[Wednesday, November 25, 2009]

Vacation plans:
So the diving is going ahead. In a somewhat rocky way, but we're only young once, so yeah.

Already planning for next year. Oh dear. (But I have enthusiastic friends.)

n + 1 post about kitty:
Sweetie chased a grasshopper yesterday. (My sister asked me how large it was and thought it was a praying mantis when I told her. I know what a grasshopper looks like when I see one.) It got out of the yard at one point and I brought it back in again because she had already wounded it. Sweetie played with it for a short while, then she ate its head. Eww.

Should rename her Ninja Kitty for her way-beyond Olympic level climbing skills.

I can only say that life is busy, full of stuff and I wish I had more time to do all the stuff I want to do. Money would help too, but as a friend said recently, you don't have to rich to have a good time. (That was said while eating cheap but delicious dim sum and kaya toast at a kopi tiam where the breakfast sets are so old school, the eggs are passed to you in a plastic container half-filled with boiling water. Taking them out too early will result in raw eggs and the withering scorn of the coffee stall's staff. Yes, life is better with $4.50 brunches after group exercise. Oh fuck I am getting old.)

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[Sunday, August 23, 2009]

The second best thing after going on holiday is planning the next one.

Which is what I am doing. Kyushu and Okinawa!

Ed and A can drive! Yay! We can go driving around Okinawa!


Thank goodness for Padico's silicon decollage and deco-sweets sauce. I don't have to come up with toiletries-based cake-icing (like I used to when I was 12).

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