[Thursday, January 21, 2010]

Only in Japan . . . would Tama the stationmaster cat get promoted for boosting tourism. Yes, only in Japan would a cat in a hat be a tourism-booster. To the tune of 1.1 billion yen. Making Tama the most cost-efficient tourist attraction in the region for the price of some cat-food and a cat-sized stationmaster's hat.

Tama also has her own souveniers, Tama-themed train, summer uniform, X'mas uniform, office and a photo book. I can see the appeal--I like the Cathedral Cats series. And now I have a strange urge to go to Wakayama the next time I am in Japan. And ride the Tama-train.

Hmm, wonder if Kotora of Kichigahara station and Bus of Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen station are going to be slated for a promotion? Will Maron the terrier, stationmaster of Okunakayama-Kougen station, beat them to it?

(I bet Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat wants a raise now. )

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