[Sunday, May 24, 2009]

Growing-older weekend:
Very good, considering the growing older part. I feel happy and lucky beyond my wildest dreams. I count my blessings.

Saiyuki Gaiden:
Is finally over! Only there's going to be a Gaiden of the Gaiden focused on Kenren. (What a way to pump the fangirls' wallets, Minekura Sensei.)

Back to the Gaiden ending itself--it's not like I didn't expect it, but I waited nine to ten years to have a good cry over the it. So yeah. T____T

(Wonder if I can finish "Sweet Decay" now . . .)

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[Thursday, April 30, 2009]

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 25 - 26:
Well that was fucked-up. As expected, but wow. And I thought Futakomori was bad.


The weather has been so hot, I feel like running around naked. (Sadly, it would not alleviate the situation.) Just the other day, I was having an iced cup of juice. And one of those winged insects that hang around the lights took a nose-dive right into it.


04/36 event. Oh shit. And Rock'n'Dolless has a new book out in May. And an anthology. And Cou has s new book out too. *looks around for sadly deflated wallet*

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[Wednesday, April 08, 2009]

I am mildly peeved. You don't buy something off a seller on eBay and then not pay and not respond to any emails/messages for two weeks and counting. It's not funny when the seller is incurring eBay fees for items sold but not paid for. (And do I get a refund on those fees when everything's been settled? No--I get eBay credits instead.) I know it's not a huge amount but it's the principle of the thing, dammit. Grrr.


Airbrushing is an expensive hobby. And damn frustrating when you are trying to find the right adapter nut to screw onto the compressor in order to rig up various airbrushes. Hooking up the copic airbrush to the compressor still eludes me because the adapter nuts are the wrong size for the airhose. (Wah, so technical!) Need to plan this better . . .

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[Saturday, April 04, 2009]

Argh, work . . .

Am also slightly cheesed off by the state in which one of my doujinshi arrived in. It wasn't entirely the seller's fault--she put in the cardboard backing and everything . . . on one side only so that when the envelop got bent the B5 doujinshi got dented because of the small volume that would not bend. T___T

Watching Natsume Yuujinchou now--very interesting indeed. Nyanko-sensei!

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: So far as never failed to deliver the darkness inside all humans.

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 10: They just rammed a golden butt plug (they can call it a "Golden Gentlemen Plug", sure) into Leopard. I have not been so amused in months. Oh and the plot thickens substantially.

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[Sunday, March 15, 2009]

Good news: PC is fixed again! Yay! (Cooling fan was busted. Thank goodness for the extended warranty I got on the hardware.)

Bad news: Haru Comi was yesterday and the new releases are already on Y!Auctions. (My wallet . . .)

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[Friday, March 06, 2009]

Fic recs (which I never did because that would require . . . reading a lot of fanfics):

Most of them are rated mature for sex.

Code Geass:
The House of Mirrors Arc by realms of fic. (Link to The Pit. But I recommend all her CG fics.)

With Himself At War
. Kallen/Suzaku. I am leaning towards masozaku these days. (Link to LJ.)

At His Majesty's Heels by lewdness on LJ. Lelouch/Suzaku. Locked post, alas.

Entwined. Lelouch/Suzaku. (Link to LJ.)

Interlude. SuzaLulu. Hatesex inna KMF cockpit, yay. (Link to LJ.)

The Fair Speech. SuzaLulu. Hatesex and dub-con post Season 1. (Link to LJ.)

Retrograde. Fic in progress. One of my favourite AUs dealing with post Season 1. (Link to LJ.)

Primary Gain. Fic in progress. AU with Suzaku the FBI agent and Lelouch the FBI profiler. (AFF.net link.)

Acceptance. Fic in progress. Coming to terms with Zero Requiem. (AFF.net link.)

Favourites from the kinkmeme:

In which Table-kun and Poofy Hat find comfort with one another
. Because I enjoy crack fic.

Suzaku X fish. Mmm, crack . . .

In Which Suzaku is Traumatized by Robolouch
. Robo-tentacles and crack. Because Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo has a brain colony called Leopard voiced by Lelouch's VA.

The Slutzaku and Slavezaku fics on 4chan. (It's the fanfic version of a guilty pleasure. Like cheddar and sour cream Ruffles--you know it's a sinful load of salty artificially-flavoured starch, but you crunch it up anyway.)

D.Gray-man: Not actually interested in the series any more. Ah, my attention span . . .

Naruto: Not really into this fandom. But I ship Itachi/Neji.

Shadowplay. ItaNeji. AU where the Hyuuga and the Uchiha are powerful underworld families. (Link to The Pit.)

Common Ground. ItaNeji. Neji finds a wounded Itachi. (Link to LJ.)

AU ficlet by Askerian. ItaNeji. (Link to LJ.)

Epidemic. ItaNeji. Warning, some science and biology ahead. (Link to The Pit.)

Thirty Dates. ItaNeji. AU where Itachi is still a member of the Uchiha and decides to court Neji. (Link to The Pit.)

Prince of Tennis: Tezu/Fuji fics by Aishuu.

Saiyuki: Not reading at the moment, but happy to read anything by incandescens, sf and Monkeybarrel.

And there's a Saiyuki kinkmeme. Guaranteed to suck up lost of my time. (Ah, we didn't have any of these in the fandom, back in the day. Old fangirl is old.)

. . . Back to work, which followed me home as usual like an annoying puppy.

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[Tuesday, March 03, 2009]

The thing about not participating in fandom for yonkers is . . . I haven't actually gone seriously hunting for fanfic for a while. I mean real Pit-diving and everything. It's nice to see that things never change even after . . . eight years. Eh.

The Pit is . . . still The Pit. Good old Pit. Still chock-full of people who can't spell, can't string a sentence together and cannot help including Mary-Sues--I mean OCs. (That's the PC term to include Gary-Stus. I disagree with that because Mary and Gary are far more annoying than OCs required to move the plot along.)

English isn't my mother tongue either, but that isn't an excuse. There are always beta-readers and people who claim that they don't like other people editing their fics are divas. They don't actually have to accept any of the suggested changes.

Positive things to come--fic recs. I don't really believe in fic rants.

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[Sunday, March 01, 2009]

I was almost a victim of credit card fraud. Fortunately, the credit card company caught it in time and cancelled the card before someone could treat themselves from Sears and Roebuck.

Pro: No spending on card for a week.
Con: Well . . . None, really. Too busy to shop for stuff outside of groceries.

In less exciting news:

Casshern SINS 20 and 21:
I think I see where this is going. It's not going to be a happy ending, is it? Like Wolf's Rain.
Lyuze and Casshern are growing on me.

xxxHOLiC Shunmuki:
I never had the inclination to pick up the manga (which I heard was painfully angsty). Very content with just watching the anime.

Hmmm, I like this series.

Don't knock it. It's only the third episode.

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[Sunday, February 15, 2009]

12th Feb: Happy Birthday Darwin! Many articles here and there and all over the place, but few mentioning Wallace's contribution.

Weekend: Work, fic, work, selling off doujinshi (Rock'n'Dolless, Classic Milk Peace & Alien, etc for sale--link on your left), work, kareoke, work . . . Where was the time to exercise?

Casshern SINS 19:
The last time I watched something this depressing . . . Hmm . . . It actually reminds me of Wolf's Rain. Except that it didn't have characters that just show up for one episode to kick the emo-suicidal-tendencies out of the female lead, then crumble into coloured flower petals. (Or did it? It's been a while since I watched Wolf's Rain.)

(Lyuze, you may need to be more proactive, shrug off the emo and jump his bones. Because Casshern may not get it even if you beat him over the head with a big stick.)

It's-not-Firefly-but . . . :
Just watched Dollhouse. It seems to be off to a good start. Definitely on the dark side, but that's good.

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[Friday, February 13, 2009]

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo: There's a plot/several plots in here somewhere and some massive world-building, but it's a bit slow in the exposition. I don't really care because it's entertaining. The quest for parts for the phallic-shaped brain colony (voiced by Fukuyama Jun) included a pair of Golden Orbers and now an Orb Warmer. (Wandering into Gintama territory here . . .)

Casshern SINS 18:
Lyuze? You spent a entire episode talking to yourself. The only time you were really talking to someone else, you disturbed the heck out of me. (But now that we know that this sort of thing is apparently possible, bring on the doujinshi!)

Kuroshitsuji: Need more of this. Butlers in this world are godmodders. I don't even mind Grell (Fukuyama Jun being gayer than gay) being in most of the episodes to bring in the fangirls.

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[Friday, February 06, 2009]

Casshern SINS 17:
Leda wanted children. Past tense. Wow, and I thought Dios had issues.

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 16:
Please don't ever stop being the dark side of anime and portraying modern life the way it is.

Obligatory my childhood my first fandom post:
There is CATS doujinshi. As in CATS the Musical doujinshi. From way back in 1998.

Featuring Munkustrap x Demeter, Munkustrap x Grizabella (wut?), Macavity x Bombalurina.

(Oh yes but no but yeah but no but yeah.)

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[Saturday, January 24, 2009]

Casshern SINS 15:

Lyuze ("the girlfriend"): Casshern . . . *heavy pause* . . . It might just be possible that Dune has more emo than you.

Friender (not!Lassie): At this rate, the universe is going to implode with all the emo before the plot gets moving.


Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 12: That's how anime should be deconstructed. Honestly, there are no words to describe how perfect this is. *fangirls like whoa* It does not lack an epic storyline--it has more than one evolving story woven within--it just doesn't let the backstory overshadow the weekly human drama and inevitable tragedy. Futakomori was darker than dark, not to mention depressing. Mitsuganae seems to be more about the darker side of human pettiness and trivality, often focusing on younger people like students. Which somehow makes everything even more tragic and terrible.

Obligatory my childhood! moment:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doujinshi. BL doujinshi.

Isn't that also kind of like incest? Should I even try to get hold of one? Just for a look? (Oh no but yeah but no but yeah but no . . .)

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[Saturday, January 10, 2009]

Casshern SINS 14:
Casshern's emo is still at epic levels.
Dio still has a massive raging hate-on for Casshern, not to mention extreme levels of inadequacy and self-esteem issues.
Lyuze's hate-on has been official discarded as she moves into the position of love interest. No, wait--"person who isn't going to let the protagonist die yet". She still kicks ass despite not being boss level in terms of fighting ability and hopefully will save Casshern a few more times. (The thing is . . . the two of them have not actually saved each other from fatal situations and each incident only seems to serve to promote the pairing.)
Friender is still not Lassie and hopefully never will be.
Ringo is still utterly adorable and the epitome of everything Casshern wants to protect.
Leda and Braiking Boss are still being cryptic.
Despite all this, the plot has moved forwards somewhat and the ending theme has changed. Probably because of [spoilers].

Leda wants Dio's babies. It was one of her original directives after all.
Failing that, she'd have Casshern's.
Casshern might actually like that, seeing his thing for protecting little kiddies.

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[Friday, January 09, 2009]

Save me from full-day courses and full-day meetings. One after the other. It's strange how sitting for hours listening to other people talk can be so draining.

Unless my eyes deceive me, some people are willing to spend 11000yen on a 3 cm ball of fluff designed by Himemiko of Rock'n'Dolless. Eh, the auction says it doesn't come with the set of minis . . . Hope the person using the deputy service can read the message on the image.

No wonder people think fangirls and otaku are scary. (Not to mention willing to spend heaps of money.)

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[Sunday, December 28, 2008]

Finally watched the last episode of Merlin. (It's not as gay as it is subtextual. And pretty because the cast is cute.)

Casshern SINS finally has an inkling of a plot and back-story. Lyuze is inching, ever so slowly, towards the "potential love interest" bracket. (There was, in fact, an entire dysfunctional family structure shown in Episode 13. Father/mother, step-father, prodigal sons and daughter, grandaughter and the potential girl-friend.)

*cautiously checks Yahoo!Japan auctions* Argh, Rock'n'Dolless' latest release from Comiket 75 and the Messiah compilation are up for sale already.

Resolution about buying less doujinshi is going out the window . . . very soon.

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[Friday, December 12, 2008]

Hooray for 20% discounts at Kino.

I am not a fan of CLAMP, having only read RG Veda and watched the XXXholic anime. Mutuality is probably going to be the only CLAMP artbook in my collection. The cover was quite frankly a tease, but no big surprise to anyone who has seen artwork by CLAMP. Also spoilers for R2 here and in the book.


Nothing new in terms of colour art except for three pictures. The sketches show why CLAMP gets top billing for character design as they pretty much covered everything. Favourite picture is still C.C. in the red and black kimono.

Short story by Ohkouchi Ichiro in Chapter VIII: First part had OT3 chilling in Baghdad after the events in the World of C as Lelouch thinks up what would be soon be known as Zero Requiem. Second part is about swords (yes, that one) and very gay as the boys talk about killing off their identities/personas. Suzaku is Ore!Suzaku and the sword was specially made. (Of course it was. No self-respecting weapons-maker would willing make anything like that.) It sounds like double suicide/lovers' suicide when put like that. Only they're talking about it flippantly despite the angsty subject matter. It's also hard to T__T when That Hat is on the opposite page. Anime had the passing of the mask, the short story has the super-gay handing over of the sword. Fanfic and fanart has the alteration of the Zero outfit covered. Yeah, CG has everything.


Reading A Distant Soil. Which I should have picked up earlier except that I did not know it was available in Kino. Seren and D'mer are growing on me.


Casshern Sins Ep 10 was a whole episode without Casshern angsting in it. But it made up for that by having someone else do the angsting for a change. Dune has issues. Dio has a huge rage-on for Casshern. Leda has a huge . . . well, she's rather obsessed with Dio and their new utopia. In the background, the plot inches forwards.

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[Sunday, December 07, 2008]

Argh, forgot about road closures today. I hate spending that long on a bus while being stuck in traffic.

Picked up Fables: War and Pieces the other day. Very epic.

Passed on hardcover book of James Jean's Fables covers. Gorgeous, glorious stuff. *waits for 20% discount to roll around again*

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[Thursday, December 04, 2008]

After a marathon of Jigoku Shoujo (first season, Futakomori and whatever's released of Mitsuganae), it's safe to say that I love how dark and relentlessly twisted it is. It even twisted the Magic Girl Transformation into something truly ominous. Not so fond of the sequence in Mitsuganae (now with extra lesbian subtext), but it's got its merits.

The lessons within the show are simple: there are consequences for everything you do and human beings are petty, mean, small-minded and cruel. It's saying something when the nicest people on the show are Ai's demonic servants who cheerfully send people to Hell every show.


Casshern SINS is a scenario in which the plot doesn't matter. The plot is just a background and filler to pack around the angst that the protagonist is going through every episode. Which is poignant and pretty impressive considering it's a bunch of robots doing the emoting for most of the show. And there's inherent classism/racism/speciesism(?) in the system when the grunts are robots that look like robots and the more fleshed-out (ha ha) characters look like humans. Or maybe they're cyborgs. There isn't enough plot to tell at the moment.

(And if Lyuze ends up just as a love-interest along the way, score one for sexism in a show about robots that technically should not have gender. Or cyborgs.)


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[Saturday, November 08, 2008]

Read Nation by Terry Pratchett in under 5 hours. It's not Discworld, but it's good on its own.

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[Friday, June 02, 2006]

When I first got into fandom and started writing fics (oh so long ago), I knew I was probably going to hell.

And then I got into Kingdom Hearts fanfic and discovered that my OTP is Mickey/Riku. Oh I'm so going to hell. It's guaranteed.


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[Tuesday, May 17, 2005]

I have not been writing of late bacause I realise that my life has gone down the toilet in terms of interesting things that I can actually share with the world at large. And fandom takes time, dammit.

Weird hits on my blog:
"Is shotacon illegal?"

In some places it is. In Japan, it seems to be okay. If you mean the real thing (in the creepy MJ kind of way) and not a fictional kind of thing, then of course it is illegal.

Eline finally does self-censorship:
Can I please not get any more hits for "n_zi fetish"? I don't mind getting hits for "yaoi porn doujinshi", but I really, really don't want to be known for "n_zi fetish". I play Zettai Fukujuu Meirei and have some doujinshi with the aforesaid fetish, but that's just uniform fetish and nothing else. Why in the world would I have a n_zi fetish? I'm not Japanese!

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[Thursday, April 14, 2005]

I have ordered Zettai Fukujuu Meirei (see post below) through the other fangirl-types on Yahoo!Japan Auctions. I owe it all to Yahoo! Easy Payments--making it easier for fangirls. And M, who taught me enough buyer-seller e-mail Japanese to get through in the dark times before I went to Japanese classes.


Is there any real opening for a professional fangirl anywhere?

My Fangirl C.V.:
- Ficced for more than five fandoms.
- Fan-arted for more than five fandoms.
- Beta-ed fic. (Been there, read that, getting paid to read worst stuff now.)
- Community and Mailing Lists--I stopped counting them already.
- 'Shipped for a few 'ships.
- 'Shipper site and fansites and fic-sites . . .
- Pimped a great deal of stuff to a variety of people.
- E-bay-ed doujinshi across several fandoms.
- BT-ed a great deal of BL games and anime.
- Joined more than one translation project in a capacity other than that of a translator (freelance).

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[Wednesday, March 30, 2005]

Random Fandom:
The Bara no ki fandisc and attached sketchbook have re-awakened a desire to play the game.

Curses--have no time!

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[Wednesday, February 09, 2005]

Happy Lunar New Year . . .

It's good being on top of the family tree. You get visited by people instead of going to visit people. Including the uncle who is stingy with the ang pao money and the ones who bring all their spawn to collect as many red packets as possible.

Went to my mother's side for dinner. As my mother's immediate family is large to begin with, it always made sense to go to one uncle's house for the first day. My one and only niece has not acknowledged me--woe is I, for toddlers have such short term memories for relatives they only see once a month. (One of the pairs of uncles and aunties are still having problems and it's getting sadder year after year.) Grandmother's meat rolls and curry! Yay!

Am becoming a pig with all the face-stuffing these two days . . .


Dear whiney fangirls,
You're already getting games and stuff for free. Asking for translations is like asking for that slap upside the head you rightfully deserve. Learn Japanese. It opens whole new worlds for you, believe you me. It makes life easier and cheaper in the long run.

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[Friday, January 21, 2005]

Saiyuki Fanfic Competition at Echoes from the West. Go join or something.

And a good place to read fanfics too, for people who come here searching for "Saiyuki fanfics". No guarantee for people searching for "Saiyuki fanfic lemons" though. (The average fic from EftW is still better than the average Saiyuki fic from the Pit of Voles, so what do you stand to lose?)

Yeah, good BL game. Go buy it. I recommend Amazon.co.jp or Yahoo!Japan Auctions--which has some good deals for the game plus the porny CG upgrade disk. Arm yourself with Japanese and someone in Japan willing to receive and forward stuff for you before going in.

And for the people searching for Enzai OVAs to leech, the raws are up at YaoiTorrents Forever. Why don't you go buy some legit anime DVDs someday after enjoying the downloaded ones? (Just a suggestion, because while I have the DVDs, I would not recommend the Enzai OVAs to anyone other than rabid fans. The anime art is . . . not very good to say the least.)

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[Wednesday, January 19, 2005]

Naoi/Neutral Fan! Congratulations~!

Where Do You Fall in Fandom Politics?
brought to you by Quizilla

Has someone been updating terms again? (Extremely graded form of response and result. Does not take into account the full spectrum of fandom . . . Yar, so I've made much less interesting surveys before and I find the Likert scale a little boring . . .)


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[Saturday, January 15, 2005]

Room-cleaning. *sigh*

But I have to clear up the desk outside my room first. -__-;;

Meanwhile . . .


My aunt has ordered pineapple tarts (a tasty species of which I am very fond of) for the Lunar New Year and she suddenly decided to give a box to you because she likes you best out of all my friends. I am in shock because this is unprecedented and you are obviously not human. My aunt does not like people in general--not even the relatives, most of whom will not even receive a crumb from her this year.

Random Fandom:

Have figured out how to make torrents and seed them. My nerdiness increases by another notch (perhaps). Will make available rarer things like additional drama tracks. Will not do games--I don't know how to convert the files anyway.

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[Sunday, December 26, 2004]

Spent X'mas with the Catholic side of the family. First and only niece is growing very fast. Cousins are getting very tall as well. Or maybe I am growing shorter.

Spent Boxing Day seeing a lot of friends. Went to Expo to meet Serene to give her the stuff, but met other fangirls there too. I felt so old. And so much more normal after seeing the cosplayers. (Serere's group, btw, were incredible. They hadn't even finished putting everything together when I left to meet Kit and Sue Mei at Taka for the sale.)

Had to go for Japanese class, but as they told me afterwards, the sale was too crowded anyway. Oh well . . .

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[Saturday, December 04, 2004]

Methodist weddings are certainly much more cheerful than Catholic ones.

Random Fandom:

Yes, I'm glad you enjoyed the fic. Yes, I'm glad it had the intended effect. No, I don't want to hear about how you got off on it . . . TMI.

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[Friday, December 03, 2004]

My throat is feeling weird and meetings at work are rather boring as usual. We finally agreed on something, which is an accomplishment of sorts, but that means we have another meeting on Monday to make sure we all understand what we agreed on.


Random Fandom:
Have watched Meine Liebe. It is what Kyou Kara Maou would have been if KKM had taken itself seriously. It has characters with names that the KKM cast would find laughable and boot suspenders (worn with shorts and cape) as a fashion statement of the elite.

The cast is made up of three quarters of the Saiyuki boys, half of Weiss Kreuz and Fakir from Princess Tutu, which means this is either a seiyuu showcase or pure fanservice. From the first four episodes, it's probably "fanservice for yaoi fangirls", a category that first popped up with WK--no real plot or original characterisation required because the formula just goes "take four/five pretty boys--the angsty one, his angsty friend, the other angsty one, the young cute one with angst and the Japanese-looking angst-ridden guy, mix and stir."

It's so bad, it's amusing.

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[Saturday, November 20, 2004]

It's kind of sad when dinner at a friend's place tastes much better than the staff annual dinner. We appreciate the budget constraints, but the last potluck session was much, much better.

Cheongsam was okay--until I sat down. It rides up and that's when the slit's too high . . .


Have checked out vPOSTJAPAN. Hmmm . . . It's not too bad in terms of shipping rates . . .

Random fangirling:

Ange and I told kit about the DN flash animation (milkshake . . . oh gawd). It has to be seen to be believed.

Have got my Teikokusensenki OST, Enzai The Diary and Teikokusensenki Hi Tsurezure. Which means I can figure out what the drama cd is actually about. ^^;;

Have enough yen for the trip (I think and I hope). Now for the shopping list!


Music: canta per me Noir OST I

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[Friday, November 05, 2004]

Have already fangirled with genki Japanese seller over Teikokusensenki. We belong to the minority that actually likes Mou Ganken despite the fact that he's rather non-bishounen and in her words, "looks like an uncle amidst all the pretty boys". (Well, like really does call to like even online . . .) We're moving on to favourite CPs right now . . .

BL Game Log: Teikokusensenki
The beginning:
In which the protagonist, Tou Seika, plus his family are introduced. They're serfs, if I'm reading this correctly and it's hard labour all the way as they toil to build the glorious empire of the current big-nob in power. (Feel so much more sympathetic to protagonist already.)

Seika's younger brother was sick and unable to work. What happens next is rather depressing as Seika's younger brother and his dad are killed and chucked on a heap of corpses. Seika's older brother prevents him from joining them. The brothers plot to escape and Seika has a vision of his brother's death. Which comes true and Seika is forced to flee (least his brother's sacrifice be in vain).

Seika meets the bear-like Mou Ganken, the first friendly soul he meets after the murder of his brother. The speed at which Ganken offers to aid poor injured Seika should have made anyone suspicious, but we're in a BL game here, so Seika does take Ganken up on his offer to team up and kill off the Emperor. (Shades of Hero, anyone?)

As the story progresses, Seika has visions of approaching enemies and an attack on Ganken. After seeing and finally believing Seika's predicitons, Ganken declares that he's got a knack for predicting the future. Seika isn't so sure if this is a good thing. Mou Ganken has shown his incredible niceness by carrying a practically lame Seika through the woods and fighting by his side.

This games certainly does have much more plot than Enzai.

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[Tuesday, October 26, 2004]

Raw fish is always good. ^^

And kit has no nerves.


Recently got along very well with a seller on Y!Japan and we had a friendly exchange of e-mails while waiting for the payment to get through. (And even she asked about my name. Yes, it's weird, innit?) Which is how I knew about the quake in Niigata before even reading the papers. (Thus is my written Japanese several miles beyond my spoken . . . Give me a dictionary and I can type compositions. Had a test in the last lesson. I didn't even know about it until I got there. Amazingly enough, I managed to get more than 50%.)

Still irritated with most of the fandoms I am in so I shall not bother with them. (I put up with crappy grammar every day--I don't have to put up with it in my spare time!)

Too busy with work to play any of my games. *sigh*

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[Monday, October 18, 2004]

You are .scr  You are sneaky. and often cause a lot of trouble for people.  You should be avoided.
Which File Extension are You?

Boo-hoo . . .

You are HP-UX. You're still strong despite the passage of time.  Though few understand you, those who do love you deeply and appreciate you.
Which OS are You?

At least I'm not Windows . . .

Dear Mr Eddings,

It wouldn't kill you to come up with new characterisations for your recycled characters y'know? It might just hide the fact that you're rewriting the same story for the fifth or sixth time with the same characters . . . Or not because one would probably need a woolly mammoth to hide a turkey this big.

Yes, The Elder Gods sucked big-time and two people writing one book really, really doesn't make it any better.

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[Saturday, October 16, 2004]

Sashimi and sake . . . Gooooodddd . . . *flops over* But well-deserved after yesterday . . .

Random fangirling:

It hit me today that the cover for Going Postal resembles the movie poster for Star Wars Episode IV. Resemblance aside, the timing is pretty good . . . what with original Trilogy out on DVD now. Still grumpy that they change the original Trilogy to Lucas' "ideal version".

Fanboi-in-training cannot make it to Japan this year--or is it his friends who cannot make it? Ah well . . . as someone who won't do things based on the timing of my friends most of the time, I might just go anyway.

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[Friday, October 08, 2004]

Had a craving for cake until yesterday when someone's kid had a full-month and there was chocolate cake in the staff pantry. ^^

Had eye check-up. Eyes are quite healthy despite the hours in front of the PC.

Have Going Postal by Terry Pratchett in my grubby paws after making a reservation at San Books.

Life is reasonably good except for impending work and that pile of work I brought back home this weekend . . .

Recent anime: Great Detectives Poirot and Marple

They managed to do Agatha Christie in anime. *shock* Complete with a cute girl character with a cute little duck (obviously certain anime conventions cannot be circumvented). Hastings reminds me of Hubb from Wolf's Rain. When someone, some day, writes Poirot + Hastings, I will scream/faint in horror/fangirl (depending on how well or not-well it's written).

And it's in polite Japanese. It's almost weird after a constant flow of das and ores coupled with slang-forms in a lot of the anime I've seen.

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[Friday, September 17, 2004]

Belated fangirling (just, you know, because):

Kyou Kara Maou: OMG! Yuuri's ass!

I want some of that KKM . . .


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[Wednesday, September 15, 2004]

There's a club dedicated to L's toes. Hella Toes.

That's not the scary part. The scary part is I feel like joining it. Quote, unquote, Cos his toes are so the cool!


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[Wednesday, September 08, 2004]

My friend, a fanboy, has fallen for PoT and all its BL/yaoi glory. Being the good *cough* friend that I am, I introduced him to TeniMyu.

*shrugs* That sort of thing just compels you to spread the pain around . . .

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[Tuesday, August 31, 2004]

Watched 'Allo 'Allo with kit after having sushi last night.
Yay--Britcoms rule!

kit, ange and neffy-poo:

Will be a lot more free next week. Which day is good for you guys?

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[Saturday, August 28, 2004]

Cultural Exchange
kit (a PS 2 gamer) has showed me PS2 games like Fatal Frame 2 (yes, that was scary) and the FF series. And then I showed her BL RPG games like Enzai (yes, she found it scary) last night.

We basically thought, only the Japanese . . . would come up with games where the aim is to boink as many people as possible. (In both hentai and BL games.)

New word I learned: fandom wank

Meaning (as far as I can ascertain): You bad little example of fandom, no biscuits for you.

Why is there so much fandom wank recently? I think there might be some brewing in BL gamerland even as I speak . . .

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[Friday, August 27, 2004]

Having looked at my sister's lj and my own, I can safely say that if I bottled her, I'd get bottled genki. (Which is so not true at certain times early in the morning . . .)

Fandom-wise, I have been watching 'Allo 'Allo, very probably my favourite comedy of all time.

"Listen very carefully. I shall say this only once."

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[Wednesday, August 25, 2004]

I plan to sleep at 10.30 tonight.

I cannot wait for next Monday to be over. Then after that, I can't wait for next Thursday to be over. (We're very glad we get breaks, but in the end, it tends to create more work. *sigh*)


As kit said, fandom is crazy and fangirls even more so. (kit, won your dj. Prepare the yen please. Remind me of the other auctions.) Now I'm waiting for other fangirls to pick up their dj and pay me someday soon.


Japanese class starts again this weekend. Frikkin' hell, I'm so out of practice (not that I was ever any good at speaking the language in the first place).

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[Saturday, August 21, 2004]

To satisfy incandescens' academic curiosity . . . tentacle yaoi. (Heh, I can imagine the search engine hits for the next month or so. Currently, it's mostly KKM. KKM, taking the mickey out of BL, but in a nice way . . .)

Which pushes for the theory that yaoi fangirls are not that different from hentai fanboys, especially when it just looks like tentacle-hentai with a gender-change. (We're all really just pervy fans--just don't tell our mothers. And never open that particular lj at work.)

Have doujinshi now. It is pretty. Not as pretty as Death Note though. As fun as PoT was, the anime is, as heard practically everywhere, on a scale of one to ten in terms of BL/yaoi-ness, breaking the scale somewhere after 25948178305453. Which gets tiring after too many fillers.


kit was right. Inspiration always comes when one is stressed to the max. Which is also known as the irony of life . . .

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[Friday, August 20, 2004]

Work is boring--but what a lot of it there is too. Life is boring, but strangely busy. *yawn* Uh-oh, I'm boring.


They have ljs for tentacle yaoi? Hurray for the Internet!

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[Saturday, August 14, 2004]

I hate it that this job has no real time-limits. They can get you even on Sundays if necessary.

I get to go for first-aid courses! (I fangirl the former-paramedic trainer! One and two and three and four and five and one and two and three and four and ten . . .)

I get to deal with annoying people every day.

There's never a dull moment, really. (Except for yesterday, which was a case of real official leave for a real official function. I didn't want to go. But the parents . . . and I promised my friend that I'd give her a lift.)

*goes font-hunting*

A Chronic Case of Fandom:
*after someone announces on an ML that they have seen the end of a series that ended three years ago* Congratulations! Someday, around a year afterwards, when you hear another newbie say the same thing, you'll feel exactly the same way we do right now! *presses delete button*

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[Tuesday, August 10, 2004]

Reason #17 about why fandom sucks: I never liked fandom very much after the first three years, but at least I never begrudged anyone their right to have and express a differing opinion.

Never argue with a fool--you know that it makes you into one eventually.

In the meantime, I will put on my reasonable-face and smile about it.


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[Monday, July 26, 2004]


: Oh dear, look who just popped up . . . Have not read fanfic from that fandom before--here's another good reason not to.

Kyou Kara Maou: Konrad! (Was predisposed to like him anyway--he's voiced by Tatsumi and Homura's seiyuu.)

Enzai: Look, I don't have the time to argue and get into a fan discussion (i.e. an uncivil brawl that I will avoid by not saying anything), but at least I know the difference between schizophrenia and MPS/MPD and their associated symptoms.

Death Note: Is on crack. Need volume 3--soon. LRaito isn't likely, true enough, but it's pretty (seeing that only Raito alone in the series can be considered pretty and alive) and makes for good dounjinshi. I want dj by Cross now . . .

Escaflowne: A chorus of chanting monks--how I missed it . . . ^^


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[Sunday, July 25, 2004]

Sleepover! With sake (wine and other beverages fermented from honey, rice, potato skins, persimmons and I don't know what else . . .) and gag BL anime (Kyou Kara Maou).

Was definitely slightly drunk. It took me about five minutes to realise what those pirates were wearing. *Five minutes*.

Still tired. Have no energy as it gets sapped out of me during the rest of the week.

Retail therapy: Some clothes. My sapphire Graphire 3. ? Less mouse-hand-stress. ? *strokes it* Overindulgence, I am guilty. (No more spending for this month . . . T_T)

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[Thursday, July 22, 2004]

Heavy Fangirling
Got the Gakuen Heaven game. But I'm not done with Enzai yet . . .

I do believe I have seen Magic-Boy anime.

Kyou Kara Maou (literally "Demon King From Today Onwards") . . . There are some similarities and differences when one compares it to traditional Magic Girl Anime.

Potential spoilers. Scroll down if you're bored.

Magic Girl Anime (e.g. Escaflowne) Magic Boy Anime (Kyou Kara Maou)

  • Girl in a fuku falls into another world/alternate universe via a book/mirror/magic gateway.

  • Boy in a uniform winds up in another world/alternate universe after being flushed down a toilet. (No, dignity is obviously not a consideration here . . .)

  • Destiny calls--one minute a normal junior high school student, next minute potential Saviour of the World/magic girl/Priestess of Zog.

  • Destiny calls--one minute a normal high school student, next minute King of the Demons/potential Saviour of the World.

  • Practically everyone, especially good-looking male cast members, loves her or falls in love with her.

  • Practically everyone, especially good-looking male cast members, loves him--or they would if the fangirls had anything to say about it.

  • She gets hitched or engaged or practically fated by deus ex machina to be with one of the good-looking cast members. The fans know it's true love from Day One despite the two of them desperately denying their feelings for each other.

  • He gets hitched or engaged or practically fated by deus ex machina
    to be with one of the good-looking cast members. The fangirls know it's true boi-love from Day One despite the two of them desperately denying their feelings for each other.

  • Clueless, they stumble about, occasionally fighting and getting on each other's nerves.

  • Clueless, they stumble about, occasionally fighting and getting on each other's nerves.

  • Each member of the main couple winds up saving the other several times before the series is over.

  • Each member of the main couple will probably wind up saving the other several times before the series is over.

  • Despite all this, fangirls can still come up with yaoi fanfics involving two good-looking male cast members--one of them was fated to be in love with the main female character--who do not usually get along.

  • Despite all this, fangirls can still come up with alternative yaoi pairings and yaoi fanfics involving two good-looking male cast members--one of them being the main male character--who do not usually get along.

  • Yaoi fangirls make up a hefty percentage of the fandom.

  • Yaoi fangirls make up 99.9% of the fandom. The remaining 0.1% is comprised of the clueless fans who will write Mary Sue fics.


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[Friday, July 16, 2004]

"Yay!" for . . .

The weekend. Not waking up at 5.45am.

Getting rid of the virus from the PC. (It was Backdoor.Doster--even the viruses I get have dodgy names . . .)

Getting over the cold and stuffy nose in less than a week.

The Psycho Bunny charm necklace that Delilah sent me.

Bonus! (Finally paying off incurred debts.)

Getting Escaflowne aka my-all-time-favourite-fantasy-shoujo-series on DVD. (Granted, it was retail therapy, but my sister loaned out my Odex VCD set to her friends too often and I have no clue where it is. People should watch this before viewing the tripe overdone dramady that is Fushigi Yuugi. Escaflowne the anime is better than the manga, which was a tad confusing. And neither series appears slashable--not even with Nuriko and Dilandau. To me, at least . . .)

Now all I need to do is get a Playstation II and I'm set.

". . ." to . . .

Fanfic_hate. Ah, it's like the dropout-lists of American Idol, only with more venom and less tact.

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[Friday, July 09, 2004]

Sign #42 that I've gone off the deep end . . .

(BL) Fangirl Paradise
(To be rapped or sung along to Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" or Weird Al's "Amish Paradise". If you're drunk enough, that is.)

As I scroll down my mailing lists and drive my RPG characters to certain death,
I take a look at my life and realize there ain't much left,
Cos I've been surfing and gaming so long that
Even my mother thinks that my mind is gone,
But I ain't never bought overpriced dj that wasn't worth it,
Me paying $50 for doujinshi, you know that's unheard of!
Gotta watch what I'm surfing, hide the games I'm playing,
Or the family will go into shock.
I really hate bad fanfiction but we've all got to cope
Face it, we'd read crap fanworks until we croak . . . (fool)
I'm the kind of BL-lovin' gal most fangirls are like
Surfing deep into the night, sniggering at glowing cones of light.

Been spending most our lives
Living in a fangirl paradise
I've used WinMX more than twice
Living in a fangirl paradise
Wrote fanfic many a time
Living in a fangirl paradise
We keep spending most our lives
Living in a fangirl paradise

Look at the situation, convention's got me facing,
I lead a normal life, I can't afford to trip,
So I gotta fly under the radar to survive.
Too much yaoi-viewing got me spawnin' ecchi dreams.
I'm an overeducated fool with doujinshi on my mind,
Got my credit card in my hand and a gleam in my eye.
I'm a semi-literate hardcore BL gamer
And my Japanese skills are cruddy so don't ask for translations! (fool)
Altavista Babblefish is just a mouse-click away . . .
I'm living life my own way, so what can I say?
"I'm 24, this is going to continue beyond age 25,
These *really* aren't the cartoons you think you know, Dad . . ."

Tell me why are we
So blind to see
That yaoi
Is actually the same as hentai and yuri?

Been spending most our lives
Living in a fangirl paradise
I sell doujinshi at quite a reasonable price
Living in a fangirl paradise
Second-generation burned TeniPuri raws will suffice
Living in a fangirl paradise
We keep spending most our lives
Living in a fangirl paradise

Doujinshi or the money, saving money or the buying power?
Minute after minute, hour after hour,
Everybody's searching, most of them are looking
At what's going on Y!Jp auctions, but I got my own little ways.
Got to learn more Japanese but that's no guarantee!
If the sellers can't understand it, how can they sell to me?
I guess they can't
Most of them won't
It's back to square one
That's when my attempts at auctions run out of luck . . .

We been spending most our lives
Living in a fangirl paradise
BitTorrent sure was nice
Living in a fangirl paradise
Signed up with eBay in a trice
Living in a fangirl paradise
We keep spending most our lives
Living in a fangirl paradise

Tell me why are we,
So mean and bitchy
To other fangirls like you and me?

Ever wonder why do we,
Find boy-on-boy, S&M, Non-Con and shota fantasies
Just so pretty?

We been spending most our lives
Living in a fangirl paradise
P2P sharing got me into trouble once or twice
Living in a fangirl paradise
Porny doujinshi are my vice
Living in a fangirl paradise
We keep spending most our lives
Living in a fangirl paradise . . .

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[Tuesday, July 06, 2004]

Japanese test in less than 5 hours. Freaking out now. Benkyou wo shinakatta. T__T

So many things to do, so little time. (I haven't even had time to read those library books I borrowed.) I go to work at 7am and come back at 8pm. My time management must suck. Or maybe this is just a busy week . . .

Death Note:
No, you two don't really look like good friends when you play tennis. You look like you're about to jump each other after the match. (Or so every other fangirl who watches animated PoT would think.)

Yes, Neffy-Poo, but my memory circuits were shot after a whole day doing SPA (not the relaxing one).

It's 9pm, do you know where your brain is? Certainly not here with this test . . .

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[Monday, July 05, 2004]

Got work done. Easier to do work outside the house for some reason . . . Could it be the PC with it's games and Internet? Why I do believe it could be so, Holmes . . .

Should not visit kit at work too often. Will grow fat on cinnamon buns.

Death Note volume 2: This is *so* much fun despite the fact that this manga is warped and the main character is turning into a psychopath.

Death Note Scans: (Yes, I cheated. I am a bad fangirl. But I will buy Death Note volume 3 all the same.) *dies laughing* Ahhh, tennis! Who needs BL when L and Raito are doing such a fantastic job of mindfucking each other? With tennis for foreplay . . .

Yay, I'm glad I started my DN dj collection early . . .

Dammit, I got the ending for Vallewida and it's the only thread I want to play now because he's apparently the most intellectual, spiritual and sensitive inmate in the block (not that this is saying much, but the others look like such weenies compared to him--no one else could retain that sort of dignity after being horribly victimised)--i.e. angst-ridden. And he's the prettiest one to boot. Unfortunately, it's not Guys I like him paired up with . . .

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[Saturday, July 03, 2004]

Work makes me feel like getting a large stiff drink. I drank loads of green tea last night instead.

Have managed to get the first real virus in all eight years of being online. Icky script has changed my default/home IE page to go to some spam site where they auto-direct you to a porn site that dumps viruses on you. (Again, the wrong kind of porn lah!) Am avoiding popping open IE and using my favourites bar from other windows instead while I figure out how to get it fixed. Bah.

Besides I already have the right kind of porn beside me. ^^ (Okay, so I'm playing a hardcore BL game with a dictionary at my side. I'm actually reading most of the text and not bothering to get on with the other endings. This is bad--very, very bad . . . )

Met kit today and bugged her at work for once. Got manga! Death Note volume 2 is insane. Raito is insane. Or as kit put it, Raito is Hikaru gone intelligent and insane after Sai went bye-bye.

Travel Log: Fresh fish . . .
19/06/04--Takayama to Kanezawa
Took the ran from Takayama to Kanazawa. The ryokan was right in the middle of a shopping district and there was even an *Animate* there. (Not that we went there--had plenty of it in Tokyo already.) The lady who ran the place was so nice and we were feeling dreadfully guilty about it when she made us tea in the lobby because she had a bad back of sorts.

The Kanazawa Loop Bus card gave excellent value for money as we trotted off to the old samurai houses, the Omicho Market, the old geisha district and the gold leaf shops.

Have learned that the Japanese wet markets smell a lot nicer than the wet markets here despite the volumes of fish and seafood that go through them every day. And the freshness and variety of food was amazing. Even the packaged sushi we got for lunch there was fresh. Bought wasabi nori from a friendly vendor as it was one of the few things that could keep without refrigeration--yummy!

Have tried octopus sushi. Fresh as it was, it was still chewier than abalone. Will stick to maguro and shake.

20/06/04--The day the humidity broke us all
Made our way unhurriedly to Osaka, totally unsure about what to do. Vague plans were made even vaguer by the weather, which was so humid, I thought I was back home at one point.

There was a free showcase of bands when we arrived at Osaka-jo koen. Strolled around Osaka-jo for the lovely view but did not go in. Went to Namba afterwards for shopping and cool, welcoming shops with air-conditioners on full blast.

Met kit at the hotel. Apparently, the immigrations people sensed her evil vibes at the airport.

Note to self, While in Osaka, do not stay in Shin-Osaka despite the closeness to the Station. Osaka itself is a lot more happening.

Cheesecake? Beats me, Neffy-Poo san . . . Maybe because it's "soft" as in softcore and not hardcore "hard" like a solid block of dark chocolate? Like cheesecake is all well and good, but you'd rather have the chocolate?

Tabun . . . ^^

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[Friday, July 02, 2004]

You know those free calendars they give you when you start work? Most places have something provided by sponsers or the like. We got stuff from the contractors apparently. And when all my colleagues got Chinese Zodiac animals on their calendars, I got the one with the cheesecake pictures of semi-naked women.

I prodded my friend at the next cubicle and we had a good snigger over it before surrending it to the administration, who was a good deal more offended by it than I ever was. Yes, offensive in this enlightened day and age, but porn is porn. Equal opportunities for ogling--I wouldn't have turned in a calendar of semi-nude guys, I'd have saved it for drawing references. (It's not even the right kind of porn . . . Where are the whips and chains?)

Previously, I used to edit fics for my own sites (until I crashed, burned and died). Not the brightest thing I ever did, but I had (and still have) anal standards for stuff going on my pages. It required sitting through eye-burning piles of ungrammatical, incoherent, unparagraphed, illogical and just plain bad fic in order to tweak them into generally grammatical, somewhat paragraphed illogical bad fic.

The current job actually draws on that experience. Must . . . restrain the urge . . . to tweak grammar . . .

Work calls. May need to go in for a heavy dose of BL gaming to get me through it.

I know I'm a fangirl when . . . I start churning out fanfic one week into the fandom.

Current anime series: None. Animation for a lot of series seem to suck.

Current telly: I don't watch television any more. I have Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. (Not that I have much time to watch it . . .)

Current manga(s): Death Note and anything pretty. (Plot was never very important for me, but art was--hence things like Yami no Matsuei. Death Note actually has a plot and it's pretty! Despite the fact that Raito looks like Hikaru in his genki moments, which is just wrong . . .)

Current dj fix: Saiyuki, TeniPuri and Death Note

Current game(s): Enzai on the PC (got Endings 4, 8, 9 and 10 down) and FF7 on the PS (which is not going anywhere because Enzai has stolen my brain).

Current soundtrack: the sCRYed OST I bought secondhand from Mandarake Nagoya because it's still one of my favourite action animes and one of those rare beasts where the anime is better than the manga (Drastic my soul, All I need is love, Reckless Fire, Magma, Alter)

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[Tuesday, June 08, 2004]

HP3: Yay! A real HP movie at last (i.e. under two and a half hours with all the important bits happening very, very neatly)! Hermione rules and most of the boys . . . don't even have her balls.

. . .

Oh all right, there was Lupin/Black. (Yes, Lupin/Black. Wolf bigger than doggy.)

Did I mention how Hermione outclassed everyone else in the show?

Sole compliant: Needs more Snape.

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[Monday, June 07, 2004]

On course. It's not tedious--huzzah, huzzah.

When my gran is not watching Zhen Qing, it's Qi Tian Tai Sheng Sun Wukong (basically Seiten Taisei Son Goku) at 7pm--a series that is, in it's own special way (rather like Saiyuki), an AU of the original Xi Yu Ji with a title that fits well. (Yes, it's really all about the monkey.) It's got the usual beating up of demons (which Sun Wukong does with a great deal of style and cheeky flare) and all and sundry out to eat Sanzang (who is thankfully a lot more composed and doesn't cry every half hour or so) . . .

And today's episode had the Bull Demon muttering to himself about giving up womanising and staying with the wife because women are trouble. You've got to love all those variations of Journey to the West, yes . . .

Whereas Saiyuki is somewhat special because Son Goku is not permanently in the spotlight and Sanzo is not a weakling. (And one winds up pairing Hakkai and Gojyo together, but that's not the main point here . . .)

Sun Wukong was very nearly a Mary Sue because he was awesome and almost unbeatable despite being an arrogant prick who knew he had more brains than everyone else in the story. But everyone loves a winner, hence the Adventures of the Monkey King and a dozen other serialisations (my favourite being the 80's production of Xie Yu Ji).

Not bad for a 16th century satire about being too smart in a rigid, traditionalist, parochial society (i.e. you get squished--hard--before being reformed) with the religious schism theme thrown in (evil demons dressed up as Taoist priests trying to eat a Buddhist priest) for good measure.

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[Saturday, June 05, 2004]

Work today. (We hope that the whole "until 5pm on a Saturday" thingy doesn't happen on a regular basis . . . Eh, no guarantees there. But tea was *excellent*, all things considered.)

Archived--I am currently archived at an embarrassing number of fic archives (categorised as the generic ff.net account, the adult archives, the ones I get invited into, the original stuff I will not talk about and homebase). Booked hostels, phones . . . Need to settle JR Pass and train schedules. (Can always save Hokkaido and all manner of hot springs for another year when I have more than 12 days leave . . . *lower lip quivers* *sniff*)

Wrote soft porn for Saiyuki.

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[Sunday, May 09, 2004]

_rant mode_
Being nice gets you nowhere and nothing other than more people stepping on you more often. Demanding things and being nasty seems to work better for other people. (Hey, it works for my sister.)

I don't know what the heck you want out of me, only it seems that it's not good enough for you and never will be. I'm sick and tired of being the good one. (And you actually wonder why I'm always on the defensive? I am not your damned punching bag. *gnashes teeth*)

Pet peeve:
Does "I wish you didn't make them gay?" count as constructive feedback? I don't go around reviewing and saying that the probability of them being fuck buddies is higher than them falling for Mary Sue (seeing that Mary Sue doesn't even exist in the same universe where Gojyo and Hakkai until someone put her there), do I? And heed the damn warning if you don't like yaoi . . .

For every "i was impressed their was no yaoi", I feel like writing reams of torrid porn. Unlike some yaoi fans, I don't expect people to like my writing just because there are two men screwing in it (or not). Yaoi fans are as bad as het fans--watch them jump all over authors who write Mary Sues and fawn over people who can't spell or construct proper sentences in their epic 26-chapter fic with an OOC m/m pairing.
_/rant mode_

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[Wednesday, May 05, 2004]

Deadlines. Panicking now. *checks work to be done* Ehhh . . . That's a lot of reports to write in less than 48 hours.

And on the other hand, I just finished another Japanese test. Am amazed that I still have anything remotely resembling a retention rate at 9pm . . .

Reason #146 why ff.net is bad for bedtime reading:
Yes, angles are beautiful. (They always add up to 180 degrees in a triangle and 360 degrees in a four-sided polygon--you can't get anything more beautiful than that.) Now if only the author had wrote if they were obtuse angles or acute angles, *then* we might have a little more insight on why some OOC character was madly in love with them and how they formed a bizarre love triangle . . .

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[Monday, April 19, 2004]

Fannish post:

Saiyuki Reload: My goodness, what a difference the manga plotline makes. *sniffle* It made all those fillers seem almost worthwhile. Almost.

PoT: Ange pimping me TeniMyu 2 almost destroyed my brain. People actually queue up in droves to watch this? *points at Ange* Otaku . . . honmono no otaku desu.

PoT dj:
Anoooo, I just saw Volumes #1 to 4 of Akira Hojo's Slide going for over $20 each on eBay.

Never ever underestimate the buying power of psychotic fangirls. *nods*

Yah butbutbutbut . . . even jpqueen sells those dj for cheaper than that. You could get . . . maybe two or even three Akira Hojo *copybooks* for that wad of dough on Y!Jp.

The beauty and the insanity of fandom. /end irony

Must someday do the maths on the economics of being a fangirl.

To Fay, who commented in the previous post:
Don't seem have your e-mail addy down there, dearie, so . . .

Crazy is not exactly the word I'd use . . . But one has to be slightly warped to enjoy reading Rika the Breeder, even when reading it in Japanese or just reading it with very poor Japanese skills. ^^;;; (And this layout is one-year old. I don't even have the decency to blush about this. Oh dear . . .)

If you're into the manga though, the latest volume of Rika can be found on jpqueen.com or amazon.co.jp. Aestheticism.com has the translation of volume 1 up, if I recall correctly.

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[Saturday, April 17, 2004]

Am listening to RENT in Japanese, courtesy of Joy and recommended by Ange. Heh, we never tracked these down way back when the people of the First Fandom were also RENTheads (or at least most of them were and I was easily influenced).

Have Saiyuki Reload to watch, cruddy animation and all. Relatively happy, even with work and impending doom circling my head.

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[Saturday, April 03, 2004]

I didn't go for Japanese class on Wednesday. Too tired. Plus work ended at about 5.30pm and by that time I was nearly dead, Synflex or no Synflex.

Bah . . .

Flying under the radar is all well and good, but I'm so boring now that I'm send myself to sleep. The inner-bitch is only allowed to run loose here on this blog. She gets muzzled everywhere else. (The alternative is Eline scaring the cheese whiz out of everyone and that is not to be thought of, no matter how tempting it is. Need job. Need job with paycheck to buy porny dj, videos, Synflex, watch musicals and pay off insurance--which is definitely necessary in this line of work in case I die of stomach ulcers. More medical and dental benefits . . .)

Had another heartening phone call. It's nice to be wanted.

Ange: No thanks . . . We have a juicer at home and there's always Pokka Carrot Juice. ^^

Delilah: Friended you, though I hardly post on lj . . . Am afraid you'd only get the once-in-a-blue-moon fic update for fandoms you don't read and some art that you would rather not look at. ^^;;;;;;

Snarky-ness: OMG, Mary Sues still fall out of the sky these days? That's so passe . . .

Ah, S&M fic? Wait a minute, there's no S&M in this fic--oh, Metallica . . . Metallica doesn't go well with hurt-comfort-angst . . . does it?

On another track: No one does S&M FujiTezuka fics, even though it's more plausible than the sap-fics. *pouts* (Ah bugger, FujiTezuka has become canon fanservice. What happened to the baseless, groundless, senseless pairings on which yaoi is built on?)

And in the PoT manga, we have even more psychological/physical-barrier-breaking that mirrors something not seen since that match with Hyotei. Nice parallels.

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[Tuesday, March 30, 2004]

"May you live in interesting times . . ."

Hmmmm . . . But it doesn't have the same punch as "die-die-die-die-die-die-die-you-little-fucktards!"

I believe in karma, I believe in karma, oh yes I do . . .

I feel better now. Sort of.


On fandom, which I have precious little time for now:
If Ange and her sister whip up some Aozu, that would make it the third set of people (not individuals, btw) I know who have experimented with Inui's Juices. Like I said, I know too many insane PoT fangirls . . .

I'm allergic to the cheese used in Aozu anyway . . .


One phone call and the world changes.

The world is suddenly shiny, bright and new.

I am vindicated. Karma exists. I got mine and they'll get theirs.


(Sorry, had to do that. Had to gloat for five seconds. Done gloating now.)

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[Monday, March 29, 2004]

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged): Yes, but never abridged this far . . . Laughed so much I was hacking out phlegm (more proof that laughter is good). Seats were really close to the front, so it was an evening of kneecaps in tights bouncing around stage.

Audience participation--which was cool. We were Ophelia's uncertainty while the people behind were Ophelia's female side with the biological clock ticking. ^^


Fic to avoid like the plague:
- The title has more than five words in it and sounds as awkward as the fic really is.

- There's a word in the title that has to do with the weather. Like rain and rainy and so on . . .

- There's reference to colours that no one really uses in real life to describe so-and-so's eye colour in the title . . . obviously meant to connote *something* but violets are for faithfulness and remembrance, the last time I checked . . .

- SMS-speak.

- When the title is a song by Linkin Park (Oh everyone is entitled to angst--I know what One Step Closer means, every second of the day . . .)

- When a HomuraXSanzo fic has no smut in it. (There's no point in putting in the "X" and getting people's hopes up . . .)

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[Monday, March 01, 2004]

Daijoubou desu, Neffy-Poo-san. Shall not jinx things from Day One, so I shall only say that it wasn't as terok as the last place.

Hooray, no travelling for 4 hours everyday!

Boo-hoo, waking up at 5.45am every day sucks. (I don't mind, but it means I'm dead on my feet by 5pm.)

Bugger, I have the cramps.

Yay, it was a good day for the FujiTezuka fans. (And the FujiKirihara fans. Plus the Fujicest fans.) Probably have to wait another four years to read that many new fics in one day. (For smut, I can read dj, I can read dj . . .)

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[Wednesday, August 28, 2002]

- alarm clock
- sports sandals (which should be on my feet most of the time because I don't want to bring sneakers along)

It's a small world: While rhapsodising about the joys of Italian seasoning in the kitchen, found out that Joanna's friend Len is in North Carolina. Len as in Ange's friend Len. We're so envious of you, lucky SEP people!

Saiyuki yaoi is very good if well-written, mind you . . . and if they complain about the lack of HakkaiXSanzo . . . Well, there are 1 HakkaiXSanzo, 2 SanzoXHakkai, 5 GojyoXSanzo, 3 SanzoXGojyo, 1 HomuraXGoku, 4 SanzoXGoku, 1 I-didn't-even-know-it-was-Saiyuki, 2 not-a-lemon (one of them an MS too), 1 Gojyo/Goku, 3 OtherXSanzo and a grand total of 2 GojyoXHakkai lemons out of 25 NC-17 Saiyuki fics on ff.net. So technically speaking, for anyone who doesn't read Japanese, there is actually a shortage of Saiyuki yaoi of any pairing. (Ignore me, I'm just pining for a HakkaiXGojyo lemon. And there's no Gaiden lemon unless I run to mjj's site, which also has a HakkaiXGojyo lemon that I read *constantly*.)

Sure signs that a fandom is going grow even larger: the appearance of poetry and people questioning the whole Kanan/Kana thing. (Use your ears, people--commercialised subs are not what they seem.)

Eline, who wants Paranoiascape by Gracefl Worms, dammit, but not at over $41

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[Wednesday, June 12, 2002]

Have decided to get interested in "Loveless" as well. It's all the cat-people . . .
Kouga Yun likes cats--and her husband likes cats too . . .

Kouga Yun's official site, the official fansite and the site of her husband who is also published in Zero-Sum.

M is drooling over Ichitaka from "Hounds"--"why can't bishounens exist in real life?"

Because it's "Real Life" . . .

*stares at ads in Zero-Sum* The only time I'm ever interested in my hp's screensaver and other fiddly 'phone-related things is when there's Saiyuki and Executive Committee OVA and Ishida Akira voice messages--and I'm not likely to get it over here.

Got Mirage of Blaze episode 5--the plot is crawling around at snail's pace. If Naoe and Takaya weren't voiced by Hayami Sho and Seki Toshihiko (and Seki Tomokazu as Ranmaru), my interest would have waned by now. And the only yaoi is the opening credits and each time Naoe looks meaningfully at Takaya (very infrequently). The pics at the official site do not give me much hope either . . . unless it's meant to be UST and angst and more UST . . . Or, horror of horrors, they only animated the first few stories (like Yami no Matsuei) and the increased amount of UST is never shown. Bugger--have to be happy with Naoe giving Takaya his coat . . . (Yes, very shallow of me. It's all historical and everything, and here I am, clamouring for yaoi.) Eh, wait there is UST in episode 7 . . . Uh-oh, have to wait until episode 11 . . .

MoB opening credits: Takaya, Naoe, a dead giveaway to the nature of the series (or maybe it's a tease) and this sort of thing just warms the cockles of a yaoi fangirl's heart--and I don't mean the subtitles that the fansubbers included for an English theme song. ^_^

I fear I am losing friends to the insanity that is Meteor Garden. That's the Chinese, non-animated version of "Hana Yori Dango" with bishies that can't act, according to my friend.

Cassandra Claire's Secret Diaries--pervy LOTR humour, yay!

Eline, still listening to "Blow Winds"

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[Tuesday, June 11, 2002]

Echika came over for dinner today! Have PoT doujinshi now! Not to mention One Piece, Inuyasha and others in a compilation that includes a doujinshi circle directory. Ehehe . . . InuiXKaidoh . . .

J has moved out last Saturday. She's on holiday in Thailand now--lucky bugger. Now there's only two people on this floor.

On the less happy side of life, I have decided that my new floormate must die. Not only is she overly-genki, fake and grating, she has appropriated my frozen food because she mistook it for J's stuff. At least ask around, woman! Like J looks like the type to cook anything! And remind me to kill J if she ever comes back for telling her that she could have all her food.

And I'm rushing my work--stupid delivery people can't deliver stuff today . . . I have to delay my extraction process and pound the effing roots over the weekend. Bye bye, Sunday.

Bah. I want a lemon to read!

And I did not get sloshed last night. I wish I did though.

Eline, now lunchless for the week, effing pissed, stone-cold-sober

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[Monday, June 10, 2002]

Nani? When did we get that hi-tech?
I have a bunch of purely digital fansubs burned onto cd-rs. Playable on all good computers with Windows Media Player 7 and a Divx 4 or 5 codec. Cheapest form of entertainment around the U. ^_^

Bishie talk? Sounds fun . . .

Have SPA fansub of Saiyuki episode 32--the gag episode with the fake-Sanzo-ikkou again. *snickers*

Am waiting for M. That woman can take an hour to shower and get ready to go out . . .

Eline, happily shoving off all work-related stuff for the next day . . .

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Ne, in the leather piccy, Goku has handcuffs and a bunny toy swinging from his belt . . . Kawaii and sexy all at once, that pic.

kit--d'you want the fansubs of PoT? Only got the digisubs up to episode 23 so far.

Actually got Halcyon/Hell part 5 (yaoi version) done--and it's at the beta-reader's being beta-ed. The last week was so unproductive after I got hijacked by the fluffy bunnies . . .

M got into Honours too! We're going out to dinner to celebrate--and then maybe get sloshed later. Not *too* sloshed--I have to work tomorrow . . .

Speaking of work . . . my supervisor is breathing down my neck and the people I need to consult are not in--or not available. The lab is a mess and we have to spring clean on Saturday. And we're always short of glassware, pipettes and workspace. New UROPS students are coming in and suddenly I'm sempai? I don't wanna be sempai! Just because I've been in here the longest and there's no other postgrad except you-know-who (hate him, hate him--is never around when you need him and makes a mess of the fume cupboard I cleared up) . . . Prof.--why do you have to take in so many of them? T_T And my project! Argh! *vent* *vent* *vent*

Eline, currently undergoing the transformation into the PMS Avenger (Breathe in the garlic fumes--they're good for you . . .)

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[Sunday, June 09, 2002]

Yep, have to train up upper-body strength now . . .

WA . . . *dribbles*

Lunchtime . . . got to find some place that actually serves edible food . . .

Eline, mood-swinging like crazy

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Sooooo, we have to settle this in the most mature way possible . . . Wanna play "scissors paper rock" for it?

Oooo, Tenpou with bunnies . . .

Slept three hours this afternoon--how lousy of me . . .

Met kit today! (Lunch is on me next time!) And Serene who works at Kino--so that's about three crazy Saiyuki fans in the vicinity of the Japanese counter at Kino (LC). Obsessed and dangerous--do not approach unless you happen to have a May issue of Zero-Sum to spare. Reserved the Special Edition for ourselves and our friends.
(BTW, my family thinks your name-card damn liao bu qi . . . I *told* you they had this thing about lawyers . . .)

Snagged the last copy of Zero-Sum (July issue) off the shelf at Kino (OC)--now I can rest easy and not run like the insane fangirl I am to Kino every week because everything from August onwards is reserved . . . Aiyoh--depressing and angsty (and minimal conversation too--less Japanese to puzzle over). It's another non-fluffy "kill or be killed" and "those who kill must prepare to be killed" installment. So not-fluffy and the most dead serious and depressing one that I've seen so far. The fluffy one is the 3 Years Ago installment.

(On the more practical side, the price of the July issue is $3 more than the June issue. T_T Hope the August Issue comes fast so that I can still use the 20% discount . . .)

"Loveless" in Zero-Sum seems interesting . . . There's kawaii cat-people in it! And the main cat-boy character seems to have the same childhood background as Gojyo . . . Oh you poor thing . . .

Got Peril's Gate by Janny Wurts from Border's after lunch--after about a half years wait. And it's not even a nice, uncreased and clean copy--but I don't want to wait ten weeks for another one. Is trying to go slow because 690 pages of angst-ridden fantasy all at once is going to send me wallowing in the deep end--not to mention depleting an angsty-good read too quickly. Arithon is my choice for Angst-boy of the Year--if he was any more harried, haunted, cursed and everything, I'd kill him myself. But he can't die--poor baby.

My sister doesn't like my Saiyuki mp3s! T_T (Ano, Ellie, you've been d/ling Britney Spears stuff . . . Hello? It's all Dad's fault for bringing that first CD in, I tell you! I personally blame myself for your prior obsession with the Spice Girls, but I refuse to take responsibility for the BS. *shudders*)

Eline, about to go get money back from her BS-loving, tasteless, cranky, paikia sister

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[Saturday, June 08, 2002]

Hi! *waves* It's "Ame" by Haiuka on ff.net. Under the very short list of NC-17 Saiyuki fics. (ff.net . . . practices automatic censorship now by not displaying R or NC-17 stuff unless the reader personally selects it.) Yeah well, not everyone's watched the second season yet . . . The kink factor is mostly in the second season--heheh . . . But I'm for HomuraXSanzo all the way!

Didja say Cowboy-Gojyo? *silly grin* Ride 'em cowboy . . .

Ah, gotta love how much Sanzo-uke there is in the Japanese fandom . . . Have to agree with this (kinky piccy)--Sanzo basically looks ultra-hyper-super-fucking good as uke/in bondage/in pain/or dying of something fatal. Brings out my inner sadistic hentai yaoi fangirl, it does.

Eline, finally found someone else who watches PoT who isn't a guy at her U (yes, it is silly, but oddly watchable, cute and full of potential shounen ai--try talking about that to the guys around here *snorts*)

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Home again, home again . . . working Saturdays is oddly relaxing, nobody but me and the cockroaches, the mosquitoes and the mice around. (Guess what I named the white mice? There are four of them . . .)

Ellie finally finished her SRP camp, but she said she was a paikia through most of it, as were most of them, according to her--the kids these days . . . We had to lug the mini-fridge back after she used it for just one week to store her insulin--now we have to figure out where to put it at home.

Yah, the anime is good, even in the fansubs. (Oooh, kawaii fan-piccies there . . .) Pretty good animation, as compared to certain shows that could have been better *cough*Saiyuki*cough*. The first time I tried watching it, I got the Special and my friend and I were doing the bishounen-count as a gauge. Tezuka is probably labelled uke because he's one of those cold, inscrutable guys--like Sanzo and Aya. Fuji and Inui remind me of Hakkai sometimes. There are far too many cute guys in PoT and the girl they're setting up as Ryouma's love interest annoys me to no end. Bring on the shounen ai . . . (Ack, they're too young . . .)

Hakkai is seme. He'll let Gojyo play around at being seme, but he's seme. (Vol. 9--one look from Hakkai and Gojyo shuts up and sits. Yes--he's Hakkai's bitch!) But I think that they can be almost equal (amazingly enough) . . . I'm all for switching and the boys just having a good time. Kougaiji is uke because he's waaaayyy too nice--Nii/Kougaiji, poor Kou. (And I've only seen one doujinshi with Sanzo being seme to Gojyo, and that was because Sanzo had shot him. Bad priest!)

My sister has threatened me with serious GBH if I keep playing "Open Up Your Mind (Karaoke version)". I suppose she would have killed me if I had been playing the version with the singing in it. (It's weird listening to that sometimes . . . My cousin and one of my best friends were the seniors of those girls at school and they can sing heaps better.) Have downloaded more Saiyuki mp3s. I suppose I wouldn't like the songs so much if I had an inkling of what the heck they were singing about. Love "Blow Winds". I want to have Hirata Hiroaki's love-child.

Have managed to watch 70 minutes of football. Tuned out my dad, who proclaimed it a slaughter of innocents--which it was, but it wasn't like China wasn't putting in a lot of effort. Found out that my Mum has no idea about which part of the bottle-opener is for opening bottles when she pulled out the alco-pops to celebrate me getting another year at the grind. (Er, telling me that you bought the vodka-pops off Aunty Carol when her shop had to close down isn't *that* cheery news, Ma . . . The economy sucked last year and the rent anywhere is awful--a foregone conclusion, as my dad would have said.)

Oooo, Orca said the fansub of Saiyuki episode 32 is out! And I'm at home too. Bugger. VPN! Gotta get VPN!
(Fansubs are to be treasured, because of the number of times Sanzo calls Gojyo and Goku "asswipes".)

Eline, realises that she's become a boyband-fan about 8 years too late *goes to find the bottle of Bacardi*

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[Friday, June 07, 2002]

Prince of Tennis episode 23: Inoue-sempai's infamous veggie juice strikes again . . . Heh--it's pretty good in anime. (Wonder how it would be like to watch the tennis ball in the manga. Hmmm, it would probably not be as interesting . . .) Tezuka, Tezuka, why do you have to be such a frickin' enigma? We didn't even get to see you play properly.

And yeah, I have something less risque planned for Gojyo and Hakkai. *scribbles frantically* Why does inspiration always strike at inconvenient times? Like when I'm at work, for instance?

Actually, my blog layout ain't half bad compared to what I see in doujinshi. I could yak all day about doujinshi--illustrated porn for yaoi fangirls. There's this series by Tenkaichi Benny called "Sailor" (actually, I think it was "Pink Sailor Fuku and Machine Gun", because of Sanzo in the aforementioned fuku with the plastic machine gun on the cover of Book 1 . . . wouldn't mind getting that one, but it's hard to find) and it's pretty hentai. Asides from having the Saiyuki boys in drag, of course. (Nothing can quite beat Hakkai dressed as Chun-Li from Street Fighter in Sailor Book 4, unless you mean Sanzo standing right beside him dressed as another female character from a video game that I don't recognise.)

Asides from being the uke-slut in every possible pairing and getting gangbanged by the Saiyuki boys, the Homura-tachi and a large number of strangers, Sanzo is occasionally the suicidal (it's all those pics of him and his gun, I tell you) and self-destructive nutcase we see sometimes in the manga. At other times, he's just on drugs. Yeah, wonderful excuse that is . . . When Gojyo is screwing him silly and he's such a big slut about it, he's probably on some funny pills. When Gojyo has Sanzo locked up in a basement and is playing very kinky games with him, it's probably because Sanzo's on drugs and suffering from withdrawal.

I'm all for a nekkid, drug-free Sanzo. The piccy up there *points* was inspired by a fic on ff.net. HomuraXSanzo. D/s. Bondage. The works. Sanzo's a little bit OOC, but it's yaoi and I'm desperate for yaoi lemons.

Sanzo-sama--you'll always be the ultimate uke-slut to me. Just wait 'til I figure out how to draw some semi-accurate shibari . . .

Eline, hentai yaoi fangirl

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If I did that, my Blog will probably be unviewable by anyone under the age of 18 and I wouldn't be able to show it to my friends either. Not that I could show the current version to them anyhow, eheh . . .

I'm writing fluffy fic. I feel fluffy!

Ooo, more Prince of Tennis! Bless those dear souls who download fansubs off mIRC . . .

Eline (please note that the shortage of hormones and the recent turn of events have made those damned mood swings worse)

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[Thursday, June 06, 2002]

Bwhahahaha . . . Yeah, Sanzo-sama is *so* going to kill me several times over for that . . . Next time, I'll do a Hakkai and Gojyo layout. *eg*

Eh, check your saiyuki_yaoi mail . . . See ya on Sunday.

Have seen everything from Hakkai's ear-cuffs to Sanzo's fan on sale at Animate. Wants Hakuryuu plushy . . . *looks at price* *sweatdrops* Maybe I'll make a DIY Hakuryuu plushy . . .

Eline, feeling fluffy

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Have just read Joy's (Joy from saiyuki_yaoi and not Joy in Australia) translation of "Minekura Christmas Special 2001".

Will add my voice to the rest of the world begging Minekura-san not to write when she's drunk.

Then again, she sounds like she could have been a fanfic author doing crossovers on ff.net. ^_^ Kazuya Minekura is definitely in-touch with her inner-fangirl--no wonder we all read Saiyuki, WA, Bus Gamer, Stigma, Executive Committee and all other works we can get our hands on.

:: how jedi are you? ::

Eline, not a quiz whore like her other friends, but that one had Jedi in it

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If you think Haru is slashy, you've got to see Ayame and that speech he made in front of all the parents and teachers back when he was a student . . .

Need to hurry up and type despite being waylaid by too many rabid plot bunnies. The beta-readers need feeding and I'm writing four different fics at once. (I should stop speaking in fanfic, but a three year habit is hard to break. Eek, three years already . . .)

Still depressed over extremely average grades. (Working your ass off during term time on projects and everything sitll doesn't pay off.)

Argh. We said we'd get drunk off our asses if we got into Hons. And then we'd get drunk off our asses if we didn't, but that's called "drowning our sorrows".

Eline, a very sluggish little wretch today

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[Wednesday, June 05, 2002]

Look at this . . . (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.) Kinky . . . but I like. (Leave it to the Japanese to come up with stuff like that. And all the other stuff in all the other pages of Saiyuki goods.)

I want to go shopping!!!!! *Soon*.

But I still want Gojyo and Hakkai to screw. Fanfics . . . must write fanfics . . . Got at least five of them on the backburner. Angst, yes. Fluff, yes. Sanzo-torture, of course. Hehehe . . . *eg*

Good news--got a beta for my WK fic.

Eline, wants all of Yami no Matsuei

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Well yeah, that's the understatement of the week. Loads of Saiyuki fans are Singaporean. (Speak up, speak up wherever you are . . .)

I hate my results. It was the half-assed kind of result. Not good enough to celebrate. Not bad enough to cry over. Not definite enough to confirm my chances of a fourth year. Now I have to work harder for a Second Upper degree. *wails and glares at Saiyuki boys* It's all your fault! Having an obsession takes at least 0.5 points off your CAP! That's it . . . need lemon to read . . . *points at Gojyo and Hakkai* I want to see you two boinking like bunnies right now!

Eline, P.O. and venting

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[Tuesday, June 04, 2002]

Amazing what a Blog ring can do . . . Even more amazing how many Saiyuki and Saiyuki yaoi fans there are here. Kino finally got a clue and now brings in Zero-Sum for the magazine shelves. (Must be due to the number of crazy fangirls pestering them last month. Hooray for crazy fangirls . . .) It occured to me suddenly that I probably know most of the people who have made reservations for Zero-Sum . . . It's a small fandom after all . . .

New beta wants to read yaoi and non-yaoi version of H/H! Yay! Now if only i can stop worrying and start writing. (Actually, that's not an option because I'm at work and taking a break to do e-mail.)

Less than 5 hours to results. Gah . . . My future hangs in the balance. Oh fucking glorified paperchase . . .

Eline, past the freak-out stage.

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Working and clueless. Our design has flaws and my mentor is on holiday. Work sucks, especially when the research grant expires at the end of June.

M was over for dinner. And no, we did not just talk about Ewan McGregor's . . . ahem, attributes in The Pillow Book, lovely topic that it was. Today's gripe was about *that* time of the month again. (Put two girls together and sooner or later, they'll wind up talking about it.)

Have a new beta-reader--yay! Dunno what she'll make of my fics. One of them has become yaoi. Actually very, very yaoi in addition to being weird.

C actually called today offering me a choice of two places in two different teams. Don't know if he was BS-ing me--and I don't know if I have the dough to keep up with that position. Honestly, I've been with them for two years, been shunted between two teams and the only progress I've ever made is on my own. My current team disbanded because everyone was sick of the BS or was broke. (If I want to go to Japan for a holiday, the club fees can cover my airfare.) But I miss my friends and the BS-meetings we always have and the thousand and one revisions we always make to the manga we're drawing . . . None of them are yaoi fans though. The other team that I haven't been in looks good though--I could sponge off the others, who are much, much better artists than I could ever be. But the cash is a major deciding factor, as is time because I don't know what I'll be doing from July onwards until tomorrow. (Bugger.)

Kino used to only reserve two issues of Zero-Sum a month? What the eff?

The World Cup has nicked my friends. It's the buggering hols after our third year and I'm stuck here blogging. My fave pair of Shus are not available because Shu went to Australia and Shu's watching the World Cup. (Shu got cable just to watch the matches.) I used to like football, *way* back when I was 14. Enough to know what off-sides and red cards are. Still okay with it, but not crazy. WIll probably watch the final match (along with all the other footy fans in the world).

Note to self: Make Ellie get my leather collar back from the friend of hers who borrowed it, along with our copy of Escaflowne, whoever has that that this point.

Less than 18 hours to go before I get my results.
And there's no Saiyuki lemon to read!

Eline, freaking out

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[Monday, June 03, 2002]

Managed to get a fansub of Fruits Basket Episode 26 that works. Yes! At last! Kyou-angst! Akito is still a SOB, I don't care what Tohru thinks or how warped his backstory is . . . Argh--there's a second season?

(Am beginning to see shounen ai in Shaman King. Prince of Tennis is still a hoot to watch. Must get FujiXTezuka doujinshi one day.)

Surprise, surprise, we have a new neighbour. Rather genki . . . She's already asked me to volunteer my urine sample to do her UROPS on the effects of coffee and green tea on hydrogen peroxide production. How can I say no to a fellow Science student? (The new neighbour sure sleeps early. Unlike the rest of us here.)

Happy with June edition of Zero-Sum. (Gojyo looks like Pippi Longstocking with those pigtails. Kawaii . . .)

Have joined sgyaoi and a Wild Adapter ML in the past few days. That's about 30 yaoi or slash MLs on one Yahoo! id. Which further ensures the likelihood of reading at least one lemon a day.

(I actually updated the Parapet on May 31st! I'm so proud of myself! Not really . . . I have to make new website and keep updating. And that layout sketch for my next project to do . . . Halcyon title piccy.)

Current status of new websprog: 30% complete

Is looking for a beta-reader for ficcies.

T-minus 61 hours to results. *gulp*

Eline, cheerfully joining a Yaoi Log Ring

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