[Tuesday, February 02, 2010]

FMA: Brotherhood
Love. It. With. The. Burning. Passion. Of. A. Thousand. Suns.

The irony is that my favourite shounen anime/manga is written by a female mangaka.

This is how you do a shounen series. With a proper arc-spanning plot. With development. With characters people care about. With girls /ladies that rock harder or as hard as the boys. With gahhh and awww moments. With a better anime adaptation. With an ending in sight.

The irony is that I cannot imagine writing fanfic for it. I am not even inclined to think about yaoi pairings. I love every hinted at/canon het couple in it. And kitties top Al forever.

(I couldn't finish watching the first FMA anime. Proves that manga canon still tops filler.)

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[Tuesday, November 03, 2009]

Went to the talk by Neil Gaiman. Could have been a little more on actual graphic novels and fantasy novels, but whatever. Fangirling knows no time-limits. Queued 2 and a half hours to get one (one *sob*) book signed. Mmm, may be a little better than the 5 hours back in 2005.

Instead of signing up for NaNoWriMo, I think I will try to finish everything I have not finished fic-wise. *laughs at self for being overly optimistic*

Vacation plans may have hit a snag. Need to talk to travel buddies more. Another is how I might be planning next year's vacation before I finish the one in Decmeber. Hmm . . .

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[Saturday, October 24, 2009]

In fangirly news:
I got tix to see Nei Gaiman at the Writers' Fest!

In cat news:
Sweetie is a dear. Sadly not everyone sees her that way.

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[Friday, June 14, 2002]

Thanks lah--see if there's any good matches. Father's Day . . . they're going to a funeral and I'm still here in the hostel and the U, doing unpaid overtime. The only thing I got from my dad was paranoia, anal-retentive-ness and left-handedness--but grand-dad changed that last one pretty fast.

Yeah--they wouldn't let her wear that ring at work and it *looks* pretty chunky too.

PoT episode 24: I had the urge to whack Sakano with her own racket at the beginning. At the end, I wanted to whack Ryoma for having the conversational skills of an average tennis racket. That kid needs a life outside tennis and his dad (and Momoshiro) needs a hobby other than stalking Ryoma and his supposed "date".

End of PoT episode 24: Tezuka really is a weirdo--honestly, in school on a Sunday in his uniform? (Now episode 25 is shaping up to be really interesting . . .) And Tezuka's voice sounded really familiar . . . I was thinking either Zechs or Treize from GW. After squinting at the credits, I hopped over to Hidoshi Doi's page . . . bingo.
Okiayu Ryoutarou--K in Gravitation, Crawford in Weiss Kreuz, Shigure in Fruits Basket and Treize in Gundam Wing. To think about any of them in the same line as Tezuka boggles the mind. Or maybe not.

Discworld slash? Rincewind and Vetinari . . . Oh dear . . . And I just had french fries too . . .

Neighbour has given me baked goods that her FS&T friend had made. Which makes me marginally more well-disposed towards her because anyone who gives apple strudel is a friend. (Still too genki and fake-sounding though . . .)

Eline, well and truly boggled (and poking around at other Discworld and Good Omens slash when she should be breaking those damned roots with her bare hands)

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At least you get to watch the World Cup with your dad--I don't even get a phone call from mine unless it's about a letter from the people-who-own-my-soul and I don't have a telly where I am. But the computer's just fine. I'm on a One Piece marathon and grabbing the fansubs as quickly as I can. (I confess--I watched it because Hirata Hiroaki was in it . . . but the anime is kinda cute and any female lead that kicks a guy in the nuts in the first ten minutes of episode 1 is fine by me . . . PoT has very wet and soppy female characters. Dreads the next PoT episode as Ryouma goes on a "date". Where's Momo-chan-sempai when you need him?)

Back to the grind. Literally.

Finally sent Joy a thank-you note for the present--hope she comes back from Australia soon. Dammit, I want to go out and cheong . . .

Eline, really, really surprised that someone from the hpfandom still remembers her

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[Wednesday, June 12, 2002]

Raw materials have arrived. Now I have to process the lot of them. Manual labour here we go . . . Have mentally labelled the white mice in my lab Sanzo (the one that squeaks a lot when his tail is pulled), Goku (the bottomless pit), Gojyo (the one that nicks food from Goku) and Hakkai (the quiet one). Need to obsess over other things besides Saiyuki. *tries and fails*

Kim (on fansubs, fish and dj): A green beta? Named Hakkai?
PoT is very popular in Japan now by the number of dj circles listed . . . Oh yeah . . . I want FujiXTezuka dj too and bugger the height rule. (In that InuiXKaidoh dj, Fuji licked Kikumaru. Fuji, you are such a tease . . .)

Yes, Takaya is a silly boy for not wanting Naoe--whatever Naoe did to Takaya's lover in their past life notwithstanding and however screwed up their relationship is . . . Argh, have to wait for episode 7! (And Naoe moved in on Takaya again episode 11!)

Eline, lunching on leftovers again

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