[Wednesday, January 27, 2010]

So a colleague of mine asked me about blog-creation and multiple users for one blog. As Blogger has all the required features including photo uploading, I steered him there as he was not so into messing around with html codes (and neither am I--not beyond the template of my blog at any rate).

He remarked that I seemed to like this stuff and I said that it's not so much about liking it as being extremely used to it as I have been at it (blogging) for around 10 years. (As soon as I said that, the "10 years" started to reverberate inside my head. Oh fuck, I am old.)

It's not as though I am any where near the cutting edge--I don't do the tagging for all the other collectives and feeds with the names I cannot quite recall right now. I was one of the last on Facebook*--and that was by the weight of peer-pressure. It's just comfortable here on Blogger and on my LJ. If I had to update that many blogs and mini-blogs, I'd never have time to do other stuff.

Comfort versus change. Familiarity versus evolution. Stagnation versus upgrading. One is supposedly better than the other, right?

But how much more online networking must we do before we are completely cut off from the real world? I like talking to my friends face to face and I want to meet more online friends someday. (I have met most of my local friends and visited two of the overseas friends. This only works if 1) there is no skeevy business going on, 2) you meet in a public place first and 3) you are travelling in the company of friends/relatives.)

*Facebook is no longer cutting edge. My Mum's on it.

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