curse, not Lelouch's. Suzaku doesn't want to hear any of it. Lelouch will have to pay for his sins and Suzaku will help, no matter how long it takes, because they are friends.

(Yep, definitely crazy.)

C.C. says that he's not human and Suzaku agrees that he and Lelouch are not human. C.C. says, nope, going crazy and forcing something on another person is very human indeed. It's both love and hate, which Suzaku confirms.

Lelouch wakes up, still alive and completely healed. He notices Suzaku is sleeping beside him and thinks of escaping immediately. But he thinks to himself that he cannot run away from Suzaku--after all, Suzaku's punishing himself by torturing him. (And you get the feeling that there may be two crazy people in the room.) Anyhow, Lelouch leans over to look at Suzaku's sleeping face because it's been a long time since he's seen Suzaku like that (at peace and not psycho, I suppose). It must be love (because that sort of mushy look is not the kind you give to someone who rapes and tortures you on a daily basis).

Suzaku is awake however and asks if Lelouch is unable to kill him. Lelouch's face falls for a second before he puts the mask up again. Suzaku asks if Lelouch wants him to live and Lelouch lies through his teeth. Suzaku has a moment when he wonders about the time earlier when he said he loved Lelouch. It's hatred, Lelouch says, you hate me, Suzaku.

There are flashbacks to happier times and Suzaku declares that he hates and loves Lelouch (but it's okay, he's crazy). Or not. After a moodswing that lasted approximately five seconds, Suzaku smiles and leaves. But not before asking, "If we never met, would we still hate and want to kill each other?"

Lelouch has no answer to that and Suzaku says to forget about that question. He leaves Lelouch alone with his thoughts--"Aishiteru . . .!"

That's just tragic. Not knowing what happened to C.C. is a hanging end too.

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[Saturday, April 11, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Because of the bird
Genre: BL. SuzaLulu.
Porn?: Yes. Sometimes non-con.
Spoilers?: Some for the end of Season 1. And spoilers for the doujinshi itself.

Post season 1, Suzaku is the Knight of Seven because he had captured Zero. And it has ventured into AU parallel universe land from then on because Emperor Charles has handed over Lelouch to Suzaku because it is the most fitting reward and most fitting punishment.

Lelouch (with both eyes sporting a Geass symbol) spend his days blindfolded and chained to a wall in Suzaku's bedroom. He doesn't know what happened to Nunnally and the Black Knights and is dependent on Suzaku for everything. This makes him understandably tetchy and he provokes Suzaku at every given opportunity. Including flaunting the great big Geass symbol on his back--apparently the thing is still evolving.

Angry!zaku is peeved, but holds it together long enough to get Lelouch into the bathroom and then the verbal sparring match become a physical one. Suzaku wins the physical battle for dominance and bathtub sex is always hot. He conclude afterwards that since Lelouch is no longer Zero, he doesn't have to kill him.

Some time later, Suzaku wakes up one night and rips off Lelouch's shirt because he notices the small wings which are growing out from the Geass symbol on Lelouch's back. Lelouch does not know what's he's on about.

Suzaku has a disagreement with Cornelia over the fate of Zero. Since it was Zero who killed Euphie, he has to die. Cornelia askes if Zero is Lelouch and Suzaku says that Zero's just an ordinary rebel. Cornelia is less than pleased with how Suzaku is dealing with the situation. Suzaku could not care less.

More of Suzaku's obsession with the wings on Lelouch's back. He thinks they are growing and wonders what will happen when they finish growing.

Lelouch is losing track of time during his imprisonment. Suzaku's added more chains on because he's freaking out over Lelouch escaping. Lelouch wonders how he is going to escape and Suzaku loses his shit and starts ranting about the power of the Geass (which he obviously hates)

Lelouch tells Suzaku to kill him if he wants to destroy the power. He's trying to goad Suzaku into killing him to end his meaningless existence. Suzaku does not like the sound of that at all. Sex of a rough and dubiously-consensual nature occurs and Suzaku rationalises it to himself that he isn't going to kill Lelouch and the prince's life is his. (Warning! Rationalising why you aren't killing someone and raping them instead is a sign that you are losing it.)

And there's a slow realisation that there's something wrong here. Clue: The way Lelouch is clueless about what Suzaku is talking/ranting about and no way can you have sex on a bed like that if you have a large pair of wings strapped on your back (even in doujinshi). In all probability, Suzaku's gone mad and the wings are a figment of his imagination.

Lelouch is losing track of the time of day now as he looks back over everything he achieved--or not--before he wound up here. Lelouch muses about the wings only Suzaku can see. It ends with Suzaku looking at the wings and says that they are beautiful. Lelouch wonders why he is still alive. (After all, he's living with a crazy person.) There is a very BAD END kind of ending that just leaves you hanging.

(I wrote a fic for the kink-meme for a request to finish off the hanging end. You may not want to read it as it's not very happy and follows the BAD END vibe that the doujinshi had.)

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[Friday, April 10, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Hato yo!
Circle: mo:tricot / sayoko
Genre: BL. SuzaLulu.
Porn?: Yes, but that's just Suzaku's imagination.
Spoilers?: No, it's an AU.

Every doujinshi should start out with heated dreams involving sex. At least for sayoko's doujinshi, where it is beautiful and porny and what a fangirl likes to see.

Suzaku and Lelouch are classmates and Suzaku has a most unclassmate-like daydreams about hot summer days, ice popsicles and confessing his love to delicious-moe-glasses!Lelouch. With hot sex to follow. Until the teacher wakes him up.

The answer the teacher was looking for was probably not "world peace" when he asked Suzaku about what he thought of the Roman Empire.

After class, Lelouch says that he can't go over to Suzaku's place to study later because Nunnally is still in the hospital. Suzaku says he'll take them to Nunnally on his bike and he even refuses to go off with members with the bowling team. Lelouch tells Suzaku to go with his friends and that he's all right, but Suzaku doesn't buy that at all. They arrange to meet after school

TBC because my eyes are blurring from reading kanji.

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[Tuesday, April 07, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Warui Oniisan (Bad Young Men)
Circle: KSM / Mikou
Genre: BL. SuzaLulu.
Porn?: Surprisingly, no.
Spoilers?: Yes. Sort of. For R2 and the first season.

So it's several hundreds of years after Zero Requiem and Suzaku and Lelouch are giving new meaning to the term "to reign in hell". Yes, by cohabiting in the netherworld (aka Jigoku/Hell) as Satan and Enma Ou. This is AU/parallel crack doujinshi, so the crossing of cultures and sheer weirdness of this doesn't matter. (But it'd make a great AU story. I mean, they supposedly could take over Hell if they tried.)

Rolo and Euphie are in attendance as well. (Probably because you can't have a court without people and it makes for all kinds of incest-y pairings. Mmmm.) Rolo does not like Suzaku and it shows when he questions a decision regarding the fate of certian souls. (I take it back--it would be downright terrifying if these guys were in charge of deciding how long people stayed in hell/got transferred to heaven.)

They decide to take a trip to the mortal world--actually Suzaku suggests a vacation, Rolo is against it and Euphie is all for it. Naurally Suzaku chooses to go to Japan.

Lelouch wants to go to Akihabara to buy a computer and Suzaku tags along to protect him. In the crowd of cosplaying promoters on the street, there's a familiar figure (those hips) in a familiar uniform (Ashford Academy's) with a familiar phrase (Checkmate!) advertising for "Co-- Geass". (Hi, C.C., hi. Did I mention that I love C.C. to bits? And that KSM doujinshi features her quite often?)

They are catching up while C.C. and Lelouch are annoying each other as per normal. More Fourth Wall shattering occurs when C.C. tells him to call her Yukana-sama as it's her P. N. (pen name). She also tries to haul them into cosplaying with her.

They meet up with someone who is familiar yet not really one day. Due to some strange mix-up, Kallen has been reincarnated as a man. Domestic issues including kitties and Suzaku's questionable activities come to light.

Back in the netherworld, Rolo has found the toy drawer. Euphie holding a sex toy is probably the weirdest thing in this book. Rolo tells Lelouch to get away from that degenerate (meaning Suzaku). Suzaku's questionable purchases come to light and he might not survive Lelouch's wrath.

They must have made up somehow or other for there is adorable hand-holding, which has Lelouch remarking that they look like a newlywed couple (which the fangirls have no problem with, honestly). This happy state of domesticity is cut short when they get home to find that someone has vanda--redecorated their apartment. Suzaku has a feeling he knows who's behind it (those well-meaning people back in the netherworld).

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[Tuesday, March 31, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Ma Vie En Rose
Circle: Rock'n'Dolless
Genre: BL. Britannian soldiers/Suzaku, Suzaku/female.
Porn?: Yep. Of the gangbang variety.
Spoilers?: Yes. For R2 and the first season.

(Jumping forwards to the 11/01 event because there's a lot of doujinshi coming out . . .)

Rock'n'Dolless and Hz collaboration featuring a fairly extreme version of masozaku (version cum-dumpster).

First story by Rock'n'Dolless:

It starts with Suzaku picking himself up slowly from the aftermath of something nasty.

Flashback to a time when some Britannian officers are commenting on the new recruits and they single out Suzaku because he's a certain someone's son.

Suzaku gets picked on because he's an Eleven and he is accused of being a spy (not true) as well as helping some people escape from the Britannian soldiers (actually true). His nasty superiors decide to make an example out of him for real and imagined infractions. And by this I mean rape him.

(Dear Rock'n'Dolless, if you don't stop feeding this fangirl's thing about rape and degradation by making a really horrible act look hot, I fear I may . . . be finding masozaku a very fascinating genre indeed.)

It gets pretty bad. Suzaku is forced to admit that he helped six people escape the soldiers. Then at one point he starts to enjoy it and more soldiers join in.

Twisted internal logic that's been running through Suzaku's mind throughout it all: My sins cannot disappear . . . And that's why I have to do the right thing.

Suzaku is pretty much gone as his crazy-face shows. He says (to his father) that the war is not over. And he believes that after this in Britannia, he can find a way (to make it right) if he just did the right thing. Because there is no other way.

To protect the world of his his childhood, he gripped the knife. And so from hereon he will dye his future rose-coloured. (Hence the title, I suppose.)

Rock'n'Dolless' crazyzaku is disturbing, twisted and strangely attractive.

Second story by Hz:

Suzaku is doing menial labour when his superior asks he'll do it with anyone. And the answer is pretty much a given because he's got Suzaku bent over a desk in the next page and asking him how long it's been going on. His superior leaves poor, used and abused Suzaku after he's done and Suzaku remembers how it all began.

He was blacked-mailed into it one day when he was running from Britannian soldiers, who force him to strip and saying embarrassing things. Hence it begins.

In the middle of throwing up that very night after flashing back to *spoilers about his father*, he rationalises that he's being punished and he deserves it. (Note that it is pretty much written/drawn in most doujinshi that Suzaku is not-quite-sane and hence, his logic circuits are probably defective.)

On another day, his colleague remarks that he's been acting really weird of late. He says he's fine and they distracted by some female officers. They ask him out to a party and are trying their best not to be racist, but he says that he's got other plans that night. Suzaku knows that the other world they live in ins not for him. His world is the one where he knocks on the door of a Britannian soldier's room and strips for him.

Said Britannian is one of the nicer ones because he wants to use condoms because he's big on human rights and Suzaku's an Eleven. /).__.(\

Suzaku says he prefers it without a condom because he likes it raw. This reader goes O__O.

(There is a reason why well-written and well-drawn doujinshi are like good fanfics. When a doujinshi can make you go O__O, then it has probably done what it was intended to do. Which was probably to show the depths of despair and self-loathing Suzaku has sunk to. Not everyone might agree with this particular incarnation of masozaku, but it works for me.)

Of course Suzaku knows that the Britannian is talking big for a guy who is practically impotent and the rubber isn't going to make it any longer.

So it goes, day after day, different room every night. Until he gets approached by one of the female soldiers from before.

She says that she knows what the male officers have been doing. Doesn't Suzaku want to escape that for a night? This is a pity-fuck. She's a very nice girl and everything to offer to help him, but it's clearly a pity-fuck.

Suzaku has made it with a woman. She even asks him to stay the night. It does not stop the nightmares though. This, however, does not change the fact that he is the barracks bicycle and his riders miss him.

The next day, he goes back to them . . . and it goes downhill from there. It ends with Suzaku walking the metaphorical tightrope between sanity and madness as he thinks about the world he is trying to save.

The last few pages has Rock'n'Dolless' KoZ!Suzaku with Hz's season 1 Suzaku. R2-zaku is trying to persuade S1-zaku to give up his masochistic, self-loathing ways. S1-zaku still believes that he need to accept his punishment and they are both arguing in that self-righteous way that makes Suzaku really hard to like, when things get physical and . . . Suzaku/Suzaku is just hot that way.

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[Tuesday, March 17, 2009]

Rock'n'Dolless/Himemiko has a new doujinshi out. Mmm, I want Voice and prt/Mayu's new book as well.

Speaking of doujinshi . . . I'm selling some. On ebay.

Auctions include:
Cherry, Beautiful Life and Mini L by Rock'n'Dolless.
Lancelot no Yosei-san by CLASSIC MILK * PEACE & ALIEN
Secret Code by D-Amb + Like Hell
Shounen Clarity by 6counter / coltroll
Algorithm by Kozouya / Zaou Taishi


RuPaul's Drag Race is currently my favourite show.

I would never imagined myself saying this, because I was never even slightly interested in men who can put on make-up more effectively than most women. But it is fantastically entertaining and such a sharp satire of reality television that I am happily watching contestants lip-synch for their lives.

To be trendy, I'll blaming everything on popular media. Which means going back to the Code Geass Picture Book episodes and all the doujinshi artists who also agree that boys look good in dresses and feed my fetish.

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[Monday, February 09, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Parallel World - Love Stories
Circle: prt
Genre: BL. SuzaLulu.
Porn?: Implied but not actually on page.
Spoilers?: Yes. For all the R2 Sound Episodes.

In the middle of the porn-fest that is Comiket 75 doujinshi, there are the non-porny options like prt. (90% of my doujinshi are porn-tastic, but you have to take a break after a while.)

It's the kind of doujinshi you can imagine reading while listening to Mosaic Kakera and sipping cocoa--only I'd never drink anything while handling doujinshi. like the sound episodes, the stories inside are full of crack and have no porn.

First short story is set in the Hangyaku Gakuen Geass Sensei! AU where Lamperouge sensei is a teacher whose job it is to keep unruly students in line. One day, he is approached by third year student Kururugi Suzaku of Class D. (I wrote a high school AU fic for the kinkmeme. It turned out porny.) Leleouch and Suzaku wearing glasses in the same story are beyond cute and ramps up the moe factor.

Suzaku tells Sensei that something of his has been stolen (which is a clever deviation from canon for what is about to happen next), Lelouch is gung-ho about finding the culprit but Suzaku says that it's not like that. He says that Sensei stole from him. Lelouch sensei flails. Suzaku finally clarifies that he has stolen Suzaku's kokoro. Kokoro? Kokoro.

Lelouch's first reaction is the same as this reader's: What era is that phrase from? (aka "Dude, you are dated.")

"That's so cold!" Suzaku decides that he has to be more demonstrative. Sensei panicks and utilises Geass! But it's not working because (according to Suzaku's cheerful explanation) he's wearing special anti-Geass glasses. And after that it looks like it's going into porny fanfic territory as Suzaku snogs Lelouch.

Charles: What are you going to do now, Nunnally?
Nunnally (principal and sister): Lelouch looks happy--it might be good this way . . .

Awww, now that warmed the cockles of my kokoro.

There is a 4-koma about part-time jobs Lelouch cannot do with failprince as a bellboy. Knight of Rounds!Suzaku pays a visit and if it was anything longer than a 4-koma, it'd be the set-up of a porno because it's obvious by the fourth box that Knight/bellboy was what happened after Suzaku asks Lelouch if he's tired from hauling his luggage and invites him into in his room. Bow-chika-wow, etc. The fact that it is cute . . . goes a long way in mitigating the set-up.

Second story is set in the Sound Episode 4 AU where Lloyd and Cecile host the variety show featuring the anthropomorphic personalities of Knightmare Frames. And this is where it gets a little confusing because it's Suzaku and Lelouch but they are actually the personifications of their KMFs. Which is why it isn't supposed to be surprising when they walk out onto the street in the KoR uniform and Zero outfit respectively.

Lancelot/Suzaku (in goofy-let's-be-friends-mode) wants to talk but Gawain/Lelouch is a cold aloof mecha. Points of discussion include how as KMFs they move according their pilot's will, something about them expressing selfhood (wandering into the "ghost in the machine" philosophies here) and boy-wasn't-the-show-fun (even with Lloyd's spiked sakuradite).

Gawaine/Lelouch says that the next time they meet will be on the battlefield and turns to go. Lancelot/Suzaku stops him and goes in for the kiss. It's cold, of course, because they're KMFs.

I suppose the visual impact would be quite different if the Lancelot and the Gawain/Shinkirou were snogging. (I have seen Transformers porn. Mecha porn does not phase me.)

Gawain/Lelouch walks on and says that they are machines that cannot feel warmth. But Lancelot/Suzaku was the only one that allowed him to feel warmth/passion/heat. My kokoro is sufficiently warmed.

Next 4-koma goes back to 2010 a.t.b when they were kids. Suzaku's caught a lot of beetles while on his class trip. He's so happy with his catch while telling Lelouch and Nunnally that their response is:

Lelouch: You've made friends at school now?
Nunnally: Congratulations, Suzaku-san!

Last story involves the Sound Episode Oden-ya Nana-chan where Suzaku is a soldier and Lelouch was a gambler who had to set aside his gambling ways after being tricked by his sister (into becoming unpaid menial labour).

Some time later, Suzaku visits failprince-now-menial-labour peeling vegetables in the yard. Overprotective-brother!Lelouch is ranting about the numerous male customers, how cute Nunnally is and how he has to protect her. Suzaku has something important to say. Lelouch thinks that he's leaving Japan with the army, but Suzaku says that he wants to protect Lelouch and Nunnally's future.

Through the course of a few ums and uns, Lelouch assumes Suzaku is going to marry Nunnally--silly boy. Suzaku says that Lelouch looks like he's accepted and immediately calls Nunnally--who was probably waiting for this moment to jump out and shout omedetou. Nunnally is all for it (because she gets more unpaid menial labour) while Lelouch is still "huh?" Suzaku plans to move in that very day--he's even brought his stuff (very little)--and he would be happy to stay in Lelouch's room. Yes, that was a proposal--Suzaku's even got the ring as he says that he'll make them happy. The final "hai" turned my kokoro into mush.

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[Friday, February 06, 2009]

Casshern SINS 17:
Leda wanted children. Past tense. Wow, and I thought Dios had issues.

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 16:
Please don't ever stop being the dark side of anime and portraying modern life the way it is.

Obligatory my childhood my first fandom post:
There is CATS doujinshi. As in CATS the Musical doujinshi. From way back in 1998.

Featuring Munkustrap x Demeter, Munkustrap x Grizabella (wut?), Macavity x Bombalurina.

(Oh yes but no but yeah but no but yeah.)

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[Saturday, January 31, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Kai
Circle: Double // Slash
Genre: BL. Gino/Suzaku, OC/Suzaku, Luciano/Suzaku.
Porn?: Yep.
Spoilers?: Yes. For R2 and the first season.

Tis the season for gangbang doujinshi. (Called "mobXuke's-name-here" doujinshi.) Or at least a lot of the winter release dj seem to be following the trend.

In any fandom, there are going to be characters designated as bottom in a series of gangbang or EveryoneXhim kind of stories. CG has two such characters and the fandom is happy to accommodate them because one is almost canonically a masochist and the other is too pretty. (Yay for people who collect such dj, like myself. If I'm going to rationalise my kinks, I'll be here all night. But I never do.)

This dj doesn't magnify the masochism so much as give porny scenarios. Like Pre-Knight-of-Rounds!Suzaku being drugged and non-con'ed by perverts.

Second is Gino trying to help Suzaku over his issues. How? By having sex, of course.

Next is the koneko!Suzaku and koinu!Gino short story where Gino and Suzaku are serving as entertainment for a bunch of dirty old men.

Last few pages and it's the AU where I am reminded strongly of Enzai, my favourite prison-sex BL game. Luciano is Durer the bad prison guard and Gino is the new guard who falls for in-jail-for-killing-spoiler!Suzaku. And it looks like the Bad End where Guys Suzaku goes slowly bonkers as Luci's toy.

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[Sunday, January 25, 2009]


Happy Niu Year!

Taken in December 2008 on Miyajima. (The only thing I have to say is that no pair of cats would sit still for this sort of thing and it would involve securing the headgear on with velcro straps.)


Spring cleaning--it continues. Doujinshi for sale on the lj. *points to the link on the left*

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[Wednesday, January 21, 2009]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: I'll see you in my dream
Circle: Double // Slash
Genre: BL. Lelouch/Suzaku.
Porn?: Yep. What the cover sez.
Spoilers?: Yes. The cover gives it away as late R2 spoileriffic costume-y goodness.

First of the Comiket 75 sets to arrive (with the uke-Suzaku book with the title that I don't know how to pronounce--that'll come later).

Open with emo Zerozaku and an unmarked grave on a hill. Cut to flashbacks with the vi Britannia siblings. Suzaku carries Nunnally up the hill with little difficulty. failprince still fails, but has to admit that view is lovely. Nunnally says she knows that too because she can feel it in the air. Cue a d'aaawwww moment when Suzaku and Lelouch promise to see for Nunnally until she regains her sight.

Forward to post Turn 21 where not-really-Knight-of-Seven!Suzaku wakes up from the dream. failprince notices, because Suzaku usually rises earlier than him.

Conversation: Zero Requiem, Euphie, Nunnally, ashita no tameni, etc. Lelouch says there isn't anything more (than all that). Suzaku begs to differ. Violently.

Lelouch says that it's useless and Suzaku goes emo. failprince has to go into dominant mode in order to diffuse the emo. I think I saw this in a fanfic once (more proof that fangirls have generally the same turn-ons the world over)--Lelouch orders his knight to kneel. And lick his boots.

For all his pissiness, Suzaku is an M-type. And it's an observable fact that the fangirls, regardless of nationality, feel a need for fresh undies after every "Yes, Your Majesty". (I like sore mo meirei nano ka? "Is that an order?" as well.)

No bootlicking (oh argh!) because failprince could not even complete that scenario but goes in for the kiss first. And he would like Suzaku to accede to his request even though he hates Lelouch's guts. (It is obviously difficult to do a dominant Lelouch, but I don't think he could force--physically or otherwise--anyone, much less Suzaku.)

"Shall we continue?"
"Is that an order?"
"Aa, that's correct."
"Yes, Your Majesty."


Sex. Yay, prettily-drawn sex. Suzuaku wakes up later to find failprince still up and about (yeah, that's pretty weird). It's Lelouch's turn to go emo and he rants like a drama queen for a few pages about how a) he likes Suzaku, b) he doesn't want to die, c) but he has to for his sins. Suzaku is conflicted about a lot of things, but pretty much happy to stay alive to atone like the miserable sinner that he is. (M-type! M-type! Oh the masochism . . .)

C.C. makes a brief appearance (eavesdropping, of course) and asks if Lelouch meant what he said (about not wanting to die). Then she stops him before he can reply, because it's better not to know. That was the best part for me.

Zero Requiem and spoiler-filled images follow.

Cut to Suzaku and Lelouch dressed in suits and in a hurry to get to an important event. (You know it's a dream. Because Nunnally is walking and dead people are in attendance.) Euphemia li Britannia declares that Area 11 is renamed back to Japan and there is an impossibly beautiful happy ending. C.C. watches from afar as Lelouch says that it's like a dream.

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[Friday, January 16, 2009]

Have suddenly been drawn into conversation about fandom by Japanese seller-type-person. She just offered me a doujinshi FOC for answering a question about the international fandom.

There's only one thing to do in situations like this. Refuse. Politely.

A KSM doujinshi I don't have yet.

Well, damn.

She got it free as omake anyway. She might be clearing her shelves.

*goes off to compose a message about how the postage will change because of the change in weight and generally hedge around the matter* *makes appropriate gushy noises about being a Rock'n'Dolless fan* *and envy her for having met Himemiko-sama (who is apparently a bijin in real life)*

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[Friday, January 09, 2009]

Save me from full-day courses and full-day meetings. One after the other. It's strange how sitting for hours listening to other people talk can be so draining.

Unless my eyes deceive me, some people are willing to spend 11000yen on a 3 cm ball of fluff designed by Himemiko of Rock'n'Dolless. Eh, the auction says it doesn't come with the set of minis . . . Hope the person using the deputy service can read the message on the image.

No wonder people think fangirls and otaku are scary. (Not to mention willing to spend heaps of money.)

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[Friday, January 02, 2009]

Must stop salivating over Messiah by Rock'n'Dolless.

Voice of reason: You shouldn't buy it.

I shouldn't buy it. Even though it's pretty.

Voice of reason: Only crazy people who shell out 15k yen using Rinkaya buy it and even then they lost out the nutter who paid 22k yen for the whole set the other night.

I'll just get Diva and the mini L.

Voice of reason: You're lucky the ones with sets aren't shipping overseas/haven't replied to you yet. Have you seen the exchange rate recently?

It's not as bad as last month.

Voice of reason: Look, you can always wait until your favourite sellers have it on their auctions. Oi, are you listening? Your paycheck can be saved for better things!

Yeah but no but yes but no. There's something inherently attractive about fresh-from-Comiket sets complete with omake and whatnot. And the Winter Comi sets seem to come with everything including bags and postcards . . .

Voice of reason: You're obsessing over freebies and clear files that people will sell off later--

At sky-high prices well over the 200 yen original price.


Moral of the Story:

- There are nutters who will pay 22k yen for doujinshi. You are not one of them. (Except for that one time, but those were Kazuya Minekura's 1996 Saiyuki doujinshi.)

- Always check the circle websites to find out the original price before scouting out the best deals.

- Patience pays off. Wait for February or March.

- Fresh-from-Comiket sets are nice, but in the end, they are just doujinshi and the circles don't actually approve of that sort of thing to judge by the increasing number of no-auction notices posted in their books.

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[Tuesday, December 30, 2008]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Saikyou deko deko boko keikaku (actually, I don't know exactly how to read the middle three kanji, but it's illustrated inside the cover to show that it is a very graphic pun)
Circle: KSM/Mikou
Genre: 3P. Suzaku/Lelouch/C.C. sandwich.
Porn?: Hell yes. Of the non-con/dub-con variety.
Spoilers?: Nope.

In order to avoid looking at Yahoo!Japan Auctions and the heinous prices of Comiket 75 doujinshi, I read my favourite porn. Utterly irredeemable porn, yay!

Asides from the fact that this is the Unholy Trinity in Season 1(!), the disclaimer and warning notes on the first page are hilarious. And the three kanji in the title are helpfully illustrated/drawn over with the respective naughty bits in case anyone doesn't get that it's an m/m/f.

The set-up: Suzaku is completely plastered (being a PWP, no one is going to ask why) and his good friend has to help him back to . . . his own room for some reason. C.C. is there, of course, and she jumps Lelouch, ties him up and rapes him right next to Suzaku, who is supposed to be too drunk to wake up (but everyone knows where this is going by the second page).

Failprince fails and flails like anything as C.C. has her wicked way with him. In several positions.

In the middle of all this, Suzaku wakes up, thinks that he’s having a dream and completes the sandwich (largely due to C.C. egging him on). Porn is porny. At the end, C.C. knocks Suzaku out while Lelouch fails to retain consciousness--obviously C.C. has many skills we don't know about. (Asides from having her way with failprinces, she can get the drop on someone while involved in a graphic 3p. Amazing.)

By the time Suzaku wakes up again the next day, C.C. has made herself scarce. And failprince wants to kill Suzaku. Good luck there . . .

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[Sunday, December 28, 2008]

Finally watched the last episode of Merlin. (It's not as gay as it is subtextual. And pretty because the cast is cute.)

Casshern SINS finally has an inkling of a plot and back-story. Lyuze is inching, ever so slowly, towards the "potential love interest" bracket. (There was, in fact, an entire dysfunctional family structure shown in Episode 13. Father/mother, step-father, prodigal sons and daughter, grandaughter and the potential girl-friend.)

*cautiously checks Yahoo!Japan auctions* Argh, Rock'n'Dolless' latest release from Comiket 75 and the Messiah compilation are up for sale already.

Resolution about buying less doujinshi is going out the window . . . very soon.

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[Monday, December 15, 2008]

Day 2: 15/12/2008

News in the morning: No more gawking at the tuna auctions at Tsukiji. Tourists are disappointed. (Have not gone to the tuna auctions. Too early even for the likes of me. I just like to eat raw tuna.)

Ueno Park in the morning and Ameya-yokocho after that. Ameyoko is like Tsukiji Market with more clothing, shoe and bargain drug stores. Crowded, bright and noisy--good for bargains on seaweed, seafood, clothes, etc.

Lunch was salmon don eaten on the street at a hot-chair diner (you have to eat and be done in 30 minutes) in Ameyoko, which was reasonable for the price.

Aunt did not want to go to Odaiba as the one-day ticket was pricy. (Objectively speaking, it was pricy.) So we headed for Shinjuku where my aunt goes gaga over the service at Takashimaya. Yes, they do quality wrapping and give great service even when you buy ceramic cows. We are going to have a whole herd of them by the end of this trip.

Skyscraper distract in Shinjuku. View from the 45th floor of Tower 1 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building (aka Civil Servant Centre in Tokyo) was very nice, but shame about the glass windows--it's hard to get a shot with the reflection. Probably left camera battery charger at home--darn it. Wonder how much it costs to get another one here?

I confess--I went out doujinshi shopping again after getting back to Ikebukuro. And I brought all of them in my knapsack to the post office behind Sunshine City to mail them back by SAL. I don't usually sneak around like that, but my aunt bitches about mailing stuff home all the time. So for my piece of mind, thank goodness for the later closing hours at the Toshima-ku main post office. (On the other hand, would I have gotten printed matter rate if they were not in a box?)

And on a side note, cannot see Mutuality by CLAMP in bookstores--wow, it sold out fast.

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[Wednesday, December 10, 2008]


Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Lair
Circle: Rock'n'Dolless
Genre: BL.
Porn?: Yep. A very good illustration of the species known as "dub-con".
Spoilers?: Yes, for the first season.

It's funny how some doujinshi have "no auction" notices on their back pages. Actually, that's ironic. It's funny to the one who bought it off an auction and finds the "no auction" on the back page after reading it.

But I digress. I'm here to talk about the pretty pictures. And the doujinshi, which is pretty good in terms of a picture being worth a thousand words. (I recommend Rock'n'Dolless doujinshi. Not just because the art is beautiful, the layouts creative and the covers gorgeous.)

It's one of the circle's first CG doujinshi and sets the precedence for psycho-bonkers-special-snowflake!Suzaku. (Which isn't really that far off considering R2.) First page is "Ikiro", which sets this after the events of Kaminejima and makes certain things easier to understand.

Our scene is in Ashford, where Lelouch observes Suzaku trying to wash racist slurs off his clothes. What's really disturbing is Suzaku's expression.

Another day and Suzaku is a) being a doormat or b) being civic-minded as he picks up after less civic-minded students. (Such a good boy!) He spots one-and-only-best-friend, who is having his drink mooched off him by Rivalz (score another doujinshi appearance for Rivalz). Lelouch tells Rivalz off for being a cheapskate and there's a nice slow pan to him sipping from the straw curtesy of the Suzaku-stalker-cam.

Suzaku gets spotted by Rivalz and Lelouch invites him for dinner with Nunnally. It's time for class and no-one notices that Suzaku has his hand behind his back as he clutches the crushed remains of his drink cup. And failprince also fails at being civic-minded as Suzaku watches him litter.

Back home, C.C. askes Lelouch why he used the Geass (on Suzaku I assume). Lelouch did not intend to do it, but he did anyhow, C.C. counters. Lelouch just says that he wasn't able to prevent it. He can't believe that Suzaku has a deathwish. If he puts it that way, "Do you like him? Do you hate him?" C.C. asks. "He's important," Lelouch states and tells C.C. to buzz off to another room for that day. To which C.C. says, "Sounds like you have a crush on him . . . You're really cruel . . ." with an extremely knowing look (probably because she's been inside Suzaku's head).

Over dinner, Suzaku has a minor internal freakout over his steak-knife--which is momentarily arrested when he recalls boyhood!Lelouch. Nunnally notices that he's not quite there and Lelouch wonders if they should have had Japanese food (instead of Western, with all the pointy knives involved). They'll be having Japanese food next time.

Later, Lelouch finds Rivalz's notebook amongst his things. Suzaku says that his circle of friends has increased and then casually asks about the phone call Lelouch made yesterday. Lelouch lies like a rug and says it was about stopping his habit of gambling. Suzaku knows that Lelouch is lying but goes along with it.

Somehow, this results in Suzaku raping Lelouch's mouth and it all heads bed-wards. Button-popping dub-con occurs. Hot, but disturbing. "Your're so stubborn . . . Lulu, does that feel good? Lulu, do you want me to put it in? Lulu, do you like me?"

Actually, very disturbing.

Not sure if Lelouch is agreeing because there's a psycho in his bed or it really is love (the crazy, twisted angsty version of it). As this is doujinshi, it's probably the latter.

C.C.: In the end, you just couldn't lose it/something/him, couldn't you, Lelouch . . .

Suzaku is out of bed and . . . he's disposing of Rivalz notebook (just to show that he's not quite there). When Lelouch gets up, Suzaku is smiling and it is like the sun coming up. "I'm happy you're here."

Yay, happiness.

Like this, I cannot even die.

Only not because Suzaku is an M-type with a deathwish.

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[Tuesday, November 25, 2008]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: mini home
Circle: Rock'n'Dolless
Genre: BL. More diabetic-coma-inducing cuteness.
Porn?: Implied.
Spoilers?: No, not really.

I take it that this as an antidote for Turn 25 and Rock’n’Dolless’ Turn 21-25 doujinshi Dearest (to be looked at later). It’s the SuzaLulu newlyweds book! They’re chibis. And they have a mini home in the shape of a cat.

*dies of cute*

Suzaku has brought home his lovely mate. Formal introduction to his guardians Lloyd (dad) and Cecile (mum) goes here. Some squabbling about surnames as Suzaku wants his Lulu to take his name.

Why is Lelouch in his undies (the infamous black pantsu)? ‘Cause Suzaku likes it that way. Oh, and there’s the fake cat ears too. (Yes, Suzaku’s fetishes are well-documented in doujinshi . . .) Cecile sees something wrong with this picture but Lloyd is very supportive.

Suzaku morphs into his pilot-suited form (with added special effects) and its back to work as Lloyd's guinea pig--I mean devicer. Mini-failprince thinks his Suza is utterly kakkoi. (Yes, that's what mini-Lulu calls his Suzaku--which is teeth-aching cute.)

Something about this situation causes Lelouch to poof back into normal size. Doujinshi inequality strikes again as failprince completes the transformation sequence naked as a jaybird. Mad keyboard skillz goes here.

Lelouch explains that these are Lloyd’s clothes and Suzaku askes if they (Lloyd and Cecile) saw him naked.

Crazyface!Suzaku is scary.

Back to their chubby-bottomed chibi-forms and the rest of story has them in their cat-shaped house on a cat-shaped bed being cute. Implied chibi-sex is involved somewhere.


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[Tuesday, November 18, 2008]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Love Letter
Circle: prt/Mayu
Genre: Bl--no, wait, it's kind of platonic.
Porn?: None. *shock*
Spoilers?: Yes. For R2. The end of R2.

If the title had been anything else, it would have been filed as "gen".

First half of the book has Lelouch making onigiri. The riceballs are for Rivalz (score one more for Rivalz in dj appearances) and Suzaku, who have been either packing or unpacking a lot of bunny-ear headbands. (Milly's had another great idea for an event! I love Milly.) Despite this, Suzaku is happy. Rivalz says that it's been a while since he's seen that face (meaning Suzaku's smiling) .

Rivalz wonders if Lelouch has escaped. Speak of the devil . . . and he brings riceballs? And makes you wash up before eating. (Such a mom.) The riceballs are good--so good that Rivalz starts to choke. Suzaku pacifies mom failprince by saying that it was so good that Rivalz ate too fast. It's so the right thing to say because in the end, Lelouch says he'll make onigiri everytime after a big event.

Second half of the book has Suzaku coming back to an empty apartment after a tiring day (in that trenchcoat and glasses). But wait, there's onigiri on the table. And a letter.:

"Thank you for your hard work today. It must have been a terrible day. Made something simple. I don't really know what food you want, but you should eat and rest afterwards.

Ashita no tameni"

Mmmm, onigiri with pickled plums. There's even green tea in a thermos.

In the shopping bag Suzaku was carrying is a familiar helmet with a bloody handprint on it. And I commence to T__T with Suzaku towards the end as the nostalgic flashbacks come along. He has a reason to live after all.

Understated and lovely--my current favourite post-R2 doujinshi.

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[Saturday, November 15, 2008]

Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Thorn
Circle: Fylus (on deviantart)
Genre: BL
Porn?: Implied.
Spoilers?: Yes. For R2.

First of all, this is an English-translated doujinshi--the original language was Thai, but the author (Fylus) had it translated to English by someone else and published. The utter novelty of it all still floors me. I must confess I was trying to read it from back to front like a Japanese doujinshi before I twigged onto the obvious difference and sheepishly turned to the front of the book.

The thing about ordering direct from the circle/author is, of course, how rare it is. (I have only ordered direct from Housekihime for D.Gray-man before and that was because she had online forms.) Lovely omake too.

The acutal plot is rather angsty as Suzaku is wondering if Lelouch remembers anything when he goes back to Ashford. And they're generating UST like a pair of very pretty dynamos. Which gets resolved after the UST gets the better of them. And Suzaku is a suicidal emo-ball in the second story. This is nothing new in CG doujinshi/fanfic/whatever. (Note how I cannot even write coherently about doujinshi that have been translated into English. Go me! But in all honestly, I mean nothing negative when I talk about doujinshi stereotypes--because they define doujinshi as a genre and are pretty much in every doujinshi I have seen. Doujinshi = fanfic that is more palatable because it's pretty.)

The art is gorgeous and I highly recommend it. (I have another two translated books coming soon.)

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