[Sunday, May 24, 2009]

Growing-older weekend:
Very good, considering the growing older part. I feel happy and lucky beyond my wildest dreams. I count my blessings.

Saiyuki Gaiden:
Is finally over! Only there's going to be a Gaiden of the Gaiden focused on Kenren. (What a way to pump the fangirls' wallets, Minekura Sensei.)

Back to the Gaiden ending itself--it's not like I didn't expect it, but I waited nine to ten years to have a good cry over the it. So yeah. T____T

(Wonder if I can finish "Sweet Decay" now . . .)

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[Friday, March 06, 2009]

Fic recs (which I never did because that would require . . . reading a lot of fanfics):

Most of them are rated mature for sex.

Code Geass:
The House of Mirrors Arc by realms of fic. (Link to The Pit. But I recommend all her CG fics.)

With Himself At War
. Kallen/Suzaku. I am leaning towards masozaku these days. (Link to LJ.)

At His Majesty's Heels by lewdness on LJ. Lelouch/Suzaku. Locked post, alas.

Entwined. Lelouch/Suzaku. (Link to LJ.)

Interlude. SuzaLulu. Hatesex inna KMF cockpit, yay. (Link to LJ.)

The Fair Speech. SuzaLulu. Hatesex and dub-con post Season 1. (Link to LJ.)

Retrograde. Fic in progress. One of my favourite AUs dealing with post Season 1. (Link to LJ.)

Primary Gain. Fic in progress. AU with Suzaku the FBI agent and Lelouch the FBI profiler. (AFF.net link.)

Acceptance. Fic in progress. Coming to terms with Zero Requiem. (AFF.net link.)

Favourites from the kinkmeme:

In which Table-kun and Poofy Hat find comfort with one another
. Because I enjoy crack fic.

Suzaku X fish. Mmm, crack . . .

In Which Suzaku is Traumatized by Robolouch
. Robo-tentacles and crack. Because Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo has a brain colony called Leopard voiced by Lelouch's VA.

The Slutzaku and Slavezaku fics on 4chan. (It's the fanfic version of a guilty pleasure. Like cheddar and sour cream Ruffles--you know it's a sinful load of salty artificially-flavoured starch, but you crunch it up anyway.)

D.Gray-man: Not actually interested in the series any more. Ah, my attention span . . .

Naruto: Not really into this fandom. But I ship Itachi/Neji.

Shadowplay. ItaNeji. AU where the Hyuuga and the Uchiha are powerful underworld families. (Link to The Pit.)

Common Ground. ItaNeji. Neji finds a wounded Itachi. (Link to LJ.)

AU ficlet by Askerian. ItaNeji. (Link to LJ.)

Epidemic. ItaNeji. Warning, some science and biology ahead. (Link to The Pit.)

Thirty Dates. ItaNeji. AU where Itachi is still a member of the Uchiha and decides to court Neji. (Link to The Pit.)

Prince of Tennis: Tezu/Fuji fics by Aishuu.

Saiyuki: Not reading at the moment, but happy to read anything by incandescens, sf and Monkeybarrel.

And there's a Saiyuki kinkmeme. Guaranteed to suck up lost of my time. (Ah, we didn't have any of these in the fandom, back in the day. Old fangirl is old.)

. . . Back to work, which followed me home as usual like an annoying puppy.

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[Monday, June 07, 2004]

On course. It's not tedious--huzzah, huzzah.

When my gran is not watching Zhen Qing, it's Qi Tian Tai Sheng Sun Wukong (basically Seiten Taisei Son Goku) at 7pm--a series that is, in it's own special way (rather like Saiyuki), an AU of the original Xi Yu Ji with a title that fits well. (Yes, it's really all about the monkey.) It's got the usual beating up of demons (which Sun Wukong does with a great deal of style and cheeky flare) and all and sundry out to eat Sanzang (who is thankfully a lot more composed and doesn't cry every half hour or so) . . .

And today's episode had the Bull Demon muttering to himself about giving up womanising and staying with the wife because women are trouble. You've got to love all those variations of Journey to the West, yes . . .

Whereas Saiyuki is somewhat special because Son Goku is not permanently in the spotlight and Sanzo is not a weakling. (And one winds up pairing Hakkai and Gojyo together, but that's not the main point here . . .)

Sun Wukong was very nearly a Mary Sue because he was awesome and almost unbeatable despite being an arrogant prick who knew he had more brains than everyone else in the story. But everyone loves a winner, hence the Adventures of the Monkey King and a dozen other serialisations (my favourite being the 80's production of Xie Yu Ji).

Not bad for a 16th century satire about being too smart in a rigid, traditionalist, parochial society (i.e. you get squished--hard--before being reformed) with the religious schism theme thrown in (evil demons dressed up as Taoist priests trying to eat a Buddhist priest) for good measure.

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[Wednesday, August 28, 2002]

- alarm clock
- sports sandals (which should be on my feet most of the time because I don't want to bring sneakers along)

It's a small world: While rhapsodising about the joys of Italian seasoning in the kitchen, found out that Joanna's friend Len is in North Carolina. Len as in Ange's friend Len. We're so envious of you, lucky SEP people!

Saiyuki yaoi is very good if well-written, mind you . . . and if they complain about the lack of HakkaiXSanzo . . . Well, there are 1 HakkaiXSanzo, 2 SanzoXHakkai, 5 GojyoXSanzo, 3 SanzoXGojyo, 1 HomuraXGoku, 4 SanzoXGoku, 1 I-didn't-even-know-it-was-Saiyuki, 2 not-a-lemon (one of them an MS too), 1 Gojyo/Goku, 3 OtherXSanzo and a grand total of 2 GojyoXHakkai lemons out of 25 NC-17 Saiyuki fics on ff.net. So technically speaking, for anyone who doesn't read Japanese, there is actually a shortage of Saiyuki yaoi of any pairing. (Ignore me, I'm just pining for a HakkaiXGojyo lemon. And there's no Gaiden lemon unless I run to mjj's site, which also has a HakkaiXGojyo lemon that I read *constantly*.)

Sure signs that a fandom is going grow even larger: the appearance of poetry and people questioning the whole Kanan/Kana thing. (Use your ears, people--commercialised subs are not what they seem.)

Eline, who wants Paranoiascape by Gracefl Worms, dammit, but not at over $41

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